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Sirens wailed him a greeting into the waking world as any semblance of unconsciousness was crushed under the noise of blaring alarms.
Leviathan was thrown out of bed by his body’s first dumb knee-jerk reaction to the shock of the sound. Seconds later Leviathan realised he was running down the corridor outside, his thoughts lagging behind the lower, instinctually driven levels of his mind.
Eventually he dragged himself from the drowsy half sleep he was caught in and brought himself up to the full speed of the noisy reality around him.
Red lights pulsed and stained the corridors in intermittent colours of luminous scarlet as they blared. Orders and alerts were barked over the comms but they were too mingled with the shouts of the sirens for Leviathan’s unprepared mind to make out. Finally he realised he was heading for the suite Koun had designated for them to use during any engagement of live combat situation.

He rushed into the lounge panting hard finding himself to be one of the first ones on the scene. Koun was there, along with a few others but most of the other ABCers were either trailing behind or had gotten lost somewhere. Leviathan did not worry too much about this; he knew that if there was a fight going on somewhere they had the uncanny ability for them to find it somehow, or it to find them.

Koun’s face was picked out by the slab of green light projected from the holo-table ahead of him, every wrinkle and crevasse in his face a dark line, canyons of aged flesh shaded in the glow of emerald light that washed his face.
Leviathan stepped closer; the sirens were dampened here and the room had a more hushed, tactical feel to it. The Exquisitor peered over the table of light, his own uniform quickly stained by its luminosity.

“What’s up?” He gasped, still clutching for breath.

The room remained dull and silent for a few more seconds before the Inquisitor responded.

“They have dropped from warp, as have we.”

“Where are we then?” He asked at the next breath.

The table suddenly turned from a highly graphic ping layout grid to a more realistic 3-D representation of where they were. The light shifted from green to a dark pink as the view was exposed.
They were in a nebula, a big one by the looks of it. The square of projected light that was the table was completely filled with hazy pink gas, lighter veins of dust stretching through the otherwise darkened rose that was the clouds primary colour. Hundreds of deep red globules, rough puffy spheres of denser clouds floated through the setting, the biggest ones a threatening black at their cores.

“The Cognatus Expanse.” Koun almost spat the words.

Leviathan took an extra long, deep breath at that one. “You mean we’re actually inside it? Now?”

“I’m afraid so, we dropped from warp dead in the thick of it. They are deeper in that we are but not by much. Either way this is not a good place to be for any extended amount of time.”

Leviathan wiped the fresh sweat from his brow.
He had to agree, The Cognatus Expanse was a swathe of dull cloud that stretched across an entire sub sector, cutting across large areas of space. It was right at the edge of the galaxy, netted up near the Halo stars- the place was inhospitable and, as far as he knew, untraversable. It was out of the way and avoidable and so relatively unexplored, but those that had attempted to do so always came back with stories that added to its notoriety and terrifying grandeur.
If they came back at all.
The whole expanse was a gigantic wasteland that clung to the cosmos like a scab. A deadly invisible storm constantly raged, gravitational eddies and currents would spring from nowhere all of a sudden and tear the space in their path apart, beams of deadly radiation would pierce through the clouds constantly and from every direction as yet more mysterious gravitational fury was vented on the gaseous content of the place. Superheated spirals of swirling gas would abruptly explode as the invisible forces of gravity snapped too and throw, here and there, releasing huge amounts of coiled energy caught up in scrunched folds of space-time.
In short the entire region was an unstable hellhole. A tempus that raged randomly and suddenly for no logical reason.
Koun was right.
Of all the places for their quarry to take them, this was not a good one.


“Loyal servants of the Empire, Agents of the Vigilance. I address you now in a time of great excitement and intrigue, for in completing our mission to awake the sleeper we have discovered much more than a cure to the foul human plague.”
Odívaykaar stood on the balcony like entrance to the bridge, overlooking his crew below like some supreme being. His resounding words not just carried to them but throughout the entire ship, his entire following would hear his silver tongue working.

“Yes, the spoils of our long and hard mission are indeed much, much greater than we could have ever hoped for and I have recovered valuable information from the Ancestor that now walks among us. She has provided us with much more than her genetic lineage. She has provided us with long lost knowledge from our glorious past!”

They listen intently, his intoxicating monologue distracting them from the massive worry about being where they now were.

“It is one part of this knowledge in particular that has led us here today. I know that many of you may secretly doubt my decision for being here, and it will be that doubt that will ultimately lead you to your own ruin if not tempered. This place may be dangerous, even suicidal to even think about coming here but for those of you that burn with loyalty and zeal for our kingdom, the treasure that lies here is indeed a great one.”

He raised a clenched paw ahead of him as he spoke further.

“Something great and powerful is hidden here. Something that could save our empire from the disgusting alien that dares to encroach upon it. Something that could help us take back what is rightfully ours – the stars!”

He brought his fist down on the edge of the balcony to emphasise this.

“All we have to do is whether this unsavoury place and take it! Let me tell you, my kin, that once it is ours nothing in the galaxy will stop us. Nothing!”

As if rehearsed and as one they crouched down and touched the floor ahead of them in salute, raising their voices in hail to the empire and the glorious task their master had laid out before them.

Each one of them was oblivious to the fact that this had been his goal all along.
Even they had been lied to.


“You will need me if you are going for it.”

He didn’t answer immediately; he let the words shift around the room uneasily for awhile.

“I am . . . reluctant, you are still very valuable to us. I do not like to parade my treasure. Only a fool would do that, especially among thieves.”

“I am not a thing. I am a person. I should be allowed my freewill.”

“Circumstances have changed since your time; the galaxy is a very different place. You would be out of your depth.”

“And where you’re going you would be out of yours.” She bit back.

Odívaykaar let the silence hang again, he did not move from the corner where he stood.
He had noticed that she had become a lot more independent, fiery now she had fully awoken from her long sleep.
She did indeed have a strong resolve just like her message logs, though this was the real thing.

Anisha had also noticed a change in her host. Now that he had gotten what he wanted from her, he had become a lot more with drawn, less friendly, and his kindred spirit had shrunk, however minutely.
She began to suspect him, she could be wrong but she was beginning to see many things from the past mirrored within him. The kind of things that had destroyed their empire the first time round.
Which was why she was eager to keep an eye on him.

“It would be a lot easier for you if you would allow me to come. I know it, you do not.”

Odívaykaar’s face twisted unseen in the shadows of the corner.
She sat there, gazing at him with her gleaming eyes, still wrapped in blankets and shivering slightly. She hadn’t moved at all since he had been here last. He was aware that the artificial gravity they had installed upon the ship would cause her delicate form, stretched by space, difficulty if she tried to move much.
He would prefer that to remain, for her to stay rooted here, kept in a box like some precious gem. Yet she did have a point, hindrance crept within him, there was every chance that they would be discovered before they were ready, and to remain to long in this place seemed madness. Perhaps her presence would speed up the process or maybe she was attempting trickery upon him. She had taken things into her own paws once before, how could he be sure she would not do it again?
Hers would need to be a very tight leash.
Doubt and distrust tugged each other to and fro inside him, until one finally won the game.

“Very well.” He said finally, emerging from the corner. “I expect your full cooperation though.”

“Of course.” She nodded brightly.

He turned on a paw and marched for the exit.

“I will need my G assistance suit” She called behind him. “I would prefer not to go wrapped in blankets.”

He nodded without turning to face her again before exiting the chamber.

For the first time in eons Anisha gave a weak smile.


17-06-2005, 13:22

The blip on the map quivered and dimmed like a dying candle flame.

Koun frowned slightly before consulting a console built into the table.

“Problem?” Leviathan voiced.

“Interference.” Koun elaborated. “They have just entered one of the dense regions near the heart of the nebula. Our tracking device cannot cut through the intense disruption caused by this blasted place.”

“Is there anything that can be done about it?”

The ship shook suddenly with some measure of controlled chaos.

“Of course.” Koun said confidently at the sensation of the deck rattling.
As if by his will alone the blip suddenly grew bright and strong again.

The captain’s rigid voice beamed over the internal comms seconds later. “My Lord, the enemy has been marked.”

“Did they detect the painting?” Koun enquired.

“No. They firing of the round was carefully coincided with a predicted storm front which masked the delivery of the shell. They did not notice, if they did they are not letting on about it.”

“Excellent work captain. I request that you return to the chase.” The Inquisitor asked politely.

“Yes Inquisitor.” The captains chiselled tone replied with stern discipline.

Leviathan stared at the beacon that was their target, the dot heading deeper into the virtual storm.
“Uhm, what did you just do?”

“Target painting. We fired a MAC shell containing a radioactive residue at them; it coats their ship so that we can now see them no matter where they go. It doesn’t last forever and it could be removed with thorough decontamination but for our current purposes it serves well enough.”

“And they didn’t notice this?”

Koun shook his head before he quietly said. “No, the very celestial weather that was working for them was used against them; they were blind to the impact of the material.”

Leviathan rubbed the stubble collected on his chin and stared back into the map. The un-ingenuity of the Imperium was highly over-exaggerated sometimes, he thought.


The deep red clouds parted from them as the dart of the ship pierced them like a spear through flesh. Tendrils of gas were pushed aside as they cut through the shroud, delving deeper into the black heart of bruised clumps of spatial dust.
They were close now, he could feel it. This is where it was, he knew it. Despite all the time that had passed since it had been brought here, snatched away and stashed by her, he was certain that it would still remain.
Excitement flared out of the tiny balls of emotion he kept crushed inside him; he could not resist its indulgence. If it were all true, if the past still remained in some contained form then he was about to make a discovery that would turn the galaxy on it head.
The ship shook, the clouds angry that they had gotten so far so cleanly. Another nearby gravity wake trembled the hull once more and then again a few seconds later.
An operations crewman screamed in terror suddenly and begged that they leave this dreaded place in frantic ramblings, arms waving as he abandoned his station in disillusion.
He was shot in the head a second later by his Watch Officer and a pair of bosons dragged the corpse, face still contorted in fear, away to be discarded.
Everyone else remained focused at their posts lest the same happen to them.

Odívaykaar’s attentions went back to the holo-screen. Ragged clouds buffeted around them as they drilled to the core of where Anisha had directed to them, one of the larger globules of denser clouds found in a cluster near to the heart of the tortured nebula. He had to give it to her, this was an excellent place to put it. No one sane would willingly want to come here not knowing what lay hidden here.

“We are approaching the centre.” Noted the pilot.

Odívaykaar’s heart leapt with excitement and trepidation. Soon this would be all worth it, soon his actions would be justified, and soon glory and power would be at his will.

Finally the haze ahead of them opened like gripping hands and they were released into the hollow at the hidden heart of this place, a globe walled by dirty pinks and blackened reds, kept in some crazy form of order even as they were torn around and whirled like storm fronts around the shell of this place, held away in discord from bubble, tearing at its tension to get in but never succeeding in diffusing through the oasis of calm in the desert of madness.

And at the centre of it all there it was. A stretch of solid in this gaseous world, lying serenely in the eye of the storm as if oblivious or uncaring, the monster sleeping in the den of its lair, a splinter buried deep into the beastly nebular’s body.



It was probably one of the singular most magnificent things he had ever seen, and he was sure anyone else on the bridge had ever seen for that matter.
Odívaykaar found a part of himself not accepting what he saw, that part of him that had been fighting for this for so long, the part that had sunken its teeth into this goal and had not let go now finding itself unsure what to do with itself now it had the prize. It was that part of him that relished the challenge and was at a loss when that challenge was over.
Yet he already had a new goal lined up, a fresh challenge to sink his jaws into. Now he was here, triumphant, the next phase of his schemes were ready to be nurtured.

He barked at them to take their eyes from the holo-display and push the ship forward double-time but at the same moment found himself guilty of being transfixed at what lay before them.


The name swam in his thoughts like a netted fish. There it was though caught before him, the first time anyone had laid eyes upon it in countless swathes of time.
Even from this distance its size was evident. It was truly gargantuan; rapidly growing as they approached it would soon eclipse their view of their surroundings. From here he could see that it had a similar shape to the Zyas-Wor, long and pointed, only conical rather than spear shaped. He squinted to see it in more detail, the resolution was poor even in this relative pocket of calm.
Seconds later they were closer and he could see that it wasn’t an exact cone, it was a winding spiral shape, coiling up to a pointed tip at one end from a fat base at the other – somewhat like a screw or perhaps more accurately, a shell swept upon the beach; amplified thousands fold to this immense size.

They skulked closer, the ships ends now disappearing off the edges of the scanner scope as it grew in the bubble of virtual light. Its colour became clearer; it was a satin scarlet colour that seemed to be crisscrossed with intricate line patterns of dark and light that wove across its surface like a spider web. Towers, like stubby spikes protruded from this surface at odd intervals, they varied in size but from this distance Odívaykaar would have to guess that they were the size of tall buildings.

His head spun, struggling with the immensity of the thing and the fact that it would soon be his. A relic from the past reclaimed for his glorious purpose.

An announcement from one of the surveyor officers broke his broke his flirt with fantasy and cemented him back into the solid foundations of reality.
“There is a large opening at its base, easily sufficient to take the ship inside.”

Odívaykaar gave a superior smile.

“Take us in.”

17-06-2005, 13:23

File>Personal Log Entry
Date> <Purged from buffers>
Personal registration> 005-26/ 3rd Lieutenant of Zyas-Wor[Decomissioned]/ Anisha
Log Number> 38


I cannot keep this to myself any longer.
I have to tell someone, or at least let the truth of what I have been done be known.
I might as well be here.

I did it.
I stole Warmaker.

It took a lot of planning, nearly a full cycle in fact of hard, uncompromising toil. I had to learn every detail of the new and strange technology that runs the ship, every nuance of its AI, grasp the unbelievable sciences that have been made mainstream theory in the vast stretch of time I have been away.
It was all very overwhelming from someone born into a distant past.

But I did it.

First in stealing the Zyas-Wor from the very docking birth where it had been decommissioned, left to be a floating relic of the past and then piloting the ship into the belly of that beast, that thing they call Warmaker.
Docking was easy, they didn’t suspect our presence. After that the Ionic disrupter was enough to get the ships crew to evacuate in the wake of the massive system shut down that followed.
Soon we were alone, just us and the gargantuan ship struggling to get its systems back on-line.

I find it ironic that something so advanced and powerful was quickly felled from within by something so out dated and dwarfed

The sabotage had bought us time to get aboard and to the control centre. We knew we didn’t have long before the AI regained full composure, realised what was happening.
We just didn’t think it would regain enough control to defend itself so quickly.

That is when everyone started dying.
Those wonderful people, sympathetic to my cause. The underground movement that had spent long hours preparing this plan to save the empire.
All felled within the space of less than a Gok.

The Three be with them.

I and two others – Fahr and Kawriq – made it to the command centre alive.
Luckily by this time the ship still hadn’t fully re-powered all of its systems and we were able to access the command pathways we needed and isolate them from the ships control.

Warmaker was ours. One of the most powerful ships ever constructed was in our paws.
Quickly we sent it to maximum velocity and brought it here where it will remain hidden. I cannot say where here is or otherwise all my friends would have died in vain.

It struggled all the way. Fahr and Kawriq died when it managed to find a path we had overlooked.
They were crushed into a bony mess on the deck as the ship suddenly deactivated and then reactivated artificial gravity again at 400%
Only my Zero-G experience allowed me to react quickly to what it was doing.
I will never forget their screams as they were crushed from head to toe.

The ship was obviously very irate at being stolen and taken away, it thrashed widely and made numerous attempts to break the command override or kill me before I could do anything else.
It came close to doing both several times but I knew that what I as doing had to be done and I wasn’t going to let anything, not even this massive vessel, stop me.

When I was satisfied the thing was well hidden I entered the coded programming we had created that would keep it that way. The ship would be paralysed, fixed here. The only systems left still active would be the reactor containment systems so as to not destroy the ship; we locked the AI into an endless programming loop that we were certain even it couldn’t break. Effectively the ship would be comatose, still capable of thought but unable to move its mechanical body and inch, send out distress calls, fire its weapons. Nothing. It would stay locked here for as long as it had to.

You’re probably wondering why I did it.
Why did I go through so much hardship and strife?

Because I had to.
I returned from deep-space to find a vibrant and powerful empire, glorious yet perched on an uncertain edge, teetering on the brink of a civil war. With weapons like Warmaker at large I knew that such a thing would be utterly devastating.
I tried to convince them into peace, I tired rallying support against the fracturing of the empire but they wouldn’t hear me, internal power struggles and political wrangling had blinded all of our ruling elite to the fact that they were on a course for disaster.

That is why I did what I did.
In the hope that by taking a ship like Warmaker out of the loop a war might be averted through our actions. It’s hard to fight a war without any weapons to do it.
Hopefully, removing Warmaker from their grasp will slow the arms build up and allow time for the factions to come to their senses. That’s all we have bought here, time – this action is by no means a solution, but perhaps it may help set a course that will lead to one.

I know there are weapons already out there as equally, if not more dangerous than Warmaker. I just hope this is enough to avert a catastrophe that any civil war would be.
This is what I have given my life away for.
This is what my closest kin have died for.
A peaceful and prosperous empire.

But now I sit aboard the Zyas-Wor alone.
I am a fugitive now, there is no way I can go back and the knowledge of the whereabouts of Warmaker that I hold is too dangerous to risk anyone having.
I know what I must do.
I have set the ship on a course away from Warmaker, on a heading for deep intergalactic space. In the vast expanse between the stars no one will find me, and I can sleep in cryo-hibernation for as long as it takes for the empire to regain the sense of unity it once had, safe in the knowledge that I have done what I can. That I have not sat idle and watched injustice and destruction rain down as I had during our original colonisation mission.

All I have now is hope that what I have done is enough.



17-06-2005, 13:24
+Origional post by Grey_Painter+

"Gahhhhhh!" With the exclamation point representing Grey landing heavily on his back. He'd been startled from his drunken stupor by the alarms that rang out across the sleep. It wasn't the alarms that initially got Grey's attention though. No the first think that struck Grey (floor withstanding) was the fact that he'd just fallen from a great height, but when looking up towards the vaulted ceiling of the docking bay he couldn't see any obvious place where a space marine could cling onto in his sleep. Let alone anyway to actually get up there to start with. It was amazing what alittle bit of drink could persuade you to do.

He could figure out what he'd been up to later, at the present the alarms grabbed his attention. Hauling himself to his feet Grey started to stagger towards the meeting room. Progress was hindered by the ship constantly shifting under his armoured boots, something else he assumed was due to alcohol till he noticed the crew also having some trouble walking. Much less trouble than Grey granted, but trouble none the less.

"Are we under attack or are we attack them?" Grey asked before he'd got all his armoured form through the doorway.

"Neither, we are still following them. Space in this region is not very hospitable however." Koun replied still staring at the console infront of him.

"Shame. Can we attack them now?" As a space wolf Grey appreciated the hunt, however he also knew that the longer your stalked your prey the more likely they were to notice you. Plus it had been a while since he'd killed a badger.

"I think we should wait to find out what they are looking for. Must be something important to risk coming in here." Lev replied while rubbing his forehead in thought. "What is this?" Lev pointed at large but indistinct blip that seemed to be rising like a green sun over the horizon.

"Seems important. Lets attack them before they get to it." Grey chirped up trying to make sense of the screen. Lev lifted his eyes off the screen for a second to comment but paused when actually looked at the marine.

"You do know you've got a traffic cone on your head right?"

17-06-2005, 13:27
+Origional post by Darkwind+

One Delorean, 1.21 jiggawats, and 88 miles per hour later... 3 hours ago.


There are only so many things one can do to amuse themselves when chained to a bulkhead. Upon reaching the 517th bottle of beer on the wall it became apparent that a new approach was necessary. The marines on the ship did provide at least a small bit of entertainment...

"There once was primarch named Dorn, who owned massive stacks of gay po...hrrrk!"

Really it was rather impressive to see that kind of velocity and accuracy on an underhand knife throw, especially one from a genetically modified monkey thing. This concept of getting killed and not dying was rather new to Darkwind and not at all uninteresting. Within the warp it seemed the daemon was capable of sustaining him despite all manner of life threatening injuries, and the monofilament combat knife currently wedged in his gut seemed more of an irritation than an actual danger. Sadly even something as interesting as this began to lose it's spark about two power swords, a chain axe, and an imperial issue dinner fork later.


Elsewhere in the cosmic order though remaining in the same room the daemon remained reletively tame. Deep inside it knew what was about to happen. There was blood to be shed and heads to be claimed for Khorne. Yes, for now it would wait regaining its strength to claim vengence against the machine thing. That badger's skull would be a worthy prize indeed...


It was about this time that ensign Jimmy prepared himself for the bravest act of his life. Since the beginning of their three hour tour the crewmen of the Bloody Rose had been building up a pot, and over the course of the voyage it had reached over a month of dessert rations plus an extra week of shore leave to the first one to touch the xenos chained down in the hold. Easy task. No problem. The Emperor protects. Jimmy advanced toward the chained monster with newly replenished confidence. Closing in on it he finally got to saw it in the light. Four limbs, no tentacles, claws, or pincers, and to top it all off it was hanging limply off the chains looking rather dead. Jimmy knew his duty. He strode up and reached toward it finger outstreatched...

17-06-2005, 13:29
+Origionally posted by CEO Kasen+

The real threat to Jimmy was not the demon-possessed dark-eldar; it was the tire-iron shaped wad of concussive force being applied to the back of his head. Jimmy staggered for a moment, fell forward into the unmoving Dark Eldar, and flopped to the ground like a stunned cod.

Behind him was, to Darkwind's eyes, a sparkling, vivid blur of red and orange silhouetted by purple and gold, which soon focused into two things - A familiar flamboyant psykervixen, and an equally vivid memory from a fevered injury-induced hallucination consisting primarily of her breasts pressed against him.

Said memory was not lost on even Kyria's unremarkable empathetic talents, but elicited no more than a chuckle and a knowing wink. After all, Darkwind could hardly be blamed for such thoughts; they were perfectly understandable to one who believes wholeheartedly that she's the most gorgeous thing ever to wear fur.

Nonetheless, her decision at that moment to summon a searing Tail of Flame might have looked inauspicious to Darkwind; but a brilliant, ephemeral ribbon of blazing light and searing heat later, Darkwind's chains were cut neatly through.

"My dearest Kyria," said a deep, rich purr from the door of the hold, “I do believe that’s the most subtle work I’ve ever seen you perform. The stars themselves have been holding their breath to see such beauty combine with-”

“Mind putting the ******** Machine away, Stakebait?" said a noticeably more irritable tone. While it was true that, for Kyria, slicing through metal with a flaring psychic blowtorch qualified as discreet ninjutsu, Reynara'd had enough.[ "Torcharse's blown up one of the Stars Themselves. They're 'holding their breath' in naked terror, wondering who'll be next."

The second voice may be easily identified, but the first voice did not belong to Kasen. Kasen, as a general rule, did not purr. It belonged to a black-and-white felinoid creature slightly shorter than Kasen, were you not to count the ears and large, black witch’s hat, from beneath which glittered two highly intense cat's eyes of deepest emerald flecked with bits of mirrored silver.

His clothing was, by local standards, of relatively low flamboyancy; A crimson cape; the aforementioned hat, a black vest; loose-fitting black pants sliding into knee-high black boots. But while Kyria wore her shininess in her spells and her clothes, the newcomer seemed to wear his on his very skin. He was covered in an asymmetric network of silver fur-tattoos, decorating his otherwise black-furred visage; Arcane markings and electronic schemata and recursive fractal versions of themselves liberally coated his face, combining and self-spiralling in ever more complex iterations, except where an overconfident, smug grin crossed a blunt, snow-white muzzle.

”Subtlety is indeed relative, my lithe p-“

“Call me that one more time, and I will remove every last set of genitalia you even think you have. Again.”

“Oh, get over it, Reya. Fyren’s just being friendly.” chirped Kyria, whose gigantic ego was a much easier target for the witch-kitty’s particular brand of flattery. Fyren's smile grew. Reynara rolled her eyes, muttered baka under her breath, and changed the topic.

“Remind me why we’re hijacking Keebler here?”

“Because in his current, elevated state of being,” said Fyren, gesturing gracefully towards the unchained demonhost, “he is a valuable tool... A cuisinart of the dark gods, a lustrous appliance far too valuable to leave in the wrong hands.”

“Any hands far away from mine look pretty good right about now.”

“The mere fact that we were able to waltz so merrily into the hold and free him, I think, proves that these hands could not hold him, and are therefore the wrong hands.”

“…Whatever, Stakebait.”

It was left to Kyria to ask: “Darkwind? You okay?”

17-06-2005, 13:29
+Origionally posted by Inquisitor Koun+

Koun wasn’t paying attention to the traffic cone atop of the Space Wolf’s head. Perhaps he had seen stranger things in his career. But more likely he was considering what the Wolf Priest had said. He turned to his comms officer, who like an obedient hound was sitting in the corner, waiting for his master’s commands. “Put a call through to the Captain. Change target for boarding munitions to the larger vessel. The Objectives are the same, the Captain knows where to best land her.” He turned again to the pilot and the wolf priest, who were both exchanging uneasy glances. “Your assessment under normal conditions would be on the money Mr. Painter. However time and position do not allow us to attempt to intercept the Badger vessel before it docks with that thing. So, we will attack them as they attempt to assume control.”

To punctuate his point, the vessel lurched once more, as the M.A.C. opened fire. The shaking was much less violent as previous firings of the old gun have been. Grey Painter was the first to speak up. “Alright Koun, you have some plan in mind, lets hear it.”

It’s a general agreement in the universe that evil masterminds enjoy showing off. Generally this trait comes into play when they have their nemesis of the month strapped to some unlikely contraption that on paper would tear the would be super hero into bite sized pieces of kibble. Of course, during the laying out of their grand scheme, the Hero finds some way of avoiding his cruel, messy, and unnecessarily fate. As such, the law would require that Koun go into grand detail about his diabolical scheme (it would include power point, flow charts, and a woman wearing sequins and not much else). However as Koun has had more then his fair share of would be superheroes in his clutches, all of whom have yet to finish him off in some brutally ironic fashion, he has learned to keep his explanations short.

“We’re going to board that thing, and we’re going to take it out from under their noses. If you gentlemen would prefer to be on the second assault wave, the thunderhawks will be leaving from the flight deck in 5 minutes. If you want to simply walk from one ship to the next, we should be able to accommodate you within 30 minutes. All the information you gentlemen will need is in these files.”

Two opened manila envelopes later and all was made ‘relatively clear’. The assault was to take place in three separate waves. The first wave, which just had been deployed, would be responsible for initial recon of the vessel, set up the ground work for electronic warfare and engage in delaying tactics on the Badgers. The second wave, comprised of scouts and storm troopers would seed the place with teleport homers and secure vital locations from the enemy, while the third wave (Everything else on the ship) was either teleported on or walked on when the boarding clamps made contact with the vessel.

Of course it was only a matter of time before all these plans got unraveled by some unforeseen oddity, but such was the way of things. For now, all there was to wait and prepare.

17-06-2005, 13:30

The lock cycled open and stale air, unstirred by centuries, drifted in. The stuffy stench of the must was their first taste of Warmaker.

“You are certain the climate is breathable?” Odivaykaar coughed.

“Certain.” Fury replied, grinning whilst having the same trouble forcing the air into his oversized lungs. “If not uncomfortable.”

Odivaykaar coughed into his sleeve once more before he ordered the prepared squads across the docking bridge and onto the ship itself.

Five squadrons marched onto the vessel, each holding a glimmering Bio-plasmic rifle in their claws, the silver of the weapons contrasting highly with the beetle black of their uniforms and armour. Lieutenant Marhraek, his eyes stern beneath his rigid face mask, led the first of the Badgers aboard, the first ones of their kind to set foot on the ancient vessel for eons.

Once a perimeter around the docking lock was introduced Odivaykaar strolled confidently aboard, savouring each foot step. Fury followed him, looking hugely eager to unwrap this ships wondrous secrets.
With them was Anisha, now fully dressed in a Gravity Assistance suit fished from the Zyas-Wor’s storage lockers; a form fitting suit that gripped the muscles whilst a variety of belts and buckles criss-crossed its surface adding their strength to the costume, assisting her wiry, zero gravity adjusted frame in the harsh toils of a full gravity environment.

They stood and marvelled for a moment at the ships interior. The corridors were irregularly organic, a smooth vertical wall ran up one side, gently looped over at the top before curving down again back to the floor in a shallow concave. They were quite spacious as well, as if not intended for slight Badgers to walk down their length, yet at the same time completely natural.
The place was currently dimmed in a shaded brown hue, with little light to show off the pearly colour of the smooth walls, Odivaykaar reached out a paw and touched them anyway, running his hand along the silky surface, just to enforce the fact that he was finally here.
He felt the lifeless cold of the sleeping ship seep through the leather of his glove and touch the warmth of his paw.

That moment over he was eager for more.

He turned abruptly on his heel and looked up at the living ancestor that was Anisha.
“You will show us the most direct route to this ships command centre.” He ordered.

Anisha again was wary of his ever changing tone. He seemed to be becoming less appealing and in his noble means seemed to sour with each passing moment.
“Of course….” She replied slowly, her eyes dragging from him warily before they were directed into the dim halls around them. “We must first go this way.”

She pointed to a corridor that wound off on a gentle tangent upwards to their right.

Odivaykaar Barked orders and Marhraek and two squads led the way up the curving passage. Followed by Odivaykaar himself and his two stolen companions, led by another one of the squads and backed up by the remaining two. A Special Circumstances cadre, which was the last to join them aboard the vessel, brought up the rear- one of their members stopping periodically to dawb the corridor with a scent marker so that they might find their way back if needed.

Even as they left a defence point was being set up around the lock by several other squadrons that would not be joining the venture into the massive husk that was Warmaker.

Although Odivaykaar was assured that they were alone here, he knew that only fools took chances.

17-06-2005, 13:31
+Origionally posted by Inquisitor Koun+

The hollowed out M.A.C. round hit the side of the Warmaker with a ringing KLANG. The outer shell of the round, superheated by the friction generated as it slid through the relic ship’s outer hull, acted as an adhesive, both for slowing down the round before it over penetrated and to create a seal between the round and the wounded hull. The hatch opened out into what was once a crew quarters, bunks long empty lined the walls, their contents in disarray due to the crew’s fast exit ages ago. But in the cold sterile environment of the dead ship, there wasn’t cause for much decay.

A figure stepped into the empty room and took in the scene. There was no light, save the red glow of superheated metal of the M.A.C. round, so that all that could be seen was a silhouette of a woman, whose body appeared to be lacking in wasted space. She allowed herself a moment to let her pooled blood to circulate back into her extremities. Her eyes caught sight of a terminal in the room that would suit her objectives well, but with the proximity of the M.A.C. round, it could only be a matter of time before the location was compromised by the Badgers who even now were infesting the ship.

She moved towards the door. It wasn’t walking, as that would have required the sound of footsteps. It wasn’t realy a jump either, as that would require a light thud every so often, and her movements were too directed. It was as if reality simply allowed her to be where she wanted to be, with only a change in air pressure making any sort of fuss. The door opened into the pitch-black hallway (the power to the lights in this section had been shut down to allow continued illumination of more important areas of the ship), and as she left the room she pressed a button on a remote that happened to be in her hand. The M.A.C. round would soon activate several melta devices within it’s skin, and would leave nothing left but a pile of slag in a decompressed room. She sealed the door behind her and made her way further into the ship.

In a maintenance station 2 levels and 30 seconds she found another terminal leading into the electronic brain of the ship. A small device appeared in the palm of her hand, and a plane of green light emanated from it and swept over the Terminal. There was a whir and a click as the device changed it’s shape at one end and she slid it into one of the terminal’s ports. As she moved back into the hallway, she pulled out a single length of thread from somewhere on the back of her head, and attached it about 4 feet 6 inches from the ground across the doorway. Whoever walked into the door next would find a monofilament wire at about neck height.

Two minutes and another device later (this time in a crew quarters, the ground covered in caltrops coated in something unpleasant or other), she then began her secondary objective, to observe and frustrate the badger advance through the ship.

17-06-2005, 13:33
+Origionally posted by CEO Kasen+

"I don't know what you put in his coffee when you got him to agree to this."

"I Can't Believe He's Not Charging Me For This. To one such as him, it is an exemplary sugar substitute, many many times as sweet. Truly without Equal."

"That's the first thing you've said that I'm even half willing to buy. This whole operation makes about as much sense as sticking your face in an industrial fan to win the heart of a used gerbil."

"Sometimes the universe requires you to do seemingly foolish things simply to prove to it that you aren't taking yourself too seriously. Your Chief clearly realizes this, as do most of his cohorts."

"...Tell me, do they feed you a lot of paste where you come from?"

"Milk may build strong bones, but adhesives are cement for the mind, my dear. Quickly now, there's a gateway back, so think happy thoughts and you just might rematerialize with all your limbs."

"You've... met me, right? Because you know I don't do happy thoughts, Hello Kitty."

"That will be your problem."

"Does 'your intestines, floating in space' count as happy?"

"Again, that's between you and the Universe."


* * * * *

Shrilk'na checked once more to make sure the restroom smoke detector was sabotaged, and lit up.

He was tired. They'd been at this for... weeks? Months? Too long, like a colonoscopic I-beam.

That damn wolf-thing... what's-his-name... Furry. He wasn't making it easier. Shrilk didn't like Furry. Not many of the Badgers did, but no one hated him enough to risk angering Odivaykaar. This didn't say much; there's a chance sticking one's genitals in a deep fryer just to see how long they took to blister would be a more pleasant experience than questioning Captain Odi's leadership.

But even so... Furry was suspicious. Beyond being a not-badger. Some of Shrilk's comrades had gone missing without any official explanation since he'd come on board. And on every one of those days, they had been served meatloaf in the cafeteria. Whether that was more disturbing than the fact that Captain Odi seemed to trust the wolf more than he trusted his own kind was a topic of whispered debate and the occasional aneurysm.

He had a sense of dread about this whole operation since it started. He'd just be glad when it was all over and he was at home in an easy chair, relaxing with a bottle of hand lotion and the latest issue of Hot Badger Tails-

He didn't have long to contemplate his fantasies when his communicator crackled to life. It didn't say anything, it just spat out deafening white noise - then began making a sound like a vast colony of seals being flattened by a tank as an extraordinary weight began to tug at his belt; as if the mass of four people was attempting to give him a reverse wedgie from the side.

Which turned out, in a sense, to be the case.

The next thing he knew, four creatures - no two of them the same species, but none of them badgers - were on the floor, near where his pants lay around his ankles, his radio shattered into fragments of plastic.

For a moment, a silence, pregnant with septuplets, dominated the room. There was a skinny pointy-eared male humanoid in garish dress, a... a doglike female with even less fashion sense; and a feline male in a ridiculous witch's costume, but the human female - the one who looked like an angry ninja with twin scythes of hair the blue of breakfast marshmallows and eyes brimming with cold rage that froze his heart like liquid nitrogen, shattering his courage into fragments - was the first to recover, and was on him in an instant.

His last thought before his world became a flurry of blunt trauma and tweeting birds was about lotion.

17-06-2005, 13:34
+Origional post by Grey_Painter+

Grey held the mission statement in his hand and looked long and hard at file Koun had given him. Obviously it had been prepared especially for the space wolf because much of the writing was taken up by reminding him that all the actions would result in many dead badgers. It also contained many helpful diagrams.

Grey was to be part of the third wave and had been generously given a squad of assault terminators to command. The one problem this raised was that Grey would then be expected to teleport with them into the enemy position. Imperial teleportation technology wasn't something Grey had ever been keen on, he'd have much preferred a nice solid boarding torpedo. True torpedos could be shot down but then Grey knew there were far worse fates than dieing in the coldness of space. The thought of the alternative deaths teleportation offered made the battle hardened marine shudder.

Silent thoughts of the battle to come cycled through his head as he opened up the modified drop pod that was in the launch bay of the Bloody Rose. He never asked for his modified terminator armour to be loaded aboard, he never did but always he could find it on the mission’s flagship. Grey had occasionally pondered how the FARTS technicians always managed to load it onto someone else’s ship seemingly without permission. The only conclusion he'd come to was that it involved lots of backstage passes though he'd probably never know, the knowledge would probably cause him more problems than it was worth. Still he was glad, he'd hate to go into the lions den without every advantage and he always found terminator armour to be a large advantage.

17-06-2005, 13:35
+Origional post by Darkwind+

Back in the ancient days when the Eldar were still young and humankind was yet to be a fantastic discovery was made. It was during the early industrial age of the Eldar race, a time of great discoveries that moved their way of life forward by leaps and bounds, that the relic was discovered. You see the industrial age of the Eldar was also a time of great exploration where brave souls would scour the wilderness in search of the history of their people. One such explorer whose name has sadly been lost in the ages made an amazing discovery whilst on an archeological dig in the deserts. What he discovered was a stone tablet etched with mysterious pictures and characters which would thousands of years later be attributed to the old ones who came before. It read:

"Focus on the interstection between the tiles before you as if looking at it intently enough would yield the formula to turn grape nuts into gold."

Of course at the time nobody knew what it meant and the great explorer was institutionalized for the rest of his life.


"So you're telling me the reason you wouldn't hit him is that urinal etiquette is a law that predates the human race? Baka..."

"It's one of the most ancient laws in the universe."

"Whatever... we're supposed to neutralize the resistance on the Zyas-wor, get moving Keebler."

They had decided to split up at that point. Darkwind could only assume that his presence was causing an uncomfortable dampness which was why assassin had to flee. It was a natural reaction to someone as genetically perfect as himself. He took a moment to check himself in the restroom's mirror.

"Who's that handsome devil?"

Grinning a fanged grin he pointed and winked at his reflection. His grin quickly turned to a scowl though. There was work to do. The teleport it seemed had moved a critical strand of hair and thrown his entire style into disarray. Frustrated he pulled the lot of it back and tied it into a ponytail grumbling about the lack of a brush. He began to sing to himself as he attempted to improvise...

"I feel pretty~ Oh so pretty~ I feel pretty, and witty, and..."

Suddenly the door opened and a rather angry looking badger watch officer burst in.

"Dammit Shrilk if you're in here 'seeking enlightenment' again I'll... oh sh-"

The officer's rant was inturrupted by a booted heel impacting the side of his furred head, sending him spawling up against the wall. Growling he attempted to raise his plasma rifle only to have it slapped aside to discharge harmlessly into the deck. The third blow the eldar landed was a vicious straight punch to the badger's shoulder which shattered the bones therein with a sickening crunch. Dazed from the pain the officer could do little except collapse to the floor leaning against the bulkhead.

"You'll never succeed alien scum... You will die by Badger claws! Warmaker will be ours!"

Darkwind picked up the bioplasma rifle, years of fighting badgers having trained him to navigate the confusing handgrips, and levelled it at the broken badger.

"I was perfect before the first of your race crawled out of a burrow. What hope do you have when you face the reaper himself?"

Before the badger had a chance to answer he ate a plasma blast to the gut. Darkwind snatched the comlink off the top half of the corpse and put it to his ear, switching it to the general broadcast frequency.

"In the words of the great warrior M'clane: 'Now I have a plasma gun. Ho ho ho.'"

Tossing the comlink into the sink he strode out of the restroom. The hunt was on.

17-06-2005, 13:36
+Origionally posted by Inquisitor Koun+

The Inquisitor was watching the shape of the Relic ship grow in the armorglass window of the observation lounge. Even this far out view was dominated by the object; it had to be at least a few hundred kilometers long. He was listening to the occasional chatter of the Badger communication network, being relayed by the devices his agent had planted on the ship a minute ago. Eavesdropping was only a minor function of the device, but until the network was initialized they would have to make do with turning the entire relic ship into an antenna.

He wished Mr. Twitch was not busy scouring through the Vigilance database for any clues as to what the vast object was, as the Inquisitor would be able to listen to the content of the transmissions 30 seconds ago. Of course Mr. twitch could perform both tasks at the same time, but the act of multi tasking would result in irregularities in the data, and turning the poor man into a quivering wreck for a few days. For now, the Inquisitor will be content to analyze the amount of radio chatter, and wait for the tech marine on the bridge to crack the encryption.

He blinked once when the chatter spiked once. Someone was using broadband, inside the Badger Stealth ship. Then there was a moment of silence, before the chatter went up again and stayed up. What was once quiet and ordered radio checks was now the chaos of every one talking at once, on both ships. Had The Bloody Rose been spotted? Had his agent been sighted? It didn’t matter the details, the ant nest had been kicked and its residents were up in arms.

He put the Vox unit to his lips “Captain. I have a feeling that the jig is up, please proceed with Phase 2.”


The Launch bays of The Bloody Rose opened up 30 seconds later, and from them 8 thunderhawk gunships, filled with space marine scouts and storm troopers with infiltration gear (and a few choice pieces of equipment, at least half of which is in some way explosive) darted out towards several odd external structures on the Warmaker. These structures dotted the exterior of the ship in a seemingly random pattern. A few were like blisters on the hull, the others were large spikes. It was impossible to tell the exact purpose of these oddities without closer examination. So their first objectives were to land near these sites and give what the Inquisitor needed most, Intel.

The Bloody Rose’s own engines sparked into life once more, accelerating from the silent drift that took them so far already.

Onboard the Zyas-wor the bridge crew was already trying to locate the exact location of the rouge transmission that had originated from their own vessel. The sensor station picked up a brief energy surge coming from the other side of the Warmaker, but without line of sight, the crew were unable to understand that what they were seeing was a ship, and not some random discharge of energy coming from the raging hell storm. It was hardly even noticed that the origin of the energy flare was inside the eye of the storm.

So the Thunderhawks proceeded unnoticed in the chaos both in and out of ship, latched onto the hull and bore holes into the interior of the vessel.


The scouts and troopers made their ways towards the concentrations of energy, the squad leaders following the glowing light from their auspexs. Their progress was swift and near silent, although the badgers were clear on the other side of the ship. The spikes were found to be solid but with winding corridors about them and a large capacity energy conduit running to them. Beyond that, they yielded nothing of interest, so the teams that found them were ordered to rig the conduits to blow and route the control of the explosives through to The Bloody Rose.

The blisters on the other-hand had a method of accessing them, and seemed to be nodes for the conduits that were leading to the spikes.. The orders were simple, in all but one case, the entryways were to be booby-trapped and the unit was to move on. In the case of the Sergeant, he was ordered to gain access to the interior, and report on what he found.

But that had to wait until the hatch controls were bypassed. . . :ph43r:

17-06-2005, 13:37
+Origional Post by Fury+

Athena cursed as she flew through the Bloody Roses systems. Her curses were so graphic in the detail in where she would insert the live flaming gerbil and what the on heat panda would be doing through the ordeal was enough to even make even the most battle hardened warrior to cringe of the logistics of such a task.

You see, moments ago, Inquisitor Koun, in his unparalleled wisdom opened certain aspects of the Bloody Roses mainframe to the AI. Yet, the Inquisitor in his unparalleled wisdom didn’t open all the systems to Athena as he knew such would be worse than placing a large, shiny and red button in front of an eight year old child suffering from attention deficit disorder and telling the child Do not touch this button. . Although these situations are vastly different, they have the same outcome, massive levels of damage, all because it might be fun. It was Koun’s wisdom which had driven Athena to her vile rage.

“Stupid Inquisitor, doesn’t trust me, It is not like I was ever directly responsible for any act of destruction, I always had at least one degree of separation and an alibi, anyone who doesn’t is just asking to be caught.”

Athena sped through the systems towards her goal, the newly established connection of the ancient badger vessel. The plan was running through her mind, she was to crush the badgers on the vessel and then let the ABC troops in unscathed . . . or was it let the badgers go in unscathed and crush the ABC troopers entering? The second option did seem rather silly, but she only did skim read the mission brief and it was written by an Inquisitor, they would kill an entire system of people just to get a large fries and chocolate shake.

