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25-07-2006, 07:04
Could anyone guide me in the right direction for info on the Halo Zone and its surrounding sectors. I'm trying to fill out the fluff on my own space marine chapter, I have based them within the Segmentum Pacificus near to this region. What little I have has been gleaned from the GW site.
All help and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

25-07-2006, 11:47
The halo zone, as the name implies, is on the edge of the galaxy. Here there is a lower density of stars, and hence inhabitable worlds, and the distance from terra means that the light of the astronomican is weak. Hence there are very few Imperial worlds here. As a result, the region is regarded as haunted by superstitious Imperial troopers, a rumour with more than a pinch of truth to it as the Necrons retreated to their power base in the halo stars after the war with the old ones and went into hibernation here. In addition, the lack of Imperial exploration of these regions also means that alien civilisations are to be found here, as well as human worlds settled before the age of the imperium (and therefore the potential for a mix of feral worlds and planets with dark age of technology type resources).

Basically though, there are few specific details, an d what we do know is pieced together from the Macharius crusade fluff and the necron 'dex.

ML Kurze
25-07-2006, 12:46
General Sejanus, a close friend and second in command of Macharius, wrote a novel called 'Breaching the Darkness', which discusses the time of Macharius and his men during their crusade. They never entered the Halo zone deeply. If I remember right, they conquered only a couple of Halo border world when Macharius' men rebelled saying 'we go no further'. This is of course in direct violation of the story found in the Imperial uplifting primer, but that's not much of a surprise now is it?
I'll quote what Sejanus wrote about the worlds encountered while in the Halo zone, together with the end of the crusade on the edge of the edge of the Halo zone. It's from the third edition rulebook so if you don't have it, try to get it through other means because the source is better than these quotes.

With the light of the Astronomican on the wane, the Navigators had a difficult time directing the fleet. Admiral Adroa ordered the fleet to proceed slowly, breaking from the Empyrean every handful of light years. In this manner we crawled through the shadow realm of the Halo zone, paving the way for the most estemed Lord Commander.
We investigated many stars and worlds, almost all dead for a million generations. On occasion we found evidence of ancient and depraved human societies, on others traces of foul alien races thankfully long extinct. However, in our search we did encounter worlds that still harboured life, both human and alien.
These human colonies had survived from the Dark Age of Technology, although not without change. Both physically and culturally, they had mutated or degenerated in some way. Our first unpleasant encounter was a world run by a huge machine, whose occupants were bound into the great edifice, and their young assimilated into the great engine by soulless beasts of metal. For a thousand thousand generations these vile creatures had endured, with no purpose other than to fuel and serve the oppressive ideals of their ancestors. Lord Macharius saw no other option than to order the world destroyed from orbit, such affronts to the Emperor cannot be allowed to exist.
In the beetle-infested jungle of the world "Palus Olidus" we fought and cleansed a race of multi-limbed aberrations who swung through their arboreal homes like file spiders. Others too were deemed too horrific to survive, such as the bird-like monstrosities we came across just before Ultima Macharia, whose unholy evolution could only be traced by their human visages. Then there were the sea-dwellers of Altanist VI who lived their entire lives on massive ocean-going vessels of ancient design. They never set foot on land, fearing it to be toxic. We left behind Tech-Adepts and Missionaries to disarm them of their wayward beliefs and bring them into the Emperor's Forgiveness.
Not only sub-human civilisations await the explorer. In our years of travel we encountered a single planet that harboured life that owed nothing to the expansion of mankind. Our first envoy to the planet came back reporting a noble civilisation worthy of contact. While this heretic was chastised for his blasphemies, we dispatched Confessor Golav who was horrified by the tentacled beasts who greeted him in a most savage fashion. I ordered the planet fusion bombed, but as our weapons were brought to bear, the despicable heathen scum unleashed their planetary defences, totally vapourising the Sword of Retribution and the capitol ships Emperor's Mercy and Emperor's Judgement. We were forced to retreat from this baseless attack and sowed quarantine markers before dropping into the Immaterium.

At the edge of the galaxy Macharius' armies stood undefeated. But the long battles had taken theft toll. His troops had suffered years of constant warfare and had travelled so far from home that communication and supply were no longer practical. It was as if they had left human space altogether, so dimly did the Emperor's light shine at the fringes of the Astronomican. Even the ships' Navigators could sense only darkness around them. Macharius pressed forward, into the thin halo of Old Stars that surround the galaxy. These are ancient worlds where men have never known the Emperor. Their ancestors left Earth over thirty thousand years ago at the dawn of human history.
At this point Macharius' generals wavered. They pleaded for him to reconsider. His men, tired and ageing, hesitated. The halo was dark and forbidding. Navigation was slow without the guiding beacon of the Astronomican. The Astropaths were virtually beyond range of psychic communication. There was a sense of growing unrest amongst the armies and fleets. Macharius knew that the end was come. His armies had simply run out of energy at the moment of his greatest challenge. To make matters worse, some of the exploratory teams had failed to return from theft missions, whilst others reported mysterious phenomena. The troops whispered that the Old Stars were haunted, that the worlds which orbited them were inhabited by ghosts, and that the halo was not a place for living men.

Of course, any who read this must understand that this is to help others write fluff. Don't want any trouble with GW.

26-07-2006, 07:27
Many thanks to you both. This has confirmed what little i had already read on the region. I had envisioned my Chapters homeworld suffering at the hands of the Necrons, so it seems like a correct line to follow. I will post it when I have finished beefing it up.
Again cheers lads.

ML Kurze
26-07-2006, 07:51
You're welcome. Hope your fluff will pans out.