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26-07-2006, 09:29
I always enjoy a good alternative history and so I will chuck this possibility out for Warseer opinions

Macaroth's gamble at Morlond fails as the Tanith fail to protect the reincarnated St. Sabbat and Innokenti and Annawar Sek cut off the main imperial forces assaulting Morlond

Is this the end of the crusade - if so what happens to the Sabbat worlds
What happens to the remainder of the crusade forces
What do the Blood pact do from here - advance remorselessly further into imperial space or fall on each other in civil war as Sek claims victory for his Sons of Sek over the regular blood pact boys?


26-07-2006, 13:38
Well, there's two over extended arms of the Imperial forces, both of which are likely going to be cut off from the rest of the Imperial forces and destroyed - including Macaroth. Maybe some elements will escape back to safer territories, but certainly not all.

It's not the end of the crusade, but it would certainly mean the Imprium would have to retake worlds, and would have a much more difficult time on worlds that can have better defences built on them. The remainder of the Imperial forces would probably go into a holding pattern until a new Warmaster is appointed and reinforcements are brought up, possibly losing some ground in the Sabbat Worlds, but unlikely being kicked out totally - unless the Saint herself winds up being corrupted somehow, in which case all bets are probably off. :D

That's my view anyway.