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24-07-2006, 21:52
Hello there. I recently won some DE in a tournament, and so I'm learning the ways of the Druchii.

I've put togehter a basic 1500 point list. The basic idea is for the warriors to work in concert with the chariots, while the DRs screen/harass and the RBTs soften up the enemy. Please let me know if it's good as a starting point.

Dark Elves: 1494 Points

HEROES: 385 Points
1 Noble - 115 Points
- Sword of Might
- Armor of darkness

1 Noble BSB - 130 Points
- BSB Upgrade
- Heavy armor
- Warbanner

1 Sorceress - 140 Points
- Dispel Scroll
- Dispel Scroll

CORE: 695 Points
20 Warriors - 225 Points
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Champion
- Shields

20 Warriors - 215 Points
- Musician
- Champion
- Shields

5 Dark Riders - 127 Points
- Musician
- RXBs

5 Dark Riders - 127 Points
- Musician
- RXBs

SPECIAL: 214 Points
2 Cold One Chariots - 214 Points
- Spears
- RXBs

RARE: 200 Points
2 Reaper Bolt Thrower - 200 Points

24-07-2006, 22:55
The spare six points can be used to ive your first noble a SDC. Aside from that, this list is neither bad nor good, its very versatiles but lacks somewhat in the hard hitting department, but at a 1500 points level, the hit of the chaiots will suffice.

Use your list, and learn from it, thats the only thing you can really do.

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25-07-2006, 04:09
The spare six points can be used to ive your first noble a SDC.

He won't benefit from it, since the AoD save is 2+ nonmodifiable.

The list is solid apart from the spearelf champions (ten points for one S3 attack is pointless, no pun intended) and the biggest problem, the noble's equipment. Foot nobles are completely useless.

He doesn't need the Sword of Might and especially not the AoD, since regular armour and a mount provides a better save for cheaper. Instead, give him a dark steed, lance, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, Seal of Ghrond and Enchanted Shield if you have the points left.

25-07-2006, 14:06
Thanks for the tips so far. Let me just run my thinking by you, and let me know if I'm still off base.

The elf champs there are not there for an extra attack, but rather to declare and accept challenges that the characters don't care to make. If (for example) the unit is charged by a shaggoth, I'd rather not have my BSB hopelessly butchered.

If I pull my general out of the other unit, I can see dropping the champ there, but then I have the problem of what exactly to do with my general. If I stick him on a horse, he's the only mounted model in the army, and will therefore quickly be targeted by missile fire. I suppose I could give him the lifetaker and send him off with one of the units of dark riders, but they're supposed to be sacrificial, and I'd like my general to be with my troops for the LD bonus anyway.

So assuming the general is stuck in the infantry unit for now, the question is how to make him more effective. I suppose I could tool him up to be more offensive. Give him the blade of ruin, and then HA, Shield, SDC for a 3+ save, which is pretty good.

Anyway, let me know if my thinking here is off base. Thanks again.