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24-07-2006, 21:13
General (attempt at) all comers army.

The beastmaster flies around, staying out of trouble and slammin into a unit once I charge something

Noble takes after warmachines and support units

witches are incase I fight undead.

COK are bare bones to keep as cheap as possible, and minimize their unreliability


Noble (general) ha, sdc, lance, dark peg, seal of gh

beastmaster - manticore, lance, la, sdc, web of shadows

16 spearelves, full cmd, la, shield

15 corsairs, full cmd

5 dark riders, mus

5 dark riders, mus

5 COK (bare bones)

12 witches, hag, mus, witch brew

2x RBT

24-07-2006, 21:15
no magic no chance, especially at a tournament where you have a chance to play magic heavy armies.

24-07-2006, 22:58
Do not underestimate the potential dispelling power of the Dark Elves. The Seal of Ghrond generating a DD is going to be a great help.

My only criticism is that your noble on Dark Pegasus will be very vulnerable - it does not have the 'terror' factor that the Manticore has while it is going to be away from your troops preventing your march move which will mean you are not going to be going as quickly as possible - an unvariable MUST for a Dark Elves list.

24-07-2006, 23:03
ok so he has three DD

25-07-2006, 01:08
hopefully, with all the fast stuff I can handle enemy wizards, its only 1500 points, so at the very worst its 3 lvl 2's..which would be nasty, I think the worst Id encounter is 3 skaven warlocks ... which would probably be the end, but i can probably dispel one a turn atleast.

"While it is going to be away from your troops preventing your march move which will mean you are not going to be going as quickly as possible - an unvariable MUST for a Dark Elves list."

I don't quite get this... how is my noble flying around will march block my own troops?

25-07-2006, 05:36
No you can't, I have tried it sorry. I tried it with my high elfs at 1000 points and it was the main problem, had three DD no dispel scrolls. Got murderd by Skaven and a necro army.

26-07-2006, 14:35
The problem with dispel dice is that they are reactive and uncertain. If you're casting a spell you can make an intelligent decision about how many power dice to roll based on the chance of beating the casting value. You can plan your casting strategy. Dispelling is reactive because you're not rolling against fixed values - if your opponent rolls 11 on two dice you'll need all three of your dispel dice to have a roughly 50% chance of countering it - equally, if you do match two dice against two dice you've only got a single dice left which is virtually useless barring bound items.

Two level twos will run rough shod over you without any dispel scrolls.

26-07-2006, 19:08
OK, here's my updated list

Noble - dark peg, lance, ha, shield, sdc
seal of ghrond

Noble - dark peg, lance, ha, shield, sdc

sorc - lvl1 - black staff, dispel scroll

15 corsairs - full cmd

19 spear elves shield, std, mus

10 rxb elves

5 dark riders, mus, rxb

5 dark riders, mus, rxb

5 COK, bare bones

2x RBT

some more shooting, a bit of magic and still two very mobile characters helping out on combat and hunting down warmachines.

26-07-2006, 20:26
get rid of blackstaff for a dspel scroll.

I hate scroll caddies too but ina tourny they are a must.

26-07-2006, 23:00
I am going to agree with Shadowprince that a caddy really is the best way to go in a tournament. You either goo full scale or leave em at home in a game where you can't take a Lord choice.

29-07-2006, 11:26
The Black staff won't do much anyway since with one mage, you can be pretty sure that none of your spells will get through their ,agical defenses. Nice list overall though, I like the new version much better than the first one to be honest.

29-07-2006, 15:06
ok, well, I'll drop the staff and see what I can do. I figured that I could get lucky with spells atleast a few turns in the game. Would have been nice if that could fix this with 7th... but I guess itll all or nothing for good.

Thanks for the help, gentlemen

29-07-2006, 20:24
Just something wierd; can a beastmaster take a lance? Sounds silly, but in my DE book, it doesn't give him that option, just an option of an additional hand weapon and 25pts of magic items?