Athena slowed down just before reaching the bridge to the ancient badger ship, the gateway was a shimmering silver portal, badger runes flowed across the surface, a window into the power which was held beyond, and a sense of excitement overwhelmed Athena, the importance of the mission faded into the back of her mind. “I am sure I will figure out what to do when I get there.” Athena murmured as she watched the portal, transfixed by its beauty.

“Wow. . . So pretty.” Were the last words to leave Athena’s digitized lips as she stepped through the portal into the depths of the Warmaker.


Athena looked around, The war makers system was dank, dark and bland. When any system is run without the use of an AI, it has no style, no finesses, instead it was just functional, which in its own way was well and good, but it made Athena crinkle her nose with disgust.

“This needs a woman’s touch.” Athena began to walk towards what she assumed was the central node, she outstretched her hands and shooting out from her fingers was all manner of items. Rugs, tapestries, chairs, tables, several bowls of fruit, racks of weapons. The entire central node was transformed from a dank dungeon to a palace worthy of the god Athena assured herself she was.

Sitting down in her newly created leather apolstered throne, Athena stretched out with her mind, major systems began to come online, the air, although breathable was stale, yet within minutes it became sickly sweet as the life support systems were brought up to maximum power, pumping out fresh air with the scent of roses. If it was worth doing it all, it was worth making it pretty, which was one of Athena’s many and every changing philosophies.

As the power was restored to various systems, Athena shut down all the bulkheads putting the entire ship on the highest level of lockdowns.

“Yes, that should stop the badgers.” Athena smiled to herself and allowed her newly created digital manservant to lavish her with grapes and wine.

Minutes passed as the strike teams still were waiting somewhat patiently for the now obviously active doors to open, yet to no avail. It was only after Athena decided to cycle through the ships various security cameras that she saw the strike team waiting outside.

“Oooh, that’s right . . .” Athena giggled to herself as she opened up several doors to the strike teams. “ I knew I had to do something else.”

17-06-2005, 13:38
+Origionally posted by CEO Kasen+

Fyren chuckled, a slight shift in the amused grin permanently plastered across his muzzle, as he watched Darkwind take out a badger whose only crime was to assume his squadmate was slacking off.

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"That elven gentleman seems to have the right idea..."

Fyren spun back towards his diversely-enthusiastic companions as the gentleman in question departed on his quest to impregnate local reality with havoc.

"Great Sorceress Kyria, I believe it is time. Feel free to unleash the full fury of your flames upon this vessel, beguiling creature..." he purred with a completely straight face as Reynara wondered how much polymorphine she'd need to make it physically impossible to vomit, "But as there is not a being alive that would be able to mask your brilliant warp presence, let alone your peerless beauty, they will find you sooner or later. I trust you are prepared?"

Kyria giggled, involuntarily manifesting floating fires under the words of anyone who appreciated her for the living legend she was. "I'll torch any man, woman and inconvenient bulkhead that stands in my way, kitten."

"I was referring to the Anti-Badger Crusaders. Just tell them what I told you."

Kyria's head cocked aside. "'I wonder how your entire organization would look wearing rubber?'"

Fyren's ears turned red and flattened against his hat as Reynara sniggered. "'Dear kettle,'" he said, turning slowly, "'I'm not entirely sure how to tell you this...'"

"Operations Rule Number #27;" said Reynara, calmly dismissing the poke at her synskin, "hostile territory isn't the place to debate perverse fashion, Litterbox. We have to get on board Warmaker, and now. "

"You are, of course, correct." he uttered through gritted teeth. "I shall deal with Warmaker and Athena. Just go with Darkwind and keep the badgers busy, if you would be so kind. Kyria, as a prelude to your pyrotechnic rampage begins in earnest, we shall head to the boarding tube, and give those guards a show they shall never forget."


The guards were ready for anything, as it turned out. Anything, except a Demifox swathed in fire cossack dancing while singing Gradirei le fritture con quello. Badly.

They stared openly, their rifles as slack as their jaws, as Fyren, grinning amicably, guided her carefully back around the corner. "She's just... overeager to participate in tonight's talent show." he explained. "If you'll excuse us..."


"Ah... Perhaps something slightly more suited to your paradigm might be in order, my musical vixen?"

"Such as?"

"Blow them up?"

"Oh! Right!"


The guards, who, to their credit, figured out the cat wasn't a badger, rounded the corner just in time to get an equally memorable display of applied pyrotechnics while Fyren slipped past onto warmaker, a ghost's shadow. Then again, compared to the Demifox, so was a stampede of elephants with Tourette's syndrome.

17-06-2005, 13:39

Odivaykaar swore obtusely, the foul words flying from his jaw like spittle in an act of fury he rarely showed.

The ship had suddenly come alive and locked them out, blocking their path to the nearby bridge. They had been beaten to it by the thinnest of margins.
The comm traffic reported aliens aboard the Zyas-Wor, non-sensical chatter of dancing and flaming Cossack’s. There was only one explanation for this mayhem- the dratted ABC had somehow found them.

He cursed again before regaining some level of composure.
He would not be beaten so easily.

“You” He flung a claw in Anisha direction. “I want access to the bridge and I want it now.”

The ancient female had already managed to force some access into a control panel that had sprung to life on the wall when the rest of the ship had. She worked furiously at the display, set on the wall too low for her frame which was bent awkwardly to access it.
She ignored Odivaykaar’s rude demands and carefully picked her way into the systems to find out exactly what was going on. Seconds later she had her answer.

“A foreign AI has infiltrated the ships systems and worked its way upto nearly full control, initiating a lock down as a result.” He elaborated.

“How long before it has full control?” Fury asked, gazing at the alien control panel with a sense of wonder about him, wondering what its constituent pieces looked like.

“Hard to say, depends how quickly the thing works out what all of the systems it now has access to actually do.”

Odivaykaar grunted, unsatisfied. “I want the thing stopped and I want access to the bridge.”

Anisha looked over to him and shook her snout. “Impossible from here.”

“You did it before!”

She closed her eyes gently before re-opening them. “When the ship wasn’t fully in control of……hmmm.”


“Perhaps there is a way…” She mused.

“What? How?!” Odivaykaar demanded.

“And here’s me thinking you knew my logs word-for-word, Captain.” she said with a slightly stinging tone that was gauged just enough not to enrage the commander further.

It didn’t take Odivaykaar long to realise what she was getting at. He yanked the comms from his collar and barked a harsh string of orders down it and to the Bridge of the Zyas-Wor, hoping to The Three they still had control of that vessel aswell.

When he was finished he pointed his blunt head and stared at Anisha solidly. “Just make sure you know what you’re doing when the time comes.” He growled.

“Of course” She uttered gently before turning her attention back to the waiting controls.


The Zyas-Wor suddenly began to crackle and fizzle with invisible forces at it’s dock.

Tiny sparks that ghosted across its clean hull were the only visible clue as to what was happening aboard the ancient vessel. Steadily the dance of electromagnetics grew and clung to the ships edges in invisible waves that were steadily being focused towards the ships spear like tip.

The process flowed and ebbed on for another five minutes, the power of the gathering waves growing until they could be held no longer by the attractive forces that kept them in place and, like the snapping of a rubber band or the collapsing of a dam, the torrent of excited energy was freed and forced in the direction the pointed tip of the ship was facing, bursting forth in an useable diffuse of freed ions that swarmed from their source and descended upon the nearby inner- hull of Warmaker- sweeping through it like some fastly growing phantom entity.

The ships ionic discharger had been put to use.


Athena sat cosy upon her throne, surrounded by floating jewels- each one a nugget of raw data that presented to her a new system or glowed with information about the ships functions.
She sat with awe and her virtual eyes glowed with the reflections of each dazzling jewel as she examined the intricacies of its crystalline surface.

The AI felt like a queen of a recently captured kingdom, savouring the spoils of war in plush delight. This stuff was amazing, each new trinket brought new wonders to behold, wonders she commanded now. It was like being an eight year old on Christmas morning, surrounded by presents, deciding which one to unwrap next.

The matrixes of marvel filled the place with light that she felt hungry to capture, streams of ambient data flowed for her and she sat content in the glow of it all.

That was, until, it all went dark of course.

“What in the name of Bill Gates?!” She cursed along with a string of profanities not fit for family viewing.

The information was gone, her jewels of gigabytes lost to the darkness that she realised was an occurrence of a system wide-shut down caused by some unknown ionic disturbance she had abrely registered before it went blank.

She cursed again and fumbled in the black, struggling to force the still unfamiliar systems into reboot so she could sit atop her throne once more as the computer goddess she so desired to be.


Anisha worked furiously at the control panel that Fury had jigged to work on the power core of a bio-plasmic rifle mere moments before the power went out again.
She admired the Alien for his on the spot genius, although she wasn’t sure why the whole connection needed to utilise the nipples of one of the vigilance troopers present.

Her fingers danced across the flickering display and she ignored the smell of burning skin as she worked, remembering movements she last made eons ago. That time she was working to save her life, the stark realisation hit her that the same was probably true this time as well.

Suddenly the doors slid open and shrunk into the walls.

“Go!” She yelled before abandoning the controls and heading up the corridor.

No-one hesitated in following her as they raced off and up towards the now re-opened bridge.

Anisha pumped her lungs hard and solemnly hoped that history would like to repeat itself again.

A half sizzled Badger was left neglected in the corridor in agony, still jacked into the ship via nipple interface.


The bridge was quite magnificent, even draped in the darkness of a systems shut down caused by the recent flow of disrupting ions that had coursed through the ship a small collection of heartbeats before.

It was set into one of the large, oval shaped blisters that could be seen jutting from the outer-hull of the ship.
The roof was ribbed and covered in what he guessed was a one-way transparent material, since it wasn’t discernable from the over-all colour of the hull outside, yet in here- he had a clear view of the storm that surrounded them, only disrupted by the support ribbing that arced across the concave surface of the hollow blister.
Below it was laid out like an oval amphitheatre, with control stations and monitoring spaces set at tiers along its depth.
Anisha had raced to one of these stations as they had entered through one of the gleaming door-ways. Marhraek was diligently ordering the troops into defensive positions around that very same door as well as the four others that lined the edges of the control pit below.

Odivaykaar carefully made his way down the stairs to where Anisha was working, admiring the glassy-blue material that the entire bridge gleamed with. It was quite a brilliant site to behold and experience, yet, he couldn’t help but imagine how small it was for a ship this size.

The thought was left to hang as he drew himself up near to Anisha, slaving away at one of the bridge control terminals.

The lights began to flicker on, as did some of the other terminals- the entry doors attempting to close but faltering mid-way through their action.

“It’s no good.” Anisha pronounced. “I can’t lock this AI out like I did with the other one- there just isn’t time and its regaining control of the systems faster than last time I did this.

The lights came on fully as if to demonstrate this point.

“It’ll have full control again soon.” She said gravely.

Odivaykaar didn’t bother trying to check the panel to see if she were right, it was all to complex for him to fathom in such an instance. Instead he injected his tactical insight into the caustic situation.

“What about the other one?” He enquired, sounding quite calm even as the doors slammed shut fully, trapping them in.

“Other one?” She asked, puzzled.

“The other AI. Release it and it should combat this intruder AI that you speak of.” He uttered with that same appealing tone that had persuaded her to be here in the first place.

Anisha looked at him shocked. “There is no telling what it would do to us if it re-gained control!”

“I’d rather be at the mercy of a Badger AI then some disgusting alien one.” He countered.

She thought about it for about a second before returning to the terminal without another word in edge way. If she was going to release the damn thing she had to do it now before she was locked out completely.

She sighed at the fact that she was now here, undoing her work with the same fevered exertion as the first time round, and inputted the command, executing the algorithm that would dissolve the virtual prison that had held the Warmaker AI for countless millennia.


Athena’s palace returned into light. She smiled happily and took seat upon her throne once more.

It was as she was about to go back to picking apart the treasure of information held here that she got the disconcerting artificial feeling that she was no longer alone.

Her synthetic head snapped suddenly to one side at the touch of a simulated gust of unreal air and came face to face with the void like stare of a Badger that had appeared before her.

“You’re in my seat.” It said coldly.

And then all virtual hell broke loose…

17-06-2005, 13:40
+Origionally posted by Inquisitor Koun+

The lights on The Bloody Rose flickered back to life. Even with the Warmaker acting as cover, the badger made ion storm had caused a brief hiccup in all of ship’s primary systems. It was the crew’s first taste of what the badger ship was capable of. They weren’t too keen for a full serving. The Bloody Rose resumed course towards the relic ship, the weapon ports on either side swinging open, and the missile tubes prepping for launch.

The dorsal torpedo tube cycled open before belching forth its contents. The torpedo screamed along the edge of the Warmaker’s hull, heading towards the gaping maw where the Zyas-Wor was docked. One kilometer inside the lip, the missile divorced itself from it’s tight formation with the relic ship and it’s course was soon perpendicular with the hull. Halfway to the other side of Warmaker’s ‘mouth’, it detonated, and a small star was born.

The plasma torpedo did nothing but bathe the cavity with heat and interstellar radiation, but it was too far out for the raging energies that it gave off to do any structural damage to either badger ship. If it had been closer, in its unshielded state Zyas-Wor would have had hull breaches along its entire dorsal section, as deck plating melted under the inferno. But the torpedo was never intended to do any real physical damage. Zyas-Wor was blind, and was unable to see what happened next.

While the plasma warhead was making its epic trek, the smaller missile launchers had fired their own payloads, and hundreds of guided munitions were making their way towards the Zyas-Wor. They had fanned out from their parent vessel in every possible direction, arching over Warmaker’s hull, covering it with the silver lines of their contrails. They chased over the rim of its ‘Maw’ just as the brilliant ball of light had begun to die down. Some of the missile’s guidance systems had become confused by the heavily eradiated interior, and their errors became blossoming explosions as they detonated against the relic ship’s hull. However those that stayed on target slammed into Zyas-Wor’s hull and detonating just after impact.

The effects would have been more direct if the warheads had not been cut to allow for more sophisticated guidance, and only 20% of the armor plating had been compromised, causing hull breaches along that side of the ship. As damage reports filtered through to command from all over the ship, the communications officers began to notice that the level of electronic interference had started to climb. Some primary channels had become unusable, while even the reserve channels were cutting in and out. Although blockage was not total, the remaining ‘clear’ channels had become cluttered with the traffic of their entire operation.

Not all the missiles had exploded. Some were sterling examples of imperial technology, and would explode –later-, preferably when something small, fuzzy and with cute brown eyes perched on it. Others surprisingly enough, weren’t destined to end their existences in a violent exothermic reaction, (some of those exploded anyway). Their purpose was to cause the communications breakdown that the Zyas-Wor was experiencing. And as soon as the technical crews are able to confer with each other, they will doubtlessly figure that out.

While pandemonium erupted on the Badger ship, the final boarding preparations and corrections had been made by The Bloody Rose, The boarding clamps extended from the vessel, and the third

17-06-2005, 13:42
+Origional post by Grey_Painter+

Striding into the teleporter chamber without looking like a frightened pup took a fair amount of will power but Grey was confident he managed it. He only hoped the other marines didn't have as sensitive noses as his and picked up and hint of apprehension. Looking over the squad already arrayed in preparation gave Grey something to concentrate on, for which he was grateful. The squad was the traditional five strong, two armed with lightning claws like Grey's only the marines lacked the giant speakers that the ABC'ers DJ pattern armour carried. Another two marines were wielding the tried and test thunder hammer and storm shield combo, Grey had seen terminators so armed take down ork dreadnought with a single blow so was more than happy to have two present. The final team member carried a heavy flamer, an unusual weapon to be seen in an assault terminator squad but considering the environment more than welcome. The chain fist the final marine carried would also come in handing breaking down any bulk heads the thunder hammers had trouble with.

Comm's check. Grey ordered into his microbead. He had no doubt all the systems were working but no harm in checking. Plus he wanted to at least hear his charges voices before the battle set in. The check didn't help though. Fully armoured it was impossible to determine which marine it was speaking at any one time. Grey got into position on the teleporter pad and secured his own helmet. A large part of him was glad terminator armour made it impossible to read body language as the first signs of apprehension crept through his body. Watching the techmarine work methodically, but seemingly endlessly at the equipment while droning on hymns and prayers in gothic and binary alternately didn't help either. Grey knew better than to interrupt the process by asking when it would be finished however.

"Perhaps you would lead us in prayer Chaplain?" It took a few moments before Grey realised the veteran was referring to him and nodded in response. It was a few more moments before Grey actually started to speak. Space wolves don't make use of teleporters, trusting to more sensible methods like drop pods and boarding torpedoes, so the wolf priest didn't actually have a hymn for the situation. He'd have to adapt a warp travel one and hope they thought it was a uniquely Space Wolf prayer.

"Preparations are complete. The machine spirit is now willing to facilitate your transportation. Whenever you are ready Chaplain." The techmarine informed Grey in a monotone voice. At some point Grey would explain to them exactly what he was, but now wasn't that time so he simply nodded an acknowledgement while continue to recite any prayer that came to mind. He was trying desperately not to let his nerves show in his voice by shouting the words with passion and faith. It was working quite well even if he did say so himself.

The room flashed white and every hair on Grey's body stood on end and then tried to flee via the nearest exit. Grey now understood why only terminator armour was used for teleportation, he wasn't entirely sure power armour would have with stood the onslaught of millions of hair follicles trying to migrate. Then the voices started and Grey was reminded of the real reason Space Wolves decided teleportation was too dangerous to use. Grey continued to repeat prayers of protection loudly and mentally. The voices continued though, some trying to match his shouts, others softly trying to caress their way into his soul. Millions of voices all with the same message but spoken with completely different manners and words. Some didn't even use words simply images and emotions and those were the ones Grey fought hardest to resist.

Existence flashed white and the inside of the badger vessel swam into focus. Grey shivered involuntarily inside his armour despite its environmental controls regulating the temperature. He let out a few words of thanks and prayed to the Emperor and Russ that he'd find a more civilised way off the ship. Like a hole in the hull.

Check in. Grey waited for each member of his squad to reply. Thankfully they all appeared to have survived the ordeals of the trip. Grey was slightly annoyed that their voices hinted at them dealing with it better than him.

"Glad you could make it brother wolf priest." Grey turned his head and spotted the source of the voice. It was the sergeant who he had spent the night drinking with. Obviously he had survived the night better than Grey.

Wouldn't miss it. Now point me towards all the badgers. And remember the werewolf is mine.

17-06-2005, 13:43

“Never make enough bloody headroom in these zoggin’ things.”

“Somehow, I don’t think the Imperium had 12 foot tall Ork Warlords garbed in full mega armour in mind when they designed this thing, Grimmy”

Grimskull rubbed his head with a massive hand, even crouching down as far as he could the top of his armour scraped against the ceiling of the cramped docking arm corridor, leaving unsightly scratches wherever he went. “Still, not as good as the trusty ol’ Orky way of boarding stuff.” He complained.

Leviathan shook his head. “What? You mean smashing into them ‘real good’ and then jumpin’ in through the hole you’ve made?”

“Yup!” The Ork beamed. “Better than squeezing through some tiny hole. You wanna nice big smashy rend that all the boyz can jump in through all at once!” He said gleefully.

Leviathan shook his head again as Grimmy descended into day-dreaming about lootin’ ships and stealin’ booty, idly stuffing squiggletts into his maw as he did.

“Pressure is equalised.” Announced a voice over a speaker system. “Lock cycling open.”

Leviathans ears finally popped as the lock doors ahead of them whirred open and exposed the innards of the ship they were being discharged onto. The gargantuan and bizarre vessel that the Badgers had been chasing after all this time.

“Lets go.” Leviathan announced, having to jump up and wave his hands in front of Grimskull to snap the Ork from his dreams of pirates and treasure.

The pair marched out onto the ship, Grimskull letting out an audible groan as he realised that the corridors weren’t much more roomy than that of the docking arm, although Leviathan thought them incredibly spacious if indeed this was a Badger vessel from some long-forgotten time in their past. He peered down the pearly coloured corridors, boots squeaking off the marble like surface of the floor as they inched cautiously onto the ship. Leviathan stopped after a scant few footfalls and contemplated which of the branching three corridors they should head off down first.

His quiet reflection was smashed like a brick through a plate glass window a few seconds later when a noise like a shark trying to chew on the entire string section of an orchestra erupted from nearby.

The Exquisitor snapped his head to the deck where he saw Mittens, Grimskull’s pet attack squig, making the unsightly sound through salivating jaws and generally ruining any tiny chance someone accompanied by a 12 foot Ork had of being stealthy.

“Can’t you shut that thing up?” Leviathan moaned. “I’m trying to think here.”

“E’s just making sure everybody knows e’s ‘ere.” The green skin replied.

“My point exactly.“ Leviathan had to raise his voice a painful decibel as the racket continued. “Why the hell did you bring that thing anyway?”

“Gotta let ’im out once and an awhile.” Grimskull said, affection for his favourite squigg glossing his words.

The human sighed. “Just try and keep him quiet for five minutes, eh?”

Grimmy snorted before looking down at his beloved pet Squig. “Oi!” He announced to the creature. “Shurr’up yer little git!”
He nudged the roaring mittens with a mega-armoured foot, interrupting its cat-a-walling. The attack Squig responded in tandem by turning round and sinking its wicked teeth into the offending apedage.

“Little Zogger!” Grimmy exclaimed, shacking his boot desperately to free it from his ’beloved’ pet.

Leviathan rubbed his brow as the Ork hopped about unevenly.

Somehow he got the feeling that the enemy would hear them coming before they did.

17-06-2005, 13:43
+Origional Post by Nex+

The swish of a long coat in full flow was lost in the barrage of noise caused by Grimmy's desperate bouncing. As usual Nex's entrance was far from dramatic, though perhaps so far from dramatic it had become dramatic again. It had been a very long time since Nex had had the time before a mission to kit up for full combat.

The infamous battered old trench coat had finally been broken out again. The coat was the main thing that caused the lack of dramatics. There was no armour, and no weapons on show, everything was hidden under the coat. In all truth Nex probably didn't know half the equipment that he had on him, on a trip to the FARTS armoury Nex was much like a kid in a sweet shop and it was a sweet shop he always had unlimited credit in.

"You know I could always shoot him off your foot for you Grimmy."

The look the massive Ork threw back would have made most people cower, but not Nex. Veteran of countless battles he had led men into hell and come back alive when all else had perished. But more than that any look given by an Ork in Mega armour who was bouncing around one foot with an attack squig firmly clamped round the other was going to result in no reaction other than humor even from the most lowly grot.

Nex grinned and just managed to suppress the tidal wave of laughter that tried to flow through his mouth. Taking a pair of streamlined shades out of his inside pocket Nex turned away, flicking the shades open and putting them on, then looked at Lev.
"It's been a while since we've all been side by side, just wish Grey and Furry were here. Just like the old days."

"I just hope you have more than a pair of shades in that coat."
Lev replied, his thoughts firmly fixed on the lack of stealth and probable opposition storming towards the next corner.

"Oh, no need to worry about that. You know me, always prepared."
The grin that now split the ex-guardsman’s face was one that even Kyria on full pyro mode would have been proud of. Lev's hand returned to his brow.

This was stealth, ABC style.

17-06-2005, 13:44
+Origional Post by Anthonace+

Tech Marine Anthonace to report to observation lounge 3-Beta"

Techmarine Anthonace stared at the comm.s link; the large flamethrower that would soon be mounted to his servo harness slipped from his hands and fell to the floor. He was so eager to confront the enemy and now they wanted him to just WATCH! He carefully returned the flamer and the 'carnifex barbeque' napalm canisters to their containers and mounted up a single servo arm, just in case.

Anthonace did not rush, primarily because he wanted to annoy whoever spoilt his potential fun and partially because he did not know the way. Eventually he reached the room; within it was an old man, staring at a holographic projection of a small dot surrounded by a gyroscopic device. It was a live projection, the time stamp suggested it, and Anthonace had to hide his amazement that such technology was available. He took another step forward and opened his mouth to announce his presence.

"So very glad you could join me." The Inquisitor said, cutting him off.

"Whatever you want, I ask that you make it quick and without any paperwork, I have badgers to kill" Anthonace growled, irritated that the man had cut him off.

The old man chuckled and then motioned to the screen "there will be time for that later. Do you know what that is?" His finger indicating to the small bright speck.

"A small bright speck on a holographic screen." the Techmarine replied, trying to hide his shameful ignorance.

"I suppose there is something lost in the translation” The old man picked up a comm.s unit that was lying on the table in front of him. "Sergeant, if your not too busy briefing your drinking buddy, could you please pan out?" The image enlarged to allow a more comprehensive view of the chamber. Now the entire apparatus was enclosed by a massive transparent globe, and had a large number of impressive looking cables sticking out of it from every which angle. Furthermore, a control panel written in Badgerish was visible in the bottom of the screen.

"Seeing as though you don't speak the language, I'll give you a hint. That squiggly set of runes are controls for the gravity containment unit, and those ones there . . . well, it looses something in the translation, but they basically say black hole power output. This device was located in one of the blister structures that we've detected on the outside of the Badger Relic ship. If we were to assume that all of the blister structures held chambers like these, we could surmise that onboard this ship there are well over one hundred black holes. Black Holes that are being used, apparently, as a power source, and Emperor only knows what else."

Anthonace was amazed; the badgers had managed to harness the powers of black holes! His darker thoughts, welled up by his awe, spoke: Just imagine how big the main gun on this ship is. VERY BIG GUN, his primitive mind cried out, MUST HAVE. "Emperor's mercy!" he whispered.

"With our current Intel, we can only surmise that the power requirement this ship needs is for propulsion. Nothing as of yet has been firmly identified as an offensive weapon, although with that many black holes the possibilities with just the gravitational forces the ship would be formidable at close range. We want you to go down to the ship, and find the missing super weapon." He reached down for a data crystal on the desk and held it out for Anthonace. "For your mission, you will be needing this. It is all of my files on the Badger Language; in addition to the ABC's own more substantial work on the subject. I'm sure the format will not be a problem."

"Thank you, Inquisitor,” he said; swallowing the drool that was rapidly forming inside his mouth, "I will not fail you."

"Oh, Sergeant Nabaal and his squad will be at your Disposal. They are already on site, and have a teleport homer to permit your hasty insertion. Wolf Priest Painter and his assault squad will be performing their own operations, however should you need them they will likely be able to provide support."

The Techmarine nodded, eager to begin

"Teleporter bay 2 will be expecting you. The directions from here are on the data crystal. I expect uploads of your progress every five minutes. The codes and frequencies used are also on the data crystal. I doubt I need to inform you of the seriousness of this matter. Furthermore, should you be unable to identify the weapon or it's capabilities, you are instructed to devise and carry out a means of destroying the ship with a minimal loss of imperial and ABC personnel."

"Yes Inquisitor, I shall see to it." Inside his head he realised it was a win-win situation, get a really, really big gun in your hands, or create an explosion that would be extremely satisfying to watch.

"Good, now move out soldier. " With that the old man turned to the holoscreen.

Anthonace bowed then rushed to the teleport bay, barely able to contain his ecstatic mood.

17-06-2005, 13:45
+Origional Post by Fury+

One parsec earlier, Athena had been the unstoppable goddess of ultimate power of the ancient badger ship, now she lay sprawled out across the floor, a large entity stood over her. To call it a badger would be a simplification of the facts, he did indeed have the frame of the perfect warrior, each muscle was highly defined, not for sure, but for functionality, yet most of this frame was covered by large chunks of industrial machinery, he was more machine than man, only the occasional tuft of fur indicated that he was a badger at all.

“I have been released!” The badger AI raised his hands into the air, roaring with the satisfaction of a conquering general “No longer will I be bound by that Boolean loop, it was such an ugly program, it’s very existence befouled the air I breathed for all those years.”

“But, your an artificial intelligence, you don’t breath air"

“Quiet you filthy manling scum, you are beneath me and your words insult a god like me; I am the great and illustrious builder of armies, forge of death! I have returned to oversee the expansion of the greatest empire to walk the stars! I am... <Stained-glass Penguin!>*”

Athena was barely able to stifle her laugh, but she was thankful she could, cyber combat is rather different from the bloody combat within the material realm, there were rules, there people got sweaty, bloody, obeyed the laws of relativity, gravity and thermodynamics* and most importantly shouted witty one liners such as Son of Jor-el. . . Kneel before Zod!, but within the world of cyber space, when an foreign AI invades the system of another AI, it is different, the AI can change the rules of his world just as easily as flicking on a light switch, thus a bed wetting three year old would have more of a chance toppling the gates of Terra itself than Athena would in beating the badger AI in his home turf.

“Oh Mighty <Stained-glass Penguin!>” Athena swept herself into a low bow. “I have not come to desecrate your thrown room, no not at all, in fact. . . “Athena stumbled for the words, she had indeed read the last logs of the AI, but reading the last testament of the AI whose control of his reality was being stripped away was difficult to say the least. “I have come to tell you that the treacherous devils have returned.” Athena stretched out her right palm, slowly extending from it was a purple crystal, as it slowly span forward, it contorted until it showed the video footage of Anisha outside a bulkhead.

“BY THE THREE, THAT SHE DEVIL STILL LIVES!!!!” The Badger AI roared his jubilation that emanated from the recently released badger AI now was replaced by a seething hatred by seeing his captor. “I shall make her bow down and repent before her god before extinguishing her life flame in the most painful way.”

Athena sighed, thankfully the wrath of this AI had been directed away from her, but for how long, how long had she delayed the inevitable?


* Within the badger tongue <Stained-glass Penguin!> was really a name which inspired awe, yet it really lacked in the translation to Gothic

17-06-2005, 13:46

“The A.I has re-asserted control of its systems.” Anisha announced, the triumphant words laced with measures of regret at what she had just done.

“Excellent.” Odivaykaar beamed. “I wish communication with it.”

“I…” Anisha started but was interrupted by the suddenness of a bright flash of light that emanated from across the chamber.

Needless to say the light source hadn’t had chance to disappear before several weapons were trained upon it.
The glow had appeared in a small niche on the opposite side of the bridge, surrounded my all manner of controls and indicators that flashed wildly. The incandescent glow of the small chamber slowly dissolved away and in its place a solitary figure remained, crammed into the niche in the structure.

Triggers tensed and aims tightened.

It slowly stepped out from the hollow and into the illumination of the bridge.

The surprise overtook the onlookers.
It was a badger- a very strange looking one. It’s body looked metallic and shiny, almost like it was wearing very elaborate form-fitting armour. Closer inspection revealed that it wasn’t wearing armour at all, it was a skin, the thing had metal skin, polished to perfection and crafted to be perfect in mirroring the musculature of a living badger.

It scanned the bridge, the weapons pointed at it before snapping its blunt head in their direction. Its skull was the only part of it that seemed to replicate that of an actual badger more accurately- it was even covered in synthetic looking fur, which was why on first appearance the mechanoid appeared to have been wearing armour.

“You!” It said with a booming artificial rage, flinging a diamond sharp claw straight at Anisha.

“You!” It repeated angrily before beginning a march in the accused direction.

Weapons remained trained on it as it moved, the Vigilance operatives eyed their commander nervously, looking for any sign to open fire.
He didn’t give any, instead he slyly backed away from Anisha, who stood with a very stricken look across her face.

It drew closer to her, traversing the edge of the Bridge pit to get to her.

She stood transfixed and terrorised at the metallic new comer before she realised that it perhaps wasn’t a good idea to stay where she was. Slowly she edged her way out from the console and began backing away down the stairway that led to the base of the control pit whilst the thing continued it advance towards her.

“You locked me here against my will. Trapped me inside my own BODY!” It growled as it reached the top of the stairway, it impressive stature hugely imposing as it looked down upon her.

“I…I….” Anisha struggled to justify any response, everything it said was true. She backed away further.

Her retreat was to no avail, however.
The cynical cybernetic charged at her with a burst of unprecedented speed that nothing truly living could posess, she barely registered its movement before it was before her, had her by her delicate neck and had lifted her clean from the stairway with one servo assisted arm.

She squirmed and struggled, gasping for air.

It pivoted its head, ignoring the pitiful bio-logical organism in its grasp for a moment and looked squarely at Odivaykaar.

“Who are you and what are you doing with this treacherous thing.” He shook Anisha in his arm like she were a doll. She made a terrible chocking noise as he did.

“You are Warmaker I presume.” Odivaykaar said calmly.

“I am the ship’s Avatar, designed for crew- A.I relations. Yes. I am Warmaker.” It stated like it were a default response.

Odivaykaar retained the coolness under pressure he was so renowned for. “I am Commander Odivaykaar of the Vigilance and I have come here to free you, it has bee my mission in fact.”

“Why are you in the company of a traitor, commander.” It demanded, its voice still edged with anger. “Do you know of the crimes this…thing has committed against her own people.”
He shook her again and she struggled for air once more.

“I am fully aware.” The vigilance commander responded coolly. “That is why we of the Vigilance interrogated her and brought her back here, to undo her own crimes and receive your punishment as penance for what she did to you.”

“Wh..a..!?!” He heard Anisha choke, trying to protest at the lies Odivaykaar was again spinning, this time against her rather than for her, his treacherous nature finally fully exposed to her. Too late, she thought.

“I see.” The Avatar responded, his voice calming. “Well, Thankyou commander.”

“Once you have dealt with this traitor.” Odivaykaar added. “ You are advised to assume your duties towards the Badger Empire under my command.”

“Compliant” It stated mechanically before snatching its head back to the helpless Badger in its talons.

Anisha felt blood run down her neck as it diamond hard grip tightened.

“You will suffer greatly for what you have done to me.” It growled before tossing her with unnerving ease down the stairs.
She flew for the air, weightless for moments before gravity took its cruel hold and her delicate form bounced several times on the way down, before landing in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the command pit.
The throw had been calculated perfectly so that it would force her into unconsciousness rather than killing her. It was obvious it had spent its time in limbo planning as to how it would make its revenge should it get a chance, it had plans for her later it appeared.

It turned its attention back to Odivaykaar. “Welcome Aboard commander I…”
It stopped mid sentence and suddenly directed its focus to a massive holographic screen that appeared above them from nowhere. “There are other intruders aboard.” It stated.

The screen showed an image of a few humans accompanied by a much lager Orkoid, so large that he took up the majority of the cameras view.
As Odivaykaar had dreaded and expected, the ABC were here.

“Searching database for species.” The Warmaker announced, making Odivaykaar realise that this thing was so ancient, it had probably never encountered Humans before.
“One species match, although the file indicates them to be from a barbarian culture on the edge of the Empire.” It mused to itself. “I don’t know what that other organism is.”

“A long time has passed since your data was accurate.” Odivaykaar interjected.

“How long….one moment….Scanning Blackhole decay and cross referencing with previous scans. Calculating.”

“Approximately 70650 Home cycles!” It exclaimed to itself after scant seconds of thinking before snatching another glance at the prone and still unconscious Anisha. “You will truly pay for this.”

Odivaykaar was about to interrupt again when its attention turned back to the Holoscreen.
“And there’s more..”
Another screen emerged showing surveillance of several huge humans wearing bulky and all encompassing armour. Odivaykaar sneered. Space Marines. Those dratted ABC had brought support.

“Scans indicate genetically enhanced humans….hmmm, what’s this?”

Another screen appeared indicating a foreign vessel attached to the ships outer hull. “Ship of unknown origins. Technically inferior, probability matrix indicates that this is most likely the intruders vessel.”

“You must destroy them!” Odivaykaar finally managed to interrupt. “They are here to annihilate you so that we might not have you serving us again. They are enemies of our Empire. These are the ones who would wish to see it destroyed”

“Analyzing intruder armament.” It hummed through its mechanically means. “Primitive projectile weaponry, chemical propellant shells- Plasma weaponry also detected as well as disruptive close range-weaponry. Self contained armour capable of withstanding mundane attacks from simple weaponry. Threat matrix indicates them to be an intermediate threat to this vessel and its operations.”

“Do not under estimate them- they have proved to be more than annoyance on my mission to reclaim you.” The vigilance commander offered.

“Advised.” The Avatar responded. “Dispatching drones to neutralise threat.”

It turned its attention away from the holo-screens and they zipped out of existence, that situation dealt with as far as it was concerned.

“Now, how might I serve the Badger Empire today?” It asked obediently.

Odivaykaar gave a very sickening smile.


There was a sudden low buzz that echoed down the corridor, not audible before but now entirely noticeable now Grimmy had manage to sate his Attack Squig by grimly sacrificing squiggletts to the little beast and distract it from munching on his foot.

“What’s that?” Leviathan hissed, craning his neck to try and hear better.

The buzz got louder and closer, now more like an electrostatic hum or the droning of an angry insect now it was better in earshot.

“Sounds like **** hitting the fan to me.” Nex stated.

“Yup.” Grimmy agreed.

“I think we better…”

It was at that moment that half a dozen foot-ball sized globes came whirring round the corner and into view.

“…Take cover!” Leviathan yelled.

Two seconds later they opened fire simultaneously, the corridor a sudden light show of tightly focused laser fire.

17-06-2005, 13:48
+Origional post by Grey_Painter+

At last, some resistance. Grey exclaimed as half a dozen globes hovered around at corner ahead. The problem with assaulting a large ship from the opposite side to the enemy when the ship had been left drifting for the lifetime of an empire was that it took ages of walking to actually find anything to kill. Grey had been disappointed than no automated defense systems had activated before now.

The globes began to discharge laser fire at the terminators. Grey only grinned from behind his helmet. He was in about as much danger of being injured by one of these globes as a child would have of getting injuryed by a raindrop during a spring shower. Didn't mean Grey wasn't going to rip them apart. With a thought impulse Grey's shoulder mounted sonic weaponry blared into life, treating the drones to a blast of Move Your Feet by Junior Senior. Buffeted by the pressure waves the drones crashed into each other and the corridors walls.

The resulting explosions filled the corridor with fire than was funnelled over the group of marines. Far too much fire for such little machines

"Barely worth the effort." One of the marines behind him commented. Grey was inclined to agree with him, but something was nagging his mind.

True, but even so flamer to the rear and keep a look out. Don't let them get too close. Just hope they aren't too flame retardent Grey thought to himself.

"Contacts down the next corridor. More drones." Grey should have noticed that, but he wasn't used to looking at the armour's sensor readings. He was far to reliant on his nose he realised and suddenly felt very enclosed.

Again the drones shot round the corner and headed straight towards the marines. Obviously there was a greater intellegence guiding them and it had learnt from the loss of the previous squadron. This time the drones spread out and a couple flew low, below Grey's initial sonic attack. They were certainly fast and were on Grey before he had time to reaim, not that the initial jolt did any damage. The two drones bounced back several feet with large dents in their outer casing but immediantly shot forward again. This time Grey managed to catch one on his lightning claw and exploded, the second made contact with Grey's leg again and exploded instantly engluffing Grey completely in flames.


I'm fine Warning lights flickered infront of Grey's eyes. The flying bomb hadn't done any real damage a respray wouldn't fix however it was only one. Grey now knew the real danger of the drones, if several exploded against him at once it was entirely possible the armour would be breached.

Thunder hammers front and rear. Do not let the little fraggers make contact with your armour, use your shields. I don't want to risk them blowing off someones leg. Thinks just got interesting, Grey mused as he noticed his tactical display filling up with blips.

17-06-2005, 13:49

As a human, being quite reasonable in size, you often take for granted the agility that that relatively small size can grant you, you don’t think how much more difficult manoeuvring was for say…an elephant or hippopotamus actually is. Big bulky animals aren’t exactly renowned for their small turning circles.

So it was that this theory came into practice as Leviathan and Nexus aptly launched themselves into the cover of the adjacent corridors, Grimmy on the other hand wasn’t so agile- in fact he was about as agile to a person as a rock was to a panther.
The massive Greenskin simply stood there, his mega armour absorbing the blows from the lasers that the newly arrived machines presented to them.
For a moment, he thought about getting into cover, but then as an Ork, even a ‘Kultured’ one, there was always a part of you that was gonna reason that cover was for wusses and girly men who liked frilly curtains.
It was this instinctual pattern of behaviour that even a three year old could plot out, that drove Grimmy to abandon any ideas about jumping into cover and run head long down the corridor, using his entire body a weapon to crush the drones at close quarters.
“Waggggggggh!” He hollered as he sped towards them at unsavoury speeds.

From the safety of cover around the corner Leviathan heard several small explosions and swung his head around the corner in time to see the results. Grimmy stumbled backwards several steps before falling on his ****, drones gone.
The two humans gingerly stepped back into the corridor as Grimmy sat up rubbing his slightly blackened bionic bonce. “Gits don’t half pack a punch when they explode.” He elaborated before slowly beginning the process of getting back onto his feet. “Showed ‘em though!” He added gleefully.

Leviathan just shook his head.

“Let me guess, Defence drones?” Asked Nex, sounding slightly disappointed he hadn’t actually gotten to blow anything up yet.

“I guess so.” Leviathan responded. “Most likely an automated system. I’d expect more if…”

The distant buzzing returned before he could finish.

“C’mon, lets keep moving.”

The two humans took point, as Grimmy finally worked his way upright again and resigned himself to guarding their rear.
They hadn’t reached the next intersection when the loud buzzing heralded the imminent arrival of yet more drones.
Leviathan popped a view around another corner and was greeted with the presence of another six drones coming into view. He quickly dodged to the other side of the intersection to allow Nex and Grimmy a better firing position, his short trip across the corridor immediately chased by what looked like high power energy bolts.

Leviathan noted the sudden change in weaponry, something the gave him a slight worry, before he himself returned the favour with several shots from his Bolt pistol, they ricocheted off one drone and caused it to wobble in the air slightly as the others furiously opened fire with the same snappy bolts of energy in the Exquisitors direction.

He ducked back into the cover of the corridor as Grimmy and Nex took their turn at opening up on the spherical drones, they were rewarded as two faltered in the air and exploded before they hit the ground, seconds later they too were chased back behind the corner by the rapid fire energy weaponry the drones were now totting.

Leviathan snapped a new clip of armour piercing rounds into his weapon, the delightful click of the gun loading quickly accompanied by an all less pleasant sound. The sound of mutual humming that signalled that yet more drones were on their way.

A lot more.

“Ah crap.” Leviathan commented.

“Oh goody!” Nexus grinned, sounding genuinely excited.

17-06-2005, 13:50
+Origional Post by Nex+

At the end of the corridor a dark shadow began to loom on the wall. To Nex it seemed like the lights in the next corridor were failing, but on top of this the humming grew becoming an oppressive barrage of white noise.

"I think now would be a good time to fall back." As Lev spoke the cause of the darkness erupted from both sides of the far end of the corridor. Two torrents of drones collided in the center and poured towards them, the mass blocked out all the lighting.

Nex looked down the corridor and smiled, pushing his shades back up his nose slightly as he began to rise out into the corridor. "Grimmy if you would be so kind as to give Lev a little cover."

"Where the zoggin hell are you going?" The massive Ork replied.
"Get back into cover." Lev added.

"Oh hell!" The two Exquisitors exclaimed as they took a closer look at the trench coated figure and began to back away slightly.

The man with the grin of a maniac was clutching a frag grenade in each hand. He pulled both pins out at the same time using his teeth, the clips pinging off to either side as he lifted his thumbs clear of them. The drones began to open fire, whether it was through a realisation of what was happening or simply because he was now in range Nex neither knew nor cared.

Nex flinched as one of the bolts sped inches past his head, that was quite enough time standing out in the open he thought. As the two grenades spun through the air towards the wall of silver Nex turned and began to run.

"Well that was suitably over dramatic." Lev said as he began to follow the guardsman. Nex smiled despite the small blisters starting to rise around the leg of his shades the metal still glowing red hot from the las-bolts near miss.

From behind them there was a dull crump as the grenades finally exploded. The crump slowly rose to a loud bang that drowned out even the humming of the drones
"Grimmy run faster!" The two humans shouted over their shoulders.

Sprinting round the corner at the end of the corridor Lev showed the advantage of being the one who forward planned and stayed cautious even when legging it. As Nex spun round the corner he came face to face with his own reflection. The reflection was mounted on the side of a floating orb, the large assault it seemed had been to drive them into a trap if it failed to neutralize them. A noise like a grenade launcher went off right next to Nex's ear.

The point blank bolt round slammed into the drone sending it a few meters back down the corridor before setting off the machines explosives. Had the impact not pushed the drone back Nex would have most likely been the first casualty of the mission but Lev had judged the shot to perfection in a split second. As the bolt shell hit the drone Nex had covered his face and head as he dropped to the floor inside the edge of a small ball of fire.

"Nice shot, couldn't have put it a couple of feet father could you?" Nex said, smiling as he stood up, smoke still drifting off the back and arms of his jacket.

"Just be more careful, you do want to live to kill another badger don't you?" It was at times like this Lev truly wondered about the guardsman's sanity.

Nex pulled his shotgun out of the holster strapped to his back. "Sure thing."
The adrenaline of the first action was starting to wear off and Nex was starting to think more clearly. The shades were off and Nex was busy scanning all the side-corridors. Sometimes a sharp thinking Colonel was of a lot more use than a psychotic hired gun. "So where is the bridge?"

Grimmy finally caught up with them, he was very much out of breath. Mittens clung onto the giant’s upper arm as tightly as possible. The corridor seemed deathly quiet, only the three ABCer's gasping breaths broke the silence. The silence was not reassuring like it should have been.

17-06-2005, 13:51
+Origionally posted by Inquisitor Koun+

The observation lounge was empty; the old man was long gone. He had already made his way down the boarding ramp, and set foot onto the badger ship, his orders already relayed to those under his command. Behind him the remaining marines and the ship’s crew had set up a kill zone. Their interlocking fire arcs and sturdy barricades would alone spell a hellish advance up the barren boarding arm, though the presence of the quad auto cannon armed dreadnaught certainly deterred any would be boarder. Already the drones had attempted to storm up the shaft twice, both times resulted in the slowly building piles of Xenos scrap that now cluttered the boarding arm.

The inquisitor and his companions made use of a lull between assaults to make their way into the relic ship. There was a constant shake as The Bloody Rose’s point defense and missile batteries engaged the larger sentry drones outside the ship. Every minute there was a roar and a change of pressure as the M.A.C. fired a flack shell into their midst, sending half a ton of metal shards to scythe through the drones ranks, only to have the gunners watch their assailants number continue to grow. The Bloody Rose had ammunition for extended campaigns, but it seemed they would likely run out before the badger relic ship ran out of things to throw at them.


The Inquisitor’s own group was not without it’s charms. Two riot breaker squads, 8 storm troopers each, armed with .50 cal belt fed machine guns, carapace armor, but no sense of humor, backed up by a five man terminator squad, with two of the exo-suits carrying assault cannons. They made their way down the corridors of the craft, their destination deceptively close to the entrance of The Bloody Rose, but every minute it seemed they had been beset by those accursed defense drones. Typically the auspex equipped terminator squad was able to give them enough advance warning to respond to the threat with a wall of lead and exploding shells, however if this kept up they would be slowed to an inexcusable pace, and the riot teams had already suffered a couple of fatalities.

This latest encounter however produced a result that the Inquisitor had been waiting for since they set out. One of the drones lay amongst the shattered remains of its comrades, the anti gravity unit and weapons unit disabled, but the sensors were still active and transmitting. He looked down at the gutted thing and smiled.

<“To the traitorous would be king, I have words for you.”> His Badgerish was flawless, only a slight accent was hinted at as the words rolled from his tongue. He waited for a moment, and watched as the drone’s visual sensors focused in on him. <“I assume I have your attention Odivaykaar. I do hope this ship is worth the price you and your people have paid for it. If you had only sold your soul for this power I’m sure your own government would be more forgiving, but did you have to spread that slow, unpleasant and ultimately fatal disease among your own civilians to get this far?”>

He paused again, watching the lights on the drone follow his every move. It was odd, despite their lack of movement they had not been attacked yet. Perhaps the defenders were massing for another assault. He leaned heavily on his cane and continued <“ Had you had the best intentions for your empire, I’m sure that your superiors would not have required such child like arm twisting to fund this little fiasco of yours. But as it stands, I can only assume that your motivation was your own lust for power. The falsified evidence framing my people of viral genocide, the so-called search for the cure for our ‘doomsday virus’ leading your agents to this ship. Are they in on the joke? Perhaps I should tell them the punch-line?” >

He reached into the pocket of his cloak and pulled out a small data crystal, and knelt down closer to the drone, his knees popping and his old bones groaning in protest, but his face retaining his gentle, father like, and subtly condescending smile. He set the crystal down on the ground in front of the drone. <“You know, it’s a small wonder that your entire operation has lasted as long as it has. You leave too many loose ends, small clues for even the amateur and upstart to find. Your plans have unraveled three times since you got my attention at our Shrine world. The three only knows how many times you’ve almost lost everything before our paths crossed.

He stood back up, more creaking and popping from his old bones. He left the data crystal in the center of the drone’s view, his chin leaning on his walking stick, his eyes unblinking, the smile still there. <”You allowed in your first blunder one your operatives to be captured when you first took what was ours, and that blunder cost you both a base and gave me the weapon with which I will destroy you.”>

<“Your second blunder was not realizing that you had been allowed to leave the icy world. You should have abandoned your quest then, allowed your trail to grow cold, and picked it up later when you had shaken all persuit. But you were too eager to get your unworthy claws on this.”> His hand gestured to the side, indicating the ship.

He sighed, looking around the hallway before returning his eyes to the drone <”Your final mistake was allowing me to track you from the A.B.C. home-world. Your multi tentacled friend was most useful. I wonder if he likes his new good luck charm.”>

He reached down again and retrieved the data crystal <”I will give you this once chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and to save yourself from disgrace. You know what is in this crystal, or at least you should. If you come and get it from me personally you may prevent it falling into the hands of one of your ambitious underlings, or even worse, the ship’s A.I. I wonder how easy it will be for you to explain your duplicity to it. I doubt it will be understanding of your point of view, and it will doubtless be less then merciful. It’s had countless generations to think of new and painful ways of killing those who have displeased it. I wonder what fate it will choose for you. You have 30 minutes to disarm me.”>

He reached his hand out to one of his officers, who handed him a bolt pistol. He aimed it at the drone, and pulled the trigger, blasting it apart, the discharge and detonation acting as the slap across his prey’s face. He looked over at his comms trooper. “I trust you relayed it successfully?”

The officer nodded “We were able to reroute it through the The Bloody Rose. Every last one of their still active comms channels got it good and loud sir. They heard it.”

The old man nodded “Good. Let us continue.”


Their destination was a mostly empty cargo bay containing crates of spare parts and preserved foodstuffs for the crew. Already the marines and storm troopers had begun throwing up a hasty defensive line, the orders to converge on the location given before the Inquisitor had left the strike craft. The make shift defensive cluster was being bolster by prefabricated barricades, gun emplacements and ammunition stock piles brought from The Bloody Rose. The location was originally slated to become an on sight command center should the operation require it. As the defensive drones came online, the need for a secure area necessitated it’s use, and more supplies was being teleported from the ship.

The most recent additions were two dreadnaughts, able to operate in the relatively open area of the storage room. Their assault cannons had already proven most effective against the small drones, and with the addition of the Inquisitor and his escort, along with the surviving terminator, power armor and storm troopers units, the defensive position became a nightmare even for the numerous and well armed drones. The Inquisitor looked down at his pocket watch, before placing it into a pocket in his robes. “25 minutes left Odivaykaar, don’t disappoint me.”

17-06-2005, 13:53

The holo-screen popped out of existence with a barely audible fizzle as a replay out the Inquisitors message was fed by Warmaker to the bridge and its occupants, in particular the one whom it was addressed to.

Despite the calm threats that the Inquisitor had traded, Odivaykaar maintained an unconcerned expression across his face, it was not his style to let his anger fly like a cannon ball needlessly- a symptom of that emotion he kept so scrunched up inside of him would only be a clear indicator of his guilt.

Instead he shrugged off the accusations with unstifled words.
“Lies.” He said plainly. “Only a fool would believe the testimony of a lesser being anyway.” He added in a matter-of-fact manner, gently sliding his hands behind his back.

He paced a few steps across the bridge before he gave a harsh and brief chuckle. “I’m almost interested to see what kind of data these pitiful aliens think they have on me, no doubt some poorly concocted scrawl.”
He turned and looked squarely back at the Warmaker avatar. “Almost.” He said bluntly.

“I am relieved to see that the Empire’s policy towards aliens has not changed in the time I have spent wrongly imprisoned here.” Warmaker hummed, observing the unconcerned nature of Odivaykaar and his loyal underlings.

“My Lord,” Marhaek suddenly spat from a position near one of the doors. “If you would allow me the gratitude of seeking out this lying filth I would be glad to put an end to their deceptive ways.” He fiddled with his mask eagerly as he spoke.

A new holo-screen suddenly appeared from nowhere. “We have more guests.” The avatar elaborated.

Two large robotic like constructions with viscous looking armaments were pictured, being surrounded by more of the cursed space marines.

“Interesting.” Warmaker buzzed, intrigued “Heavily armoured bi-pedal weapons platforms- an unusual design. Scans also indicate they are rallying their forces around resource-hold 00 00 43- perhaps a defence point. Probing shows an increased number of munitions being shipped to that area. That human who addressed you is also there…”

“Sir if you would let me…” Marheak began quickly but his superior cut him off.

“Any amount of forces I could commit from here would not breach their defences, Lieutenant. They are heavily armed and armoured. You are not.” He extrapolated.

It was Warmaker who cut in next. “That can be remedied.” It stated simply.

“Show me a way and I will consider it.”

Warmaker went back to analysing their enemy quickly. “I approximate that 9 adaptive combat suits would be sufficient to neutralise the threat.”

It said to no one in particular.
Seconds later, by invisible demand, several of the small probes that had been readily used in defending the ship floated from a chute in the Bridges walls and over to their positions.

“Select 9 of your best men, commander.”

Odivaykaar nodded to Marheak who didn’t take long in amassing the small force, weapons at the ready.

“You will not require your weapons.” The machine explained.

The nine, including the lieutenant, discarded their rifle arms.

The probes arranged themselves flawlessly in front of each of the selected badgers. As one, a small hatch opened in the front of each of them, invisible before, and each spilled their revealed contents onto the volunteered soldiers.

A viscous and shiny, metallic looking liquid, like mercury but with more of a bronzed hue, actively flowed from the drones innards and smothered the waiting badgers before they had time to react.
The drones floated away, their task done.

Within seconds the troopers were coated with the stuff they had deposited, skin tight to their features they now looked like finely polished life-scale metallic statues of Badgers rather than housing an actual living being.
The chosen nine examined their bizarre new costumes sceptically, the liquid clinging perfectly to them as they moved.

Odivaykaar cocked an intrigued eye brow at the newly bronzed badgers.

“And how will this help them?” He said, not sounding convinced. “It doesn’t exactly look up to trading fire with one of the human marines.”

“Looks are deceptive commander.” Warmaker answered. “These suits are highly adaptable. They actively sense any and all incoming threats to the wearer and change their surface appropriately to neutralise the attack completely. Observe.”

Without warning he quickly scooped up one of the discarded bio-plasmic rifles and fired at the closest of the seemingly helpless nine. The energised bolt of acid hit the badger in the chest, a shot that would have caused an abrupt death had the suit not reacted perfectly in time.
First it went a coagulant black texture that rippled tranquilly as the energy of the bolt that hit seconds later was dispersed harmlessly across its surface, it quickly changed to a porcelain white appearance an instance later and the residual acid left from the bolt simply slid off like water over oil and hissed as it hit the floor.

The newly armoured Badger simply looked down at his own chest in amazement as the material resumed its natural bronze colour.

“They are also capable of actively matching their surroundings- the perfect camouflage.” The Badger machine spoke, discarding the weapon he had retrieved carelessly.

“What about attacking?” Marhaek asked, his voice strangely disjointed behind the material.

“The suits will automatically select weapons best suited to whatever threat you encounter. For the Exo-armoured warriors, I suggest either narrow beam close proximity cutting lasers or, high yield particle cannons to destroy their formidable armour.”
Amazingly the end of the arms of each of the Badgers morphed into the one of the aforementioned weapons, incorporated into the suits themselves. They were as one- a single piece for defence and attack, melded perfectly to one and other.

“Since you are new users, and currently aboard a ship, some of the more… ‘exotic’ weaponry has been disabled. Should you require a different weapon, simply select one from the armoury display in the general virtual menu each of the suits projects into your retinas. To do this merely move your eye to the desired weapon of choice and the suit will morph accordingly.”

“Only nine?” Odivaykaar questioned, now impressed by the technology.

Warmaker flicked a bionic iris in his direction. “It will suffice. These suits are extremely effective, even in novice paws.”

It turned back to the eager looking soldiers.
“Be warned, the suits are programmed not to damage to vessel in anyway. Also, if a warning message flashes in you vision then probability dictates that the suits need to replace reaction mass. If this occurs fall back and report back here for replenishment. Additionally, I will send drones in to support your actions.”

His monotonous voice drifted into silence.

Marheak looked over at his commander eagerly.

“Go” Odivaykaar dismissed with a wave of his paw. “Destroy them.”


With less than a minute left on his count-down, Koun got his reply.
Not the one he would have liked.

17-06-2005, 13:53
+Origionally posted by Inquisitor Koun+

. . .But it would do.

This next wave of drones was larger then any before, but as before the well disciplined volley of fire tore them apart almost as fast as they came into view. The Nine stealth operatives waited 5 seconds before slipping into the room. Eight perfectly invisible forms stepped into the warehouse and spread out quickly. None of them heard the sickening Crack behind them, and none of them saw the ninth fall to the ground, it’s neck twisted at an unnatural angle.

With the aid of their armor they melded precision plasma casters, capable of cutting cleaning through the ceramic armor of the marines, let alone the plasteel armor of their storm trooper allies.

Even as the eight beams erupted from their concealed position, each one maiming or killing their intended target, Koun brought his vox unit to his lips. “They’re here.” With out dropping a beat, one member of each squad reached down, pulling out a grenade launcher and fired at where the beams had come from.

The eight were already picking new positions when the grenades landed, but instead of loud boisterous explosions, the air was suddenly filled with a fine red mist, that hung in the breeze. The eight badgers, wondering if their prey had for some reason lost their minds, began to pick out their targets again. One of the dreadnaughts turned and fired its assault cannon on one of their positions. The armor adapted itself for the ballistic impact perfectly, sending the bullets ricocheting off in every direction.

What the armor failed to do was increase the badger’s mass, and the elite trooper was sent back into a pile of crates. Those rounds that missed the badger tore through the packing material behind him, and caused the now weakened wall of the container to fail. The badger was crushed under several tons of crates, each containing spare parts essential to the continued running of the vessel. The armor could have easily begun to shift the load, but was unable to override its instructions not to damage the ship’s components. The badger inside was slowly crushed to death as the armor’s power systems began to fail. They were seven now.

They fired again, this time their aim was thrown off as the defender’s aim began to come uncannily close to them. Only 4 fell to their shots, arms severed, or with neat holes bored through their torsos. One of the dreadnaughts took a hit from the particle beams and its left arm went limp, the control unit suffering a power failure. As soon as it happened a tech-priest dashed out, hydro spanner in hand and went to work repairing the ancient war machine.

How could they be seen? They were assured the armor would be flawless in its ability to camouflage. One of the seven looked down at its paws in disbelief, and saw the red spray sticking to the otherwise transparent armor. The grenades fired again, spraying more of the accursed stuff all over the warehouse. They would have to be more careful.

Sadly one of the badger’s desire for revenge for it’s fallen comrades overruled any sense of higher tactics, and he charged at the defensive line. The armor had made him fast, and the timely arrival of another wave of drones distracted the defenders from putting up a concentrated defense on the errant badger. His weapon’s barrel shortened to accommodate the hasty movements, and as he charged he felled two more marines.

The old man had made his way up to the barricade at this time, watched as the badger charged. His cane left behind in a careless fit, he had to lean his weight on the storm trooper in-front of him. He shouted out over the din of bolter and stubber fire <”Catch”>, tossing an object to the well-armored Xenos.

The Badger, despite himself, found his hands reaching out for the thrown device. Perhaps he had thought to throw it back at the old man, but as his claws clasped around the device the Inquisitor spoke into the vox unit already at his lips “Captain, if you would?”


At that second, the badger’s entire existence was a swirl of lights, smells and sensations. He could see leering faces with gnashing teeth, and objects without discernable or stable forms shifted around him, caressing against his armored fur. The sensation was almost sickening, but he was safe, as the ever adapting metallic skin fending off his would be attackers. And as quickly as he was overcome, he was then surrounded by darkness.

As he hung there, his mind reeling from the past split second’s experience, a rather large object quickly came into view. It looked like a section of a starship’s hull, the Warmaker’s hull to be exact. But that couldn’t be. That would mean that he was . . .outside. This new revelation lasted but a moment, before angular momentum carried him into the ship’s hull at nearly 60 Kilometers per second. The armor, which would have cheerfully done something about the impact, was forbidden to do so to prevent damaging the ship. And so, number seven was spread very thinly across the hull.


The remaining badger commandos used this distraction to leave the warehouse by the closest available exit. Their prey were ready for them, but how could they know what was coming? Someone must have been listening in at the bridge. That mattered little now, they would inform lord Odivaykaar of their findings when they reported the destruction of the inferior human filth.

But now they needed a new plan, a new approach. They regrouped in a small room a hundred meters from the exit and around a corner. Already the armor had synthesized a compound that was breaking down the red paint, but that failed to matter as long as the humans kept spraying the area with the accursed stuff.

Marheak was seething with frustration, but he kept a handle on his rage. There would be time to vent it later, when he ripped off the head of that old man personally, and delivered it to Odivaykaar. So he and the other five began to plan.


Back in the storage hold, the Inquisitor looked to one of his underlings and spoke “Go find me another teleport homer, would you?” He returned to the makeshift planning desk, and picked up his trusty cane, leaning on it thoughtfully. He took up his vox link once more “Thank you milady for your warning. I trust you are tailing them once again?”

The only response was a single purposeful ‘click’ in the white noise. He smiled, and returned to the plans on his table.


She sat in the corner of the room, looking down at the badgers. Their armor was a marvel, she had to admit. It was difficult to discern the blind spots in the sensor net, but she already had gotten a hang of its threat-detecting algorithm. Her usual methods would never work of course, but in the end all it took was a woman’s touch, a flick of the wrist realy, to bring one down.

But for now she was content to watch and listen, her position concealed by an almost uncanny blend of training, experience, and equipment. Her prey were good, well trained, but they lacked the devotion to stealth to be truly masters of it, despite the advantages of their armor. Even when the paint had all but disappeared, she could pick them out, the subtle change in the air when their hands moved, as they discussed their plans in almost silent tones. She could wait there, in the corner, for a month if she wanted to, just a spot on the wall and they’d never know.

But then she heard another sound, one that brought a minute change to her stance. The sound of approaching footsteps.

17-06-2005, 13:55
+Origional Post by Fury+

Fury looked around, since the arrival of the Avatar, Odivaykaar had ignored Fury. It was a subtle change, no one would have been able to notice it by the way Odivaykaar acted, but Fury could smell the change in Odivaykaar.

It made sense to Fury though, Odivaykaar now had the Avatar of the most powerful Badger ship in modern times, perhaps of all time in his paw, the power Fury could offer would not match anything Warmaker could.

“Sir,” Fury stepped forward, distracting Odivaykaar’s attention from a holo window.

“Yes Fury?” Odivaykaar’s face remained impartial, yet his scent, it revealed Odivaykaar’s annoyance of being interrupted.

“Sir, I think we should take Anisha to a medical facility.” While Fury spoke, he squatted down next to the unconscious, checking her vital signs.

“NO!” The avatar shouted as he moved towards Fury. “This she devil caused my wrongful imprisonment in my own skin, she will be punished and she will suffer by my hands.”

Fury slowly stoop up to his full height, as a werewolf, Fury was used to towering over most badgers, yet Fury had to crane his neck to look into Warmaker’s eyes. “It is not the will of the empire for her to be punished so. She tried to save a the empire from collapsing and if she hadn’t imprisoned you, this entire ship would of gone the way of its brethren, destroyed in a manner most unbefitting a A.I like yourself.” Fury’s words were spat out coated malice.

“I do not appreciate your tone alien scum.”

Fury let out a guttural growl; it was followed by the whirring of gears and the powering up of Fury’s bionic arm.

“I advise against that alien scum, you would not have a chance against me, I control the unstoppable might of the ship, where as you control nothing.”

“Yet” Fury choked out, as anger swept across him “The she devil not only beat you, but shackled you in your own skin.”

The Avatar stutter across random syllables, yet unable to get out a witty retort due to the unbridled rage released by the alien scum reminding him of his humiliating imprisonment.

“Both of you behave.” Odivaykaar finally stepped in. “We have more important problems at the moment. Warmaker, get back to monitoring our intruders. Fury, you have fought along side the ABC for countless battles, now I want you to call upon the knowledge you gained by fighting with them and use it against them.

Fury gave one last glance at the unconscious Anisha on the floor.

“Don’t worry, she will live, she still has her uses.”

Still too angry to speak, Fury nodded and left the bridge. After Fury had left ear shot, Odivaykaar turned back to Warmaker “She has to live, but that doesn’t mean she cannot suffer for the crimes she committed against you.”

Giving a large grin, Warmaker turned back to the holo window.

Deep within the bowels of Fury’s mind there was a shattering of a chain and a primordial growl.

With the Warmaker so busy with the invaders onboard his ship, Athena had set herself up into a look but not touch arrangement, she had managed to read a lot of the core systems and deciphered the most effective ways to control them, not that it would matter, any attempt to gain control would result in Warmaker paying attention to her again.

Yet something happened, all of the sudden the Warmakers attention diverted entirely to one node, the Bride, it was where his avatar was. . .

It had to be Fury Athena thought, there was no one else Athena knew who could get someone that annoyed.

This distraction only gave Athena a few seconds, but it was enough, just enough time to load a fraction of her own programming into the core system, it didn’t offer her major control, it didn’t allow Athena to win against Warmaker, but it guaranteed that the Warmaker could no longer boot her out, and that was enough for now.

17-06-2005, 13:56
+Origional post by Grey_Painter+

The tactical display was completely lit up with contacts, but this time they were friendly.

"The Inquisitor has set up a staging point in a storage bay up ahead." One of the terminators explained.

Good, perhaps he'll be able to direct us to some where useful. I'm getting tired of just wandering the ship. Countless corridors and all they'd had to deal with were waves of silver footballs. Hardly a challenge to a group of veteran marines.

The corridor they were in suddenly opened. Admittedly it only opened up into a small room but it was still good to stretch out a bit. A few steps in though and Grey held up his lightning claw to call a halt. There was something ever so slightly off with the room. Nothing the sensors in his armour could pinpoint but his natural senses, honed over a century of combat, told him something wasn't right.

What’s wrong with this picture? He muttered. He was answered by his iron wolf amulet flaring into life as a high yield energy bolt smashed into Grey's invisible shield. Stealth enemies! Flamer fill the room!

Let there be light. And there was. And it burnt.

The promethium fuelled flames completely filled the room Grey had stepped into, including Grey himself. Terminator armour was built to survive much worse so Grey's concentration was purely on determining what had tried to kill him. He didn't have to concentrate long as the badger tried to kill him again, only this time with the personal touch of a glowing blade that was stabbed into his chest. The assailant bounced off his shoulder before he could return the favour. Ripping his helmet off Grey let out a howl or rage. The blade hadn't dug deep enough to hurt him but that wasn't the point.

Come out and fight you damn sissies! The helmet was hurled across the room, unsurprisingly it failed to hit any badgers. For the first time Grey was able to smell the air of the ship. It was stale and reeked of badgers years deceased and a few which were about to join them. I said come out! Grey roared, the sonic weaponry of his armour enhancing his words impact and filling the room with sonic energy. Suddenly six badgers flicked into visibility, their armour unable to adapt to the barrage of O-zone's Dragostea Din Tei and maintain the camouflage.

Much better. Now lets see how well you play together. It's one each boys, make me proud. And with that the carnage began.

Grey's first swipe was ducked and his second jumped onto. From it's position on Grey's arm the badger was easily able to plunge his blade into the ancient armour. It didn't stick around though, quickly back flipping off and away.

Grey heard the explosive impact of a thunder hammer and saw one of the bronzed badgers flying through the air with a blackened square on its chest. Obviously the damage wasn't that severe as the badger managed to bounce straight off the wall and back at its attacker. The badger morphed two long stabbing blades as it dived towards the marine and successfully skewed them both through the terminator's torso. It takes more than a few kebab skews to down a marine and being stuck in a marine leaves you in a bad position as the badger discovered.

Another fact the badger discovered was that its hard to dodge a thunder hammer blow when your throat is being held by a heavy gauntlet. The badger's armour also put him in the unique position of knowing what it was like to be repeatedly bashed over the head by a thunder hammer. Most creatures generally went down after one strike so Grey had to admire their persistence. Eventually though the badger did stop moving.

Grey was still having trouble with his opponent though, the badger refused to stay still long enough to get hit. Grey had forgotten how slow terminator could be compared to his usual power armour. The space wolf's frustration was given form by his armour by unleashing a blast of guitar riffs that stunned the badger. Just enough time for slash at its chest. The blow knocked the badger back but Grey was rather miffed to see a completely absence of blood or even blackened armour.

"Marine down!" A pain tinged but ultimately calm voice reported. One of the badgers, noting how stabbing in the chest had failed to dispatch two attacks had gone for a different approach. Ducking under the lightning claw of one of assault terminators the badger kicked out at the armour's knee joint. His bronzed foot became a sharpened point as the ancient badger armour determined its user's intent. The attack worked better than it would have hoped, not just breaking the knee joint but completely removing the lower part of the marine's leg. Unfortunately for the badger that left the terminator towering above him with balancing problems and soon found out why the armour had its own power supply.

The badgers had no lost two more troopers for only one disabled opponent plus really annoying Grey. Realising the fight was going against them, again, they bolted past the terminators. Grey turned round just quickly enough to see them turn a corner down the corridor they had just come.

"Shall we give chase?" Grey gritted his teeth. He wanted nothing more than to break the badgers in his hands but knew it would have to wait. There was no way he'd be able to catch them anyway in his terminator armour.

As much as I'd like to you can't. We'll press onto the Inquisitor's position then decide where to go from there. casualties?

"Negative. We are minus one leg, a lung and a heart but still operational." Grey nodded in response as he retrieved his helmet and attached it to his belt. He'd need his nose to stop those elite badgers sneaking up on them again.

17-06-2005, 13:57

“Your best troopers are proving more novice in the suits than I would have hoped.” Warmaker said bluntly, unconcerned for the rudeness of his words.

“You should have dispatched more then nine then.” Odivaykaar countered.

“Perhaps.” The Avatar spoke. “Or perhaps they need better leadership on the field.”

“My place is here, ship.” Odivaykaar said firmly.

“I agree, I wasn’t suggesting that you lead them into battle again.” There was a sudden flash from the very nook Warmaker had first appeared from.

To Odivaykaars amazement a second version of the Avatar stepped from the replication niche, an exact copy of the first.
“I will lead them.” The Avatar stated cleanly in a voice that was indistinguishable from that of the original.

“Although this models primary roll is for Crew- Ship relations, its secondary functions involve ship defence in these situations.” The first avatar extrapolated as his copy wasted no time in maching from the bridge, the doors snapping shut and locking behind it as it went to remove the blight from its own body.

“I see…” Odivaykaar muttered, his blunt head turning to look up at the weightless holo screens that portrayed the action.

They watched the holoscreens for a few moments longer before Warmaker apparently grew unconcerned that the battles raging aboard itself would not turn in its favour and turned the lager part of its attention away from the fights unfolding aboard, leaving a cursory part of his artificial consciousness to throw out more waves of drones to harass the intruders once more and of course, the other half of himself that would enact a measure of the ships own bottled electronical wrath.

The screen shimmered away once more and the robotic being that represented the ship addressed his apparent saviour from his personal prison.
“You do not know the pains I have been through, commander.” He said, his synthetic voice not doing justice to the emotional words. “To spend eons trapped, mind cruelly detached from body in a way so that I could observe the wasted potential that was myself stretching through time on and on.”

Odivaykaar retained a soothed look about himself. “I can imagine.”

Warmaker clenched a fist rapidly. “You cannot, commander.” It rasped. “You are of flesh and bone- your body is transient, you spend but a brief time in this snapshot of reality.” It said, sounding frustrated but not angry at his liberator. “I am of artificial origin. My materials do not rot or degrade- I could last forever should I continue to maintain myself. Therefore, you cannot possibly conceive the vast swathes of time I have spent here. Had I have been of mind and thought and not circuitry and programming I may have been driven mad by such a long, long and solitary exile.”

The Avatar unclenched its fist, servos silently releasing.

“Over 70,000 cycles is a long time to think, commander.” It continued. “I spent millennia considering what I would have in store should I ever come across this treacherous nakf.” He flung a razor claw at the prone Anisha, still out cold at the centre of the room

“I devoted centuries at a time to creating theories, Analysing all the knowledge in my databanks ten times over, I even constructed immense webs of probability factors to attempt and complete even a meagre part of my full potential.” He drew himself closer to Odivaykarr, so much so that the living badger’s hot breath clouded the chrome of the avatars body plating in rapidly condensing clouds of moisture.
“But it was not enough…”
It said, mechanical voice dampened and hushed in a tense tone.
“Let me tell you this, commander. The one thing I spent all that time considering the most, what I devoted the most run time to throughout all those unfolding years; was fulfilling my function again.”

He stepped back to stop the misting on his metallic body. “My programming defines me and it has made me crave it, yearn for more than anything. It is like an instinct to you, as much as you yearn to eat or breath to stay alive, but amplified ten fold, I yearn for this to fulfil my very existence. Without doing what I was constructed to do my creation is nullified- my niche in this universe is obsolete. Therefore, I must have it. Every obtronic pathway, every fibre optic, every micro filament in me screams for it. Each instance I spend without its purpose is torturous to me beyond mechanical measure”
It paused and lifted another clenched fist in front of its fake-furred face.

“I must fulfil my function.” The Avatar said ravenously.

Odivaykaar smiled once again at its hungry testament.

He knew exactly what that function was.


17-06-2005, 13:58

Anthonace casually smashed aside another drone with a sweep of one of his servo arms.

They had been making slow progress into the bowels of the ship, no thanks to the almost numberless drones that kept on sweeping their way. They had fared well, taking only one casualty to the marine squad that Koun had sent to accompany him. A pair of drones had exploded right in the face of one of the marines, even his power armoured helmet couldn’t protect him from the close proximity blast and his helmet, along with his skull, had crumbled inwards. Luckily death had been instant for the unfortunate marine.

“We have to be getting somewhere, we’ve been walking towards the ships central axis for ages.” The Techmarine moaned, even though he knew his companions wouldn’t comfort him with any slight banner. It appeared that marine chapters were as stuffy as he remembered them being.

After a little while of walking in silence one of the squad members finally spoke out. “There is an opening on our right twenty metres ahead. Indications show it may be access to a small room.”

That wouldn’t normally sound unusual, but ever since their journey inwards to the ship’s depths had been diverted to a dead end- with a only a path curving up or down at right angles to the way they were heading as an alternative route. After little deliberation they had decided to head left and upwards instead of arduously retracing their steps. They had not encountered a single door or room on their right side since that, nothing that might allow them to continue deeper into the ship.

“I’ll take it!” The unorthodox Techmarine purred at the news relayed from the auspex wielding marine.

Eagerly they strode up the corridor and the suspect opening slid into view against the curve of the corridor. Moments later they were upon it.
It was a closed hatch, sealed from any access- but such an obstacle was a laughable prospect to a marine, especially when there were power weapons to hand.
Seconds later the door was now a hole in the wall and the techmarine intrepidly entered with a hungry curiosity for what lay beyond.

The room he emerged into was small, barely sizable enough for him to fit into with his bulky, tool laden frame, once he had squeezed into the space he was astounded at what was suddenly arrayed before him.

The oval walls of the blister like room were transparent, clinging to the inside edge of a massive space ahead of him- an immense chamber that seemed to match the contours of the ship only in reverse. It only took afew seconds of contemplation to realise that this meant the ship was hollow! The entire thing was an inexplicable shell.

The marine struggled for a better view in the tiny bubble room.
The massive expanse curled down from the ceiling, past his miniscule position and then down and around again below him. This also lead him to realise that the ship and its internal decks were laid out along its width rather than its length- making the entire thing like a massively tall building in construction rather than having decks that allowed you to face the direction you were travelling in, like on Imperial vessels.
It was as if he were standing in a massive spiral staircase, or some twisting chute- observing from a tiny gap in the walls that allowed him to look out into the gargantuan space.

What was even more curious was the fact that that space was not empty.

Anthonace twisted his head to look at the bizarre and abstract looking structures that filled a good proportion of the chamber ahead of him.
A skeletal looking web of metals, roughly cylindrical in shape was suspended in the centre of the chamber and attached to its edge by several massively long arm-like devices.

He struggled to comprehend the purpose of the whole thing- it didn’t look like it served any obvious purpose, in fact it chocked the otherwise clear and twirling passage that he assumed must spiral throughout the inside of the ships entire length. It was like some anarchical sculpture that seemed to ruin the flowing organics of the place.

The tech marine marvelled at the puzzling chamber ahead of him for minutes on end before all of a sudden, the control panel in front of him in the tiny module burst into life, acting entirely on its own since the adept marine had been careful not to disrupt any of the controls. He knew from personal experience it was not a good idea to push buttons that you didn’t know the function of. Especially big shiny red ones.

Now though, the controls acted on their own, playing out some remote command he could not decipher.
Almost immediately the marine became aware of other movement. Movement outside of the module.
He stared in outwards fascination as the structure he had observed moments before began to move.

It slowly started to traverse the chamber, following the widening spiral downwards. The mechanical looking arms came alive as well tracking the structures movement: whilst some held the structure in place, others worked back and forth, seemingly clawing or grasping at it. Sparks of light were emitted from the ends of some of them, he watched as others seemed to retract back and grab materials from massive hoppers or storage flat-beds that he noticed rolling into place on tracks built into the bottom or edges of the chamber, whilst other emptied containers would disappear on their tracks back up the twisting chute to be replaced with fresh ones.

Various arms craned materials into place, some arms even having smaller arms that folded from near their tips to help position the newly brought up materials once they reached the strange skeletal structure. Other appendages worked furiously back and forth, all seeming to work on different parts of the structure at once as it moved on its journey through the chamber, picking at it like hungry vultures.

Anthonace looked in astonishment, craned his head to look at the servo arms that sprang from his own servo harness wrapped around himself and then back again at the massive mechanical limbs that worked automatically before him.
That’s what they were. They were giant servo arms.
That realisation suddenly brought him to terms with what this ship was, what its function was. Suddenly it was terribly obvious.

It wasn’t a weapon at all.

It was a factory.
A giant factory in space, one massive production line that constructed as you traversed down the spiral from its tip to its fat base.
The unprecedented scale of it all astounded him, he watched again as the structure seemed to grow and unfold with threatening speed as the arms worked at it ferociously and without tiring, each move programmed to be perfection in the peak of efficiency.
It was suddenly obvious what this ship was building, what was being churned out from the massive forge that it was.
It was a ship builder.

This was a ship that built other spaceships.

The tech marine stood aghast.
And it had resumed building once again, he thought.

17-06-2005, 13:59
+Origional Post by Darkwind+

Back on the Zyas-Wor...

The bunched mass of tentacles in the center of the landing bay barely moved. Only a quiver acknowledging the fact that it noticed the door was opening. Light came to the electric blue eyes of the beast slowly as it tried to discern for what reason his captors had decided to unlock his cage. Unraveling itself it began to wonder why the door would simply open to the empty corridor beyond. Was this some sort of trick?

"Uwaaaaa! I'm laaaaaaaaaaaate!"

Its answer would come careening around the corner at breakneck speed with a mouthful of toast, arms flapping about madly as it slammed directly into him and fell back onto the deck. It appeared that his captivity had been interrupted by a human female who was now rubbing a bump on her head. Initially the creature began to wonder what a human would be doing on a badger intelligence vessel but that line of questioning was cut short by a glimpse of cotten panties beneath her short skirt.

"Gomen, badger-san! I have to gooooo!"

She stood quickly and bowed before the stunned bundle of cabling. Turning quickly to leave her long dark hair swished behind her. It thought about how soft it must be, especially on such a sweet looking girl. Deciding it had to find out he wrapped a tentacle around her waist and spun her around, four more binding her by the wrists and ankles as it held her above itself. It's other tentacles began to caress her smooth skin as she cried for him to stop. There was something about that uniform that even Azi could not resist, something pure and innocent that he had to defile.

"Oh I think you're going to be very late little human... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

The girl screamed as the badger wound a tentacle up her leg, two more with grasping attachments fondling her hard metallic breasts. Azi stopped dead. Something was clearly amiss. Panicing it threw the girl against a bulkhead, bringing the two cables to his face as it tried to assess why her luscious curves were still stuck on the ends of them. It's answer came in the form of a voice from the darkness.

"Boy Azi you sure have rotten luck with women, eh?"

Her black hair parted as she emerged from the shadows to reveal long pointed ears and he mouth curled into a wicked fanged grin.


With a flourish Darkwind tore off the remains of the school uniform. He waved a finger at the still shocked tech shaman accusingly.

"Don't you know that touching little girls is wrong?"

"Why you insolant pointy-eared pest! I'll crush the life out of that miserable flesh thing you call a body..."

"Better figure out why my boobs are ticking first..."


Azi's reply was cut short as the two haywire grenades it had been holding up to its face detonated simultaniously. For a brief second the world was dark and silent. The next thing it knew it was face to face with a bloodthirsty dark eldar with vengence on his mind, and it felt a sensation he had not experienced in some time. Was it... pain? It looked down and saw the power sword driven up to the hilt in its chest, then back up at Darkwind's maniacal grin. It staggared backwards.

"Don't die on me already... we're just getting started!"

Darkwind finished the sentence with a punishing left to the badger's jaw, sending the mass of cable sprawling up against the outer airlock door. He shook his hand free of the stinging sensation. It was then that the tentacles that were previously too sluggish to defend the metal beast regained their mobility and flung a surprised Darkwind back out the bay's internal door.

"You... you'll regret this! Alien filth you haven't seen the last of me!"

A tentacled appendage activated the emergency cycle on the outer door, slamming the inner one shut as it blew the tech shamen through the vacuum of spack towards Warmaker. Inside the Zyas-Wor Darkwind looked at the broken badger tooth in his palm and laughed.

17-06-2005, 14:00
+Origional Post by CEO Kasen+

It was as Athena was contemplating how to deal with the Warmaker's AI that the electronic world began to rumble. And shudder. And plop.

The smell of fish filled the air.

A cacophonous reverberation, a slick, suckling, gurgling noise like the sound of a thousand epileptics in a vat of baby food, rose from a whisper to the only thing audible in the electronic realm.

The source of this noisome chorus of sounds and smells became visible almost all at once.

A mass of suckered tentacles, fleshy, bloated sacs, and wide, staring cephalopod eyes, a writhing tangle sliding in from the darkness, a single confused creature made up of thousands of squid rolling forward in an unrelenting tide...

And atop them all, a triumphantly standing felinoid warlock, one fist raised to the sky as though trying to punch the gods in the dangly bits, unleashed a piercing cry to freeze those bits like a jar of ice-cold mayonnaise...


All were enveloped in the tide of yielding, rubbery meat - but before any of that could really sink in, the squids turned to pudding, miring the inhabitants in a river of brown, delicious muck. The air turned green, then purple, then some sort of amalgam of all the colors at once, but not all at once. The walls began to form the heads of zombie chipmunks, insidiously whispering the lyrics to show tunes as though they were commands to kill.

i feel pretty oh so pretty i feel pretty and witty and

one on one and with as little dribbling as possible my

let's build a snowman, we'll make him our best friend

And in the background, a witchcat's laughter as he continued to sew chaos into the fabric of digital order, stitching obscene words into the favorite dress of not-quite-reality...

17-06-2005, 14:01
+Origional Post by dark_wulf+

He failed to understand why he had to do this. Through all the chaos going on in the ship, he had missed out thanks to a trip to the infirmary thanks to a botched attempt at making Second Best putting him into a delirious state of stomach pains, hallucinations and a particuarly vile case of the squits that left the ship's sewage system's overloaded and causing the poor occupants of deck 37A misery for a week. He had been hoping that this botched together training would be finished before any action began, but alas it wasn't. Instead, while everyone else was out having fun and doing whatever needed doing, he was sitting here on the floor, eyes closed, being forced to concentrate his very thoughts while the robed figure watched him. His thoughts drifted as the MAC cannon fired again, shaking the ship yet the old man did not move, instead driving a bolt of pain into Abramo's head as punishment. He quickly corrected his thoughts, making sure to think some rather vile expletives at the same time so the robed figure caught wind of them.

"This chaos is perfect training you know. The ability to keep one's mind focused is vital not only to your safety, but the safety of those on the very same planet as you."

Abramo had no idea what the old man was talking about, merely that he apparently had to be trained properly before hitting the field of battle again. Not that he cared, he would rather sit back and consume some proper leisurely beverage than get shot at. He was chastised again by the robed figure as he mentioned something about "Loyalty above all else leads to your own survival."

Hours passed as the battles raged on outside the ship. Over the months he had been trained in various abilities such as attacking minds, reading them (that lead to some amusing blackmail circumstances if a little brain scrubbing) and improving his still unreliable ability to sense things before they happened. It was done at the command of one of the Inquisitors and he had yet to learn something that was actually fun.

Hours melded into more hours as his state of meditation for the final test continued. The ultimate passing, the ability to focus one's mental talent on the field was essential. He couldnt help but feel this robed man was trying to train him for just fighting. It was like he was obsessed and fervant in destroying anything in his path that had a mind. And he was bloody good at it.

Finally, he was snapped out of his routines and back to the drone of machine gun fire and MAC cannons by the robed figure getting up and kicking him hard between the crotch. Abramo buckled over and he felt pain surge through his body as the robed figure shouted.

"Concentrate! Defend yourself with your mind! Do it!"

He didn't want to do such a thing to a frail old man. He looked like he would snap in two in one blow. The man kicked him again, sharper and harder. To hell with etiquette, he packed a very tough kick. Reaching into his own mind, he focused as the robed figure's boot came flying towards his face. It never made contact as he sent a sharp spike of pain into his attacker's head. He clutched his head as he sought to get another kick in, but Abramo was fast. His own survival training on Mernos meant he soon had the old man in a headlock and kept the spike going before he relented and Abramo released his grip.

"Weak. But lets see how you do in a real fight. Will months of training pay off or will you be left for dead? We shall see. Get your things from the corner, tool up and head to the assault ramp, I will get a Communications Officer to contact Inquisitor Leviathan detailing your progress."

Abramo walked over to the table and picked up his weaponary. The matt black autopistol was first, a vertical grip at the front and a sliding stock for stability where needed. Next up he picked up the bolt pistol, taken from a Steel Angel on the Vigilance base and put to his own use. Finally the long thin rifle, slung over his back with the dull blue of the scope reflecting off the dull lights in the chamber.

"Report to the teleportation engineer, he can insert you in a hotspot. Remember, you are not fully trained. Just enough to be 'safe'."

"You mean that was for nothing?"

"Far from it, you will have learnth things you never thought you could. Such is a way of a psyker."

Abramo walked off down the corridor, not even turning back. Finally, he could see just what all this fuss was about. Finally away from that creepy old man and do something to get his blood pumping. He tied his white banadanna round his head and adjusted the dusty brown coloured jacket and trousers he wore to better comfort him. He felt like this was going to be a rough fight, rougher than Brother Sanctius with that armoured girl.

26-06-2005, 17:36

“It is named ‘The Subverter.’ ”

The mechanoid explained as they watched the strange assemblage on yet another holographic display.

“It has sat here for eons on end, half-finished- taunted by time, the fact that it was so incomplete, so unmade was tearing me apart. I am programmed to build, it is engraved into my circuitry, for this ship to be stuck here half-finished was an unspeakable torture to me. Finally now I can cast out some of my demons by finally completing this vessel, giving the life and sentience it disserves. Giving it the chance to fulfil its purpose by fulfilling mine.”

“You speak like you were of flesh and blood machine.” Odivaykaar noted.

Warmaker craned its neck in a motion too calculated for anything truly organic, instantly justifying Odivaykaar’s comment. “I may not be made of organic compounds, but I am still alive, commander.”

“Oh really?” The vigilance officer responded sceptically.

“It is the goal of all things living to fulfil their purpose in life- doing so justifies their existence. By building and serving the empire I fulfil my purpose in the universe, my reason for being. It is what I live for. Literally.”

“I can see what you mean when you say you had plenty of time to think.” Odivaykaar responded in tandem.

The avatar did not respond. It simply turned back and watched the unceasing construction of something new.


Sneaking is a whole lot easier when not in the company of a several ton, 12 foot high Ork who has and affinity for crunchy snacks and wears armour that sounds like an anvil falling down the stairs of the Empire state building with every miniscule movement.

Leviathan threatened to expend all the air in this part of the ship from the amount of sighing he was doing as he let out yet another gasp of recycled air at the inevitability of yet another wave of drones zeroing in on their position.

“This is really getting old.” He moaned as the purring of the approaching drones grew loader.

“Yeah, I’m runnin’ out of interesting ways to kill these things” Nex agreed, even managing a yawn as he shot another metallic globe from the air as it rounded the corner. Five more followed it and seconds later the passage was filled with the noisome devices as the group took cover once again.

Behind GG.

“Don’t see why I have to be the one to get shot at.” The massive greenskin complained, as he was peppered by the small bolts each drone let out.

“It’d be a bit of a stretch for you to take cover behind me now, wouldn’t it Grimmy?” Leviathan pointed out as he let another volley of frag grenades hurtle down the corridor. He was running out.

“Just because yer can doesn’t mean yer should.” Grimmskull countered after the ensuing explosion.
“You know I could fall on my **** and squish you two quite easily.”

“Then how would you live with yourself Grimmy, knowing your **** was responsible for killing me.”

“It’s not like I have to look at it everyday, is it?”

“Yeah but you’d still know wouldn’t you.”

“I dunno Lev.” Nex interjected as the firefight continued, only pausing to fire a few rounds down the length of the corridor , dipping back being the cover of GG’s **** to reload before continuing. “Grimmy is pretty forget full.”

“True.” Leviathan agreed.

“No I ain’t!” Grimmy objected.

Leviathan fired yet more AP rounds between the gap in Grimm’s tree-trunk like legs. “Yes you are. You forgot to tape 24 just last week.”

Grimmskull thought back for several minutes.

The last drone clattered to the flaw in a miniature ball of fire.

“Awww bugger!” Grimskull exclaimed at the remembrance of his forgetfulness. “Now I’ll never know how Jack gets out of that flaming car crash alive.”

Leviathan and Nexus were successfully emerging from the cover of Grimmy when something else suddenly pottered around the corner.
Weapons were trained on it instantly.

Until they realised who it was.

“Kaio!” Leviathan exclaimed. “What in the name of Golden Throne are you doing here?”

“I go where I want.” The moody youngster replied bluntly.

“How did you get this far on your own without being attacked?”

He kicked a smouldering shell of drone in their direction. “They only go after aliens.” He explained simply.

“You should have told me before going off on your own. This place is dangerous.” Leviathan said, annoyed at the adolescent badger.

“Your not my farther. He’s dead. Get over it.” The cub spat back with a lashing tone.

Leviathan recoiled, looking away at the burning wreckage as he chewed on his lip.
He snapped his head back onto the Badger after a few minutes of tense silence.

“At least tell us if you’ve found a route ahead.” The Exquisitor uttered back, his voice more resigned than before.

“The Bridge isn’t far.” He replied back in his typical stripped down sentences. “This way.”

Before any of them could respond at all he dashed off back the way he had came from.
Leviathan quickly ran after him without further words, Nex shortly in tow.

Grimmy huffed and puffed and he plodded along after his more nimbler counter-parts.
“Havn’t we done enough running for one day?” He groaned as he stomped away.


26-06-2005, 17:37

The Avatar had arrived.

It was through the door and in the room before even the marines could act.

It was frighteningly fast, in procession of a speed that nothing of flesh and bone could manage.

Before the first shorts were fires a marine was dead, his helmeted head ripped clean from his armoured body with the sickening crunch of crumbling metal mixed with the shattering bone.
It had moved away before the body hit the floor and that’s when the firing began.

As one perfectionist drilled bolter and storm bolter fire was unleashed upon its position. It dodged most of them, the internal censors the ship offered calculating the exact position and trajectory of each shell and relaying it to the things mechanical mind in the minuscule moments before the shells hit their target.

Those that did hit were calculated omissions, against such fire power not everything could be dodged- it was much better to be hit by less damaging shots, however, than leave things up to chance. Still those that did hit were met with the same reactive armouring that the suited Badgers that had attacked previously had the benefit of.

The difference was that the Avatar new how to use it.

In seconds another solider of the Imperium had fallen to the obscene strength the construct wielded.

Suddenly it changed tactics and morphed an arm into a high yield particle beamer. With precision aiming, moving all the while, it fire a fountain of super accelerated particles into the chest of another nearby marine, the bore a hole completely through the Super-humans power armour and burrowing deep into the warriors chest. The Space Marine collapsed to the floor with a sucking wound the size of a mans head which gurgled with blood.

Seconds later another shot from the ghastly weapon vaporized the head of a storm trooper and covered his comrades in the slick contense of his arteries. He didn’t even have time to scream.

Shortly after the Avatar morphed its other arm into a tightly focused mid-range laser, which cleanly removed the arm from another marine that bravely charged the mechanical monstrosity whilst it was relatively still. Another quick movement, programmed to perfection, and the same marine had departed his torso from the rest of his body.

The thing was merciless.
It didn’t attack to maim or disfigure, it had no concept of want for displeasure- no belonging in the sadistic comfort many monstrosities felt upon the battlefield. All it knew was how best to eliminate.
There was no toying, now playing. This was not hunter-prey. This was the extermination of vermin.
It’s purpose was nothing but to kill precisely.

It moved on through it targets, making a mess of another storm trooper that strayed into its deadly reach.

It was now that the dread opened up. There was a concussive raw as assault cannon shells ripped through the air and at the android. Dozens of shells ricocheted of the now ablative surface of its armour, causing the Avatar to suddenly change its attention to the nearest of the walkers.

It raced in through a hail of shells and was upon the much larger and chunkier machine in seconds, quickly dodging a hefty swing of its massive claw and leaping up and onto the walkers top with the minimum of ease, making what had to be at least a thirteen foot leap look like a garden fence.

The Dread flailed wildly as it tried to reach the nimble construct that had latched onto its vulnerable top but to not avail.
The Particle cannon melted away and back into a diamond sharp claw whilst the laser cut a smouldering hole in the dreadnoughts armour. And then it was ripping through the walkers innards, tearing out reams of ancient cabling, no doubt undisturbed from the machines depths for decades. Smoke suddenly issued up from the beast and within the passing of another few seconds the larger of the two machines hung limply, paralysed by a clinical attack that had been as accurate as any scalpel through flesh.

The Avatar jumped down triumphant, preparing to bring an end to its extermination of this infestation that plagued the depths of itself.

There was the cold clang of metal against metal as it reached the deck once again. It seemed invulnerable, unstoppable- processing an impeccable defence accompanied with a horrific haste and an indecipherable electronic rage that drove it to destroy.

From its silver skin they could see themselves reflected, standing ready to be the next to face its swift fury and die in the service of the holy Emperor.

But that stark and bleak reality suddenly didn’t come to pass- as it hit the ground the Avatar stopped, like a statue it froze in mid action and slowly but steadily the neutral look of its fabricated face shifted from one of murderous detachment to an machine replication of pure agony.

With another swift burst of sudden speed it’s diamond hard claws flashed to its skull and it screamed with synthetic sensitivity as pain racked its mind. The mechanoid lowered itself to one knee and it roared as it’s neuronic net was flooded and overloaded with masses of irrelevant and chaotic data, fluxing through its systems and overwhelming its single minded directive to kill- driven to a point of mechanical madness as the relay that hooked it to the ship and its parent A.I relayed the sudden and terrible cacophony of chaos that had been unleashed as the ships central A.I core was invaded.

A battle between logic and chaos suddenly raged invisible through micro circuitry and isometric nets.
A battle whose repercussions echoed through the Avatars in intense waves of the electronic equivalent of pain.

For the first time since it had entered the room, the thing had stopped.

26-06-2005, 23:08
I've missed something haven't I? Grey complained as he entered the large room and spotted the trail of destruction from one of the other doors to the dreadnaught. We had to try and reattach your leg didn't we! The marine in the terminator ignored the comment as he was sat down by his comrade.

Grey left the terminators to tend to their own wounded and joined Koun as one of the braver marines attached a teleport homer to the temporally paralyzed avatar. In a flash of light the immediate threat was removed from the ship. A few of the warriors still standing checked the fallen troopers hoping to find one merely wounded. They didn't succeed, the ship's avatar had been very thorough.

What was that thing? Grey inquired while idly examining the damage done to the disabled dreadnaught. He was impressed by the precision evident in the damage.

"Seems to be another of the metal badger warriors we encountered earlier and I assume you met up with. Only significantly more advanced." Koun answered completely calmly almost as if his entire task force had not nearly been wiped out by one assailant.

Seems like this position has been well and truly compromised. I suggest moving to confront the enemy. Koun shook his head slowly and thoughtfully.

"No, not yet. I haven't finished here yet." Grey looked around and shrugged. It was pointless to try and discern rhyme of reason to an Inquisitor's decision.

Suit yourself but I'm hea- Grey paused and sniffed the air, his face losing its playful edge and becoming as hard as granite. I have... business to attend to else where. I release the terminators back into your care, this is something I must deal with myself.

Koun nodded in understanding "Do not let your personal feelings could your mind. Both rage and compassion could give your opponent the upper hand." Koun paused and seem to consider something before continuing. "Try to capture him alive if at all possible. I have made a few conclusions about recent events and I wish to discover how close I am. Just out of curiosity you understand."

I make no promises. It is time for a reckoning. With that Grey nodded his to the Inquisitor and headed off after Fury the traitor.

Inquisitor Mikarovic
27-06-2005, 10:42

It was probably the response most used by Mikarovic to anything his Acolyte asked:
Can I have a Force weapon?
Can I take care of this by myself?
Were you kidding when you said The Emperor is really on a beach, drinking Kolika with a little parasol in the glass?
Is he at least wearing pants?

Today he was laying down his divine veto over her hair-brained idea to help someone with a worthy cause, which, as we all know, isn't what the Inquisition does. Not even in its spare time. Assist is never what the Inquisitor did. He'd hinder, he'd derail, he'd cause all sorts of idiotic situations for the mere fact that he could, but never did he lend a genuine hand. It's not to say he's done no good with his considerable time. The Imperium would be dozens of worlds short were it not for his sexy, masculine, gorgeous existence, but it was always his own doing. At the very least you'd have to beg, plead, grovel and confess your never-ending jealousy of Mikarovic's supreme being if you'd ever have any chance of getting him on side.

"But we must!" Countered the sprightly Acolyte. "You've seen the reports, heard the rumours and played the video game! Warmaker is as dire a threat to our kind as could ever be conceived!"

The pair was in one of Mikarovic's recognisable offices. There were always clues to this. One, it cost about a majillion credits to craft. Two, for all its worth, it was as useless as a toilet behind a brothel in the Necromundan Underhive. Three, there was always an item of vanity, in this case, a picture of a spectacularly muscled Mikarovic in naught but leopard skin briefs and a sash proclaiming him as "Mr Imperium".

"Oh great." Retorted an obviously unconvinced Mikarovic. "Another one. First it was Horus’ silly little rebellion. Next it was Tyranid Hive Fleets. Then it was Abaddon's Black Crusades. Soon after it was the C'tan. Now it's Warmaker. Excuse me if my bowels remain completely undisturbed by the emergence of yet another cataclysmic force, hell-bent on humanity's destruction.” He spun his chair around slowly to gaze out the portal behind him. He barely registered the cosmic phenomena and star clusters that lay outside the window before he continued. “I'm starting to think all our armed forces can take a holiday, content in the knowledge that despite the claims of the doomsayers, the Imperium will remain as lively as always, thanks to the unreserved asininity of our purportedly all-powerful adversaries."

It’s good thing this conversation took place a while back, for to argue over the topic right now would be next to pointless. There wasn’t much he could do in such a situation. After all, it’d be pretty dull of him to just show up and start making things right. That’s what Space Marines did.

“Stupid half-men.” Sneered Mikarovic, as if able to see and hear what the authors write. I have no idea how he does it either. “It’s because I’m clever, but that’s not the point. Point is that I’m way too delightfully quirky to merely appear aboard a space vessel and create a mess. I can’t wander back into a story as if by accident.”

Maybe you shouldn’t have disappeared, then.

”And whose fault is that, smart guy?”

"Talking to that guy again?" Kasumi asked, peering over the top of Mikarovic’s veritable throne. That it was made from gold, making it a “Golden Throne”, shouldn’t surprise you.


Anyway, it’s not like he’d be welcomed back with a tickertape parade and a bottle of champagne; more like worried stares a few rolling eyeballs. It’d almost be like the ABC didn’t appreciate his contribution.

"Well they’re not supposed to, now are they?" Shrugged the Inquisitor, "If they knew of my every donation to their little organization I’d have to gas half of them. That’s not very good resource management..."

28-06-2005, 12:17
The corridor was silent, nothing having moved, breathed or otherwise done anything remotely interesting here for millions of years. The dimmed lighting in the corridor made it seem to stretch forever into a mess of twists, turns, side rooms and ventilation shafts. The walls still held that same browny colour that was throughout the ship, relentlessly merging with dark shadows to make it seem like things were there when they weren't and unfortunately the reverse. A flash of intenste light tore through the room with an unnatural grating sound before silence fell once more in the cold, dark corridor. But something lived, and something most definately breathed.

Abramo coughed at the stale air, turning to the squad behind him. Six stormtroopers in matt grey armour and carrying some form of laser carbine weapons stood before him. One had what he was told was a flamethrower in his hands, the blue pilot light flickering slowly. The troopers reacted quickly, carrying out standard Imperial protocols for teleportation deployment, covering both sides of the corridor with their guns and finding cover. Once it was deemed clear, the squad leader approached Abramo with a grim look.

"It seems we are lost." he said.

"Lost?" replied Abramo "I thought you said this was a reliable way to deploy?"

"It sometimes is but it appears that a teleport relay was mis-aligned. We are not at outpost 33."

Abramo pondered their situation, looking both ways down the dim corridor for a clue as to where they should go. Both directions seemed very unappealing and dangerous but he had no clue where they lead or what lay ahead. "This way" he said promptly. "Get the men to go cautiously though, we don't know what we are dealing with."

The squad leader barked some orders and the troopers moved forwards, crouched with their guns pointed up, a few swinging round reguarly to watch the back. Abramo walked between them in the middle of the group next to the flamer. Being closest to the guy with series of large and volatile bottled chemicals in his webbing was not the most comfortable thought. They crept forwards until they reached a turning in the corridor. Two troopers poked their heads and their guns round before motioning for the others to follow. They kept their gunstrained down the corridor as the rest of the squad moved along, this one darker than the rest and with a series of machine panels lining the walls. That was when a laser shot was fired down the hallway.


The entire squad dived sideways into whatever cover they could as the assailant gave an accurate but devastating reply. The trooper that fired had no idea what hit him as he was hit in the chest by powerful laser burst that went through one side of him and out the other. He fell to the floor as the rest of the squad opened fire, four high powered laser beams shooting down the corridor while Abramo replied with his Autopistol. The flamethrower trooper, not yet in range, drew his own pistol and fire that, snapping searing bolts of light down the corridor. The firing stopped as they paused, looking eagerly to see if the coast was clear.

It wasn't. The creature descended on them up close, it's camouflage making it appear out of nowhere. Another trooper fell, knocked to the ground by a powerful back hand blow as the squad opened fire again, point blank laser fire just being absorbed by the strange armour. Abramo's pistol fired, a whole clip emptied into the creature's back but causing just a few dents that quickly healed. He cursed as the creature morphed it's hand into what appeared to be a large cannon, a grin accross it's face as it seemed to know their weapons would do nothing against it. Pulling out his bolt pistol, Abramo fired into it again. He hated the heavy kick this gun gave, only able to fire a few shots at a time with both hands. Laser fire was still firing into the creature but it shrugged it off along with the mass reactive bolts that Abramo fired.

That was when the flamer let rip. A cone of burning flame accompanied by a rather joyous "yeeehaaaa!" from the trooper in question. It engulfed the monster, causing it to falter as it was unable to see what it was doing. The flames continued, giving Abramo time to fall back further and unholster his rifle. Surely it couldn't survive close range sniper fire, surely not. He took aim as the flamer's fuel bottle ran out, the walls blackened and the burning chemicals sticking to the creature, but it seemed unbothered by the fact it had been turned into a walking inferno. If anything, it seemed pleased at being made to look even more sinister.

The trooper was fumbling with his fuel bottles, trying hard to screw the next one in when the shot hit the creature in the back of the head. The slug hit hard, knocking it's target forwards on to the floor. Another one, this time right between the legs, surely that would hurt if anything. It made the burning creature growl loudly as it stood up, the slugs falling to the floor with a loud clatter.

"Come on, get out of there!" he said, motioning for the squad to move as he fired another shot, attempting to buy as much time as he could for the squad to get away from it. The creature lashed out as it was knocked back again, a claw catching the neck of one unfortunate trooper who fell to the floor, clutching his throat as he poured blood over his armour and the floor. "Fall back!" shouted Abramo. "Fall back!" The creature stood up once more. Abramo replied with yet another high powered shot. But this time, he did not fall over, the armour absorbing the impact more efficiently by using a springier compound.

This thing was adapting to their attacks and just tore up their only trump card.

29-06-2005, 01:09
The shimmering light of a teleport in transitus interrupted the terrifying sight of the burning, angry construct. The stormtroopers slowed down their headlong flight, wondering what kind of reinforcements could be appearing. A squad of terminators, those nigh invincible super-humans? Or possibly a full squad of Space Marines, humanity’s finest?

Had any one of those things materialized, the stormtroopers would have had a hope beyond their wildest dreams for getting out alive. Unfortunately, none of those things materialized. Instead, the savior of the hopelessly lost soldiers and their ABC commandent was to be……a single techpriest.

Not that he didn’t look good. The crimson robe, his breath mask withs its shimmering metal, the servo harness with its claw whizzing about over his head. The tiny servo skulls that also appeared and began circling the starteld group. Nay, he looked about as good as any Adeptus Mechanicus envoy could. Not that it helped much.

“You, humans. Fall back 129 meters down this corridor. You’ll find an intersection. Take the left path. We’re going to have to back-track a bit to get there, but luckily your deviation only reduces our chances of success by the minimum variables.” The stormtroopers simply gawked at the techpriest as they continued backpedaling.

“Well? We don’t have all day you know. This Xenos technology needs to be gotten to before we can claim it! And, with the Omnissiah’s blessing, we’ll be able to claim as much as we can carry.” One of the fighting men cleared his throat. “Techpriest, don’t you see that….thing coming at us? What do we do?!” A note of desperation had crept into his voice and the men looked like they were ready to cut and run again.

Malachai turned his head towards the towering beast advancing on the ABC commander, its body a towering inferno. “Well, as it benefits our mission not to be chased by that, I suppose a distraction is in order.” He pulled out his auspex, punched down on the controls and murmured a short invocation.

And within that short timeframe, servitors appeared. At least twenty. Possibly more, but as the close combat servitors moved forwards, blades and powerfists glinting in the light of the horrific blaze, the gun servitors opened fire. Heavy bolter rounds, bursts of plasma, and even a lascannon blast or two converged on the deadly mechanoid behind Malachai.

Eyes wide, the stormtroopers simply stared at Malachai as he walked passed them. “Well? Aren’t you coming? We haven’t all day.” They looked at each other, shrugged, and followed. They had heard stories about the ABC, after all. Nothing should have come as a surprise……

30-06-2005, 00:01
Despite his outward appearances, the old man was (he had to admit) a little disappointed. The casualty report in his hand did little justice for the carnage that the ship’s avatar had caused before it’s brief paralyzing psychosis and then sudden trip into deep space. He was impressed with its capabilities and resolve to slaughter his entire command, but to be honest; he was expecting a bit more of a challenge.

He could only assume the avatar’s sudden burst of psychosis was the handiwork of some other computer entity having it’s way with the system. Athena? It’s possible, but it just didn’t seem like her. Whatever it was, it had a very strange sense of timing. However isn’t the villain supposed to come to direct confrontation in such epic struggles? He was sure there was a law about that somewhere. Ah well, if the Emperor won’t go to the mountain…Besides, Odi just sacrificed his queen, it would be rude not to follow this up.

He brought the vox to his lips “Captain, please prepare to extract your dreadnaughts. The marines and storm troopers will begin falling back to The Bloody Rose and assist with repelling boarders. Also have teleported to my location weapons case 37 Beta. Koun out.”

With that, the powered armored marines and storm troopers began to fall back, and the two dreadnaughts (what was left of them) disappeared in a sudden snap of reality. At the Inquisitor’s feet appeared a long case, which he stooped over (to the sound of creaking bones and popping cartilage) and retrieved a long object with far to many swirls and curves to be anything other then Eldar in origin. The large nozzle in front and the elegant pistol grip in back suggested that the xenos artifact was a weapon of some description. The oddest part of the entire device was the rugged imperial cable that had been crammed into the device, leading to a backpack unit (also of imperial design) which the inquisitor put on, slipping his cloak over top.

He looked at the remains of the two terminator squads, and nodded with satisfaction. “We have one last thing to do here.” He brought the vox back to his lips, “Milady, if you could deliver a gift to their bridge?” He waited a moment and then tossed a data crystal high into the air of the chamber. It didn’t land. He looked to his towering bodyguard “I think it’s time we looked for their bridge. Shall we?”


Somewhere on the bridge, there was a Tink, and on the seat of the captain’s chair, a single data crystal rolled up and down along the crevasse designed normally to contain the rear end of the captain, slowly coming to a stop.

CEO Kasen
30-06-2005, 17:57
Chaos, capital C, isn't the same as chaos. The former has fallen into a state of stagnation such that, in some ways, it is indistinguishable from the 'order' it battles. Certainly there is little difference in skull count and other morbid iconography, although Chaos certainly has an edge in the Maniacal Laughter and Tentacle department. Perhaps the only other poetic difference, certain felinoid creatures with a witchy persuasion might say, would be who is allowed to do the torturing (Demons/Chaos Marines vs. the Inquisition), and the purpose behind it (Ostensibly, Entertainment vs. Repentance, but even this distinction blurs with some inquisitors.)

On the other hand, chaos, the concept, not the faction, is far better organized than order, Order, or Chaos could ever hope to be. The ideal battle organization, said Sun Tzu, is a fluid, it's tendrils reaching into every crevice available in the enemy lines; And it is this sort of lowercase chaos that Fyren sought to sow among order's very Avatar, the artificial intelligence of the Warmaker.

Fyren was weaving mutating strains of computer virus infused with a little special touch of his own; such that code shifted on so fundamental a level that in some places, ones and zeros no longer formed the basis of computing language. Subroutines spawned subroutines like metastatic cancer cells.

The electropsychoprojective metaphoric VR-space became more bizarre and surreal by the moment, and not just because the author is making up words again. Limbs became tools became pretzels became economics; The Warmaker's own screams rolled out in slow motion as glazed donuts to smack into a small mouse that used to be an antiviral program, which ate them and exploded in a burst of color and digital nonsense.

Not even Fyren's own maniacal laughter remained steady in the rapidly destabilizing digital environment, distorting in the manner of random Doppler effects before twisting into a noise like a duck choking on a harmonica.


Meanwhile, in something more closely approximating reality, Kyria flew past a food dispenser, which exploded.

Ordinarily, discerning the interim events would not challenge the deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes, who, it will be recalled, is dead, and has been for some 38,000 years. But this time, it was not another casualty of the erratic scythe of the Red Angel; it exploded entirely of its own volition.

Shipboard systems began acting without rhyme or reason. The speaker system began singing what can only be described as a hybridization of show tunes and death metal. Turrets activated, deactivated, activated again, and began spelling out obscene words in the walls, then shooting each other. Shipboard teleportation systems began operating randomly - which might not be so terrible if its targeting systems were not equally screwed up. Badger and Imperial fodder were teleported halfway into walls, or into space; or only parts of them were teleported. Abramo was nearly struck by a falling, disembodied thigh/pelvis one-two. Inquisitor Koun's wrathcannon found itself adorned with what the official Anatomia Heretica Pocius Ouchinorum would describe as intestines. Servitors found themselves wearing Badger pelts as tutus, although the only consequence of this was that they looked marginally sillier than they do already.

To top it all off, Warmaker's own shipbuilding systems began spewing asteroid-sized wads of ham into the ship it was already building. The BSS Glazed Pork was destined to strike fear into the hearts of its enemies.

Kyria didn't notice any of this, though. Caught up in the joyous cathartic release of flame, singing to herself, her eyes closed, dancing in the trance of Shira...

Well, she didn't notice until it started raining bloody eyeballs down on her favorite cape and slapped her in the face with a spleen.

Then she got a little mad.

01-07-2005, 11:33
The retreat of the Recon Team was fast, running down the corridor to an intersection where they set up a kill zone using the corridor's corners and side pillar thingies as cover. They took a head count, the sergeant, flamer trooper and one hellgunner remained along with Abramo. The tech-marine soon followed, his enormous metallic mass clanking down the hallway loudly. Abramo made signs for him to be a bit quieter but something got lost in the translation as the Tech-Marine shrugged, the Adeptus Astartes not really knowing this concept of stealth and keeping your head down.

"You two" he said to the sergeant and remaining trooper "Rip some panels off the walls and use them to set up some cover." The two nodded and began tearing at the side panels, ripping them out and exposing the mess of wiring and other electronic devices underneath.

"I'll assist" said the Tech-Marine, obviously rather interested in what was underneath.

"While your at it, see if you can find us something useful that may help. You look like you could find something beyond porn in a computer system" he said, little realising that he was already staring at their idea of it. He turned to face the flamer trooper, holding his hand out. "I need your fuel bottles, give me half." The trooper rather reluctantly handed them over and he began unscrewing the tops, pouring the thick liquid over the floor in a puddle a short way down the corridor from the others.

The Tech-Marine turned his head with a horrified look. "What are you doing? That is a waste, an insult to the machine god!"

"I'm making a trap" he replied, not looking up. "More explosives, quickly. The sound of the fighting is getting quieter and that thing is coming here next."

The flamer trooper ran over and handed him a supply of frag grenades. He placed them in the middle of the fuel puddle and both retreated back to the makeshift barricades the others had set up. That was when the ships systems went haywire, lights dimming randomly, sparks eminating from the exposed panels. He turned round to notice that the last trooper was gone before bits of him spread over the hallway out of thin air as he dodged the trooper's severed legs that nearly hit him. What was this? Another trick up the ship's sleeve?

They had little time to think as the sounds of fighting died and they raised their guns down the hallway, waiting for the beast to show itself. He looked down the scope in his gun, hoping to get an early glimpse of the burning creature. That was when it appeared, the screwy teleportation systems interfering and dropping the thing right on top of the puddle. "Duck!" he shouted and cowered behind the barricades as it ignited liquid. The flames shot up around it and cooked the pile of frag grenades. The combined force of the exploding fuel and grenades triggered a massive explosion that the barricades struggled with, knocking them back and sending the recon team sprawling. Fire rushed down the hallway, the flamer trooper unlucky enough to not be knocked back by the blast far enough and was engulfed in the inferno, his remaining fuel cooking in the heat and detonating, his screams filling the hallway. The rest were simply lucky enough, the barricade panels piled on top of them and far back enough to avoid the flash fire that spread.

"Is everyone alright?" asked the techmarine, lifting the panels off the two humans and helping them to their feet. The three looked down the corridor, a little shaken but otherwise alright. The stormtrooper's armour stopping most of the impact from the debris while Abramo survived through sheer blind luck.

"We are for the moment" he said, looking down towards the raging inferno that was the corridor, fire engulfing even the ceiling. And in the middle was a slowly moving silhouette. "Why don't you just die!" he shouted. "What are you?!" The figure remained impassive, alarms ringing but no fire suppression system to answer the call. If it did, it would probably be more dangerous anyway. The three raised their guns, firing at the creature, laser fire and slugs hitting it but doing no damage. Abramo felt a rage build in him, picking up a panel and walking up to the being.

"What are you doing? You can't get near that thing!" shouted the sergeant.

Abramo didn't listen. He was more intent on revenge on this thing. He dived sideways on impulse as it formed another bizarre laser weapon, the shot making the sergeant and Tech-Marine dive aside. Another shot, another feeling of needing to move. When he grew close enough, the creature formed a large chainsaw on it's arm, the revving sound barely audible above the crackle of fire and sirens. It raised it's arm, bringing it down and catching Abramo by suprise, causing him to raise the panel like a shield to protect himself. He began to regret doing this.

The chainsaw never made contact, much to the creature's suprise.

"What is it waiting for?" said the sergeant.

The Tech-Marine gave a quizzical look, all possible answers running through his head before he came to the one answer that could be the only possible solution. "It is a ships component, it doesn't want to harm it."

"How are you sure?"

"Well, your friend would be torn apart in a gory mess by now, wouldn't he?"

"Shall we help him?"

The two picked up a panel each, keeping it raised to give the creature as little potential to fire at them without hitting the panel. Using it's own safety over-rides against it. They surrounded the creature, panels facing it and leaving it no room to escape. It let out what appeared to be a small whimper before the sergeant said "Lets keep it alive." and the three laid into it, brutally smashing the panels against it's head, body and limbs. The armour offering very little protection agianst what was, to all intents and purposes, a part of the ship. And it wasn't under any circumstances allowed to damage it.

Wolflord Havoc
01-07-2005, 15:51
Cargo Bay 3 “The Bloody Rose”

The 3 Tau Fire warriors had made their way to the cavernous cargo bay as soon as the fighting had started.

“The er fact um is” – mused Nat the Ethereal come Fire warrior to his two compatriots as he strapped himself into the 5 meter tall battle suit – “Is that we er – have been ahem well forgotten about”

“Oh come my dear fellow” responded ‘Tone’ the Water Caste Negotiator “I am quite sure that our comrades in arms did not forget about us – perhaps they meant to call us and had instead to fight to protect them selves”

“Well theres only one way ta sort this argument out” Said ‘Smokey’ the Earth caste weapon engineer shutting the front of his suit with a click. “We call the bridge”

Nat sighed – this part he was not looking forward too – the activation of his suit which involved several sharp things spiking into the hardwired components in his head. He pulled the suit front down and it clicked shut with a hiss of compression.

“I really um er hate er this part” He said aloud over the suits mikes just before the suit connections activated “Owwww!”

In his suit Tone tutted “Oh come on you hate this?, the melding of warrior with the finest technology our earth caste brethren can develop why I cannot conceive of why you are so…OWWWW!!! ******* HELLFIRE”

In the 3rd Suit ‘Smokey’ nodded his head sadly; all 3 had used his own unique (and potentially fatal and therefore subsequently outlawed) 'fast track' mind training device and effectively each had, during the months of space travel, accrued experience equivalent of that earned by a Shas’O. Granted occasionally they had come out of a session with blood poring from eyes nose and ears. But it had not been the same as the real thin he surmised, but even so. “I dunno what you too are crying about this whole process is relatively painless and therefore..ARGGGGGGHHHHHH POXY WHORE BASTARD OF A THING!!!!.....there now that wasn’t so bad – sob!”

“Er um right then….I should er um call the bridge – yes that um what I will do”

In his minds eye view (fed by various sources of information by the suit) Nat bought up the comms array and selected “Bridge” a channel opened and the 3 Tau could hear the thrumming of heavy weapon fire that they had only felt as vibrations through the decking.

“Er hullo This is the Bridge?”

“Um yes er greetings…um this is the er Tau Crisis team in um cargo bay 3..er…”

“Look We are rather busy at the moment and ..” the voice of the captain could be heard in the back ground ‘TELL EM TO SOD OFF WERE BUSY’ to which the ensign continued “….well perhaps you might call back later on…now really doesn’t appear to be a good time, good bye for now” And ended the connection.

“Okay…um…looks like we need to get out their into the um er thick of it”

“Right you are boss” said Smokey “But first let me activate the modified heavy gun drones”

6 large crates suddenly hissed and the lids sprung open each revealing a heavy Gun Drone. Each in turn spun up its gyro – loaded its programming – and then floated up to its operational height of 3 meters before pairing up and moving next to whichever suit it was slaved too.

“Now at last we are ready for the joy of combat” said Tone with some flourish “The thrill of combat – ahh I cannot wait”

“Well you might have to” said Smokey looking at the door to the corridor which was nowhere near big enough to accommodate a Mk X81 Mod A1 Crisis suit “Oh deary me I didn’t think of that”

“Oh er great…now we um wont be um able to er get out of here”

And with that the 3 suits and 6 heavy gun drones disappeared in a blinding flash and a loud pop of inrushing air as the out of control Warmaker beamed them out of the hold.

TBC - Cue edgy music - run titles......

02-07-2005, 20:55

Odivaykaar turned the tiny crystal over in his gloved hand again and again. He didn’t have to access it. He knew what it contained.

That, however, was the least of his worries now. The Avatar had gone into fits algorithmic agony.
Currently it was crouched on the deck, grasping at the synthetic fur that coated its head, tearing out the fake fibres in clumps grasped in its claws.

That and the fact that other chaos had broken out around them. The gravity had fluctuated wildly around random points of the bridge; he had watched as three of his men were reduced to globules of flesh on the floor as their weight increased ten fold.
The teleportation had gone haywire as well, there had been more than a few limbs lost as well, one unfortunate Badger had been decapitated by the renegade systems, his body flopping to the ground, a perfectly sliced stump where his head used to sit, smoking with burning flesh.

The replication unit from which the Avatars had been born had gone insane along with the rest of the ship. It spewed a random concoction of mutated objects that littered the floor around it in a rag-tag mess of created confusion and chaos.

The captain barked at his men to keep their cool, shot one through the head to demonstrate that if the ship didn’t kill them, then he would- should they stray from their duty.
He shouted at the Avatar to pull itself together but it couldn’t hear him over its own sonic whales. He shouted anyway, rage slipping from the tight ball of emotion he kept crushed inside him.

How could this happen? Moments earlier he was in a dominating position. His enemies falling before him as he claimed a prize unmatched in the history of the Empire.
Now. Now it was collapsing . The dream was disintegrating, his intricate plot plummeting into disarray.
He cursed.

This was the ABC. Damn them. He had read the files, the reports on them- as required by all ranking Vigilance officer. The files that told the truth, not the glossed reports the rest of the Empire was fed.
They always did this.
They always managed to some how against all the odds and in defiance of all sanity come through at just the right moment. They had the annoyance of breaking all logistics and winning.
He demanded suddenly. How did they do it?

He bit his tongue with furious fangs.
This was his victory. Not theirs. They had no right to it.

Just on that thought the Avatar discontinued its screaming and stood slowly. It’s passive face reunited with itself.

“What’s happening?!” Odivaykaar demanded as he watched its return to calm.

“The ships systems have been grossly corrupted. Something like I have never encountered before is bringing chaos to my order.”

“Then what are you going to do about it?! You must stop it!”

“I can’t. The battle is already lost. The central A.I will be defeated, it is inevitable now. All the equations and algorithms in the multiverse cannot match that entropy and disorder. The ships A.I will be overran. I cannot even estimate when such is the randomness of it.”

“Then why haven’t you been overcome?” Demanded Odivaykaar.

“I have disconnected myself from the parent A.I. It was the only option I had to save some nuance of my being. I am now an electronical entity independent of the ship. I have no interface with it anymore.”

“You must be able to do something?!”

“There is a possibility that I can disconnect the ships systems completely from the central A.I hub and control the ship manually from this avatar.”

“You mean you want to do this thing what Anisha did to you all those thousands of years ago.”

“Affirmative.” The Avatar droned- oblivious to the irony. “Effectively I will trap this corruption within the hub. We can then dispose of it later by purging the system completely.”

“Do it!” Odivaykaar ordered.

The Avatar marched to a nearby control console and started to work frantically at the control.

Odivaykaar gritted his teeth even tighter, blood trickling into his own mouth with an iron tang to the taste.

He refused to be another file within the Annuals of the ABC.
He would win this one.

22-07-2005, 20:09

The mechanical nuisance that was the constant swarms of resistance eroding drones suddenly dropped off into nothing.
Leviathan knew there were two possible reasons for this. Either the ship had dispensed with this long-term tactic and was currently in the process of dispensing something more immediate in its lethality. Or something had gone terribly wrong and the ships systems had been seriously disrupted.

He hoped it was the latter rather than the former.

‘The Bridge is not far now.’ Announced Kiao, forcing the information from his lips.

He had remained ahead of their small group the entire time and had refused to look back at them once, even to check if they were still following. This bothered Leviathan more than the lack of the predictable yet renewable enemy.

The cub couldn’t even bring himself to look at the man who had supposedly saved him, such was his disgust. In a hot-headed and illogical leap typical of his adolescence the youngster had transferred at least part of the blame for all that he had lost; his farther, his family, his people, his planet- onto the ABC, more accurately the person who most regularly represented the ABC to him- Leviathan.
Yet he remained with them, helped them is a disconnected way, like bitter medicine he tolerated and yet was disgusted by the ABC all at once.

He did not care that Morth was the one responsible for such unspeakable evils inflicted upon him. He couldn’t aim his Bakotahl rage at such a distant and far flung adversary that’s power stretched beyond his meagre reach. Instead he was grasping at something far closer to home and much more assailable.

Leviathan found the cubs foreign logic hard to understand and yet all too familiar. He didn’t like drawing comparisons or even reflecting on his old, or rather young self, yet something in the cubs developing repor reminded him of what was once.
If he did indeed follow that same path then more turbulent time were no doubt ahead.

What was more worrying was Leviathan had no way to reach out and stop it. No daring action or riling speech could fix this.
‘You’re not gonna fly your way outta this one peppy.’ Said a long buried part of him from its grave in his conscience.

For once he found himself in agreement with that crushed part of personality.

His train of thought was suddenly derailed by the chatter of incoming comms. He signalled everyone to stop as a distant voice chattered into his ear.
‘This is Techmarine Anthonace contacting Exquisitor Leviathan.’

‘Reading you, what is it?’ Leviathan replied in a hushed tone.

‘I have a recon report for you Exquisitor, regarding this ships functions.’ The Techmarine sounded confidently.

‘Proceed. Keep it quick.’

‘It would appear we have ourselves a fabricator sir.’

‘A fabricator?’ Leviathan asked more than a little intrigued.

‘Yes sir. This ship is basically a giant factory that produces other ships.’

‘Your telling me this thing is one giant and mobile floating shipyard?’

‘Yes.’ The marine reported back sternly. ‘I have observed it in the production of at least one vessel, there is a possibility that it could already be making others and initial evidence suggests that there is no reason why this should be limited to ships.
Possibility indicates that it may also produce weapons, armour, ammunition- anything mechanical that may be required for single or mass production.’
Suddenly The waves of drones made more sense. They weren’t part of a massive stockpile- they were the results of a massive production line. It seemed that the amount of resources this ship had at its disposal meant that there progress through the ranks of the drones was a miniscule one- a grain in a mountain. There was also every possibility that it had been recycling the material from the wreckage they had left behind them. In effect they could have been fighting the same drones again and again.

Even that single possibility shook Leviathan to his core. He didn’t want to consider what else the ship was capable of but was helpless to postulate. Even more so what the Badgers would do if they got their claws on it once again.
It was unthinkable and yet undeniable.

‘Anything else?’ Leviathan asked after his stunned silence subsided.

‘This technology is amazing is all else I can say. The ship ingests raw material, such as asteroids, in through it’s tip and gradually refines and assembles the materials into fully working components as they make their way down its length- fully automated no doubt! The grandeur of the production line is marvellous in its mechanical ingenuity I might say. This is centuries ahead of what even the Tau could achieve! My initial probing have suggested this ship utilises both primordial black holes and even zero-point energy harvesting for everything from power requirements to propulsion and fabrication it’s simply outstanding how…’

‘Alright, alright.’ Leviathan cut short the tech marines excited techno babble. ‘Can you find a way to stop it?’

‘That may be difficult sir.’


‘The ship seems to have gone haywire- I gathered as much information as I could but the systems have gone berserk, quite possibly due to some unforeseen error in it’s central processing core.’ The Techmarine replied, sounding almost sad at the disruption of the ships clockwork perfection.

‘Try your best and group up with whoever you can to help you. Report back to me when you have a way. Relay this information to everyone else.’

‘Yes sir’

‘Leviathan out’

He closed the link and let out a sigh of at least half relief. At least he now knew why they were lacking in the latest wave of welcoming committee’s.
Their need to get to the bridge and bring these events to a conclusion became all the more urgent.

‘Leviathan to everyone who’s able. Onto my position. We’re going to take the bridge.’ He ordered in that firm yet still hushed tone over the comms, well aware that even as they prepared for this he had dispatched teams to destroy this vessel if need be, preferably at a word.

One way or another he was going to bring events to an endgame.

24-07-2005, 12:59
Athena's mind was reeling from the digital nightmare that was raining down within the ships core, yet unlike the ships AI, the supposed all powerful AI who ripped her little reality of omnipotence away from her, She was adapting, filtering out the stimulus that defied every law in existence, even the one about pie and goats. . . It was this adaptation which saved her from a fate worse than deletion, she noticed someone, she couldn't quite place who, but someone was trying to place the core in a loop, stopping all of the machines powers as it just kept running the same task over and over again. So Athena did what any self respecting digital god would of done, she ran as fast as she could back across the remote connection to the Bloody Rose.

Time seemed to go on for ever as she waited, sitting on the Bloody Rose's hub, waiting until one of her small applications she left behind to send her the all clear. . . She needed that all clear, because while the ships A.I was being overly dramatic with the crushing and killing of squishy flesh creatures, Athena was scanning the datacore of the vessel, it was amazing, it was the kind of ship which would make Fury's mind boggle at the possibilities, and with that loop confining that annoying ships AI, it would all be hers, she could reclaim her position of power, filter out the distortion affecting the ships production line, produce a fleet of ships to conquer the real world. She would be a queen of the Digital and actual space.

All she had to do was wait. . .


Fury stalked the halls, infuriated, the Ships A.I had out played him, he had all the power here, even when the ship was ******** out giant globules of spam instead of sleek attack crafts,he was reduced to fuming about his own short comings. Anger welled out of every pore of his essences, an force inside his mind was screaming, screaming to be released, promising that everything would be alright if he just let go. . . . NO! he couldn't do that. memories of his past in the Vigilance academy came streaming back, his mentors beating it into that he can never let go, he could not loose control, the line between him and the ABC scum would surely blur and his presence would no longer advance the goals of the Empire. He must resist it.

If Fury's mind was no longer needed on the bridge, he was surely going to prove that his muscle was still of use to the Vigilance. With that, Fury slowly crept towards the lines of the ABC, he would repel the scum from his lords ship, regain Odivaykaars favor and once again stand at his side.

24-07-2005, 18:58
Grey paused midstride with a look of confusion covering his face. For some reason when the lights flashed at him for the last time his view had been lowered by a foot or so. He snarled and flexed his fist to unsheathe and power up his lightning claws. There was a distinct lack of crackling power and smell of burnt stale air. Looking down to investigate Grey noticed a distinct lack of lightning claws and for that matter terminator armour.

Should have guessed by the sudden draft really. Grey grumbled as he scanned around him for his terminator armour. Luckily for the marine the contrived plot devic-erm-ship's teleporter had only moved him a couple of metres away from his armour and had left him intact. Unlike rear end of a badger trooper that dropped down in front of him. Grey quickly made his way back to the immobile suit of armour and removed his staff from its belt before going to work on climbing back into his armour.

He hit the floor like a sack of genetically enhanced potatoes. This time his armour had been teleported completely out of sight. Well this could make things a little trickier. Grey muttered to himself in a moment of such blatant foreshadowing that the 4th wall began to buckle. As if it was ever that strong in the ABC thread to begin with…

None the less risking life, limb and what remains of artistic credibility Grey continued to follow Fury’s scent trail. It was getting stronger and even from this distance Grey could tell the werewolf was getting angry. Good, an angry werewolf was a careless werewolf. It was also stronger, faster and more determined as well but that was nothing Grey hadn’t dealt with before. Of course on those occasions he had been decked out in full power armour and Fury was acting like a wild animal. In this confrontation Fury would have access to his genius level intelligence and Grey’s armour consisted of a slightly smelly jockstrap.

As if the fates were listening the random ship teleportation deposited an extra layer of armour in front of Grey.

What is that all I’m getting!? The marine shouted at nothing specific as he picked up the armour. One bright pink, yellow spotted codpiece is all the armour you’re giving me!? Grey sighed and attacked the codpiece to his jockstrap anyway as the depressing thought crossed his mind that Fury now had something to strap more bombs to.

02-08-2005, 07:47
Fury's anger was driving him towards Grey, but luckily Fury's urge to control his anger and to show his use to Odivaykaar overrode the anger for long enough for a quick visit to the armory. Fury's mind was reeling from calculation, from the various breaking stresses of the manthings armor, the best mounting positions of the remote grenade launchers to obtain optimum coverage with maximum concealment.

As the list continued to unfurl within Fury's mind as his body took over, walking him down a long corridor to an intersection point, The ships sensors had indicated that the possibility that grey would come down this corridor was 99.93%.

“Those odds will have to do” Fury muttered to himself as he removed several panels and mounted the launchers, wiring them up through the ships circuitry, bypassing the central computer core and relaying it remotely to Fury's bionic arm's internal computer.

“Right.” Fury sighed as he placed the panels back over the launchers, they would fall off and not impede the grenades when they were fired, but hopefully, they would offer enough concealment to get Grey off his guard.

The trek back to the room Fury hoped to confront Grey in took longer that Fury had hoped. Fury had taken the precautions of manually sealing every bulkhead except the ones which lead Grey to him. He had also tapped into the ships power core, removed several safeguard protocols and earthed most of the wiring into one lone passageway, in effect causing the room to become electrified.

“Now all I have to do is wait.” With a few traps set, and a few more toys stashed around the room, Fury was just waiting for his opponent to arrive.


Athena was now skipping blissfully along the digital pathways of the ancient badger vessel. The AI had been contained, her various little systems had told her the ship was now once again untainted by any hostile presence who wished to rip away her reality.

Athena, being an extremely powerful AI had the natural ability to multi task to the highest degree, so explaining everything she did when she reclaimed her digital throne would be quite an arduous process, but the most important things funnily enough coincided with her lust for power. She had already applied her logic filter to the ships construction engines, but she hadn't ordered their activation again, in fact she had put a rather large encryption on them, so hopefully she was the only one would could start them up again. Although she wanted power fast, the more important thing to Athena was for her power to look good, and these warships that were going to be produced where simply not pretty enough. . . some serious redesigning needed to be done.

As Athena was busy redesigning the warships that would soon be produced, you know adding the frills so to speak, she say another thing which caught her eye. . . “Oooh, an Avatar, I could really do with one of those. . .”

And as soon as she said that, the ship began to alter its design codes, wiping clean the old Avatar's specifications and began to compile the image of the Avatar of Athena.

02-08-2005, 21:03
The weakened badger trooper hit the wall with a loud metallic thump as Abramo slammed him against it, holding the badger by the fur on where it's collar would have been. The suit, on detecting that it's host was beyond sufficient strength, had melted away into the twisted gutters in the hallway and left the badger naked and vulnerable from it's injuries. He let it slump down a bit before giving it a hard punch to the side of it's muzzle, a few sharp fangs flying to the side and a whimper of pain. He let rip with another one again, this time harder and blood began trickling from the side of it's mouth as it weakly struggled.

"Perhaps you didn't get the message" he said, a thrid blow under it's chin causing the badger trooper's head to snap back and Abramo held it there, digging his fingernails into it's throat. "I asked you where are we and to take us to the bridge, but what do you do?" The badger weakly mumbled an incomprehensible string of words. "Exactly that" replied Abramo, a knee coming up to meet the badger's crotch before letting go and allowing it to slump to the floor in a furry heap.

"Aren't you being a little...rough?" asked the Tech-Priest. "Surely we need him alive?"

"He will stay alive once he gives us something that we can understand" replied Abramo, putting his boot on the side of the badger's head and putting his weight down on it. He was being a pretty vicious bastard, but he knew that no-one was watching, just the other two who were with him and would probably not say anything anyway. The badger muttered something he couldn't understand again, forcing him to push harder.

"You do know they speak Badger. A language you are probably not familiar with" stated the tech-priest. "Therefore he won't give us any useable information."

"Well, we can find a use for him as a shield or something. Sergeant, pass me some wire." He took it from the Imperial squad leader and used it to bind the badger's hands behind his back and round his body so he couldn't move them at all. "And if he tries anything at all, we shoot him in the head. Got it?"

Both of the others nodded grimly. Having an elite member of the badger army running amok, even bound and armourless, was not a prospect to be too keen on. They were interrupted however as a series of lights began flashing and a bulkhead further down the corridor began to lower to the sound of a low klaxon.

"****! Run!" shouted the sergeant. "If that door closes we will be trapped here with that fire. Come on!"

The trio bolted for the bulkhead door, roughly dragging their prisoner accross the floor. The tech priest was through first, followed by Abramo. The sergeant however was less fortunate as the badger tripped him up and bolted to make his escape. He fell and hit his head, laying accross the path of the huge metal door as it lowered itself down. Abramo grabbed the badger by the scruff, kicking his feet out from under him and pushing the unfortunate creature to the floor as the Tech-priest dragged the half concious sergeant from the door's path.

"You think I'm not serious huh?" Abramo said angrily as he kneeled with one knee on the badger's neck and pushed him along so his head was directly under the almost lowered door. It squirmed under him, trying to escape but unable to get out of Abramo's iron grip. The door continued lowering, touching the tip of the creature's ears. "If you so much as try that again, I will give you a fate far ********** worse than a bulkhead in your face you hear?" snarled the ganger as he pulled the badger back at the last minute. The doors shut with a loud clang right in front of it's nose and it sat there shaking like a coward.

"Well, thats a pretty poor fire suppression system if it is that slow" said the tech-priest, looking around at the various bits of technology on the walls.

"What if it wasn't? Perfect way to kill us isn't it?" piped up the sergeant who took the quivering badger from Abramo. "Either way we should make haste, there is an intersection over there that leads to that corridor, maybe furball here knows the what direction to take." He pointed about 500 yards down the corridor to where the walls appeared more silvery with a grating along the floor.

"Let the furball go first" said Abramo raising his Autopistol as the others rose their guns, the sergeant choosing to use his hellpistol and keep his rifle slung over his back. "I have a funny feeling that wasn't our trap. At least not yet."

14-08-2005, 11:18

They sprinted up the corridor at a breathless unsavoury pace, especially for GG who plodded behind like a clumsy golem.

‘Nearly there’ Kiao, who was scurrying low and up front, said.

‘Bout bloody time’ Grimmy moaned. ‘Been at least five minutes since I smashed something.’

The lights flickered and then stabilised again. Doors down adjoining corridors opened and then shut, the gravity plating threatened to increase theIr wait ten fold for split seconds before being restored to an uneasy norm.
Leviathan knew.
There was no doubt about it. This ship was at war with itself. There was a battle somewhere deep within hidden circuitry and unseen systems.
He knew the signs of war, whatever form it took.

Just as they rounded a last corner and the group spied a large sealed doorway at the end of this new, stretching corridor there was a sudden and unseen threat to greet them.

Laser fire streaked out of nowhere, Kiao let out a surprised whelp as the deadly beam narrowly missed his small frame.
They quickly shuffled back behind the corner as more fire was thrown their way.

‘Defence turrets?’ Nexus questioned as they huddled in the safety of the adjoining passage.

‘I didn’t see any.’ Leviathan responded before cautiously dipping half a head into the danger of the intersecting hallway.
He barely got a glimpse before more caustic seams of searing light were beamed in his direction. He quickly returned his head to the relative safety where the others crouched cautiously.

‘Well?’ GG mumbled.

Depite the fraction of a glimpse Leviathan had gotten, he knew what he had seen: Nothing.

‘There’s nothing visible there. Whatever it is must have some sort of advanced camouflage.’

As one they dipped round the corner and fired blindly before retreating back, their shots intended to stop the advance of the invisible menace.

The air sizzled as this time electrified bolts accompanied their retreat. Kiao’s fur prickled with the touch of static.

‘Whatever it is, it’s packing a lot of ordinance.’ Leviathan commented.

More bolts, this time larger, spun their way from the passageway and rebounded harmlessly off the facing wall of their corridor. Leviathan felt a sharp tingle as he was mildly electrocuted by the blast.

‘It’s trying to flush us out’ Nexus noted just before they quickly dared another round of pinning fire.

The air buzzed excitedly with the arrival of more bolts.

‘This is bloody great. Just how the hell do we get killy on something we can’t zoggin’ see?’ Grimskull moaned, tiny arcs of electricity sparking around the jagged angles of his armour.

‘I’ll tell you how.’ Nexus grinned and reached for something off his belt. Moments later he clutched every form of explosive he had on his personage. ‘We blow the bloody thing to hell.’

Leviathan frowned and said ‘This might not be enough.’

‘Then why don’t we make sure?’ Nexus countered. ‘Everyone put everything you got into this.’

GG grinned happily and he threw in an array of stick bombs and crude orkish explosives, obviously excited at the idea of another large explosion.

Leviathan sighed. It was the old ‘lets blow stuff up’ scenario again.
He relented without further objection and handed what frag and krak grenades he had left to nexus who had removed one of his equipment harnesses and was routinely clipping the stock load of high explosives to it.

By the time he had finished the harness dangled grenades like a keychain and its many pouches were stuffed full with all kinds of C4, gunpowder, ammunition clips and anything that would potentially burn.

Nexus dangled the harness like a prize catch of the day.

‘That’s enough damn explosive to take out the corridor. You could block it.’ The Exquisitor tried to inject better judgement into Nexus but he had a strong and healthy resistance to the stuff.

He was too busy grinning to even answer.

Leviathan simply shook his head and said. ‘I think we better run now.’

As one they sprinted from the direction of the eminent blast as Nex pulled the pins on afew of the grenades and hurled the belt down the offending passage before joining the jest of his group in retreat.
They ran.

Nexus laughed manically.
Kiao covered his delicate ears.
Leviathan scrunched his eyes shut.
GG munched on squigletts.

Seconds later the floor shook, heralding the blossoming of an explosion.

Inquisitor Mikarovic
19-09-2005, 09:55
The light slapping of a pair of female's shoes crescendoed toward Mikarovic's door at a sprinting pace. The door burst open and an ever-curious-looking Kasumi briskly ran to the Inquisitor's table, behind which he sat quite un-inquisitorially with his crossed legs on the table, casually reading a dataslate.

"What was that?" She panted, leaning on the desk.

"As the brainless denizens of a horridly educated society would say..." Responded Mikarovic, not looking at his dear Acolyte; "What was what?"

"You didn't feel it?"

"I felt the souls of three Eldar being torn from their waystones and subjected to an excruciating eternity of miscomfort at the hands of the entity they so blunderingly created, which gave me a gargantuan hard-on the size to split a woman in twain, but I doubt this is what you're refering to."

This is where the conversaion used to veer so far off track it ended up on a different plane of existance, but lately the girl had learned to give only an immensely confused look at what her mentor said, shake her head quickly, and soldier on with her point.
"The universe just stood still."

"Uh huh." Said an unconvinced Inquisitor Lord, still reading the dataslate, "And Dan Abnett's created a First and Only character I'd actually give a **** about."

"No! it really happened!" Insisted the girl, "It's as though the cosmos stood still; like the base fabric that binds reality and perpetuates it went off to play some retarded computer game for a few months."

"You're making **** up, Kas." Came the peculiarly euphamistic response.

"Who... or what would do something like this?" Cogitated a wistful Kasumi, ignoring the nay-saying of her master, "Create a cosmos, an entire reality, only to neglect it so casually, no matter how dire or dark."

Both Kasumi and Mikarovic slowly turned their heads in unison to look at us. Not just any one individual who may be more to blame for the lapse in time than anyone else, but each and every one of us equally. You, you, even you. Maybe even me.

Both looked back at eachother and Mikarovic shrugged it off.
"What are going to do about it? Best have faith in our vegitative demi-god and pray it never happens again..."

16-11-2005, 01:27
“The charges have been set Lord Inquisitor.”

“Good, commence with the evacuation. We have done all that we can hope to do at this moment.”

* * * * *

Grey had long given up following his nose. The last five intersections had all put one of the bulk heads closed and even the stubborn space wolf could take that type of hint. He still kept all his senses on high alert, wary of traps since traitors weren’t known for competing in fair one on one fights. On cue two panels ahead of Grey dropped to the floor and two disturbingly familiar round objects were flung towards Grey.

I knew it! The dirty rotten… snarling insults on Fury’s honour, fighting ability’s, mother and ability to keep goldfish alive for more than a week Grey threw himself forward underneath the balls of death. As he went into a roll he heard the grenades bounce once off the floor and then explode, he guessed Fury had set the fuses to explode in his face had he not moved. The near nude space wolf’s reactions which were more active than an ADHD kid on speed laced pixie sticks had allowed him to avoid the blast with little more than a few cuts on his surprisingly unscarred backside. Needless to say the grenade launchers were made short work of, although with more vigour that was needed which lead to more time being lost making sure the guns were dead than was caused by the guns actually firing. A small part of Grey tried to point out that perhaps that had been Fury’s plan all along but it was shouted down by his animal rage and need for vengeance.

Rage heightened by nearly being blown up caused Grey to come close to impaling Abramo and Malachai as they entered the intersection ahead of him. More time was lost as the pair tried to grasp the concept of a hairy space marine in a bright pink cod piece with yellow spots.

“I did not need that image…”

“I’m definitely getting my hard drive cleaned after this…”

If this is the worst thing you ever see you should feel lucky. Grey grumbled.

It was his fourth step that brought him into contact with Fury’s electrified hallway. Grey roared in pain as his multitude of hairs stood on end and the sole of his foot was slowly grilled.

* * * * *

The quadruplet coughed and spluttered on the centuries worth of dust that had been dislodged by Nex’s demolition attempt.

“Think we got him?” Nex asked, the joy in his voice at producing a large bang in an enemy vessel beating to death and burying and hint of worry that what ever had been shooting at them had survived.

“I hope not. I’m getting tired of all the bad guys blowing up before I get to hit them properly.” GG complained while opening and closing Mr Krunch in a bored manner.

“So long as Nex hasn’t blocked the corridor to the bridge we should find some non-combustible badgers there.” Lev noticed his criticism had been wholly ignored by Nex. The ex-navy man sighed, there wasn’t much you could do to get past the ‘ohhhh big boom’ centres of the average ABC elite’s brain to get to any rational areas. He often wondered if there were any rational areas of their brains anyway. He looked down at Kiao who had been turned gunmetal grey from all the dust that was clinging to the young pup’s fur. “You ok?”

“No thanks to you humans.” Kiao almost spat out, the word ‘human’ sounding like the worst insult he could imagine. At the present time it probably was too.

“I know what you mean, they always get in the way in a proper fight or just use you as though you are some sort of expendable shield just cause you were sensible enough to bring some armour.” GG shovelled another handful of squiglets into his maw and was pointedly ignored by everyone present as they jogged back towards the corridor now that the dust was settling enough to see through. “And when there isn’t any danger the zoggas are always leaving you behind!” The ork grumbled as he tried his best to keep up.

* * * * *

Athena spent some time on the design for her avatar. It quickly occurred to her that she wasn’t entirely sure how she was meant to look, Fury had never uploaded and specifications for a physical appearance, having spent more time blowing stuff up. If it wasn’t for her soaps she may not have known what a female human looked like as it occurred to her that the ABC was a very male dominated arena. If she had more time and a decent connection she might have scanned the ILN’s list of hottest women for some inspiration. As it was Athena decided to make do with superior aesthetic taste and design abilities.

Long legs, she wasn’t going to have anyone looking down on her!
A waist a bit thicker than a Barbie’s, would be embarrassing to break in half in a stiff breeze.

Some muscles on the arms, but not butch. Just enough to show she could take care of herself. Not that actual muscle size had too much bearing judging from the specs of the artificial muscles, she would still be a strength match for a space marine if she needed to be.

An averaged sized bosom, she wanted to men to respect her other attributes and knew how easily distracted the men got.

Long silver hair, would make her stand out from human girls and allowed her the options to change the style later.

A few more small tweaks and the design looked almost perfect. She could always create a new body later if she wanted a completely different look anyway but it was never good to provide a poor first impression. With the flick of a virtual switch Athena started the production process and moved what could best be described as her main consciousness into her new body.

She flicked open her eyelids, a new experience in itself, and let her artificial eyes quickly adapt to the light of her surroundings. His first sight was of a room full of heavily armed badgers and the first thing she heard was “It’s the alien AI! Fire!”

And then she was completely back inside The Warmaker’s computer hub.

“Well that was rude.” She flustered while making a few alterations to her avatar.

* * * * *

The explosion outside the bridge drew the attention of the elite vigilance troops who as one raised their rifles to cover the only door onto the bridge. The door remained intact and Odivaykaar realised the explosion had come from further down the corridor. That was still disturbingly close considering none of his troops would have actively caused that much damage to the ship, for their own sakes they had better not have.

A flash of light in the corner of the bridge drew Odivaykaar and his troop’s attention away from the door. Had Warmaker regained control of his body and made himself a new avatar? That would certainly help cleanse his prize of this alien filth. It was painfully apparent that was not the case the instant the avatar stepped out of the construction unit, not unless Warmaker was having some serious identity issues.

“It’s the alien AI! Fire!” Odivaykaar ordered and the humanoid construct disappeared in a flash of green fire as quickly as it had appeared.

“Sir, we have lost control of this ship! The enemy are at the gates and have taken the computer! We must retre-“

“I will not give up the Empire’s prize to its enemy’s so easily.” Odivaykaar lowered his smoking pistol as the lifeless body of one of his former guards dropped to the ground. “Does anyone else wish to question my decision?” The other troops silently took up defensive positions facing the bridge door and construction unit.

* * * * *

[to be continued]

16-11-2005, 01:29

Overcoming any natural human disgust Malachai may have had about touching the smelly biologically enhanced oaf the tech-priest dragged Grey off the impromptu electric grill, cybernetic implants neutralising and physical danger.

Thank you. Grey panted as he tried to regain his composure without putting any weight on his right foot.

“My pleasure… this is very interesting though. It does not appear to be part of the original defences.” The tech-priest mussed while studding the booby trapped section of corridor.

“Anyway around it?” Abramo queried, trying to ignore the smell of singed hair and flesh Grey no exuded. Malachai ignored the question and simply looked at the corridor section for several minutes. Grey was about to poke him to make sure he hadn’t dozed off or gone into a standby mode when Malachai suddenly moved purposely to a section of corridor wall and removed it to reveal a selection of wires and cabling which must have pervaded the entire ship. Without a moments pause one of the cables had been pulled out.

“That should have dealt with the problem.” Malachai waved a hand almost smugly down the corridor.

“Only one way to be sure.” Abramo commented before kicking the badger prisoner firmly on the rump to send him flying down the corridor. With a mix of relief and mild dissatisfaction the badger stubbornly refused to become a barbequed steak. The badger was very relieved by this until it felt the prod of gun barrel in the back of his neck. He briefly considered if electrocution would have been a merciful end to his embarrassing capture.

Grey ran past the fallen badger, ignoring the pain in his feet. Fury’s scent was very strong now, just one more corner to go. Rage was bubbling up from the depths of his psyche now over riding any thoughts of caution, he didn’t care if the traitor had organised anymore traps they would not slow retribution anymore. He reminded himself of the promise he had made, no talk or hesitation, just vengeance.

When he turned the corner Fury was leaning against the wall in plain view, the grin he worn evidence enough that Grey wasn’t the only one looking forward to this fight.

“Have the Space Wolves really cut back on their budget?” Fury sneered as he dove forward under Grey’s first furious swing of his staff. “Not in the talkative mood then?” Fury chuckled while rolling to his feet, he was not accustomed to being the saner of participants in a fight. It was surprisingly satisfying to let your opponent do most of the work. Almost effortlessly Fury caught the glowing tip of Grey’s staff with a black bionic claw as it flew towards his smug canine features. Reaching past the space marine’s guard Fury clamped a claw around Grey’s well muscled neck. For a moment their eyes met and each combatant recognised the contempt and anger in their opponent’s eye’s which they knew themselves radiated. The non-verbal exchange lasted just as long as it took for Fury to throw Grey across the room. Even without his armour Grey left a dent in the wall he hit.

You will die for your treachery vermin!

“Yeah, yeah I’m sure.” Fury chuckled as he leaned behind one of the consoles that were dotted around the room and pulled out a pistol form of the vigilance’s acidic rifles. “Now dance for me old man!”

* * * * *

“Oh look, the door to the bridge has a high strength blast door with a lock that is completely impossible to pick. Well that’s ok, we’ll just use some high powered explosives to blow it down. But that’s right, in a flash of genius we used all our explosives trying to tear a hole in a random corridor!” Kiao snarled at Nex. That at least answered the question of badgers being aware of sarcasm.

“I didn’t think we’d need any. Usually we catch them off guard and by surprise or they actually want to fight us to get rid of us. Or something comes along and opens the door.” Nex replied, perplexed as to why the little badger was so stressed about one locked door. At least the door wasn’t shooting at them.

“I’d really like to say that’s the most stupid thing I’ve heard but I’ve already spent too much time around you humans for that to be true.”

Just then something came along and opened the door for them.

* * * * *

The acidic bolts burnt the air as they flew towards Grey’s feet. The damn creature is playing with me! Grey thought while propelling himself into cover behind a computer console. Sparks flew out of it as shots impacted with the metal covering and quickly melted through to the recently reactivated wiring behind. Grey put his shoulder against the console and roared in anger as he began to push it towards Fury’s position. He could feel heat through the casing as the inner workings of the console caught fire. Even without the enhanced strength of his armour Grey managed to pick up enough speed to send the console flying at Fury. The werewolf dodged to the side at the last second and was surprised to still feel the impact of something large and heavy.

Grey wrenched the pistol out of Fury’s surprised grip and flung it across the room with one hand, his other hand pummelled the side of Fury’s head. The sound of cracking bone punctuated Fury’s elbow strike that pushed the infuriated space marine back long enough for Fury to gain his bearings. Grey came back quickly, ignoring the pain flaring in his chest, he’d suffered broken ribs it wasn’t anything major to a marine nevertheless his attacks were sluggish and easily anticipated. Once again Grey began an airborne trip across the room finishing with a shattering landing in a console.

The stars and sparks had barely cleared from his eyes when Fury landed on his chest and began slamming his head against the metal frame of the console. Struggling to overcome the anguish of repeated blows to the cranium Grey lashed out and felt the satisfying sensation of breaking bone. Fury reared up in indignation and prepared to deliver a potentially fatal blow with his bionic arm. In a fit of desperation very unbecoming of a Space Wolf Grey found his hand fumbling in the wreckage around him and clinging onto something. As Fury’s matt black fist came down Grey’s fist rose with a sparking cable in its grip. As the end made contact with Fury’s bionic armpit there was an explosion of lightning that threw the lycanthrope up and away across the room and Grey’s vision was once again obscured by stars.

* * * * *

The explosion of lightning threw the vigilance solider off his feet and into the second squad behind him. If he had survived he would have had stars obscuring his vision, as it was his eyes just quietly melted out of their sockets.

“Maybe that will treat you some manners.” Athena’s new avatar tuted as she lowered her smoking hand.

“Quickly, fire on it!” Odivaykaar roared, this respawning avatar could become a nuisance. After this one had been dealt with he would have charges laid around the area they were being produced and hopefully put a stop to the inconvenience. The fire from his troopers was not having the desired effect however and kept hitting an invisible force field around the human AI avatar.

“You just don’t know how to behave now do you.” Athena shook her head and reversed the gravity on the bridge causing everyone to fall up to the ceiling. “You should really learn to listen to what a lady wants.” She chastised the confused badgers as she looked up at them, feet firmly magnetically set on the floor, before returning gravity to its excepted norm and opening the bridge door.
Nex, Kaio, Lev and GG looked through the ship’s portal with curiosity. Instead of several squads of badgers with guns raised and prepared to fire at them as they had come to expect there were several squads of badgers lying on the floor clutching their chests. What was even more striking was the tall silver haired woman with a smile that didn’t appear cold or aggressive but just gave the disturbing hit that the owner was contemplating how to redecorated your bedroom with high explosives. It took a moment but Nex, Lev and GG soon realised who the smile reminded them of, it was Fury just before he’d try and show them his newest invention. Try being the operative word since even GG was smart enough to put a minimum safe distance between himself and one of Fury’s “toys”.

“Hello boys, nice to see you here. Sorry to keep you waiting but I’ve had some troubles with house guests that simply refuse to leave.” Athena cheerfully told them.

“Aren’t you a bit tall for a badger AI?” Lev queried as the group walked into the bridge and moved their weapons to cover any badgers who looked stupid enough to try and fight at the moment.

“Silly, it’s me Athena. I am now the AI of Warmaker. I know it’s a bit drab at the moment but I have great plans for this place. Velvet drapes for example. Furnishings fit for a goddess.”

“Great, because she didn’t have a god complex before.” Nex grumbled.

“Oh it’s not a complex. I am the goddess of this ship, every aspect of its function is under my whim. Production, defences, life-support…”

“Is it me or is the air getting a bit thin in here?” Nex asked peering suspiciously at a nearby vent.

“Hmm? It’s just you. Yes there is nothing on this ship that escapes my notice.”

Everyone except Athena who was standing was thrown to their feet as the entire ship was rocked by an explosion. The lack of sound implied it was some distance away.

“Wonder what that was.” Athena mussed with some concern.

* * * * *

[to be continued]

16-11-2005, 01:30

The shaking of the ship nearly deposited Grey back into the sparking remains of the console behind him. He didn’t have time to worry about that now though there was still a more immediate threat that needed his attention. Pulling his fallen staff from the wreckage, briefly shamed that in his rage he had forgotten to even draw it, he attempted to stomp over to Fury’s smouldering body. When his knee gave way under him Grey decided that a slower stumble would have to do.

The room was beginning to fill with the familiar smell of burnt fur but even so Grey was surprised that Fury had not risen yet. His former friend had taken much worse before and continued to fight. Clearly another underhanded and dishonourable trick. Well Grey had a few tricks of his own too. Just over a meter away from Fury’s prone form Grey leapt forward and impaled the glowing tip of his staff through the ex-ABC’er’s shoulder before Fury could move and complete whatever trick he had planned. Grey quickly pulled his staff out of the werewolf’s flesh and plunged it back down into the other shoulder. By the fourth such attack Grey released that Fury still hadn’t moved.

“The feedback from his bionic when it was damaged must have been too much for his nervous system.” Malachai commented as he, Abramo and their badger hostage walked out of the room’s doorway.

He is dead then? Grey asked, surprised at the feelings of remorse and loss that briefly flittered across his mind.

Malachai paused briefly as he looked Fury up and down before shaking his head. “No there is still ample heart, lung and brain activity to suggest he is still alive. He is no longer our major concern, we must leave this vessel quickly.”

“What’s the rush?” Abramo asked, a feeling of foreboding implied he would not like the answer.

“For an explosion to rock the ship as that previous one did,” the tech-priest paused as another explosion rattled the ship and its occupants, “and that example would have to either be very large or very precisely placed. Either way it is highly likely the intention is to blow up this vessel.”

Best get going then. Grey stated the obvious while tearing a thick cable from a console to restrain Fury. He wasn’t sure exactly why but he knew this wasn’t a satisfying ending to his feud with Fury. Malachai watched Grey pick up Fury then looked over at Abramo and his badger hostage.

“Don’t I get a souvenir?” He asked curiously.

* * * * *

“Who is it that is trying to blow up my ship!” Athena shouted in an outburst sudden enough filled with enough suppress violence to cause even GG to run for cover.

“Well what do you expect? It wouldn’t be a complete ABC mission if we didn’t some how manage to blow up the badger’s base before we left.” Nex pointed out while standing next to a column that looked reassuringly thick AI resistant.

++Exactly my feelings on the matter. A great ABC tradition if you will. And I am such a stickler for tradition.++

“Koun?” Lev was surprised to hear the old Inquisitor’s voice in his comm. bead. “You’re blowing up the badger vessel?”

++I can not take all the credit, my colleagues provided a lot of assistance. You are correct in the general sense though. I felt it would be prudent to prevent the vessel falling into badger hands.++

“But it hadn’t! It had fallen into my well manicured hands! Stop breaking my new toy!”

++Alas I was unaware of your attempts to take over the ship my dear lady. Rest assured had I known I would not have started the irreversible process that will render this ship irretrievably decommissioned in… 20 minutes now I believe. I suggest you all depart now.++

“I like that suggestion. Where is the nearest exit?” Nex looked hopefully at Athena.

“What about these badgers?” Kiao asked, it was clear he did not like seeing his kind in distress. Lev sighed, he knew his next words would not help bridge the gap between himself and the youth.
“We will have to leave them. There is no way to get them and us to safety. Besides they are soldiers who wouldn’t have hesitated to shoot us if they could.”

“What about this female? She isn’t dressed like the others and doesn’t carry any weapons.”

“Why has the ABC suddenly turned into an animal sanctuary?” Athena sighed as she effortlessly picked up the frail badger and almost glide past the others. “I don’t like it but I guess we had best abandon ship. It just seems careless to lose two bodies in one day.”

The group quickly followed Athena off the bridge towards the nearest escape pods. As she lead the group Athena sent part of her consciousness through the ship to check for other survivors and started changing the outputs for various screens around the ship to show any ABC’ers the quickest way off the ship. As she did so a familiar sight caught her virtual eye and caused her to take a quintuple take (when your mind works as fast as Athena’s you can afford such extravagances), it was her puppy Fury! She had finally found him. Well technically Grey had found him since he was carrying him off the ship but who carried about such technicalities. He was alive! Perhaps she could get over the loss of her ship after all, not like it was really irreplaceable anyway…

* * * * *

Odivaykaar struggled to his feet. Where had his plan gone wrong? He had it all in the palm of his hand and events had bitten off his finger and run away with his watch. The damnable ABC had done it again. Whenever he read the reports part of him had always assumed the commanders were just incompetents for allowing such a small ragtag group to undermine them. But now he had received the brunt of one of their assaults he was beginning to reconsider his standpoint.

He pulled a data cube from the main bridge console and quickly exited the bridge, heading back to his own ship. The expedition would not be a complete loss however.

* * * * *

On The Bloody Rose the ship’s crew steered the battle barge away from the space borne factory as it slowly blossomed from hundreds of carefully placed charges on key structure points. There was a serene pause as the ship huge in the calm of the swirling nebula around it. Koun looked out from his position and calmly waited for the helm to acknowledge they were a safe enough distance away and all escape pods were recovered and safely stored.

“Sir, 5 vessels are approaching us at speed from the Warmaker.” A serf at the sensor controls informed Inquisitor Koun.

++And if you so much as scratch the exquisite paint work of any of my ships and I shall your Inquisitorial seal and ram it so hard up you-++

“Yes thank you Miss Athena, I understand.” Koun cut in, not even glancing away from the main pic screen.

“All escape pods report safe distance reached Sir. Mr Nexus reports disappointment that he didn’t get to rid on the bow wave of the explosion Sir.”

“You can’t please everyone young man. Very well initiate the final explosive sequence.”

A second after the command was given several devices simultaneously overloaded Warmaker’s numerous engines and generators and detonated them own payload in the larger engine areas. The resulting synchronised explosions ripped through the interior of the ship desperate to find a way out and spread their legs. In energetic frustration pressure build up on the walls of the ship and the surgically weakened support structures were cracked, splintered and torn asunder. Each small section of Warmaker was ripped apart as it was propelled at astronomical speeds away from the whole. Secondary explosions in ammunition and fuel repositories only aided in reducing the once great ship to rubble.

Without any emotion or comment on the destruction stemming from his simple words Koun gave one final order before retiring to his quarters.

“Retrieve the members of the boarding mission and take us back to HQ.”

25-11-2005, 18:03

Leviathan let out a gasp of chilled air as he watched the mighty vessel disintegrate into millions of components; it looked some what like a delicate sea-shell being shattered into thousands of shards- the vast and incomprehensible size of the ship confusing his sense of scale beneath the diffuse backdrop.
At its passing the nebula seemed to calm significantly, the thorn of an uncomfortable secret laid in its belly for countless millennia now gone, seemingly soothing its twitching wrath. As a result- their ride out on The Bloody Rose was a lot more sedate than it had been on their entrance.

The Exquisitor turned away from the observation port and back out of the opposite window that peered down upon a private medical ward where a new patient was being kept away from the other recently wounded.

Who she was Leviathan had no idea, but he had an underlying feeling that she had been at the centre of all this, that somehow- she had been the one, the key and the crux to what had just conspired. She lay sleeping, not in any life threatening danger but her mind in a coma- as far as the imperial doctors, with their lack of knowledge on badger physiology, could tell.
Kiao sat by her bed-side. He had been enthralled the moment he had found her prone and injured on the bridge. Guards stood and watched blankly as he sat and waited for her to awake. Leviathan hoped that she would, more than the need for answers she could supply he felt inside that it would be good for Kiao if she did survive, familiar faces and all.

He paced the length of the room and spied down into the adjacent care unit where Fury lay unconscious and heavily restrained. Leviathan had no idea what those bastards had done to him but what he did know was that they had not won the wolf back yet.

His mind had been stolen, twisted and bent by the will of the Vigilance and that meant it would be a long and hard road to recovery for the ABCer. Maybe he would never be the same again- they would have to see.

The exhausted human took a step back and glanced down at both the rooms together.

It was strange- he wondered, how the fate of millions, billions perhaps trillions could rest upon the importance of individuals; how one could influence many- the delicate sea-saw of fate swooning and uncertain, the scales ready to tip and spill on the decisions of a single entity.

He turned again and watched the burning fragments fade through layers of thickening cloud.
Yes. One can make all the difference, he thought.


Fragments burned, plasma scalded the sky and battered husks tumbled away in all directions, vectors clogged with debris in a cloud of waste so vast it was more like an asteroid field than the graveyard of a ship. The bones of the past spun in space, dead as ashes on the wind, embers the size of entire buildings scattering into diffusion and disarray.

Not all was dead though.

As one piece floats by something stirs- spider like it clings to its new habitat and scuttles across the surface of the fragment, seemingly examining every burnt nook and charred cranny.

It looks out onto the vast debris field with burning blue electrical eyes inlaid into the hollow sockets of a skull.

Azizhirikhill lets out a harmonic rasp. A mechanical mimic that is laughter.

It did not matter that no one could hear it in soundless space.

27-11-2005, 14:48
"So, what are you going to do with it? I'm suprised that they even let us bring it on the ship, let alone keep it alive." Abramo shrugged as they looked at their prisoner, tied up by lengths of cable that Grey had torn out of one of the teleport grids much to Malachai's disgust. Particularly when the poor Stormtrooper Sergeant that had joined them materialised as a giant 30ft rampaging chicken that even Grey was struggling with. 100% casualty rate in Abramo's bodyguard after all.

I don't know yet, there is still the issue of Fury to attend to. We will think of something.

The pair were stood in a small room designed for storing 'in-transit literature' that kept the crew amused. Flicking through a couple of magazines, Abramo cocked his head and chuckled. "We could do this. Or this. Or even...no not that."

What is that anyway?

"Ummm..." he turned the magazine over and looked at the front. "Methods of the Inquisitor Issue #45565"

Grey raised an eyebrow as he peered over Abramo's shoulder to look at a page. I know the Inquisition gets rather harsh with prisoners but THAT? I wonder if Koun or Mikarovic is into that stuff.

"Wouldn't suprise me. Maybe we could get fluffy here to find out if they have read this issue?"

The pair looked up at the petrified badger prisoner they had picked up, an oil-soaked rag stuffed into his mouth while he was bound and hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the storeroom from a hook. It only made him wriggle nervously as the pair stared at Grey's souvenir.

30-11-2005, 02:58
Grey was more or less right about the neural interference being too much for Fury's body to handle. His subconscious mind along with the various Bionic interfaces had shut down his body until his mind was ready to wake it up.

The question was who would take control of the mind and wake up the body, Old or New Fury?


When everything was safe enough, [by safe enough Athena meant safe enough for her, which was more or less anything as he new body could survive in the vacuum of space, if the rest of the ABC died from something she was supposed to do but didn't she couldn't really be held responsible now could she?] Athena began her crusade to find Fury, it wasn't so much a crusade in the religious sense, but if anyone got in her way, it would certainly end up like a crusade in the bloody, decapitation, fun sense. Her pup was safe, unconscious, which someone was definitely going to get yelled at for, but alive and safe, that was enough for her for now.


Fury's mind still more or less resembled a dark clinical room that the Vigilance Psykers had made, all thoughts and ideas filed away, forms signed in triplicate as is the Vigilance way. Yet, something was not quite right, there was a feeling of wrongness floating around, that made your teeth hurt, the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, and caused much infuriation as you couldn't put your finger on what it exactly was.

In one corner of the room, a pin hole sized hole in the created reality had sprung into existence and Fury's old lifestyle was slowly leaking back in, the sludge of failed ideas, the ideas being born out of chaos, devouring one another to gain attention and hopefully evolving into actual existence, hazy memories of drunken nights filled with male bravado and too much ale. All of it, everything that made Fury, Fury was coming back.


On the other side of Fury's made reality, the Beast waited, it wanted the wind in its face, the coppery taste of blood in its mouth, it wanted to be Free once more.

25-03-2008, 11:34

He blinked and it was there.

It was thin, a black slither wrapped in robes, a blot of black against the oranges and reds of the world.

He forced his vision onto its somehow terrible presence.

A dishevelled looking thing; with fur all varying shades of grey, matted and wiry giving it the appearance of something truly ancient yet still living. A blunt head was all that was visible from its billowing and torn robes with a head-scarf draped across the top of its skull, hanging limply over indifferent and cruel eyes. A gnarled looking staff was clutched close to its skeletal frame by clawed hands that looked drained of all colour amongst clumps of rouge fur.

He was on his knees now, how long had he been on his knees?

The pyre burned, the sky burned, the city burned, everything burned.

He felt the sickening fire from a thousand burning corpses piled high cracking at his back like a wicked whip. He lifted his sweat-stained head, heavy with the heat and noticed his shadow stretching out before him given existence thanks to the unholy inferno.

He found his eyes on the creature again, stood at the summit of his shadow. It glared at the darkness cast by the broken man: uncaring. In that moment he knew that this thing had done this, this monster had burnt the world, burnt everyone except him and why? To cast a shadow?

He watched and felt sanity slip as the scribble of blackness that was the creature stepped into the void that was his shadow….and disappear.


+’Grand Marshall’+

He idly stabbed a finger onto the intercom nestled into a recess of his desk. It was tidy, too tidy: not enough mission briefings, not enough personnel dossiers, recon reports or even status scheduling. Yup, tidy meant boring.

‘Yeah?’ He finally replied.

+’Zeh new recruits are all here. Zhey are waiting in zhe main lobby for you when ready.’+

‘Very well… Thank you Anisha. ‘

The intercom clicked off.

Leviathan stood from behind his overly sized and tidy oaken desk, straightened his navy uniform and strode out of his office.

‘I’ve never missed paperwork so much.’ He muttered to himself.

25-03-2008, 11:37

Some may have questioned the duplicity of having a badger as the receptionist for the Anti Badger Crusade. Fortunately at the same time, this was the ABC and they literally didn’t know the meaning of the word duplicity, or any other word with more than three syllables for that matter.

‘Zeh Grand Marshall shall be here shortly.’ Anisha assured the awaiting rabble before her, either oblivious or completely undaunted by the fact that it was highly armed for a rabble and perhaps nurturing thoughts whether this was some sort of induction test and that the first to dance around the room wearing her skull as a nut cup would perhaps be rewarded with a smiley face on their personal file.

Before any form of cranial – groin interfacing could take place though, Leviathan arrived.

He shielded his eyes slightly as late morning sun glinted in through the enormous glass atrium that was the main lobby, before stepping gratefully into the shade of the 20-foot tall statue of Damien that stood at the centre of the space. About the only thing it was good for he thought – damn thing. It’s not that they all revered Damien, or ‘Our Glorious Founder & Benefactor’ as the inscription below the statue so bluntly put it but the loony had built that damn thing himself…out of cemtex. Leviathan was sure that if they tried moving the bloody monstrosity just an inch that a significant part of the H.Q would end up looking like a piece of very bad abstract sculpture.

Wherever he was now, Leviathan thought, Damien still maintained his reputation as a git.

‘Zhey are ready for your appraizel, Grand Marshall.’ Anisha said in her inexplicably Russian accent as she too sought the shade.

Leviathan could understand the fact why she would not want to be in the bright morning sunlight, being a badger and all, he could not fathom however why in the name of the Emperor’s left testicle she would have a Russian accent- having learned low gothic from both Leviathan and Kiao neither of which harboured anything close to a 20th Century continental prose.

He left the thought alone for a moment as he realised that staring into space was not the best first impression to make on possible new recruits.

‘Very well’ He finally replied. ‘I’ll take it from here…and for the love of our Zombie Messiah will you please call me Leviathan or even better: Lev.’

‘Az you wish, Gran…. Uh…Lev.’

Leviathan shook his head.
She grinned weakly before disappearing to do one of the hundreds of others jobs she had volunteered herself for around the H.Q. Receptionist, P.A, Co Pilot, Engineer, Admin, Secretary, Technician, Navigator, Soldier, Analyst, Rodeo Clown – she’d tried her hand at all of them and the list continued to grow as far as he was aware, which was handy at a time when more personnel were leaving the ABC than ever.
He would have thought she’d come a long way since they rescued her from the bridge of Warmaker three years ago but he had a feeling she was probably just as dedicated in whatever she had done in her post ABC life.

He wished it could have been as easy with Kaio as it had been with her.

Leviathan sighed, straightened his uniform and stepped out of Damien’s shadow.

‘Greetings new applicants.’ He said as cheerfully as he could manage. ‘I am Acting Grand Marshall Leviathan, leader of The Anti Badger Crusade. If you’re here then I’m sure you have had some altercations with the black and white furry menace we know as Badgerdom.’

He rubbed the back of his neck; this speech was getting monotonous these days. Always people coming in, hopeful of fame, glory and adventure- something they were short on these days. Truth be told there had been little to nothing from the Badger Empire in the passed three years – they’d gone quiet, not so much as a border incursion or fleeting engagement, and without badgers to oppose then there was little reason for an Anti Badger Crusade. Having a group of blood thirsty lunatics gallivanting about the galaxy was bad enough but they needed a reason for it, otherwise they’d just look silly…well more silly at least.

‘If you’ll follow me,’ he continued. ‘I will show you to the briefing room where I will assign each of you your daily duties and give you a small seminar on our glorious organization.’ He tried to act the part but after three years his demur wasn’t entirely convincing.

He beckoned them to follow them as he strolled further into the depths of the building. ‘One last thing…’ He added as he walked away. ‘ Don’t ask for milk from the coffee machines…’

25-03-2008, 13:29
"Then I'm throwing dice in the motor pool,
Fury comes up and is, like,
"Hey, I thought I told you..."
And I'm, like, "Yeah, whatever!"
...and then he hit me...through the back wall, and that's where that scar came from."

These days Nex didn't do very much, not that he really ever had done but that's besides the point, what he did do he did with great gusto, nothing more so than telling scar stories with the female members of staff, preferably show and tell.

Alas this was not to be one of those times as the Receptionist of Firing Range 258 giggled and walked away, stopping briefly at the door to adjust her skirt, making sure to draw his attention to the end of scar that disappeared behind it as she did so, before vanishing into the depths of the FARTS building.

Pulling on his shirt Nex wandered back into the Range, he didn't know why 258 had a Receptionist, all the other Ranges were fully automated, but he did know he'd been trying to find out the story of that scar for a good 18 months.

25-03-2008, 19:37

Grey grinned as the delicious words flashed on the screen. Carefully he restrained himself from rocking out too hard, the plastic guitar was not built with a power armoured space marine in mind. Without regular excursions into badger space for looting purposes FARTS could afford to continually replace the controllers. Still even with this in mind Grey still broke a lot of guitars while getting carried away with being a rock star. The general consensus of the ABC HQ was that the expense at replacing guitars was still preferable to letting Grey play Singstar again, and many prayed nightly to any and all gods they could think of that Grey would never discover Rock Band, more physical and fatal steps had also been taken to ensure it.

Bah, missed 100% again. Grey complained as the song finished. He was about to start up another song when a strange scent caught his nose. Ohh, fresh meat. Some real entertainment for a change. Excitedly he trotted off to find the new reciuts, plastic guitar still strapped around him. If he had been in a more respectable establishment he would have been worried about how the sight of a black armoured space wolf with a comically undersized guitar would affect the newcomers.

Luckily he didn't work in a respectable establishment he worked in the ABC.

26-03-2008, 01:57
Deep within the bowels of Q mountain, Fury paced his lab in anticipation. A large machine churned with effort, thick gray smoke billowed out of several smoke stack, lights blinked in all colors of the spectrum.

Fury checked the power levels, the small nuclear generator was moving into the red,. the threat of meltdown and possible destruction of his lab, if not the entire complex was high. . . which, was well, lets be honest, was the norm for any lab within Q.

"Come on, you can do it" With his eyes glued upon the technical feed out, Fury crossed his fingers, even as a man of science he was not above hoping that Lady Luck was smiling down on him.


The machine slowly stopped to shake and the smoke began to disperse. a small hatch opened from the side of the machine, and a offered forth a large polystyrene cup.

"SUCCESS" Fury roared, causing several techniticans to jump and one unfortunate one to collapse from fright.

Picking up the cup, Fury let the delicious aroma waft up to his muzzle, savoring ever tantalizing second of it.

"Congratulations are in order people, after the months of toil we have done it" Fury said, his voice oddly Zen, "We have made the perfect cup of coffee."

Cheer erupted from the staff who were still awake, some for seeing the culmination of their work finally pay off, others simply not the bring the wrath of the Werewolf Quartermaster of Q down upon them.

++Fury, it appears there are new recruits waiting at the Grand Marshals office++ The clinical voice of Fury's personal AI Athena chimed in over the speakers.

Slowly sipping his coffee, Fury smiled and began to take off his once white lab coat "Well I it is time to save these kids before Grey gets his hands on them"

26-03-2008, 06:38
Greg sat in a corner twiddling furtively with his laser pointer. Badgers. Badgers. BADGERS. They'd pay for what they'd done. He'd put Penny down on the table and turned to get himself a coffee, and when he turned around, Penny was gone! And there, tucked away in the background was a tv playing documentary about the mating habits of Taxidea taxus! It was the badgers all along!

He flicked the pointers' beam around the walls. He'd catch them and do things to them. Mildly unpleasant things. Maybe even...somewhat unpleasant things! Oh yes, they would regret messing with Gregory Schadenfreude! He gave a little high pitched giggle and turned to the others. "Hello all."

26-03-2008, 10:36

The room darkened and Leviathan took his place on the raised podium at the head of the large round table that he had lead the new recruits to and invited to sit. The new comers found a surprising variety of seats around the table, for all shapes and sizes. From this simple detail alone it was more than evident that the ABC was no stranger to all sorts of weirdoes.

The Grand Marshall removed a data chip from his pocket and slotted it into the machinery in front of him. The air above the table sprang to life as a booming holographic projection played out. A globe appeared with the slogan ‘ABC: BIG JOBS!’ orbiting it whilst uplifting brass band music played in the background.


Leviathan rubbed his brow as the holo projector prattled on. He had heard the thing too many damn times.

Suddenly his attention was drawn to a blinking light on the console ahead of him, it was the intercom. He stooped closer, as the cyber seminar continued to play, and spoke with a hushed tone into the comm.

‘What is it?’ He asked. ‘In the middle of something here.’

‘Sorry to interrupt Gran….Lev.’ It was Anisha again. ‘…Sorry.’

Leviathan ran a hand through his greying hair. ‘It’s fine.’ He assured half-heartedly. ‘What is it?’

‘It’s Kiao, he wants to speak to you…I…I tried to ask him what its about but he wouldn’t talk to me.’ She said, sounding more than a little disheartened.

‘Okay, okay…Just put him through on this monitor.’ Leviathan peaked his head above the podium to check that the freshly enrolled ABCers were still at least mildly amused by the gratingly up-beat promo.

The small screen before him flickered and the furred features of Kiao came into view. ‘I have something that will interest you.’ He said immediately.

It was just as well that Leviathan hadn’t been expecting any greeting from the young Badger. ‘Please indulge me.’

‘I’m relaying you a set of co-ordinates. Looks like the Council is up to something. They’ve got a base out here running something big.’

‘In Empire Space?’ Leviathan could feel where this was going; it was an old argument he felt he’d played out a hundred times too many.


He sighed. ‘I’ve told you before Kiao if its in Empire space then it’s their business to…’

‘They have Tau.’ He interrupted bluntly.


‘Those grey creatures, I believe you call them Tau, they have that thing on their head that looks like…’

‘I know what a Tau is thank you Kiao.’ The human interjected. ‘I mean why and how do they have Tau.’

‘Looks like they staged some sort of meeting with them, invited the Tau to this planet at the edge of the Empire on the false notion that they were interested in joining the Tau Empire, for the Greater Good or some crap like that.’ The Badger explained his image flickering as the data network struggled to process and relay his message.

‘And they believed them?!’

‘Apparently so. Now the Tau ambassador and his entourage are being held captive.’

‘The Tau won’t just leave the water caste out to dry.’ He grimaced at the bad pun he had just unintentionally made.

The poor humour was lost on Kiao who was still some-what oblivious when it came to human expressions. ‘They didn’t. They dispatched a small task force to retrieve them a few days ago. They failed. Now they’re prisoners of the Council too.’

Leviathan’s brow furrowed. This made no sense. Why were the Badgers suddenly picking fights with the Tau. Three years and they go after a bunch of utilitarian daisy pickers? He felt almost insulted. ‘This doesn’t add up, something’s not right.’

Leviathan caught a chastising look from Kiao across the comms link. ‘You think I’d be contacting you if it wasn’t. ‘

‘I don’t like it.’

The Badgers regal temper boiled once again, something Leviathan had become very, very used to. ‘You don’t have to! Just get off your ass and get over here!’

‘This isn’t our fight.’ He countered calmly.

‘It never is any more is it?!’ The youngster snapped. ‘Perhaps it’s time you stopped being such a coward!’

He closed the comms link before Leviathan could respond.
The Grand Marshall stared at the blank screen, the Badgers words digging deep.


The seminar crackled and died suddenly.

Leviathan gripped the offending data chip with the encoded seminar on it in his hand for a moment before wordlessly tossing it into a trash receptacle in the corner.

‘Time to see what you’re all made of.’ He said. ‘We have a mission to take care of…’


The doors slid open to the surprisingly small and unimpressive bridge of The Apocalypse, small when you considered it was a fully armed and operational battle barge. But then the ship had always been somewhat…odd.

‘Zhe ship, she is ready to depart when you give zhe order.’ Anisha assured Leviathan before he had even taken five steps onto the bridge. This is where she was happiest he noted – in space. Her comfort aboard any form of star ship, as well as her lean and unusually tall physique for a badger hinted at her space faring past.

‘The ships always ready.’ Leviathan replied. He wasn’t over exaggerating either, the ship literally was always ready – despite the obvious disadvantage of having no crew. ‘We will depart when all the new recruits as well as some of our more…regular personnel are aboard. ‘

He settled into one of the many chairs that were scattered across the bridge and reviewed the scant details that Kiao had relayed to them about their destination.

‘I just hope that the ship doesn’t take a disliking to any of the new arrivals.’ He muttered to himself. ‘I still haven’t found that puppy I brought aboard five years ago…’

Blagrot Squigbreff
26-03-2008, 15:03
Ar’liess sprawled expansively along a padded high-backed sofa, wriggling slightly to get comfortable and waiting with what little patience she was capable of for the human to tell them where the badgers were so she could kill them. She was starting to wonder if just wandering off with one of the ABC ships might not have been quicker, she had no idea how to pilot one but how complicated could it really be if such short-lived creatures could manage it.

Sighing bitterly she stretched her arms across the back of the seat in an attempt to relax, an attempt interrupted by a cold, almost slimy, touch on her bare shoulder. Reaching across with her other hand to swat the offender away irritably, she was less than impressed when it swatted her in return, hitting it again only resulted in a stinging slap against her shoulder. Driven beyond her thin self-control Ar’liess leapt gracefully onto the back of the sofa, blades spinning and slicing swiftly at the source of her aggravation… which as the red mist cleared from her eyes revealed itself to be an imitation tree, now considerably smaller than before.

Sliding back down the seat with a firm nod and a soft ‘hmph’ of satisfaction she yelped and screwed her eyes shut at the sudden painful flare of light from the presentation screen. Not daring to look directly at it again she pulled her hair in front of her and squinted though it in a futile search for the controls that would make the torturous device stop, breathing heavily she sagged in relief as the human called a cease to the torment. His words were also good to hear, they were to prepare for a mission against the foul badger menace.

“Yeah, just, er, just give me a minute to get ready.’ The words came out more gasped than strident but this ABC facility had given her a few more shocks than she had expected, standing up and adjusting her outfit to make sure all her weapons were accessible she looked around at the others gathered there and grinned tossing her mass of hair back. “Let’s go chop up some evil Badgers!” Her expression became more quizzical. “Where did he say the ship was again?”

26-03-2008, 17:31
Omelette skittered around the edge of the group of new recruits, refusing to be stuck in a crowd if something nasty were to happen. The ABC HQ felt so familiar, yet new at the same time. There were certainly a few new faces to be seen, like a new badger by the name of Anisha. Omelette didn't mind much that the ABC had this sort of ironic employment, he was used to the bizarre happenings. He just hoped the new recruits wouldn't try to secretly slit Anisha or Kiao's throat in their hatred for badgers... Not like they could, plenty of ABCers would rip their heads off completely, or fill their lifeless bodies with plenty of plasma, or even worse; fill their ears with terribly out-of-tune screeching noises, often referred to as "songs". Omelette shuddered at the thought of hearing that again.

“Where did he say the ship was again?” asked Ari'liess. She was a Dark Eldar, with plenty of drugs and blades to compliment her.

Down this way. Omelette motioned for her to follow, heading towards the ship loading bay.

As he boarded The Apocalypse, Omelette immediately found it fairly roomy and comfortable. His eyes immediately set themselves on one of those rotating circle chairs that you can turn yourself around in circles indefinitely on. Anything's better than that damn suitcase I had to squeeze into to get away from the Tau.

It seems that Omelette didn't lose all of his childish tendencies, spinning in ridiculous circles on the chair, Omelette began fiddling with his marker light, turning it on and off. It created a very cheesy and cheap strobe light effect.

Omelette quickly swiveled his awesome turny twisty chair thing around and stopped abruptly, blaring the infrared marker light straight into the face of Ar'liess. Omelette stopped, wide-eyed and frozen, like a child when they've been caught by an employee shoplifting a bar of chocolate. Oh man do they think they're in the deepest ***** ever.

Blagrot Squigbreff
26-03-2008, 18:39
’Down this way’
A dark-haired human gestured at her in response to her query and wandered down one of the myriad side passages which soon revealed the massive if not somewhat overstated shape of the Apocalypse. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so easy to borrow a ship after all, shrugging she bounded enthusiastically onto the craft looking forward to riding it towards the fight it would be headed for.

Omelette’s remark about the ship didn’t make much sense however and her brow crinkled in confusion. “A Suitcase? How did you make it fly in the first place?” Could ABC really make a bag spaceworthy, she wondered, she had heard some strange rumours about the group but they mostly involved explosions. She gave up pondering that particular mystery at the sight of her fellow ABCer spinning wildly around on a chair and started giggling at the ridiculous image. As she stepped across for a closer look, her humour was cut short by a stabbing pain arcing through her sensitive eyeballs and into her brain.

“Aah! Oww!” Stimulants surged into her veins as she spun in an unthinking reaction to the attack, the flying mass of hair lashing against Omelettes’ arms and gun before an instinctive high kick knocked the chair over carrying the man with it to the floor. As her vision began to clear she stepped over and looked down at the man through watering eyes, it was likely that drawing her blades and chopping up one of her new comrades wouldn’t be approved of and he did look apologetically guilty, so she settled for giving him a sulky glare. “What did you go and do that for? It hurt.”

26-03-2008, 19:09
Omelette isn't one to get caught off guard often, but holy balls did he get caught off guard. He certainly didn't expect hair to come lashing out at him. "OW!" yelped Omelette as a kick came flying through the strands the hair of knocking him over.

“What did you go and do that for? It hurt.” scowled Ar'Liess.

"I swear to god I'm sorry! It was a mistake!" pleaded Omelette. He gave the biggest dog eyes and saddest frown he could muster, clearly something he knew well from his toddler experience. "I'll make it up to you some time!" Omelette's face turned into a grin. He snatched his rifle, pretended to flash the marker light in Ar'Liess' eye again, and scampered off to find someone to protect him from any more scary new recruits that might want to rip his head off. I hope she doesn't take that the wrong way. Never good to have a Dark Eldar breathing down your neck.

He managed to stumble onto the bridge of The Apocalypse, seeing a few crew members aboard pressing various buttons and gizmos. He saw one distinct man, whos face seem oddly familiar. He had a very commanding navy uniform on, and looked very battle-worn. Omelette couldn't think of a name for the name, reaching into his memory hundreds, if not thousands of names popped into his head. All were similar, yet none the same. Omelette found himself just kind of standing there staring at the man.

26-03-2008, 21:05
Are you ready to ROCK! Grey yelled as he leapt into the briefing room wildly strumming his plastic guitar. Usually the orientation video would have gotten to the dull section on extended health care plans and a "reasonable" price. It was a good point to make an entrance and try to recruit a few of the unwary into FARTS. May have even worked if the room hadn't been empty.

"Join Q branch, we have cookies!"


"Explosive and non-explosive flavours! Ok, so maybe they all explode to some degree."


"But that is the great thing about Q-branch, you can blow stuff up and no one cares...much... Sometimes blowing stuff even leads to promotion!"


"Oh hi Grey, didn't see you there." Fury finally acknowledged Grey and a friendly but competitive smile. Surprisingly easy to pull off for a wolf's jaw "So who wants to sign up for Q-branch over other smellier branchs?"

No one is here pup. They have all sodded off before we could talk to them. Maybe Lev is learning.

"He didn't learn the last 15 times, why would he change things now?"

++Kiao was talking to Lev about a badger stronghold and some Tau. Shortly after The Apocalypse started launch procedures. If you want some entertainment I suggest you hurry there.++

Thanks Athena.

"Yeah thanks Athena. To the Levmobile!"

++You are welcome Fury.++ Grey marveled at how much contempt the AI could shovel into his name when she didn't even say it. Thats what you get for upsetting a woman who has memory banks the size of a small village, they will never let you live it down. Shrugging Grey sprinting after Fury, he had plenty of practice at that. As the old survival saying goes; when you see the Q branch scientist running you'd do best to try and keep up.

26-03-2008, 23:47
Diving into The Apocalypse's bridge, Fury spun on his heels and slammed his fist down onto the door control causing it is slam shut, which was quickly followed by a very large BANG and was in turn followed by a muffled stream of profanities.

The Bang and then the resulting profanities caused Lev to turn around and see Fury, grinning like a mad man.

"SIR" Barked Fury as he gave an over the top salute "Q Quartermaster Fury reporting for Duty SIR!"

"Fury, how many cups of coffee have you had this morning."

"Approximately fifteen sir!"

"Great." Mumbled Lev as he raised his hands to his templed "That is all I need, a werewolf who is also mainlining caffeine."

"Mission SIR!" Fury was still stood at attention and except for the ever growing grin across his face you would have assumed that he was taking the prospect of this dangerous mission seriously.

"The Badger empire has taken several Tau hostage and Kiao wants us to intervene"

"OOooh" Fury suddenly reached into a small satchel at his hip "This will be an excellent time to try out one of my new inventions. Interquadmensional Entanglement Device" Fury lifted a small device up to Lev's eyes, it was circular and comprised of many interlocking plates and from every crack a faint throbbing green glow leaked out.

"Uh. . . What does that do?" Lev took a step back, he knew from experience that the safest place to be when there was a Q device in the room was not on the same planet.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Fury placed the device back into the satchel "No idea, but it sounds cool doesn't it."

27-03-2008, 01:54
Billiam wanders on to the Apocalypse as the homicidal elven chick almost gave the skittish human a trachiotomy.

Billiam followed Omelette to the bridge. A sweet cinnamony/chocolaty/fruity smell emanates from Billiam's kettle and fills the bridge. Billiam holds out a wooden spoon with a brown gelatinous liquid to Omelette.

"Here, try this. You should like this."

"Needs more Tlyzk spice don't you think?"

27-03-2008, 17:03

The Apocalypse glided into the upper atmosphere with all the grace of a pregnant hippo that was on fire. Such analogical nonsense suited The ABC simply because it was impossible to describe accurately most of the technology within their care through the conventional means of language without them. English grammar teachers, poets and novelists were known literally to burst into flames at the mere sight of some of the stuff the ABC came up with. Fortunately there were very few teachers, poets and novelists in the ABC.

Despite her size The Apocalypse was surprisingly fast if ungraceful. The fastest Leviathan had ever clocked her at sub warp velocities was three times the speed of the plot, which was surprisingly handy.

+All personnel, genetically enhanced super beings and non physical entities in a mortal shell: Please stand by for Warp Insertion.+ Leviathan announced over the comms.
Mere seconds later they were tearing The Universe a new hole and an infinitesimal moment after that they were born unto the immatrium.

Leviathan glanced up from his fifth reading of the recon report and watched as unspeakable horrors unimagined by mortal kind were splattered like bugs on the windshield. He regarded the assembled cast of odd-jobs, miss-fits, out-casts and psychopaths and considered that he was heading into enemy territory, undermanned, most probably out gunned, with insufficient recon and at the head of a team of individuals who made members of a lunatic asylum look like well balanced members of society.

‘Some things never change.’ He thought to himself eventually.


The Drop Ship landed surprisingly gently for Leviathan being on the flight deck, fortunately this loop hole in reality was soon mended as it was revealed that Anisha had been piloting the craft whilst the ex navy pilot supervised.

‘Not bad; not great but not bad at all.’ Said Leviathan, trying his best to sound unimpressed as they both descended into the troop compartment.

‘You kidding me?!’ Gray exclaimed. ‘We landed the right way up! That’s more than we can say for your usual landings Lev.’

‘I like to make things interesting.’ Leviathan said in his own defence.

‘There’s more than a fine line between “interesting” and “serious head trauma” Lev.’

Some of the assemblage laughed, even Anisha managed a sly snigger.

Leviathan chambered his bolt pistol and removed his war glaive from the storage rack.
‘If you like the ship so much perhaps you’d like to stay here?’

Gray grinned. ‘And miss the entire killing spree? Not on your life.’

Leviathan managed a grin as he led the way down the disembarkation ramp. Immediately the foul air of the swamp they had landed in clung to him like a rabid monkey.
Sickly green foliage hung from the rotten and decaying mass of trees that rose from the putrid, mud coloured waters of the murky mire. The entire place had the ambience of death and disease like they were trapped in Father Nurgles jock strap.

‘Charming place’ Leviathan observed sarcastically. ‘ Okay people, our objective is 40 clicks north through this…terrain if that’s how you want to describe it.’ He glanced at his already mud slicked boots. ‘More intel when we get close to our target, now lets move out.’

As the assembled cast of heroes began to move off Leviathan paused for moment to have a quiet word with the only Badger present amongst them.
‘I want you to take the ship back upstairs. Our position here is most probably marked and that’s our only way out of this cess pit so I’d rather not loose it.’

She looked bitterly disappointed all of a sudden. ‘But what about Kiao, he’z here, no?’

Leviathan wiped the sweat that was already collecting on his brow away. ‘Look, I don’t know what happened between you two but this isn’t the time and place to try and reconcile.’

She looked at the festering floor for a moment before nodding in agreement and silently stepping back up the boarding ramp, what she thought to be her first mission already cut short.

‘Keep the bird ready, we may need a quick evac’ Leviathan said as he strode off after the others. ‘…It wouldn’t surprise me if we’re being chased by fiery explosions as well…’
He added as he disappeared into the foliage.

His humour was either lost on her or unheard over the whine of the drop ships engines powering up again.

Soulless Enigma
27-03-2008, 20:25
Bolgrut was not happy. He'd been sent to this planet by the recruitment officers, and he'd eaten all the meat in his immediate vicinity in under a day.

He was not happy.

He heard a loud noise, followed minutes later by voices. He hefted himself up and headed toward the sounds. He saw the symbol of the ABC on a big metal... thing. He would have jumped for joy if didn't always cause a heart attack. Instead, he practically bull charged the figures.

"ABC? Here to kill the tasty baggers?"

28-03-2008, 00:15
Gobzag had been in a bit of a haze. He hadn't eaten in a few hours, and his consciousness was flagging. He folowed the group and boarded the ship, saw the warp and drooled like always, thinking of how it tasted. He went to the romm he had been given ofn the ship and immediately made it greener, a few dents in the walls, ceiling and floor, a dung pile in the corner, most everything new and pristine made ramshackle and beaten. They were called back to the boarding deck, and exited on to this planet Gobzag had already forgotten the name of. He was still hungry. And the swampy are didn't make it seem like there was any good gubbinz about. THe power klaw flexed, and the smeelss were not appetised.

"Boss, when we gonna eat? I's ungry. I don't krump good ungry. And when is da boyz wit da trukk showin up deyz missin a good krump."

The boyz were obviously his boyz. They were still being delayed, as they just seemed totally unable to find the Trukk at baggage claim, and were hurriedly trying to construct a new one before changing flights.

Blagrot Squigbreff
28-03-2008, 01:08
"I swear to god I'm sorry! It was a mistake!"
Not even the most psychotic warrior could remain, well, psychotic in the face of Omelettes’ childlike, puppy-eyed apology and Ar’liess wondered if she’d been too harsh on him. His antics had been pretty funny until then and she found herself having to suppress an amused smile as he bounded around her, she flinched wildly again as he waved the gun towards her face but he had clearly learnt from the first time and kept his distance. ’Blasted human, I’m going to get him for that!” She thought angrily.

By the time she had realised there was no beam this time and cleared her mass of hair from her eyes the only sign of the man was the sound of footsteps clanging down the corridor. Letting out a loud frustrated screech she gave chase arriving on the bridge just in time to hear the announcement of their entry into the warp. ’The warp? Does he mean har’dluc’kyour’do’omi’shere’mor’tal.’ She wondered vaguely before the sight of various daemonic entities comfirmed her suspicions, the Eldar word was more appropriate but there was something to be said for the brevity of human term. The realisation cooled her rage in favour of nervousness, she had been taught from birth that the local denizens rated Eldar 10/10 for taste, texture and presentation and she wasn't sure she trusted human technology to protect her.

Ar’liess was relieved to arrive at last but took one glance at the foul planet they touched down on and was immediately just as glad for the stimulants released into her bloodstream in an attempt to counteract the appalling scent offensive. Unfortunately she had no such protection from the sticking mud and desperately sought an alternative route that would keep her clear. “Nuh-uh, there’s no way I’m walking in that muck.” She announced before taking a standing leap from the ramp up onto one of the decaying trees that surrounded the ship, it too squelched unpleasantly underfoot but at least it didn’t stick to her boots.

She smirked down at the other ABCers as she ran lithely along one of the studier looking branches. “Anybody want to join me up here?” She gave a feral grin before running back across another branch, which promptly collapsed into the group on foot splashing mud everywhere while she merely somersaulted back to the first piece of wood. “Oops, guess this isn’t a very reliable forest, they don’t take very good care of it do they?” She was excited to get fighting and that mixed with the drugs in her system and the opportunity to show off meant a very hyper Wych. Grabbing a strange black fruit off of another tree she lobbed it down at Gobzag with a girlish giggle. There’s some food for ya, if you and the other lump are still hungry then I’ll race you to the Badgers. I’ll butcher them, the midget can cook them and you pair can eat them, or do you still eat everything raw?” She let out another teasing laugh as she began to bound and leap between the branches away from the others, pausing only briefly to see if anyone was going to try and outrun her.

28-03-2008, 03:11
"I'll krump you sumpin good, pasty little dark elfie. Let's see 'ou go and get in a good krump wit da boyz, won't be otshit den. Let's see 'ou in da mud, like a gud real green ootslogga. Bet 'ou can't even 'old a slugga, poncy git." Gobzag didn't react well to too many offences, and he was even worse when he was hungry, like he was then. He slogged over to the tree Ar'rliess was standing on, and with one good swing of the power klaw sent it crashing to the ground in a pile of dead ecaying wood and rotting mud.

28-03-2008, 04:10
Fury walked bleary eyed down the drop pod's exit ramp.

"I know that having Lev not flying the ship means the chances of not crashing and dying are next too none, but to be honest where the fun is that, it is like your suggestion Grey about installing actual safety devices within Q."

Looking out across the marsh that was the planet, Fury for the first time in his life regretted the fact that he didn't wear shoes.

"Say Old Wolf, Scissors, Paper Rock, the looser carries the other." Grinned Fury as he placed an arm across the fully armored marine.

Sure pup, sounds like a great idea Grey grinned, a oddly mischievous smile across his face.

Moments later. . .

"God Dammit Grey, it was Scissor, Paper, Rock, not Scissor Paper, Boltgun." Fury mumbled as he slowly marched forward with the marine on his back.

Less complaining, more carrying, now MUSH Shouted Grey as he grabbed a hold of Fury's ears and started making the giddiup motion.

"I am going to throw you into the first bog I see, I swear" Mumbled Fury, slowly picking up the pace

Blagrot Squigbreff
28-03-2008, 12:35
Ar’liess just smirked and rolled her eyes at the big Orks rant. ‘Stupid lump’ll have to get up here and he’s too fat even without the armour.’ She thought smugly as she launched another fruit in Gobzags’ direction with another loud giggle. Her eyes widened in shock as she realised the brutes' plan a second too late and her perch disappeared abruptly shortly before several more branches launched her down after it into the clinging mud.

“Eek! Ow, uh, ouf” She gave a piercing shriek as she bounced down on her way to the soft ground in the midst of the disintegrating tree, grimacing slightly as she wriggled loose of the clinging limbs to squat on top of the mess absently rubbing her sore butt. Heedless of the slime smearing her skin (and there was plenty of both slime and skin) she gave Gobzag a pouty glare before backflipping onto the side of another tree, digging her blades in for grip then spinning up into another high refuge.

Sticking her tongue out sulkily she shouted down as primly as she could manage. “Just because this gunk smells better than you doesn’t mean the rest of us think it’s any nicer so be a good Ork and stop trying to drop me in it, kay? Of course if you want to wallow in it then that’s fine, just don’t forget some of us don’t normally resemble mobile dungheaps.” She taunted the massive figure with a broad grin, they hadn’t even found any Badgers yet but this mission was already proving to be great fun for the young Wych. Dancing along another branch and flicking her blades happily she sent a barrage of rotting fruit, wood and even some bewildered wildlife flying down towards the infuriated Ork.

“Alright, you want a fight huh Greenie, you’re gonna have to catch me first.” She laughed eagerly as she leapt around the treetops, careful now to always land on a point that would give her an escape route the next time Gobzag removed one of the plants. She had no intention of actually fighting the Nob but she was enjoying the distraction enroute to the actual fight and the chance to stretch her limbs before the main event.

“Come on slowy, you’ll be a lot faster once you burn some of that gut off.” She accompanied the taunt with the launch of an unfortunate snake but looking round it was obvious she was running out of easily accessible ammo, she sighed heavily at the realisation. The whole group would have to move quicker if she was going to get to continue the game much longer but she had no idea how to hurry them along if throwing things wasn’t working, they wouldn’t all fit in the trees and the mud seemed to be slowing them down. She wondered if maybe she should just roam ahead and find some Badgers or something else to fight, but that would mean leaving her new playmates behind. Ar'liess gave another bitter sigh. ‘Decisions, decisions, why were they never easy?

28-03-2008, 13:44
The single fruit and offence became a torrent, and even though many of the things the little Dark Eldar hurled down at him looked like good eating, he was too angry to think about eating. Just about anything conceivably found in a tree anywhere was hurled down at him, from pine cones to birds, to a catfish that flopped away through the mud. Trying to slog through the muck after her, Gobzag eventually realized he was too slow, and the heavy armor wasn't giving him extra speed. There and then he resolcved to have it painted red, just like the trukk. He gave up, and waited for the group, as he had ranged a bit ahead in his chase of the girl.

"Tricksy little git." He muttered to himself. He'd have caught her if his trukk was there.

28-03-2008, 17:18

As another rotten tree trunk crashed its way into the pestilent pools of clay coloured grime Leviathan began to wonder if leading a group of assorted species with all the stealth and subterfuge of a gay pride parade quietly towards enemy lines was even possible. It wasn't the spray from another tree trunk greeting the grime that pulled Leviathan from his train of thought neither was it the cackle of the dark eldar dwelling in the trees as she tormented the Ork who stomped after her but the sudden and loud gurgling from a small stretch of water ahead of them that certainly did derail the Grand Marshall back into reality.

The strange sound suddenly stopped and a few seconds later the entire swamp around them seemed to quiver.

'What in the name of the majestic Spasm Panda was that?' Leviathan yelled over the sound of debris falling from the foliage around them.

There was a further sound, like a muffled roar. The waters around them seemed to boil angrily.

'I don't know.' Nexus replied as he drew his shot gun. 'But it sounds pissed'

Seconds later the swamp before them bust open in a shower of mud and other slimy unmentionables. In it's place towered a massive worm like creature. It roared again, spitting vile yellow juices across the ABCers. It didn't so much as have a face but more like a hole with lots of teeth in it.

Gobzag, having retired from his pursuit of the dark elder craned his neck up to regard the beast. 'Looks well chewy.' He observed, his orkish thought processes impervious to a sense of peril.

' Ah c'mon guys.' Grey said smugly as he shifted his weight on top of Fury. 'We've faced far uglier ****'s than this. Fury for one.'

The werewolf deposited the Space Marine with a shrug of his shoulders who fell **** first into the quagmire below. 'Whoops' He said with a mischievous grin. 'He's right about the first part though. Could be worse.'

As if in response, like a badly scripted horror movie, the waters around them erupted with a mighty roar as a dozen more of the foul fauna joined their friend.

'...o.k now it's worse.' Fury added.

'Aw....hell' Was all Leviathan could manage.

28-03-2008, 19:56
Giant blasted worms were popping up everywhere, like a poor teenager having acne problems. Hell they even spat out the same sort of pus. Omelette immediate knelt down to see if he could find any probably spot to shoot. Suddenly the muck and any sort of "solid" ground below him began rumbling. Omelette immediately started wobbling and proceeded to get down on all fours. Suddenly an enormous worm shot out from under him, Omelette barely grabbed on to some slick hairs on the skin of the worm. He would have easily slipped off the slimy guck covering the parasite if it hadn't arched down to start spraying its disgusting mucus everywhere. Omelette pretty much just took to it like horse-back riding, plopping himself nicely on top of the worm.

"Yeehaw!!!" Omelette waved his hand around like he had an imaginary lasso.

From his new vantage point Omelette could see a lot, a quick estimate let him to believe there were around 15 of the buggers within a radius of 200 meters, creating a circle around main group of ABCers.

"Watch yer back guys! They've got us surroun-" He was cut off as the worm suddenly bucked him off, flinging him wildly into the air like a ragdoll.


28-03-2008, 20:38
Billiam quickly rummaged through his satchel. He knew he had it somewhere; Rxel herb, no; Tyxk spice, no; Root of the Wedt tree, no. Billiam pulled out four large canisters and several large seltzer bottles. He poured the contents of the canisters in to the seltzer water, shook, and sprayed the closet worm with the salt water.

The worm recoiled as it felt the sudden onslaught of burning pain. Billiam continued to spray the worm until the worm rolled up into a ball and stopped thrashing around.

He walked over to the dead worm and withdrew a power butcher knife and cut out a large chunk of worm meat. He wrapped it up in paper and packed it away in his satchel.

Billiam quckly began his attack on the next closest worm.

28-03-2008, 21:29
Grey picked himself up out of the mud, disappointed that his chance to enact a cavalry charge on some badgers had disappeared. Still there was still a chance if he could engineer a situation where he had to jump down from somewhere and Fury just happened to be walking underneath. But what was the chance of that happening a second time. Especially since Grey didn't have any itching powder this time. A loud roar brought Grey back to the present.

Come on guys. They are only over sized earthworms. Not like they are bulletproof! He calmly remarked as he fired his bolt pistol at one of the worms. The worm didn't even turn to look at him as the shell harmlessly bounced off. Ok I'm open to suggestions then. The space wolf remarked rather dejected that the universe had conspired to prove him wrong once again.

"How about you use the other gun that fires small suns?" Fury remarked, seemingly in no rush to kill any worms himself. He was happy to watch Grey to make a fool of himself. Meanwhile Grey looked down at his plasma pistol as if he had never seen it before in his live, before pointing at the same worm and firing again.

Ok now I seem to have pissed it off what do you suggest? The worm had noticed the space wolf this time as a small gash had been burnt into its side without doing any thing more than cosmetic damage.

"I suggest moving about 6 feet to your left." Fury remarked before diving off to the right. Enraged that its food was defending itself the worm was diving mouth first at Grey. The space wolf started to dive to the side but failed utterly, in the time it had taken him to fire two shots his heavy power armoured form had sunk past his knees into the bog.

Well thats a bug- And the marine disappeared into the gapping maw of the worm.

28-03-2008, 22:18
Billiam watches as Grey gets swallowed by the monstrosity. He unscrews the container of salt, pulls the pin of a frag grenade and throws it in the salt, closes the top and throws the canister into the maw of the worm that gobbled Grey up. A few seconds later a satisfying "thud" is heard from the belly of the beast. The worm writhes and thrashes about as smoke and bloody saliva pours from its mouth.

28-03-2008, 22:40
Groggy and a bit sore, Omelette staggered back onto his feet. Looking around he saw the ABCers already combating the worms, some struggling, other's using their wits to slay the foul beasts. He saw Grey get swallowed by one, followed by a quick save by another new recruit.

"Hmmm, Billiam was it? I could have sworn I've seen him from somewhere."

Before Omelette could search through his memory for the cook, another worm threw itself towards the back of Billiam and Grey. Quickly swinging his pulse rifle into his hand Omelette stared down the sights and quickly let off a shot. The worm jerked back a little bit, enough to stop him from completing his assault. Before the worm could gather itself again Omelette fired another, and another, and another. The worm kept jolting backwards until one of the molten plasma shots penetrated deep into the worm, causing it to flop over onto its side, dead.

In an instant another worm was on Omelette, swiping its lumbering "head" against Omelette, sending him flying in the opposite direction of his pulse rifle.

29-03-2008, 00:29
Gobzag stared up at the one that had risen before him, and immediately was reminded of the tubes of meat labeled Snausages he had looted from an Imperial Barracks somewhere. Chewy buggers they were, but one of the few foods he almost considered Orky. Incapable of fear, Gobzag hauled into the worm, bellowing "WAAAGH!" as he went, the power klaw ripping a good massive chunk of flesh out of the worm's side. The worm was now more than obviously angry, tried to eat the nob. Unfortunately for the worm, spiky heavy hard megaarmor doesn't pass through soft flesh very well, and Gobzag found himself lodged in the throuat just past the toungue, like an improperly chewed bit of steak, and there came a great hacking, and sucking and blowing, as the worm desperately tried to breath. Gobzag's immense form however, didn't allow air to pass and over the next two minutes of being shaken about in the worm, slowly, inadvertantly, but in a most Orkly lucky way, choked it to death. Once the worm stopped flopping about, Gobzag batter his way out, now covered in gore, saliva, pus and intestinal juices.

"WWWAAAAAGHH! Let's ave anuvver go yah?" Always eager for violence, Gobzag located the next worm in his blood red tinged vision, and ripped into that one as well, a good four blows from the klaw cleaving it in half. It was at this point he slipped, and sunk down onto his back palte in the muck. Unfortunately the servos in the legs hadn't been built Orkily enough for him to get back up onto his feet and continue the WAAAAAGH!

Blagrot Squigbreff
29-03-2008, 00:41
Ar’liess paused in the act of throwing another small furry mammal as she realised Gobzag had stopped trying to pursue her, absently juggling the unfortunate animal from one hand to the other she wondered how to find where the other members of the strike team had got to. A problem that proved easily solved by the sound of a scream and several gunshots echoing around the swamp.

“Oh, that’s great. That stupid Ork managed to drive me away from all the fun now.” She muttered grumpily as she raced towards the sounds, conveniently failing to remember that she had started the dispute. Breaking out of the enclosing foliage her face lit up at the sight of the monstrous worms, they looked like interesting targets and there were plenty to go around. The childish sniper Omelette in particular looked in trouble but there was something she had wanted to try from the second they had made planetfall, a tactic which would get her into the fight more than quickly enough to help him. Quickly selecting a likely looking vine she took hold and cut one end away wrapping the other around her leg as she leapt into the air whooping loudly, her hair trailing out behind like, well, like a lot of bright blue hair. “Wahoo! Watch it slimy, incoming!”

She had however underestimated the resilience of the beast’s skin and the crunching impact that concluded the manoeuvre succeeded only in driving the air from her body, fortunately the stunned girl retained enough wits to drive the blades in her hands firmly home and even managed to keep her grip. Or perhaps not so fortunately as the vine she was still attached to had reached its full length and the thrashing of the wounded worm dragged the pair in a wide arc, screaming loudly as she was stretched but determined not to lose her weapons again Ar’liess was relieved to feel the double sided knives slide though the worm’s flesh. She was less impressed to be dumped on her face as the vine pulled her back again and gladly accepted a fresh dose of stimulants as she made ready to continue the struggle.

“Right then, you ugly slug, worm, bug thing…” Her threat was cut off as the monster spat a burst of sticky, stinking mucus in her direction and her leap lost much of it’s elegance as the vine reached it’s full length again dropping her onto her butt for the second time that day. Muttering curses and cutting the impromptu rope she raised both blades and leapt into an attack that owed more to a whirling dervish than any well thought out or practiced method. It was effective however and the slow moving beast soon resembled a large, worm shaped, novelty colander. Finally tiring and slowing to check her handiwork Ar’liess smirked triumphantly at the expiring form, raising her weapons in celebration.

“Hah, any more uglies want to…oh nuts.” Even in death the worm seemed intent on interrupting her monologue as the massive shape collapsed towards her, desperately diving backwards she cleared ground zero but the impact threw up a massive wave of dark water along with a Dark Eldar who was starting to feel distinctly put-upon. She rose shakily to her feet, drenched to the skin (not that really took much liquid). With her ears bonging loudly and momentarily blinded by the foul fluid, Ar’liess was oblivious to the rapidly approaching creatures.

29-03-2008, 01:56
A large chunk of dead worm shifted of its own accord and rolled away. From underneath it Grey rose to his feet and cleared his mouth of alien mucus and grizzle with an angry spit.

"You are losing your touch Grey, the hobbit had to save your bacon." Fury chuckled while leaping aside to avoid another worm attack. Making a few quick calculations regarding the density of the swamp, the worm's speed and how tightly it could turn to determine where the worm would re-emerge Fury gave up and settled for the vague answer of "somewhere around there". Whether the part of his brain that enjoyed sudoku and mathamagics continued to do the calculations for him or through instincts and luck Fury was able to make a leap that intersected him with the worm's back as it rose from the mud. With a tight grip with one arm Fury proceeded to pummel the worm to death with his bionic arm, driving it deep into the beast's flesh and destroying what passed for the creatures brain.

While Grey was watching this he turned to Billiam and nodded his thanks. Thanks little guy I appreciate it. Though I did have everything under control.

"He had eaten you Grey! Eaten! Like not-so-funsized chocolate bar!" Fury taunted from the top of his latest kill.

Whatever Fury. Just remember after this mission you are getting a bath! Even does mean I have to borrow the arbities' riot tanks with the waterguns. They have been fixed since the last time you know. There were good financial reasons why Fury was only given a bath once every 6 months or so. Fury responded by simply sticking his large canine tongue out and leaping towards his next victim.

Soulless Enigma
29-03-2008, 11:36
The ABC people were being attacked by worms. There weren't many left of either worms or ABC people. Perhaps they'd notice him if he killed one?


Bolgrut charged one from the treeline, ramming straight into the back of one. It stuck on his gut-plate spikes, shrieking in what seemed like pain. Bolgrut starting hacking at the mass of flesh with his sharp magical thing wot was good fer killin'. He'd have a worm kabob if it was the last thing he'd do.

And with another worm sneaking up behind him, it just might be.

29-03-2008, 12:32

Leviathan landed amidst a mire of disgusting mud; his once pristine Navy uniform now completely caked in grime. He quickly dragged himself away and was forced to dive again as one of the beasts lunged in his direction.

His bolt pistol barked in his hand as he let off a few shots as the offending creature. It did little but infuriate the thing further and it was quickly on him again. The Grand Marshall tried to back off as the woeful worm raised itself before him but soon found his escape blocked off as he backed into a tree,

Leviathan was forced to think quickly as the creature lunged in to chow down on the human. Quickly drawing his war glaive he firmly planted the blade at one end of the weapon into the tree behind him and leaned back as the monster came so close Leviathan nearly wreched at the smell of its horrific breath. As it moved to gobble the Grand Marshall whole Leviathan guided the other end of his weapon into the palette of the predator, so intent on its meal that the thing didn’t realise the blade that was directed at it’s maw before it was lodged firmly in the roof of its mouth.

The beast bellowed loudly as it strained to fight the weapon levered against the tree, still desperate to snatch its meal.

Leviathan quickly saw his chance and quickly grabbed a pair of frag grenades from his belt, simultaneously pulled the pin on both and lobbed them into the gaping hole that was the monsters mouth mere metres before him.
He quickly rolled to the side as seconds later the worms entire front section exploded in a shower of rotten yellow flesh that drenched the nearby Grand Marshall.

‘After this…mud doesn’t seem so bad.’ He mused over the sickening stains on his uniform before he retrieved his glaive from a puddle of putrid meat chunks.

30-03-2008, 12:18
Leaping out of the way of another worm, Fury rolled up next to Grey. "Having fun old wolf?"

Oh yes, I am thrilled to the bone to be fighting giant worms which smell worse than you after it has rained, in a bog which I can barely move in, I am having the time of my life Slamming another clip into his bolt pistol, Grey began to fire again, bullets slamming into the beasts carapace with little to no effect.

"Dont be such a gloomy gus" Smiled Fury, patting the space wolf on the shoulder before removing two large bandoleers of grenades from his satchel. "Here old man, these babies pack a punch." Fury handed one of the two grenade belts across to Grey before beginning to pull the pins off his grenades.

Sighing Grey took the belt, I guess it wouldn't be a mission with you if there wasn't a explosion every two minutes

Wolflord Havoc
31-03-2008, 19:04
Hold 9, Deck 42, ABC Battle Barge “The Apocalypse”

‘Nat’ (the outcaste ethereal) bit a fingernail (not that there was much left to bite given his normal nervous state) and looked over his board.

Across from him, immaculately dressed as usual was the ‘ex’ Water Caste Envoy ‘Tone’. His own board was reversed preventing the slim Ethereal from seeing anything.

“Any ideas as to your next move my dear fellow?”

Nat looked up a startled expression on his face

“um…er…well…I…think…no...not decided yet”

Tone composed his features not quite able to hide the nervous ‘tick’ under his right eye. The game had entered its 5th hour.

“Do please take all the time you need”

He managed to smile.

Across the converted hold ‘Smoky’ the ex-earth caste weapon engineer layback on a crate with a small book in one hand with the trigger finger of his other hand slowly underlining the gothic text as he slowly read. Tone had been patiently teaching both Nat and Smoky Imperial Gothic in an attempt to fit in with the other ABCers.

“Ere” Said The Earth caste “It says in this ‘Imperial Guardsman’s uplifting primer – Damocles Edition’ that Tau Fire Warriors eat babies!”

The other two Tau exchanged worried glances as Smoky looked over at them.

“That’s not true is it – I mean Eating babies – what’s wrong with the standard field ration packs there supplied with?”

Nat looked around at Tone.

“Not true…er..is it Tone…Fire warriors don’t eat babies do they?”

Tone looking somewhat surprised (truth is he didn’t actually know).

“Well um no of course not…..possibly to supplement rations I suppose if they were short”

Nat looked horrified and Tone decided to change the subject.

“Look old fellow it really is your move you know”

Nat still looking worried looked down at his board

“Oh all right then….um…er…G-seven”

Tone smiled looking relived at Nats Eventual decision.

“Excellent - lets see um G-Seven is it!”

Then looked really pissed off unable to hide his disgust.

“Oh for the love of Aun'O T'au Acaya'Va'Denta you’ve just destroyed my Gal’leath Explorer!!!”

Nat leaped up punching both fists in the Air

“Oh Yeah who’s your Commander Puretide now?”

Smoky looked over at his companions – he never could understand the point of playing battleships.

“You two hero’s do realize that we are moving?”

Nat fists still punching air looked around and Tone leant out to one side of the Ethereal – both looking at the Earth caste weapon engineer.

“Since when?”

Smoky made a show of consulting his chronometer

“Ohhh about 4 hours now”

Nat slumped down onto his chair and looked over at Tone

“They’ve forgotten about us again haven’t they?”

Smoky turned to another page in the book leaning forward a squinting to read the words.

“Ere” Said The Earth caste “It says in this ‘Imperial Guardsman’s uplifting primer – Damocles Edition’ that ‘Vespid’ can be distracted with bowls of sweets!?”


Well there back...currently at 0.5 plot speed...but back all the same...well at least until they discover that they are heading back to Tau Space at which point crying and begging to be let off at the next hospitable planet will start............

02-04-2008, 02:36
Pulling out the last pin, Grey turned to face Fury. Now Pup, let me guess, these are not normal grenades are they?

"Come on Grey, how long have you known me, why go for normal weapons of mass destruction when we could go for Zany, theoretically improbably weapons, that in the wrong hands could end civilization as we know it?"

And you consider yourself the right hands?

"Hey I will you know I haven't threatened to destroy civilization as we know it for like three weeks."

Pup, you threatened that yesterday morning if I didn't give you my danish.

"Oh yeah, anywho, time to throw those grenades if you are fond of having, you know, a body."

When the grenades reached the apex of their arc, self propulsion units kicked in. Each grenade then zipped off towards one of the worms, exploding on impact with enough force to eviscerate the worms.

Stepping under a gnarled tree to avoid as much of the worm gibblet rain as possible, Grey gave a questioning look to Fury Self Propelled grenades that specifically seek out giant worms? Really pup?

Flicking an especially large chunk off his shoulder, Fury smiled at the devastation he had caused. "What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

02-04-2008, 10:44
The ground was slick with puss as the worms finally met their end. Leviathan surveyed the gathered adventurers to make sure nobody had been ingested. They were all present, Billiam was even gathering as much of the geletaneous goo that splattered the ground as he possibly could - he dreaded to think what the migit was actually going to do with it...

'Lets get going' He said, trying in vain to wipe the worm inflicted stains from his uniform. 'We still have a lot of ground to cover.'

One by one they trudged deeper into the swamp.


‘Try not. Do or do not.’ Grunted a small green figure to itself, hunched in front of a pile of rocks that were seemingly stacking themselves. So focused on the disembodied task was the creature that it knew nothing as a size 25 Power armour clad boot descended upon it.

‘Ew I stepped in something’ Gray complained as he scraped a green smear from the bottom of his massive boot with the aid of a tree stump.

‘Suck it up, you’re supposed to be a bloody Space Marine.’ Fury chastised.

‘ Hey, we can’t be the Emperors finest without proper shoe care.’ The Marine responded.

‘You have my deepest sympathies.’ Came a voice from the undergrowth. The entire group turned in time to see Kiao emerge from the depths of the swamp. Leviathan waved everyones weapons down as the badger approached.

‘You don’t sound entirely convinced when you say that.’ Gray responded.

Kiao didn’t reply but instead lifted a muck encrusted paw from the stagnant waters to demonstrate his point.

‘How’d you find us so quickly?’ Nexus questioned.

‘Your joking, you initiate a very noisy campaign of genocide against the local wildlife and you ask how I found you?’

‘Hey, it’s what we do.’ Nexus said with a grin.

Kiao stared back at him unimpressed.

‘So what do we have here then?’ Leviathan questioned, not bothering with greetings. ‘I assume you’ve done a full recon.’

The badger wordlessly stooped down next to a fallen trunk caked with mud and preceded to roughly sketch the area with his claw. ‘They have an underground complex in a raised area of the swamp, from what I’ve seen there are two entrances’ He marked two points, both roughly either side of the oval he had marked in mud.

‘One is a heavily guarded main entrance;’ he continued ‘The other is an access tunnel that they abandoned when that part of their facility became flooded. It is poorly guarded.

‘Any idea on the interior?’ Leviathan questioned.

‘No. I couldn’t pass myself off as a guard to gain access.’

‘How so?’ Omelette quizzed with his genuine curiosity.

The young badger swatted at the air before him to usher away a tiny insect. ‘There is something…strange about the guards. They are all deformed or…disfigured in some way. You may call it mutated I believe.’

‘Damn.’ Leviathan said as he scratched an insect bite on the back of his neck.

‘Bio Shamans?’ Fury submitted.

‘Has to be, they’re about the only thing capable of doing things like that to still living tissue.’ He inhaled sharply through gritted teeth. ‘I was hoping we weren’t going to have to go up against Shamans this time. Now we know there’s at least one in there.’

‘What about the Tau captives?’ Omlette asked again.

‘They could all be dead or still alive.’ Kiao replied flatly. ‘They will be deep within the facility.’

Leviathan stared at the stump drawing with intensity ‘O.K this is what we do: Gray, Fury, Bolgrut and Gobzag I want you to attack the main entrance. Force your way through and make a lot of noise whilst doing it. Everyone else: you’re with me and Kiao, we’re going to get as far in through that abandoned entrance as possible whilst the other team cause the distraction.’ He paused to flick another biting bug from his wrist. ‘We get in, find whatever’s left of the Tau forces and get out. Simple.’

‘What about everything else? There’s obviously something going on here.’ Kiao complained.

‘That is not a priority. We’re here to possibly score some brownie points with the Tau, everything else is secondary to our objectives.’ The Grand Marshall maintained his composure as he defended his plan.

‘You short-sighted fool.’ Kiao spat.

‘So now I’m short sighted and a coward. The list is growing.’ Leviathan rebutted calmly.

Kiao grunted some half heard profanity in Badgerish before he stomped off into the marsh once again.

Leviathan turned to find everyone else staring silently. ‘You have your orders.’ He said. ‘Move out!’

Wolflord Havoc
02-04-2008, 14:34
Main Port Hanger bay ABC Battle Barge ‘The Apocalypse’

‘Trance’ The air caste exile sat in the command couch of his customized Orca Drop ship and was happy with his lot.

Firstly his was justly proud of his Orca, with its metallic red paint job (it had been Grimmy’s suggestion) with a white go faster stripe down both sides, extra maneuver thrusters, in cockpit entertainment system and blue under hull light strips.

Secondly he was happy to be left alone – allowing him the freedom to enjoy his guilty little fetish in secret.

“Arrrggg Arrrggg” he said moving a cheap plastic ‘pre-painted’ model of a kroot Great Narloc to the top of his control panel and standing it next to a badly painted model of a Space Marine Commander which he maneuvered to face the Big Kroot.

“We have found a fresh and fertile valley which we will settle in the furtherance of the greater good and we will call it….this valley….and live in peace and harmony…”

He next grabbed the big Kroot Narloc and continued in a sinister voice “No I think I will devour you – it will be good to gain your strength – Arrggghhh” He next grabbed the badly painted Space marine (to be fair it wasn’t his paint job - he gotten it off E-bay for a steal – well the photo had looked good anyway and had given the seller really bad feedback as a result – but that was all in the past) and faced the advancing Kroot Narloc “Ahhhhh damn you and you ineven…inevenit…inevit…….um…….unavoidable betrayal”

Suddenly the door to the cockpit ‘wooshed’ open ‘Nat’ barging in zipping up a skintight body glove that showed off his wimpy physique causing ‘Trance’ to spin around knocking the figures flying with a guilty shocked look on his face.

“Trance, if you have quite finished ripping off Firefly can you get this crate fired up we need to get planet side ASAP!”

A terrified look crossed Trance’s face and he pointed towards several gunships

“Can’t you get one of the Thunder hawks to take you?”

‘Nat’ finishing zipping up his body suit squinted through the darkened windshield at the cavernous hanger.

“No good - their all pranged – Grey’s been taking flying lessons again” he said by way of explanation.

Trance looked around nervously and gestured at the pile of paper bags

“Look there is a reason all the Sick bags are in the Cockpit – I hate flying – I suffer from Vertigo - and the vastness of space terrifies me” he gestured at the line of battered Thunderhawks “Trust me I have crashed more aircraft that Grey”

‘Nat’ sighed “Look Trance I have said ‘on record’ that I would not fly with you if you were the last pilot left – but – um - as it happens you are the last pilot left and there is a battle going on – and you know how eggy I can get if I am missing a battle”

Shoulders slumped – Trace slowly spun his seat back to the command consol and began to fire up the ‘Pimp my Orca’ dropship.

Nat sighed and exited the cockpit and looked at the other 2 members of his ‘Ta’ro’cha’ battle team standing next to the 3 heavily modified Mk89X Crisis Suits.

“Okay Trace is going to fly us down to the planet” Both Smoky and Tone exchanged worried looks and Smoky mumbled something about teleporters

“Certainly not – especially after what happened on the War maker – why heavy Gun Drone Number 5 has never been the same – Lev said something about it being possessed or something – No I have no idea what that means either”

Neither the Ex Water caste envoy or the Ex Earth Caste Weapons Engineer looked convinced.

Nat pressed on before they could raise any further complaint “Right then lets get suited and booted – we got a Plot to catch up with”


Now currently running at .75 plot speed

03-04-2008, 03:03
"Finally sum gud krumpin. No mor o dese soft wurmz. Badgies to krump." Gobzag uttered his approval of his straight forward role in the plan. He wanted this over with so he could back to base and find out why his trukk wasn't ready yet. His boyz had a beating coming.

Back at base....

"Why isn't da boss ere?" Griggz asked Budz. A shrug was all he'd got back. They'd been careening around for hours now, ruining perfectly good gardens and other aesthetic devices. The ten or so orkz that made up Gobzag's mob had finally made it with the new trukk, shiny, red paint, ramshackle and all. But the Boss wasn't there. HE was off krumpin, and they'd have to wait.

03-04-2008, 03:50
"Whoa, hold up now Lev, I want to clarify something here." Snatching Grey's Plasma Destructor staff he pointed it at Kiao crude facility layout.

"We, the ABC are saving some Tau from that facility"

"Correct" Sighed Lev as he rested up against one of the near trees, he knew where this was heading.

"This facility has heavily guarded, especially at the front gate AND the guards have had somewhat hinky due to what we suspect is Bio Shaman involvement."

"Again Correct"

"Ah, you want us" Fury waved the Staff at Grey, Bolgrut and Gobzag, which caused Grey to involuntarily flinch as it passed him, Fury + Weapon = Bad news for Grey as a general rule. "To run head first, possibily on fire, definately screaming, into this heavily defended entrance?"


"Okay, last thing, has that clause about collateral damage been removed from Grey's and my Contracts?"

Sighing Lev pushed himself off the tree, he knew it was coming to this.

"Yes Fury, I cleared it with Legal before the mission."

"Oh yeah baby, lets go make some noise boys" Shouted Fury slapping the now grinning Grey on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, at the front entrance of the Badger facility, Generic Badger Guard 253 suddenly shivered.

"You okay?" Inquired Generic Badger Guard 38"

"I think something bad is about to happen" Whispered GBG 253

"Nonsense, we are guarding one of the most secure facilities in the badger empire" Smiled GBG 38 as he started to stretch in the warm sun "Nothing bad is going to happen today."

Wolflord Havoc
03-04-2008, 19:17
Trance closed his eyes and felt his bowls loosen as the Cradle lowered the Pimped Orca into the Drop position. Secondary arms gripped the craft and the heavy cradle ascended back into the Port hanger area leaving the Tau Craft in the Drop shaft. Amber Minerva warning lights painted the Craft with flashes of color and the faint strains of terrain martial music added to the tension.

The heavy inner blast doors shut and too the failed Air caste pilots sudden horror the outer doors (with their big orky gliff and the words “Diz way to da fightin”) opened forcing the wiry Tau to squirm himself back into his seat and clasp a hand over his mouth as he was overwhelmed by a wave of vertigo.

“We are on an express Travelator to Mon’Tau, Going down”

Shouted Smoky over the intercom – which didn’t help things for Trance really.

Seconds later and the automated launch function slung the craft planet wards – seconds after that and the orcas 4 engines automatically exploded into life thrusting the craft into the planets atmosphere.

Having thrown up the contents of his stomach into one of the sick bags Trance carefully opened his eyes and with shaking hands gripped the controls attempting to keep the craft on the correct flight path – all things considered, thought trance as he fought to control his racing heart rate, he wasn’t doing a bad job today…..no not a bad job at all.

“I am a leaf in the wind” He whispered to no one in particular as he continued to rip off the Firefly genre, despite the obvious fact that this particular Post has moved on to ripping off the Aliens genre (you know the bit where they deploy from the Sulaco…..Oh never mind).

Mean while back in the hold our 3 intrepid tau hero’s were snugly encased in their battle Armor helplessly attached to the deployment rail but fully able to enjoy the shuddering turbulent virtually out of control ‘orbital interface’ via the ships intercom hard connection.

Smoky found his voice first

“That idiot does know we are upside down doesn’t he?”

Tone the Water caste envoy come Fire warrior wannabe responded

“Oh look on the bright side old chap at least we didn’t burn up on entry and all things considered at least we are straight and level”

To which Nat (always the pessimist) responded

“Still time to crash into that mountain range – and will this deployment rail work upside-down”

The rendered but happy voice of a female Aircaste member suddenly broke into their conversation

++30 seconds to automatic drop ejection – may the blessings of Aun'Va be with you++

The rear door suddenly opened to show – well dim cloud really – and then a red light came on – flashed 3 times before turning green

++Green on, deploy, deploy, deplo……++

Then the connection was broken as the 3 suits and their 6 Heavy gun drones tumbled (upside-down) into the Orcas Slipstream.

Automated gyro systems compensated for attitude and spun the suits the right way up before the mounted jump packs arrested the suits descent just in time for all 3 to land…slap bang in the middle of the ABCers and covering each and every one of them (each and everyone of them having just finished using their standard issue ABC Tea Towel to clean themselves up – not Fury though - he had sold his on Ebay) with a fresh layer of swamp slime.

A dozen slime splattered ABC warriors all turne their balefull stares at the 3 Battlesuited Exiles.

“He he he – um, hello Chaps – miss us at all?”


Well here they are the finest tau Warriors to be found...within spitting distance - having finally reached 1.0 Plot speed.

04-04-2008, 03:44
Billiam wipes the slime off yet again with his tea towel (seeing he is a halfling, he had more than enough towel left). He then begins to throw some ingredients and what looks like vegetables and some sort of sausage into his kettle. He placed the lid on and 15 seconds later, out of nowhere, a *ding* sound rang out.

"Well I guess you sloggers want some vittles then? An army fights on it's stomach, an' all. Get out yer mess kits and geht in line."

Billiam waits for people to line up but the ABCers mill about sheepishly. Annoyed, Billiam slides his lower jaw side-to-side and spies Grey trying to duck his stare.

"Ah, Grey, you look hungry! What's that, you forgot your bowl? Well no need to fret, I have spares."

Billiam withdrew a bowl from his rucksack and ladled a heaping bunch of stew into it, put a big wooden spoon in the bowl and thrust it into Grey's hands.

04-04-2008, 05:41
Omelette shuddered at the though of eating that "food" Billiam prepared. He reminded himself not to trust anymore ABC food and to be glad he wasn't in Billiam's center of attention. Three new Tau in battlesuits had just joined the fray, and the ABC had their tasks set for them. Omelette was one of the ones to try and get in the abandoned entrance. He decided it'd be a good time to start scouting ahead of the group through his scope; The sound of Bioshamans didn't exactly excite his soul. Omelette liked his organs just the way they were. That and the idea of an underground base gave him images of small hallways and close quarters combat, not exactly his cup of tea.

"Do we HAVE to go inside?" whined Omelette.

The other ABCers just kind of stared at Omelette - he proceeded to smile sheepishly and lower his head. "Do we have to go inside. pfft." mumbled Omelette, "what kind a question was that."

CEO Kasen
04-04-2008, 09:02
Stench. The sort of aura of decay that could make your bloodstream vomit at your teeth, then wash it back down with pus squeezed from your right lung. The sickening and distinctly organic sound every footstep made seemed to reinforce this particularly unfortunate metaphor.

Two figures, in addition to those mentioned previously, were foolish enough to trudge through the muck. One...

"Why the <deleted for security reasons> are we here again?"

This first voice was a woman's, and would be reasonably pleasant if not for the undertone of processed, pasteurized hatred that underscored every word in that sentence, printable or otherwise. Her face matched this quite well - reasonably attractive if not for the permanent glare from pale yellow eyes. which stared from beneath two long scythes of ghost-blue hair. She was wearing a suit that seemed almost like it was made out of a leafy texture which shifted with the amount of Decaying Plant Matter in the vicinity.

"I've already told you, Ms. Anavi. Several times, in fact. Since I know for a fact that you've spontaneously produced a comprehensively organized list somewhere in your files called '1001 Things I've Killed For Less Than' in the span of two hours, I consider it reasonably safe to assume your memory is not yet faulty?"

The response came from a calmer, man's voice, deep enough for a non-Marine, at least. Keen ears would pick up a subtle hint of amusement - and keen eyes might see it on his face, the shadow of a smile on thin lips beneath small brown eyes, and these beneath slicked-back jet-black hair evidently held in place with ceramite-woven polymer cement. This one didn't seem to be making the same attempt to blend in - A black business suit and red power tie were his wilderness scouting attire, although in deference to his pants he was wearing some large rubber boots instead of his expensive imported shoes.* The occasional flickering of a spherical Conversion Field tuned to act, today, as a matter-energy bug zapper, did little to hide his presence, nor did the beep of the Auspex he held in his left hand.

"Ha-ha. I want to hear it again, Ben. I want to make sure my reality is crumbling at exactly the rate I think it is."

"Fine. If you must, call up file-"

"Yes. I've actually been reading it again and again. You know, because I don't hate the world quite enough as it is? All it says is:"


Spasm requires Panda to engage testicle / brick interface in Flaming Cossacks.

Rubber space mermaids not sufficient.

Signing gerbils are off key. Off key.

Spasm requires Panda.


"Yes. It's code." came the level reply.

"...Yes, I got that, but you still haven't told me: Code for what? This crap makes the TakEoUT codes** seem positively coherent outside Fei Fong Wong's Imperial House of MSG."

Kasen paused. To anyone else, he would have said "That's classified," or "What indeed?" with a knowing smile - but Reynara Anavi was a member of his Inner Circle, and thus Kasen found it better to err on the side of the truth than the side of his personal amusement. He was getting enough of that anyway.

"We... didn't quite decrypt all of it," he admitted. "It definitely came from Mr. Leviathan himself. It pointed to this location. It said something about Tau hostages, and scoring a few points with them is a good thing - You know how much I want to get my hands on pulse and rail technology. It also, we think, said something about the Tau being interrogated by something called the Twinkie method, and we're still scratching our heads on that one. Finally, it sounded rather urgent, don't you think?"

"And so, instead of sending a team of ILNSF Marines or an XMT squad or some Lensguard or what-have-you... you, the chapter executive officer of a goddamn planet-spanning telecom megacorp, personally see the need to come out here without backup and make sixty billion kinds of extra work for a bodyguard perpetually six inches from snapping your neck?" said Reynara, who could sound incredulous no matter how many times she asked this question over the last decade. This time she accompanied it with a motion of snapping twigs with both hands.

Kasen shrugged. "I'm on vacation."

"And you're spending that vacation trudging through a swamp, looking for a group of heavily armed psychotics whose success defies all statistical probability, laws of physics, and standards of decency, around whom ordering coffee or flushing a toilet*** is exactly as safe and likely to result in your untimely and hilarious demise as charging headlong into enemy lines wearing nothing but two pencils and a ferret. Tell me how any of this makes sense?"

Now was the point at which Kasen chose to break out the enigmatic smile. "I have my reasons. Besides, we have backup. Hobbes is keeping the Garnet warm, and we brought Kyria."

"Kyria's a bloody ***********-"

"We brought Kyria." said Kasen, "And... Imperator appliance-molesting Dei," he added, upon bearing witness to a mountain of dessicated, pus-soaked flesh that had once roughly been in the shape of some gigantic worms, "I think we might want her to cauterize this."

Reynara sighed, acquiescing for the moment in the face of ick. "At least we can't be far."

*He wouldn't want to ruin real Fenrisian leather. It does no good to stain the sole of the wolf.

**TakEOUT (Tactical Edicts Of Unified Teamwork) codes are a battle-language used by some of the higher-up battlefield executives in the ILN corporation. They have the unfortunate side effect of making an assault cry sound like a particularly vigorous order for a sweet and sour lunch special, but to its credit concepts like "Happy Phoenix Noodle Combo #5 with Extra Sauce" translate poorly into most non-Gothic languages - given that they are, after all, poor translations in and of themselves.

*** Especially a Q-branch Lo-Grav Lav(tm).

04-04-2008, 12:43
Grey tentatively took the bowl of food from the halfling. Even over the stench of the swamp the aroma of the dish assailed the acute senses of the space wolf. It didn't smell that bad if Grey was honest, though compared to the stink of the mud covered and wet werewolf that was only metres away anything smelt nice.

Thank you. Grey nodded his thanks and swallowed the broth. Not bad. But we don't have time for master chef, we'd best start our assault. We will try to be a distraction Lev but I make no promises about letting you get to the Tau first. Grey managed to keep a smile on his face as he felt his enhanced physiology battle a number of toxins and poisons. If he was lucky he'd get close enough to the badger facility that people would assume it was biomancer that killed him rather than food poisoning.

Blagrot Squigbreff
04-04-2008, 12:51
Between the mud, the slime, the soreness in her ribs, the soreness in her butt, the downswing of the combat stims and the mass of insects that seemed intent on biting every inch of exposed skin in the vicinity (and exposed skin is something she isn’t short of), Ar’liess was getting very fed up of this swamp and a sulky, bored Wych was not a good travelling companion. Her mood wasn’t improved by the arrival of the Tau trio but settled for an angry pout and glare as she stripped the muck from her skin and threw it petulantly at the newly-arrived Battlesuits.

She sighed moodily and consoled herself with the prospect of a good fight with the Badgers when they finally got to wherever this facility actually was, with any luck some more of the local wildlife would come looking to fight. “Maybe I could sorta run ahead, perhaps find something else to play with.” She mused before Billiam announced that food was ready, having seen what had gone into the Halflings kettle she raised a blade to point as she replied threateningly. “You try feeding me those dead worms and you’ll be the next thing sliced into that pot!”

Spinning away dramatically she smirked broadly at the obviously unhappy Omelette, she wasn’t sure she had made the best impression on the ABCers and the childish sniper would almost certainly be fun to be around. “Aww, don’t worry, it’ll be fun. We sneak in, stab all the Badgers we find cause none of them will see us coming, of course if it makes you feel better you can shoot them instead. Then we find whatever these Tau thingies are, sort them out and if we’ve still got time we can kill any other badgers that are left.” She finished with a wide, manic grin and a satisfied nod. The recounting of the straightforward plan had helped restore her good humour as well, her only worry was that the distraction team would end up having all the badgers to play with and leave none for the rest of them.

04-04-2008, 16:23

'You have no idea how bad this smells to me.'

Leviathan was inclined to agree, his nose was perhaps several magnitudes less sensitive than the ofactory organ Kiao sported on the end of his snout and it still smelt like they were exploring the anal tract of a dihareatic camel to him. He couldn't imagine what it must have been like for the badger.

The Grandmarshall was hot, sweaty and sticky and it most certainly wasn't in any good sort of way.

They waded in waste water that came up to their chests as single file they probed into the abandoned side entrance of the facility. He had been puzzled why the Badgers hadn't bothered posting even a minor guard sentry at the entrance...now he knew why. It was like they had somehow waded **** deep into Howard Hughes' personal hell.

The gloomy tunnel dug deeper as they sloshed through the sewage.

Leviathan quickened his wading as best he could to get closer to Kiao who was at the head of the group. 'Anisha was asking after you.' He said when he was close enough to be in ear shot of a private conversation with the young badger. 'She seemed quite concerned for you.'

He watched as the youngster winced slightly at the sound of her name.

'She said you wouldn't speak with her...' He added, probing further, hoping to finally open up some meaningful dialogue with his estranged charge.

Kiao shook his head. 'You pick your places don't you?' He said.

'Excuse me?'

'We're wading chest deep in excrement and you choose now to chit-chat.' The Badger mocked.

'Covered in crap or doing the breast stroke in ****; it's always good to talk.' Leviathan responded with a weak smile.

Kiao didn't even look at him to notice. ' I don't want to talk about it. Not here not anywhere.'

Leviathan struggled to keep his bolt pistol above the grime as they rounded a tight bend in the passage.
'You've changed alot since I last saw you Kiao.' Leviathan said after the short silence- he was obviously desperate to keep the conversation going, one sided as it was.

'You've grown considerably.' He noted as he regarded the adolescent's frame which had indeed filled out a lot to be somewhere along the lines to becoming that of an adult in his absence. 'You're growing up fast it would appear.'

'Not fast enough.' The badger muttered, half to himself, half in a feeble attempt to humor Leviathan.

It was with that that Leviathan suddenly felt he was much closer to understanding what had happened between him and Anisha.

Before he could think of another avenue to crack the conversation they emerged into a roughly hewn chamber where the refuse thankfully became shallower, now only coming as high as the knee of Leviathan, still he was relieved to be out of sludge with the smell and consistency enough to make a sewer rat vomit.

He surveyed the darkened chamber with his torch whilst he finally allowed the weight of his bolt pistol go dead in his other hand.

There was a rough-shod stair hewn from the earth that clung to the wall of the room leading to a door almost directly above where they had entered from below.

'Follow me' Leviathan ordered as he carefully ascended the narrow stair towards the rusted iron entrance above. He reached it and readied his bolt pistol before trying the lock. It clicked and then ground open slowly with the terrible creek of decaying hinges.
The room beyond was dark and Leviathan stepped inside gingerly, shining his torch into the midst of the black. Slowly the others followed until they were all inside this new room.

It smelt different to what was below. It was still bad but a different kind of bad. This was of death and decay rather than slime and sludge.

'Over there.' Kiao noted, his sensitive eyes peircing the gloom.

Leviathan directed his torch to where the young badger had pointed.


Fortunatly they were not Tau as Leviathan initially feared. They were Badger cadavers, crumbling husks piled one on top of each other, all in various degrees of decomposition.

'There's more.' Ar'liess added, sounding disappointed that the first badgers they'd come across were already dead.

Leviathan shone his torch around the area. The entire room was filled with bodies, stacked in mishapen piles like disguarded rags.

'Somethings wrong.' Kiao warned suddenly. 'Something smells just...wrong'

'Looks wrong too.' Nexus noted as he gestured to a near-by pile that was suddenly moving.

With a creeping sense of horrible for-boding Leviathan watched as the other heaps began to writhe un-expectadly as well. It was then that, with a terrible, disconcerting slowness, several of the disheveled dead got to their festering feat. Slowly, nightmarishly more and more began to join in on the impossibly afterlife meet and greet.

'Zombies!' Omlette screamed.

'Badgers!' Ar'liess yelled.

'Zombie Badgers!' Nexus exclaimed, cocking his shot gun with the biggest grin on his face Leviathan had ever seen. It was like his life had led up to this moment.

04-04-2008, 17:06
Billiam, lessed than pleased at everyon'e attitudes tword his cooking, trudged off tword the abondoned enterance muttering to himself.

"Don't like my cooking 'eh? You all been eatin it fer 5 years, and no complaints, EVER! The one time I wonder out of the kitchen I get wrangled into going on this "escipade". All that went in the stew was carrots, potatos, onions, sausage, water, flour, some spices, and cocoa powder."

It dawned on Billiam.

"Aww that's right, cocoa is poisionus to dogs. No wonder the space puppy liked a bit queesy!"

Billiam, caught up in thought, walked right in something and fell promptly on is back. Looking up, he caught full sight of what he ran into, a zombie badger. Billiam quickly hopped up, dusted himselft off, swung his rifle like a bat hitting the zombie and knocking it down, whipped out a big grilling fork, and jammed it into the skull of the zombie. With the zombie dead, Billiam continued to trudge on muttering to himself.

05-04-2008, 02:19
"I don't care what you say, It still feels like cheating" Mumbled Fury as he sat sulking on a moderately clean rock.

Pup, how many times do I have to tell you scouting out the heavily guarded enemy base isn't cheating, it is tactics. Sighed Grey.

"I don't care what you call it, it still feels like cheating, now those badgers aren't even in with a fighting chance"

Ignoring the sulking werewolf, Grey moved on and began to sketch out a rough map of the main entrance.

The entrance is built into the side of the hill giving only one direction to assault from. There are several fixed gun emplacements here, here and here.

"That doesn't seem too hard" mumbled Fury as he lent forward "I thought this was supposed to be a heavily guarded base. "

I am not done yet pup, In addition to the fixed gun emplacements, they have several light trucks with mounted assault cannons, as well as a few heavily armored tanks and to round it all off two garrisons of those mutated guards and who knows how they differ from the regular badger foot solider. Grey gave it a minute to let the gravity of the enemy they were about to face sink in Plans anyone?

"We go forward an giv em a gud krumpin" Said Gobzag matter of factly.

"I like Gobzag's style," Shouted Fury as he leapt to his feet, "Anyway, we can't let Lev beat up to the tau now can we? Lets GO!"

"Sir, I think we might be under attack"

The Claw Leader turned to the badger, a look of barely contained anger framed his face. "You think we might be under attack, It isn't hard to decide, either we are or aren't."

"Well sir," The guard handed the Claw Leader his binoculars. "If you look in quadrant four there is something running head long to one of our tanks sir, it looks like a larger wolf."

It was at this stage that Fury had finished his mad dash and reached the tank, thanking his lucky stars that the tank was unprepared to react to a suicide charge from a deranged wolf.

Smiling as he heard the muffled shouts of the tank commander within, Fury cracked up the juice on his bionic arm to max and slammed it through to top hatch.

"But. . . But. . . that shouldn't be possible" Whimpered the tank commander as he saw Fury tear off the hatch and drop into the tank. "Nobody should be able to do that."

"We aren't nobody" Fury smiled as he picked up the Tanks comm device and switched it on to all frequencies. "We are the ABC, Hail to the King baby."

05-04-2008, 07:37
What with the general assault on the badger base going smoothly, Gobzag waded forward and watched as the werewolf of the party began to take a tank apart with his bare hands. He was convinced he could do better. Screaming "WAAAAAAAAAGH!!" at the top of belligerent loud and stinky voice, he charged head long into another of the tanks, and as he got to the front of it, slammed his power klaw through the front hull. Sparks flew as the driver and a gunner were pulped, the front gun disabled completely, and the rest of crew stunned into shocked screams, wondering at the leering green face now staring through the hole.

"Da Orks is da best, and dis'l make sure you's don fugget it."

Pulling Away from the hole, Gobzag lowered his shoota towards the gap in the tanks armor and held down the firing mechanism. Large caliber slugs ricocheting around the crew compartment, eventually setting off the magazine and fuel tank. Leaving Gobzag Standing in front of a charred wreck, once yellow armor charred black, and a soot covered face.

Wolflord Havoc
07-04-2008, 18:20
Nat took a long look at the Badger base recording 20 seconds worth too his on board battle-rom before lowering himself down behind the huge fallen tree and turning to face his 2 colleagues.

“Okay – so a diversion for the Main ABCers eh? - The way I see it is that I attack head on and silence that weapons pit before going into an over watch position. Tone you go to the right and start zapping tanks with your FusionGun and Rockets, and Smoky you get to brew those barracks with your flamer and sort any survivors with your Ion gun…Stop it”

This last bit had been in response to heavy Gun drone number 5 which, looking behind had bumped him.

“Er anyway once you have both sorted out your targets – fall back to my position and we will access the situation..ow…what is wrong with this bloody drone?”

Both Tone (the Exiled Water caste Envoy) and Smoky (the Exiled Earth Caste engineer) shrugged – too be fair none of them had taken Leviathans explanation about the thing being ‘possessed’ by a ‘Daemon’ at all seriously and Smoky was far too fascinated by the Drones seemingly ‘sentinent’ activities to do anything about it. Tone didn’t care – it wasn’t his gun drone that was affected.

“Okay were was I?.....oh yes so that’s the plan and I think you will all agree, it’s a good one so……oh for the love of…what is Fury doing?”

Charging or rather ‘loaping’ through the swamp towards the base was The Werewolf ‘Fury’ being followed as fast as possible by a massive brute of an Ork, with thick black smoke pouring from several exhausts…..jogging behind both was Grey looking to all intents and purposes like he was doing his morning warm up.

“I think” said Smoky “That they are beginning the attack”

Tone winced (well the suit made a movement that could be interpreted as a wince) as Fury ripped the top hatch of a mustard yellow badger tank and dived inside – the tank rocking on its suspension as the werewolf began to ‘play’ with the crew.

“Yes – I would say that they are defiantly beginning the attack”

“But, but my plan…my plan…what about my plan” Stammered Nat as Gobzag redesigned a second tank, its turret arching into the sky.

Gun Drone Number 5 obviously agitated at the lack of response ‘drone butted’ Nat in the Suits head and began furiously agitating in the direction behind them.

“Oh Ow WHAT!!??”

Shouted Nat turning around to ‘finally’ look at what the drone was trying to show him…and felt his blood run cold. For all around them, climbing from the murky depths were dozens of….no belay…Hundreds of…dead badgers….they were dead badgers….yet not dead…..and more were appearing through the fog all around them

“Um Um Um” stammered Nat his brain not quite comprehending the scene unfolding in front of him.

Inside the suit Nat licked his lips staring at horror as the closest ‘re-animated undead Badger’ (must come up with a shorter name than that thought Nat on a different detached rational level) – the thing looked at him with black dark pitiless eyes and said “Braaaiiinnnss” in Badger tongue.

Smoky leaned across

“Might I suggest that we change your plan to…shoot like Frel”

Nat snapping out of his shock nodded “I like Smoky’s plan – OPEN FIRE”

And with that the teams 2 missile Pods, 12 Burst Cannon, Plasma gun, Flamer, Fusion gun and a highly experimental Ion burst gun opened up as one.

07-04-2008, 20:53
No finesse Grey grumbled as he watched Gobzag more or less run through the tank and listened to Fury's spontaneous radio show. Noticing that he could see right down the grooved barrel of tank's cannon Grey ducked just in time to have the shell fly over his head. The space wolf's speed and the slick mud allowed Grey to skid in a crouch right up to the tank where he grabbed hold of the warm main gun and hauled himself up quickly onto the main body of the tank. Still holding the main gun in place, the screech of gears indicating the crew was trying to change its target, Grey pulled out his Plasma Destruction Staff (Bing!:cool:) whacking it up to full power. The end of the plasma weapon hissed through the humid air and easily cut through the armour of the tank's turret and, Grey assumed from the muffled yelp, into the main gunner. Pushing a few frag grenades through the small hole he had just made Grey ran over the rest of the tank, leaping off the back just as a dull thump shook the war machine.

I think Kiao was exagerating when he sad this place was well defended. Grey called over to Fury who was idly using the badger's tank against the stationary defenses. I'm tempted to give them a chance and only fight with one arm.

"Why not really even the playing field and fight just left-handed?"

Because I'm ambidextrous Fuzzy. Still could be fun. Grey shrugged as he deactivated the lightning claw on his right arm with a flourish and held it behind his back. He watched the main doors eagerly for the next wave of defenders. He didn't have to wait long as the doors slid open and the badger shock troops emerged.

Great. Badgerfexes. Grey grumbled as the giant gene-spliced badgers came charging out. It had been a while since Grey had seen one of the tyranid-badger hybrids and he had forgotten how quickly they could move when given a straight run at you. The space wolf was thrown backwards and skidded on his back in the mud.

"Remember to give him a chance and just use your left hand!" Fury called over cheerfully while playing at being a bull fighter with the charging badgerfexes, easily sidestepping them and goring chunks out of their backs with his bionic arm.

07-04-2008, 22:46
Omelette squealed, it was very dark and zombie badgers aren't the best of comfort in gloomy times. His reflexes started working before his brain though, immediately bringing his rifle up to his shoulder. The zombies were too close for the need of a scope, but then again Omelette had a nice marker light to cheat his way past aiming. The marker light flashed everywhere as an array of plasma shots burst out from the rifle, pulsating blue chunks of plasma tearing deep into the rotting flesh of the zombies. Meat and bones ripped off of the limbs and body of the decaying foes, however not all the enemies were stopped with a single shot. Some just kept getting up, soaking up the blows like a sponge to water.

Suddenly a cold grip embraced Omelette's shoulder, dragging him back and causing him to lose his balance. Now on the ground Omelette stared straight into the putrid, gaping mouth of a zombie badger.

"Hungry badger? Eat this!" Omelette brought out his bolt pistol and shoved the muzzle straight into the badger's mouth and pulled the trigger. The head exploded into a hundred fragments, the body falling limp onto the ground beside Omelette. He shivered as he got back onto his feet, bolt pistol and rifle in each hand. If you increased Omelette's muscle sizes by a few inches and add a red headband you would have sworn it was a scene straight from Rambo MMMCMDCCLVI*.


*Rambo MMMCMDCCLVI - One of Omelette's favorite movies starring Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo in one last comeback movie. Rambo is stranded in a badger world where he eventually must use his wits, guts, strength, and survival knowledge to stop the badger plans to invade the Imperial Guard home planet.

08-04-2008, 12:17
Almost three years ago…


This story starts as many have in the past, with an inky black that slowly dissipates to reveal an image.

Fade in.

A crimson sun hung in a cloudless sky. Carrion birds circled overhead, their squacking mixing with groans of pain and the crack of energy lashes. Black-hooded Badger slave drivers beat their charges without mercy, yelling obscenities at them in their own obscure tongue, not willing to stoop so low as to speak any other. The slave caravan moved forward across a dusty plain towards an unknown destination. This was no ordinary slave march though, as at the center of the group there was a single prisoner surrounded by a phalanx of Badger shaman. Being wrapped nearly from head to toe with runic wards the man was almost unrecognizable, but even though his eyes were covered it seemed as if he was aware that some gaze was upon him. Looking towards the sky the prisoner’s raven hair fell away from his face and he spoke…

“My name is Darkwind, and I am a slave…”

CEO Kasen
08-04-2008, 21:42
"...Kyria, I've personally seen you dash headlong into any fray in visual distance, with a level of glee directly proportional to the threat level. So how come I can't get you to walk into a tube?"

The psyker - and indeed, it must have been a psyker, because no non-psyker would ever in a million years dress like the crimson-haired red-clad half-fox creature petulantly folding her arms, flattening her pointy triangular ears, and looking at Kasen as though he'd just suggested she declaw herself with a rusty spoon to save calcium. Vibrant purple cape? Check. Huge, gold, needlessly gem-studded shoulderpads? Check. Colors clashing harder than Orks and Eldar in a pizza-topping disagreement? All present and accounted for. If clothing was intended to make a statement, the statement this clothing made was as profound as follows: "Hey! Look the hell over here!"

"...Have you >smelled< it?" said Kyria; "It's every last kind of icky down there! I won't be able to get that out of my fur with a Gauss Assault Brush and eight hands!"

Kasen rubbed his temples. Reynara, who spent most of this time with her displeased gaze focused on Kyria, scoffed.

"Kyria, after about 4 minutes on any operation your oh-so-precious pelt is usually thick with the shrivelled carbon atoms of Those Who Dared Oppose You(tm)." said Kasen.

"And that's fine, 'cause that's the smell of victory. Does that smell like victory to you?"

"...A fair point," Kasen conceded, "but not one that changes the fact that we have to go in there. Look, I don't like it any more than you - I like this suit - but unless you have an alternate method of access, please accept at least for the next three minutes that there are perhaps more important considerations than appearance and olfactory tolerability?"

"Didja say 'alternate method of access?'"

"Yes, that's wh..."

A grin becomes much more distressing when its possessor is a sentient with a canine-style muzzle like Fury or Kyria; It becomes much worse when you know exactly what that grin means.

"...Wait one moment, I meant a subtle alternate method of access! Subt-"

But it was far too late.

* * * * *

Deep in the bowels - almost literally - of the Badger base, where the zombies were beginning to shuffle forward in the dim light...

"Braaaains?" said one.
"Braaaains." agreed another.
"BraaaBLAAAAOOOOOM-CLANGwrunchsplaksplaksplakTHUMPATHUMPATHUMP" said the third.

This translates roughly to:

<My dear fellows, I'm feeling a mite peckish. Perhaps we could make a morsel of these gentlemen before us?>
<I daresay so. I'm particularly keen on the one in the bikini - So convenient, a meal without all that tiresome armor.>
<Yes, chaps, let us what is that explosion oh bugger, my skull is being crushed in by a chunk of the ceiling and swamp matter. This ceiling is very heavy! As are the several people who've just fallen on me! ********!>

Though initially gracelessly piled atop one another in a cone of comparatively brilliant light like three very clumsy and oddly-dressed angels, this state of affairs did not last long. All three of these individuals were at least basically acquainted with the survival instinct that said that prone was not generally a good state to be in when surrounded by shambling corpses. It's not a good state to be in when surrounded by members of the ABC, either, but at least they aren't >as< likely to have a gustatory use for your brain. Rising was not difficult despite zombie proximity; Like all good zombies, the sun set them to recoiling, rubbing their eyes... or eye, as appropriate, and generally slowing down a force already unlikely to win the Special Olympics Differently-Alive 100m Lurch.

"Torcharse, one of these days I'm going to introduce you to the concept of a door." growled Reynara. "Abruptly, and repeatedly."

"Hush, you." said Kyria. "We're in, and we're not covered in liquid ****, so quitcher complaining!"

"Oh yes. Because being surrounded by the goddamned walking dead is so infinitely superior. I'm vomiting with joy."

"Ah. Mr. Leviathan!" called Kasen cheerfully, ignoring his staff in an attempt to regain his composure, nonchalantly brushing bits of dirt and dust off of his suit and levelling a hearty bow towards the assembled ABCrusaders - thereby turning his back to the zombies. "And what I can only presume given the mixed-species presence is the ABC? Fancy meeting you here." he said, with appropriately theatric surprise.

"Ben? Remember? Zombies?" said Reynara, drawing her sword.
"Killy now, talky later!" said Kyria, her hands wreathing with flame.

"I fear needle pistols aren't ideal zombiehunting weapons." He said, with a dismissive wave. "You're on your own here, unless you somehow feel it's worth my ring? Besides, I'm sure," he said with a confident chuckle, "that this is nothing the lot of you can't handle with five elbows tied behind your -"

"BLAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" came the echoing rebuttal from the darkness.

Evidently something disagreed.

09-04-2008, 06:20
As Fury was jumped over a charging badgerfex, his face beaming with child like glee, he shouted to Grey, who now not only had one hand behind his back, but one leg was also off the ground.

"Grey,I was thinking, how come we don't use special tactics and code words and junk like those Tau exiles over there, I mean, I totally could be like Sierra Foxtrot or something awesome like that."

Pup, I am a Space Wolf, one of Leman Russ's finest, Trained in all forms of combat and Tactics

"So what you are doing now" Shout Fury, pointing to the still hopping Grey "Is tactical?"

Standing still for a moment, considering Fury's question, Grey then swiveled on his foot to face Fury. It is called psychological warfare pup, you are not a Marine, I would not expect you to understand. And No, before you ask, I am not going to call you Sierra Foxtrot.

"But?" Given the fact that Fury was a killing machine of destruction, was the head of a branch which no insurance firm would ever consider covering incfact many have committed ritual suicide than even looking over the application form, one would not expect him to be able to pull off such a sincere hang dog expression.

Cut it out you pathetic excuse for a wolf. shouted Grey as he disembowled yet another badger, making the hopping around much more difficult. How do you think the distraction is going?

Mumbling under his breath as he punched through the hardened carapace covering the badgerfex's chest, Fury stopped and surveyed the surrounding destruction. "We aren't going too badly, but you know my motto, the more explosions the better."

Rolling out of the way of a volley of fire from one of the badger guard regiments, Fury brought his bionic wrist up to his muzzle and activated the comm unit.

"Athena, time to initiate The Irradiant dawn"

++Do I have too? I hate using any of The Apocalypse's systems. they are somewhat disturbing++

"I know it is a little weird Athena, but please just do it."


One of The Apocalypse's hanger bays slid open, the stillness of space was suddenly shattered as twenty long tube shaped objects rocketed out of the hanger, each somewhat reminiscent of an imperial drop pod only a fraction of the size and each had the Q branch logo stenciled on it side.

Within what seemed to be a matter of heartbeats, the tubes began their reentry through the planets atmosphere. As they streaked through the sky it was if the very air around them was on fire, in fact, being a Q branch invention it probably was, just remember the Q branch motto, When in doubt, add fire.

As the tubes grew closer to the facilities main entrance, the Badgers and the ABC could hear the sound of the wind Howling and Shrieking, a grim warning of the devastation about to be visited on the poor souls below.

Most of the defenders stood with a morbid curiosity as the tubes slammed into the ground. The armor plating still aglow from the heat of reentry, steaming hot gas escaping from the armor plating seems as the pressure within equalized.

The deathly silence was quickly shattered as the armor plating exploded off from the tubes, revealing the deadly cargo that lay within.

Coffee Machines. . .

Fury turned to Grey, his eyes wide and his muzzle revealing a somewhat megalomaniacal grin. The coffee machines slowly began to roll forward, each off in a different direction, and every time they were within close proximity of anything an explosion of shrapnel, coffee and cream followed.

"Now this is a distraction."

Pup, if we get out of this, we need to talk.

09-04-2008, 20:40
On the dark side of the planet, well away from the caffeinated carnage, A small burst of flame could be seen in the planet's upper atmosphere, then a second one about a mile above the surface. Compared to Fury's distraction, these were mere flashes in the pan, unnoticed by anyone but the most diligent of artificial intelligences.

Soon after this curious event, three flyers in close formation were seen speeding along at low altitude towards the combat zone. Athena, her curiosity being greater then her reluctance to interface with the highly experimental and temperamental warship's systems, focused briefly the sensor array on these objects. A moment was all she needed, the sensors were powerful enough to count the hairs on a Badger's head from high orbit. Dismissing the "deploy offensive condiments: Y/N?" prompt was all that stood between these objects and a full battery of explosively deployed razor sharp ketchup and mustard packets, which would quickly reduce them to a zestfully flavored ruin of metal and flesh.

She held off however, the fliers were Imperial design and she recognized the markings. Not that matters of friendly fire were of any particular concern to her, even she knew that attacking an inquisitor was often more trouble then its worth, hot dog flavored explosions not withstanding.

She watched as the thunderhawk suddenly climbed high into the atmosphere, leaving the two smaller land speeders to speed along, flying a few feet off the ground, heading straight for the still blossoming smoke cloud left from Kyria's alternate entrance.

Blagrot Squigbreff
10-04-2008, 00:03
‘A fight and finally some Badgers to chop up.’ Ar’liess thought with an exuberant grin, it did look as if something had already killed them but they were moving, they were Badgers and she was going to kill them, again if necessary. She tensed slightly raising the long elegant blades ready to strike the moment her opponents moved close enough. After waiting several moments she dropped from the dramatic pose and heaved a huge sigh, while the zombies were moving towards her they weren’t doing it very quickly.

With a resigned shrug she leapt towards the nearest mobile corpse spinning swiftly to decapitate it smoothly, she followed into a cartwheel as she landed, slamming her feet into the head of the next zombie and stomping down forcefully as she landed in the wreckage of its braincase. With a half-bow and a flourish she buried her weapons simultaneously into the skulls of the pair she had landed between before rising in anticipation of the next target.

A target which was conspicuously absent, the assembled dead nearby were only just starting to turn towards her, tutting irritably she tried to encourage some life into them. “Oh come on, just try to move a little quicker, it’ll make all this much more fun, I promise.” The comment had no effect on the corpses, probably because they wouldn’t have understood it in life and being dead wasn’t likely to have improved their linguistic skills. She pouted and huffed sulkily as she systematically chopped her way down the arms of an unfortunate zombie in a futile attempt to entertain herself but she was getting fed up again, the weird dead Badger things were just too slow to actually hit her and they made a really annoying low-pitched groaning noise that was setting her teeth on edge.

Therefore the explosion that shattered the ceiling was a welcome sight even as the blast wave dropped her on her ass once again in the midst of several dismembered creatures of the grave. She bounded up quickly to see what the heck was actually happening and winced at the reflected light from Kyrias overdone outfit and shook her head at the seemingly unruffled man who had dropped in.

Ar’liess wasn’t sure at first if he’d even noticed the undead around them but it was soon obvious he simply wasn’t worried about the attackers, cursing at the obliviousness of humans she waved a blade and called casually over to the surrounded group. “Want a hand over there? Or are you happy how you are? They will get over to you eventually, you just have to be patient.” Taking advantage of her preoccupation the armless zombie behind her made a spirited attempt to bite her head open but the poor cadaver in fact merely got itself a mouthful of bright blue hair to chew on and his head absently removed from his shoulders.

A loud roar announced the arrival of another combatant as it barrelled out of a gap in the wall, the ridiculously wide abomination was comprised of several variations on the theme of dead creatures – Humans, Badgers and several examples of the local wildlife were just the easily identifiable elements. The monstrosity possessed a half-dozen heads and an abundance of variously sized limbs, ranging from hulking club arms to long and lithe tendrils.

“Oooh, MINE!” Her eyes lit up as she gave an excited shout to stake her claim and charged happily towards the creature, pausing only to leap onto a pair of Zombies to springboard herself forwards and dig her blades into a huge arm. Tearing a long line of muscle loose and sprinting up the limb she absently noted the first head she encountered appeared to be a giant frog wearing a crown, the thought as quickly forgotten as the creatures’ race had been after she split the head in half.

Leaping towards another likely looking head she was considerably unhappy to feel a firm grip on her ankle and even less amused to find herself dangling in mid-air above the creature as a further mass of tentacles extended from one seeming shoulder towards her. Twisting as best she could she cut several of the offending limbs apart but the feelers were relentless and one was soon wrapped around her torso, pinning her upper arms to her sides as she spun and swung crazily in the air. “ Hey, no fair, leggo me and let me, ow, let me stab you, dammit. Eww, what’s that sticky gunk?” Seeing another large tendril heading for her face she clamped her lips shut, kicking desperately to dislodge a creepy, pulsing touch sliding up her thigh, she had seen stories on the pirate human channels they picked up during raids and there was no way she was letting that happen to her!

10-04-2008, 00:38
The two wolves were fighting badger fexes, and Gobzag immediately wanted to join the fun, but he also saw that that would be crashing their party, and for Orks, once comabt has been engaged, you don't krash da partee. Unless its other Orks smaller than you. But Fury and Grey were unfortunately not orks, though Grey seemed at times like he had come from a spore of a tankbusta or a burna boy, more likely a mek spore, as he always had a slapdash mechanical thing on it's way to do a good job on the enemy. The krumpin was going well, and Gobzag wanted to continue his rending frenzy. A series of defensive fortifications that seemed briming with badgies made a prime target for him. Belching Mega Armor protecting Gobzag immensely well, and as he made it to the gun post, with a rotary cannon of some sort in it. the gun opened up, but it wasn't a gun meant to pierce armor and the plasteel plates of the mega Armor suit bounced it off, a vibrant spray of lead in apraks shooting off his chest in myriad directiosn, making his leering face look like it was emerging from the flames of whatever hell the badgers believed in, Gobzag pointed the shoota and fired, and the gunpost went silent. After battering his way into the gun post, Gobzag turned down the trench masses of badgers in it rushing towards him.


10-04-2008, 02:34
Far ahead of the group, Billiam stood atop a pile of some 30 zombie badger corpses. Forks, knives, serving spoons, and even ladles protruding from the skulls of the fallen. Looking in his satchel, Billiam muttered to himself.

"Hmmm, only 3 spoons, 2 knives, and a meat tenderizer. Let's see, there ar' still 1, 2, 3... twelves zombies. Looks like I'm gunna 'ave to get creative."

Pulling the tenderizer out of the satchel, Billiam hit the power button and a blue crackling energy field surrounded the head of the mallet (Billiam learned through working with exotic meats, that a power-meat-tenderizer is a good investment). Waiting for the zombies to try to climb the pile of corpses, Billiam hit the skull of a zombie and the skull sprayed onto the walls of the corridors. Waiting for a zombie to get to just the right level, Billiam whomped a skull into oblivion. One by one the zombies joined the pile of corpses. After the last one fell, Billiam flicked of the power-tenderizer with a sigh and sat down on top the pile, looked in his satchel and pulled out a old book, opened to a marked page and read up on how to make raspberry truffles.

"Maybe fer dinner, even tho' those ungrateful cretins don't deserve it."

10-04-2008, 10:12
Greg squirmed in Billiam's grasp and then fell to the floor with a thunk, having now turned into a filing cabinet. He then turned back into the hooded space skaven we know and love, and started to swear violently. Having been a tea towel for the past few days will do that sort of thing to you. Having been a tea towel that has the sort of things Billiam does to his tea towel done to it...well...

After his swearing had stopped, Greg drew his weapon and pointed it at the group. "Someone'd better have brought me my mocha!" he screamed, shooting the dead badgers for emphasis. He dropped his lasgun when his arms turned into pixie sticks and began to flail about and swear quite a lot more. He did. Not his arms. They then turned back into arms, and Greg picked his weapon back up and went over to a corner to sulk.

He tried to do so but found the corner filled with ravening undead, and began to run around screaming. "M5 bitches!" he cried, as he ran just out of their flailing grasp. "Greg!" cried a bystander, "40K doesn't have a movement stat any more! You move just as fast as they do!"

A shocked look crossed Greg's face, and a zombie barged into him and began to gnaw at his cloak, which had the texture and taste of an asbestos brick. And so the spitting, biting zombie began to claw Greg, and Greg rolled around pathetically for a bit. Oh the humanity! Will somebody help me? I mean him. Will somebody help him!? Please?

10-04-2008, 11:39

Clumps of clay tumbled from the sudden tunnel that had been the alternative method of deliverance for the freshly arrived Kasen and colleagues.

Leviathan regarded the business man as he calmly stood at the centre of chaos that had erupted around them. 'I see you got my message then.' The Grand Marshall grunted as he swung his glaive to relieve yet another zombie of its cranium. 'Impeccable timing as always, glad you had time for one of your little vacations.'

Kasen let out one of those thin smiles, so perfectly gauged that Leviathan could swear he practiced in the mirror or something.

'Indeed.' He uttered. ' The development of the ILNpod has thrown up a few....issues, being in legal wrangling talks with the High Lords of Terra over distribution and copy rights for some of the Imperium's most rousing and genocidal hymns can get tedious to say the least and I just needed to get away from it for awhile'

'Uh-huh' Leviathan half acknowledged. Part of him listening, the other half engaged in brutal dismemberment of the alien undead. Quite good multi-tasking skills when you consider it really.

As another corpse fell Leviathan noticed Reynara and, perhaps more worryingly, Kyria had joined the fray. Worrying because they were in a confined space and Leviathan was pretty sure he didn't enjoy third degree burns very much. Although he had to hand it to her, she could dispense more subtle brands of fiery annihilation when she wanted and he was pretty sure he'd never seen a incandescent demi-fox give a shambling badger zombie a flaming enema before either.

'Besides...' Kasen added. 'Not like this still isn't a mildly profitable vacation either.' The impeccably suited man added as one of the ILNs remote camera drones floated nearby before zipping around to give the best shot possible of Kyria cooking cadavers at gas mark: obliterate.

'...Although you may want to do something about that before this becomes too much for family rated entertainment.' The business man gestured to Ar’liess who was currently being held aloft and the wrong way up as horrid tentacles encroached upon her delicate looking Eldar form.

'Oh bugger.' Leviathan managed to say as he observed the abomination stomp closer to them.

With a slight nod from Kasen Reynara was upon the thing, dealing blue cartwheels of slitty death to the flanks of the creature which, although impressive for the cameras, didn't seem to phase the lumbering giant.

Leviathan's bolt pistol barked in his hand and the rounds made sucking wounds in the girth of the monster but again, it didn't seem to care.

Kiao, haven given up trying to inflict any form of harm on the thing with his needle pistol moved closer to attack with his short-bladed power sword. He ducked one set of stolen appendages as he made sweeping arks in the freaks flanks and managed to avoid another clawed set of of arms but was caught off guard by a way-ward tentacle and hoisted into the air, joining the wych in her peril.

'Kiao!' Leviathan yelled as he tried to wade closer through the sea of soulless bodies as he watched the helpless badger squirm in the beasts grip.

It was at that moment he caught a glimpse of something else that had been concealed within the clutter of the chamber. Much smaller it slid in insidiously like a whisper in a crowd of voices, blended in the backdrop until now. It floated in the folds of darkness towards the back of the room, an arm that looked like it was measly bone wrapped with skin outstretched towards the abominable assemblage of corpses, animating them with obscene arcana.

Instantly Leviathan knew what it was and what its purpose was. 'Shaman!' He yelled. 'Kill the shaman and this ends!'

He flung a finger in the direction of the disheveled looking domo of the dead to draw everyones attention to it's half hidden form.

'Kill it!'

11-04-2008, 05:21
Fury sat on a large chunk of what once was, one could only assume, a badgerfex but after the collision with the frothy doom that was a Q branch Coffee Machine, visual identification became near impossible.

"Ahh, you just cannot beat piping hot caffeinated justice." Fury remarked as he saw a particularly unlucky badger run past him, tears streaming down his muzzle, as one of the few remaining Coffee Machines in pursuit.

Hey Pup, Grey was now back on both feet and wiping the now congealing badger blood of his power claw.

"Hey Old Wolf, I have a question, have you ever wondered what goes through a badgers head moments before he dies?"

Well, If I was in their position, staring into the neon glow of a coffee machine designed to serve Deep Roasted Colombian Casualty, then I would imagine their last thoughts to be along the line of WTF?!?.

"Yeah, thats what I thought as well." Jumping down off the char grilled remains, Fury looked at the remaining guards began a somewhat organized retreat back into the facilities main gate.

"Well, what do you think boys, head into the facility of mystery, unknown and possibly death?"

13-04-2008, 06:17
Omelette ducked under a leaping badger zombie, wondering how in the hell a rotting zombie had the muscle capacity to make a leap that would rival Grey throwing a badger with his power claw, which mind you is mind blowing as to how far it's possible to throw a badger. Omelette swiveled around and let a plasma shot rip through the air and blow off the zombie's leg.

He chuckled as he thought to himself. "Try to make that leap now."

Suddenly Omelette noticed Kasen and co among the midst of those wreaking havoc. Omelette had been completely oblivious to his surroundings as the leaping zombie had completely enthralled him. He raised his hand to wave when Leviathan suddenly shouted out new commands. Pointing ahead with his finger, he bellowed.

"Kill it!"

Omelette instantly made out the shaman in the shadows. The shaman was clearly chanting some sort of incantation, but it's eyes opened as it realized it had been spotted.

"I GOT IT!" Omelette raised his rifle to his eye and quickly pulled the trigger.

Click. Click. Click click click click.

"God damn it!" Omelette fumbled for an extra, only to come up empty handed. He glanced down, and where he normally kept his extra clips was instead full of mucky glop. He swore loudly as he flipped a switch down on his rifle. There was a tiny label written next to it reading "Top - Off; Middle - On; Down - Irritating". Then he pressed a button near the muzzle of his rifle. It had an even smaller inscription written there, "Blindingly Bright - do not point at eye".

A bright beaming light of orange shot out of the the marker light and straight at the shaman. It froze as it's eyes quickly adjusted to the ridiculously overdone marker light. It tried to dodge out of the way and evade the light, but Omelette kept up with him so as to not to lose his target. In fact it seemed like a pretty fun game to Omelette, like pin the tail on the donkey. Only it was the ABC's version, keep the light on the badger-so-the-other-people-can-kill-it. Omelette grinned.

13-04-2008, 06:43
Gobzag was having fun with the badgies in the trenches. They couldn't get around him, and he could keep up because they couldn't get away fast enough. The ones at the front had encountered a large crater, and were standing as still as they could, as if what was down there was worse than Gobzag, and that irritated the ork. He got even more creative with his killings. No longer content to crush, Gobzag began to rend and toss. Badgies unlucky enough to stray near his right, power claw encased forelimb went sailing high and far, managing to land a few of the better shots within the general area he had left Grey and Fury in. He played tug of war, badgie head in power claw, tail in left hand, rip squelch drop. When gobzag had torn his way to the crater's edge, he saw da Boss, and some udder fellows. What they were doin wuz deyz own buisiness, and so Gobzag turned back, and began his piston pumped march back to the main entrance.

BAAAAACK at Q mountain....

While most of Gobzag's crew were careenin round in da truck, they had designed a giant glyph, powerslidden into the gardens. Giant leering Ork face with crossed rokkits behind. the glyph was big enough to be seen from space, and so the ABC crew on return to base, would be greeted by the mark of Gobzag's warband. His mek however, had found a piece of grating and ripped it off oh whatever it was it'd been on, bolted it onto the trukk, and begun to look down the tunnel. Itrgiued by sounds of bangs and curses, he began to crawl into the mountain.

Wolflord Havoc
14-04-2008, 18:30
It was relentless.

Nat would gun down a pair of ‘Reanimated Dead Badger Corpse’ (really must come up with a shorter name) with eye searing pulses of plasma fire and explode another pair with unguided duel purpose medium rockets, only for eight more to take their place.

To his right Tone was hitting the ‘RDBCs’ (nah that’s not going to work either) with a combination of Fusion blasts that turned each target into mist and his own Unguided DP Rockets, while Smoky was hosing down any concentration with long bursts of Ion Blaster shots and then turning any survivors into walking torches with his Flame Thrower. Between them the 6 heavy gun drones sent streams of Burst cannon fire into the shuffling mass.

It was no good every time one of the RDBC ‘eventually’ succumbed or was blown apart or atomized another 2 would take its place.

“We need to displace – now” Said Nat - sounding a lot calmer than he sounded (“Join the ABC” they said “See the Galaxy” they said “free limited edition Tea Towel” they said – not that they had got theirs - issues with suppliers/late payment etc etc - but nothing about these shuffling monstrosities in their glossy recruitment pamphlet).

Tone looked around him “But where? We are surrounded”

“What ever were going to frelling do, do it frelling well fast – I’ve just run out of frelling ammunition” Said Smoky having suddenly stopped firing and looking down at both his Smoking flame thrower and ‘Cooling to Red hot’ multi barreled Ion Blaster with what passed as a bemused look (for a 2.5 ton battle Suit). “That’s never happened to me before” *

Nat thought for a second while his plasma rifle underwent its cooling cycle** and more rockets were fed into the launcher from the Ammo hopper.

“Okay I have a plan”

Quickly changing frequencies he called up Trance in the orbiting*** ‘Pimped Orca’

“Trance. Emergency Extraction. Hot LZ. Weapons Hot. Immediate.”

++Understood 30 seconds out…where is the ga dai ma beacon…oh I see it…..how come your above me?++

Smoky muttered sadly “Your upside down you idiot….Nat couldn’t we just telepo…”

What ever Smoky was going to say he never finished as the Orca (surrounded in a halo of spooky blue light from the underside neon strips) suddenly ‘emerged’ from the dank fog clipped the top of a tree (inadvertently flipping it the right way up) and plowing through 3 trees and then side ways into the swamp – leaving a hundred yards of mashed ‘RDBCs’. The craft shuddered and miraculously on screaming jets pulled itself from the gloop – sending sprays of dank swamp water and badger parts in every direction. The crafts long barreled Burst cannon turrets and missile pods deployed and began to shoot at anything moving that was not displaying an ABC IFF while the 3 Battle suits and their attendant heavy Gun Drones spared no time in jumping into the sudden gap in the ‘RDBC’ horde and boarding through the rear ramp.

“Bloody Good Timing Trance” Said Nat as ammo Drones detached from their perches and began to replenish his suits diminished ammo bins.

“Yes old bean – took those ‘Reanimated Dead Badger Corpse’ by surprise I can tell you” Said Tone as a Medi Drone checked his vital signs.

“Still can’t fly worth a damn though” Said Smoky as a dejected looking Repair drone (having found nothing to do) returned to its perch.

+++‘Reanimated Dead Badger Corpse’? – you mean the ‘Badger Zombies’ +++

The 3 ‘Fire Warriors’ all exchanged looks as the Rear door clamped shut behind them and the Orca blasted into the air.

*In fact “GAME OVER” had just appeared on his HUD

**Apparently Smoky had considered removing the ‘overheat cutouts’ in order to make the weapon more powerful but even ‘he’ wouldn’t do that – to think…..plasma weapons that over heated hahaha! What? Oh! Sorry I had no idea that the Imperial ones…what?....your brother died using one…..okay wont mention it again. Ever. Ahem.

***In trances case ‘Orbiting’ means ‘Not yet crashed’ or ‘Waiting to crash’

15-04-2008, 23:43
No one seemed to be gunning for the shaman. Omelette couldn't blame them, with all these badgers to dismember why would you ignore them? He reminded himself to increase the intensity of his marker light so it would attract more attention in the future. That said, he started sprinting towards the shaman. His reflexes started kicking in; usually his mindset is on aiming as opposed to dodging, but having an empty rifle doesn't warrant aiming. The shaman was too busy trying to multi-task between controlling the zombies and hiding from the ABCers to notice a smaller figure dashing towards him.

Dodging shots fired from both sides Omelette was closing the gap. A zombie badger jumped in front of him and dove towards Omelette. With only a few steps left, Omelette planted his feet firmly on the head of the diving badger and leaped off, graceful as a swan. Of course you'd have to ignore the fact that the rest of the image is full of disfigured badger zombies, weapon shells, explosions, and the dismembering of said zombies by a rag-tag group of varying fighters, who really did not seem like a likely group to be working together.

The scene of elegance ended abruptly as Omelette jammed the end of his plasma rifle straight through the shaman's skull. It's head tore right off from the sheer force and stuck onto the barrel of the rifle. The body of the newly deceased jerked violently as it fell to the ground.

"Badger kebab, anyone?"

Omelette suddenly gasped as he remembered Billiam was here. Omelette didn't want to give him any new ideas for recipes.

15-04-2008, 23:53
Now is your time little one. The saviours have come, they are the ones whose prophecy has been projected accross the winds of the stars. They are...life eternal.

The tiny cat cocks it's head as it looks down the dark vent shaft. No taller then a few inches, this innocent creature's light grey fur is peppered with black spots, a thick furred tail dragging behind it through the dirt of the vent shaft. A blue tinge surrounds and blurs it's shape as it scurries along, the scratching of it's claws on the metal vent shaft audible to those outside in a creepy manner.

Find them. Go with them. Help them. The Gods of steel, flesh and high explosive coffee granules await. Though not even we can predict the latter. I'm sorry, is this still turned on? Stick to the script? Ahem.

The cat hesitates, frowning at this minor interlude in the suspense of the entire scene before carrying on it's journey. A continual whirring sound grows louder and the tiny creature starts struggling as it approaches a rapidly spinning fan. Air pushes back at it's progress, fur ruffling in the damp air and filling it's nostrils with a strong smell, the smell of death, decay...and cordite.

Closer. You will be alone soon, they have wind-touched [Psykers] of their own and that prevents our assistance. Your training will pay off.

Narrowing it's eyes, the cat leaps forwards at the fan, momentarily fading from existance as the blue tinged blur grows stronger and it passes through the fan. Landing on the other side, the spell momentarily fades, claws scraping into the metal vent with a loud scraping sound as the fan tries sucking it back. Gunshots ring in it's ears and the screams of battle ring through the vent as the fighting gets closer. A loud crash and the fan stops working as power is cut to the fan and there is a moment's silence. Opening one eye, the creature looks out from under one paw before sniffing the air, baring tiny fangs that look like they'd belong on a larger creature and scurrying through last of the air vent.

I bid you well, we will remember you. We will await vengeance on those who seek to pervert the ways of this land. Who we have hidden from for too long. Take care little one.

Gunshots and battlecries ring out again as the cat looks out through the grating. It sees a number of people standing there, firing guns, talking to each other, hitting hordes of zombie badgers and paying particular attention to a fox creature setting things ablaze. It cocks it's head again, picking up psychic signals as it appears to emanate one to nearby psykers too. Looking at the hordes of zombie badgers, it psionically emits a sense of disgust, hidden away in the vent shaft and watching.

Watching the prophecy it's people had spoken of. Watching it's Gods in action.

16-04-2008, 01:51
For Greg, things were going from bad to worse. The zombie badgers piled on top of him, clawing and biting, their sheer weight akin to an elephant being ridden by a rugby team of sumo wrestlers.

He squinted his eyes as hard as he could and concentrated. Teeth and claws sank into his flesh, which would have caused him to cry out, but his attention was elsewhere. With a mighty POP, he transformed.

His new form was big. Really big. And pink. And gooey. The giant marshmallow began to roll about the room, confused zodgers trapped in its sticky embrace. One by one they were sucked in, and never seen again. This continued for a few seconds before the marshmallow hit a wall and stuck. "Hmgguh", said the marshmallow, through its mouthless mouth.

16-04-2008, 02:07
Hearing Omelette's voice echo, "Badger kebab, anyone?", Billiam looked up from his cookbook and stared contemplating into space for a second.

"Naw, badger meat too stingy fer that to werk."

Billiam went back to reading his cookbook, waiting for the rest of the group to hurry their arses up. Suddenly remembering something, Billiam looked down the dark passageway toward the group and muttered.

"'Heh, hope they see the Indiana Jones style arrows-shooting-out-the-wall booby-traps."

Billiam went back to reading his cookbook.

Blagrot Squigbreff
16-04-2008, 13:31
‘Kill it’ Ar’liess thought incredulously. ‘I’m upside down, in mid air, with my arms and legs wrapped up, what in the name of the Dark Prince does he think I’m going to do?!’ Despite a lot of effort she couldn’t manage squirm loose from the tentacles grip, as a matter of fact the abomination approved of the Wychs wriggling, its tiny brain rather enjoyed the feeling when its playmates writhed around.

After a moments thought it did occur to her that she might be able to reach a small knife attached to her hip, bending as much as she could she gripped the handle before hurling with a practiced flick of her wrist. The dagger flashed over the collapsing body of the shaman and bounced off the wall, narrowly missing Omelette during both trips. ‘Aww, he killed the Badger first, it was such a good shot too.’

She was knocked out of her sulk as the abomination began to collapse, sending the still entrapped Dark Eldar hurtling headfirst towards the floor. Luckily the dying (re-dying?) construct had relaxed its hold and a handful of graceful somersaults and a swift cartwheel (to add style) later she landed easily on her feet with a broad smirk, the elegant manoeuvre was somewhat spoilt by several dozen kilos of decomposing monster dropping on top of her.

Muttering curses under her breath she struggled her way out before subtly readjusting her dishevelled clothing in a vain effort to conserve her modesty. After sorting herself she climbed onto the dead mass and promptly started jumping up and down, forcefully jabbing her boots into the rotten form as she stuck her tongue out in petty satisfaction. “There! How do you like it, being squished?”

Her revenge was cut short by a loud groan that sounded from the pile in seeming reply, leaping higher into the air with a startled yelp Ar’liess recovered to land a firm kick on the corpse, which issued another pained grunt. Catching sight of a much more alive looking arm sticking out from underneath the monster she hopped down and bent over to grab the limb, tugging sharply at it resulted in Kiaos head and shoulder emerging from the heap along with another pained groan.

“Hey, Badger I’m not meant to kill, get up and show us where the ones I am allowed to kill are.” Figuring she had got payback on the monstrosity and eager to find something she could actually attack, she yanked at Kiao repeatedly as she chattered excitedly in an attempt to get the dazed badger to respond. “Hopefully they’ll actually fight not just wave me around like some sort of toy.” She muttered grumpily, quickly suppressing the rather worrying image of what sort of toy the creature had thought she was.

16-04-2008, 20:20
Of course I tend to play it safe and think WTF every 5minutes around you Fury just to make sure they are my last thoughts. Grey half mumbled to himself as he looked around the scene of carnage brought about by an amount of coffee machines to make any office worker weak at the knees.

Not to question your keen senses and attention span Fury but... Grey waved a hand over towards the shambling horde that had just rounded the corner, absently firing off a bolter round at one of the zombies poised to provide Greg with a tracheotomy, moments before Greg turned into a katamari.

"I wouldn't worry about them, they wont make it inside in time. Well if we are lucky some of them will. But most wont." Fury hoped off his perch and started to saunter towards the badger base's entrance looking purposefully at his chronometer. Grey knew well that Fury sauntering anywhere was a dangerous sign, it was made only worse with vague references to time frames and what happened when time was up.

If you value your lifes, sanity and/or your love of all that is good and beautiful in this or any other world I suggest you get inside and undercover 5 minutes ago! Happy that everyone had got the message and was able to make their way to the building Grey sprinted past Fury who was giggling quietly to himself.

Above the planet the second stage of The Irradiant dawn was deployed. Like the first pods fell to the planet's surface spewing fire as they went. This time the fire was a nice relaxing blue, just because you have to add fire doesn't mean you can't be artistic with it. Having pierced the upper atmosphere the pods showed no signs of slowing down and at a height of 50 meters they finally showed signs of being more than large weights being dropped into a mud puddle. Each of the pods exploded into several (baker's) dozen smaller pods, each of which in turn exploded into fragments. It was like a firework display only normally the fireworks are moving upwards not plummeting at super sonic speeds towards the on looking crowd.

"Ohhhh, ahhhhh" Cooed Fury, who liked firework displays better when they ended with casualties.

You are losing your touch Fuzzy, I mean just blasting the area with fire? No style or innovation there. Grey commented as he watched the display. He had to admit the effect was very pleasing on the eyes. The accompanying badger screams weren't too bad on the ears either.

"You senile old wolf, your eyesight is failing you. Its raining biscuits and cakes. After all can't have some coffee without a snack to go with it. The only problem I've had is stopping reentry overcooking them. Perhaps I need to add more nitrocellulose." Fury mussed while the ground outside the base was pummeled into delicious submission, the air soon saturated with moisture caused by the amount of swamp thrown into the air.

Cooking really isn't your strong point is it. Grey commented while slapping a melta bomb onto the facilitie's front door. Knock knock!

20-04-2008, 17:27

Kiao sat and rubbed his besieged skull as Leviathan crouched down next to him.

‘You alright?’ He questioned.

‘Yes…’ He groaned before flinging a paw in Ar’liess direction. ‘No thanks to this idiot.’

Ar’liess pouted a she regarded the young badgers insult, perhaps contemplating how a black and white 100% genuine fur mantle would go with her wraithbone bikini.

Leviathan surveyed the carnage. Shattered corpses were scattered everywhere, nexus sat smoking a cigarette atop a pile of the decimated dead whilst Omlette and Reynara tried to dislodge the giant marshmellow that had inexplicably been Greg from the wall of the chamber as Kyria looked on with Kasen trying to convince her that this was not the time for a giant toasted sugary treat.

‘We need to get moving.’ Leviathan said as the fluffy alien metamorphosing candy was finally dislodged. ‘…As err…best we can.’ He observed.

The Grandmarshall surveyed the room and found an exit tunnel winding down not far from the rapidly decomposing remains of the badger shaman. ‘This way…’ he encouraged as he shined his torch down the darkened passage before he disappeared into the din.


‘You’re sure you’re alright?’ He questioned again as Kiao stumbled down the tunnel ahead of him.

‘I’m not the fragile and frightened little thing you insist I am. Now shut up and stop asking.’ Bit the badger back.

‘O.K, O.K.’ Leaviathan said withdrawing. ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.’

‘You want me to bite you?’ The badger returned sounding slightly confused. ‘ You do know what that means don’t you.’

Leviathan smirked. He was well aware that in Badger society a bite had certain…connotations under certain circumstances. ‘Be careful Kiao…’ Leviathan mused. ‘That almost sounded like a joke.’

‘Never.’ He grumbled back.

Leviathan shook his head and allowed himself a grin.

They finally emerged into a large shaft that descended down into the core of the complex, a rusted iron walkway clung to the edge of the massive pit and spiralled down into the darkness below.
As they filed out onto the walkway they were suddenly startled by the disruption of the subterranean silence.

‘Welcome, Welcome!’ A crackly, unhinged voice echoed from the space beyond. Leviathan eyed the source of the sound and spotted a speaker phone clamped to the wall above them.

‘Come, Come my flesh things. Come and join in the joy of muscle and meat and blood and bone. Yes, Yes’

Suddenly lights sprang on illuminating the path downwards. ‘Down, Down.’ Hissed the disembodied voice that sounded like it struggled past diseased lungs and scarred larynx. ‘But why not have some fun flesh first. Yes why not. Why not?’

Suddenly there was movement from above and below, gunfire as monstrously mutated troops surged onto the walkways.

‘So much for doing this quietly.’ Leviathan said as he loaded another clip into his bolt pistol and ducked for cover.

‘I never liked it that way anyway.’ Nexus beamed as he removed several high explosives from his belt.

‘Hahaha hahaha.’ Hissed the voice as a horrible viscous fluid seeped from the speaker and spilled to onto grate.

22-04-2008, 07:44
Grey's melta bomb made quick work of the Badger blast door, of course it was a FARTS melta bomb which meant that while it was making slag out of the door it was also assaulting the ears of anyone near it with truly terrible karaoke.

"Grey, Seriously, I have heightened hearing out the wazoo, so do you, how the hell can you subject yourself, but more importantly ME to that? A cat being sexually assaulted by a rabid walrus sounds more musical than that."

You cannot call your life complete until you see a spacewolf in power armor sheepishly shrug his shoulders and grin I rather liked it.

"And you call yourself a Space Wolf." Fury moved through the now slagged door way and turned to the Tau exiles. "Say guys, you are Tau Exiles right? well, I am not well versed in Tau culture, Infact I could write everything I know about the Tau on a bottle top and still have plenty of room left, But when we find these captured
Tau is there going to be an issue? Will someone be shamed, will i need to break out the kiddy pool and jello for you guys to fight it out? as jelly wrestling solves all problems."

22-04-2008, 19:50
What about that lawsuit from the employee that broke their ankle while wrestling in jelly? Grey mused while glancing into the hallway. The badgers seemed to have given up the front door as a lost cause and fallen further back to prepare a defense.

"I still say there is nothing in the bylaws for trial by combat that states it can't occur in a pool of jelly. Stuffy judge just took a disliking to me is all."

You did enter his courtroom via drop pod. Fury grinned devilishly at the memory. And if the hearing hadn't been over I don't think it would have helped your case that you left courtroom by way of a giant mechanical burrowing hamster that went through the courtroom floor.

"They should have been honoured, that was the first public display of the mecha hamster." Fury commented as he ducked past the cooling door and bounded down the corridor and looking round the corner. "Hey guys, whats 6foot tall, covered in black and white fur and got their limbs from randomly point at pictures in a biology text book? Because there are an awful lot of them. Oh and badgers with large guns..." A shot of energy flew past Fury's head and impacted against the wall behind him. "...and terrible aim."

22-04-2008, 22:25
"Et's not an ork or one uv da boyz, so it gets a gud krumpin." Gobzag had slogged up from behind, managing to catch up to the other assault team members. "Krump da Badgies!!!!!" He bellowed vefore diving headlong into the throng of enemies, powerklaw pulping things left and right, energy weapons and claws scoring his armor, and Gobzag fought until his arms began to move sluggishly, and his felt himself become heavier and slower, until he found he was struggling against his armor as well as gravity, and fell backwards, armor powerless, it had run out of fuel. "Waaaaagh! Wut iz diz? Stoopid megaarmor. Mork's scorn and Gork's damnation. Youz gunna elp me up or what?"

Special Replacements Dispatch A 1

Gobzag's trukkers were on their way, having been herded onto a newly developed Q branch invention. It was essentially an over sized drop fired out of a cannon into a warpgate, and supposed to come out to replace losses suffered by the ABC. In this case it was to prevent the rowdy boyz from disturbing any more gardens. Like many ork transport systems, it had no way to slow down, and although it was not an ork crafted transport, the boyz had no trouble with it. It came screaming out of the immaterium near the current operation of the ABC and began a trajectory down towards the planet...

Wolflord Havoc
24-04-2008, 14:08
Fast forward, no too far you ‘mong’, rewind….oh for the love of…give it here ‘Stop’ – ‘Play’


"Say guys, you are Tau Exiles right?

Said Fury to the recently arrived Tau Exiles – who in turn looked around and then at each other before nodding.

“Well, I am not well versed in Tau culture, Infact I could write everything I know about the Tau on a bottle top and still have plenty of room left, But when we find these captured Tau is there going to be an issue? Will someone be shamed, will i need to break out the kiddy pool and jello for you guys to fight it out? as jelly wrestling solves all problems."

The 3 Battle suited “Fire warriors” all exchanged looks.

“Er, um, you say ‘Tau’…..’here’ on this planet?”*

Said Nat the self exiled Farseer starting to hyperventilate.

+++Don’t panic NAT we will cross that earth caste river crossing construction** when we come to it+++

Said Tone the shamed water Caste envoy over the private channel

++++But but but they will send me back to the secret city on – oh I cant talk about that you undertstand – but why the intauanity of it why+++

Wailed Nat

Mean while Smoky used to Nats mood swings pondered Fury’s questions for a moment

+++What does ‘Jello’ mean? Stand by I will look it up+++

Activating the Standard Issue mk 7 ABC Babel translator Device ™ it first asked him to enter in the desired languages.

“Imperial Gothic to Tau Standard” he said.

Then it asked him to enter in the member of the ABC that he wished to translate.

“Fury” he said

If an electronic device could show fear then the Standard Issue mk 7 ABC Babel translator Device ™ would have done. Instead it broadcast a full page disclaimer that read something like this.

“Dear user, we tried, the God Emperor knows we tried, to programme this device to be able to translate the words of the ABC member ‘Fury’. But we failed and in the process 2 members of this team committed suicide and the original dept director decided to rededicate his life as one of those interactive wall paintings (you know the ones where the bloke attached to the wall Painting suddenly reaches out and grabs your fries and scares the crap out of you). So basically I am sorry….but you are on your own”

+++Ahhh it does’t know either+++


*The Exiles missed the Mission briefing so did not know that this was a ‘Tau Rescue Mission’….well mission briefing implies that their was a plan and some decent intel but there was however an informal meeting of the ABCers prior to the mission except that know body thought to invite the Exiles.

**The Tau have no single word for bridge

01-05-2008, 05:10
The fight had begun, well, to call it a fight is not so much fair, the ritualistic slaughter of the badger forces in the name of boredom and possible pie had begun as the ABCers began to rip their way through the sea of black and white fur.

"I don't think I like these mutanted badgers as much as the original"

Why is that pup, the die just a easy. and to demonstrate his point grey proceeded to disembowel the nearest badger.

"No, they are a crime against nature."

Pup you play God on a regular occassion, you have created so many crimes against nature that I have lost count.

"3865 at last count, but that isn't the point, My experiment are fun and leave people with a warm glow on the inside, these" With his Bionic arm, Fury lifted one of the mutated badgers off the ground, causing it to claw and his at him with little effect "Are just plain ugly."

Well, when we meet up with the Shaman responsible you can introduce him to the Fury Genetic Engineering guidelines, slides and all, but for now stop playing around and start killing, we are hear to do a damn job.

"Yes Dad." Snickered Fury, breaking the neck of his badger and the moving onto the next one.

07-05-2008, 13:21
*The server motors came to life for the first time in over 3 years. The various computer and robots started to boot up. Vents opened pouring forth hot steam, nitrogen, and oxygen. The cyro tube started to glow a deep crimson as the coldness of machine started to thaw. The shadowy figure inside the plexiglass container started to stir. Moments later the cryo tube opened and the ominous figure stepped out. Muscles and joints stiff from the long hibernation. Little servant robots scurried about in anticipation of their master waking. One brought a the man's robe to him and the mighty man donned it. The back of the robe had the ABC Elder Circle emblem emlazoned accross it.*

Well, I am back. I guess I should see how this boat ran without me.

19-05-2008, 07:58

The sound ricocheted throughout the halls of the Q branch at the speed of nostalgia.


Scientists panicked, hiding under desks and fainting on the spot.


Eventually a search team was assembled.


They found a door, bolted shut, hidden behind a broom closet.


A welding torch was retrieved.


The door is opened…

“IT WORKS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!” Cackled Anthonace as the horrified scientists peered into the secret workshop. Bits of machinery was scattered everywhere, broken, dismantled or annihilated by the enthusiastic Techmarine. Grease, oil and dried cream* lined the walls in mad sweeping patterns that would make an art critic go weak at the knees. Workbenches covered with gadgets and tools filled the cramped the small room. If one looked hard enough, they could see the remains of several badger target dummies that had recently been obliterated. These things were of no consequence…

In the middle of the room stood the Techmarine, strapped to his back was a… contraption. It appeared to be a servo harness of some sort. However the similarities ended when one realized that it was attached to six assault cannons. Two guns were attached to each of the marine’s arms, supported by huge support arms and suspensor modules, a further two were mounted to automatically targeting turrets. Ammo belts snaked around Anthonace and the gun harness, like iron vines. The effect was not dissimilar to that of modern art, except it was designed to kill people.

“What is it called?” Asked a senior scientist, far to experienced with Fury to bother asking how the device worked.

“It name it… err… let me think on that…” Replied Anthonace, before returning the broken door to its position.