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warlord hack'a
27-07-2006, 23:34
Here's my claim to fame in the waaaagghh. Purpuse of this list is to be all round and flexible, strength is close combat, weakness is magic. Here goes:

Da ones in charge:
Azhag, supreme ruler of da loony horde
Black Orc Warboss, GW, Drog's Dead Ard Armour, Warboss Um's Best Big Boss At @ 201 Pts

Night Goblin Shaman, Magic lvl 1, 2 x dispel scroll @ 110 Pts

Goblin Big Boss, LA, Battle standard bearer, Porko's Pigsticka, Giant Wolf @ 114 Pts

Da rotten core:
27 Savage Orc Big 'Uns @ 350 Pts
Spear, Warpaint, Full Command
Nogg's Banner of Butchery

28 Savage Boyz @ 280 Pts
Spear, Warpaint, Full Command

23 Night Goblins, 2 x fanatics @ 96 Pts

27 Night Goblins, Spear, Standard, Musician, 2 x net, 2 x fanatics @ 147 Pts

20 Night Goblins, Shortbows, 2 x fanatics @ 110 Pts

12 Goblin Wolf Riders, Spear, Light Armour, Shield, Musician, Boss @ 162 Pts

5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Spear, Musician @ 61 Pts

5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Spear, Musician @ 61 Pts

Who'r ya calling special?
1 Orc Chariot, additional crew @ 86 Pts

2 Goblin Chariot, Spear @ 126 Pts

2 Goblin Spear Chukka @ 70 Pts

1 Goblin Rock Lobber @ 70 Pts

Rare, well he ain't medium nor well done either
1 Giant @ 205 Pts

Casting Pool: 3
Dispel Pool: 3
Models in Army: 172
Total Army Cost: 2249

Some remarks:
-as this is my tournament list and tournament tables tend to be terrain heavy I tried to keep the number of units low as not to bog myself down. Hence the giant, who is doing quite well actually..
- I am low on magic, hoping that the two dispel scrolls will make me survive round one and 2 without too much damage, then round three I will just have to bite my tongue before I get stuck in in round 4.
- The Gobbo BSB is there to either join the 12 wolfboyz or to move around on it's own, behaving like a proper bsb should. Should I drop him for another scroll caddy?
- Savage boyz will be mainly protected from forced failed charges by keeping their frontage a bit behind a night gobbo unit's frontage; when the enemy wants to get within 8" of my boyz he will be stopped by fanatics. Still their frenzy is the biggest weakness in my line as well as the strongest point.
- The night gobbo's with shortbows are there to protect my rear by spreading out and staying 10+inch from the tabel edge: any unit emerging on the edge will soon be stopped by emerging fanatics and should they panic because of this the tabel edge is not far away....

28-07-2006, 02:55
I like the list. Finally someone who dares using a giant!
You have big and fighty units, good support and shooting. Even if you don't have a lot of magic defense, it should not be that much of a problem unless you run into those magic heavy lists.
I also like the night goblin unit behind the lines. Think about it, even if no unit is coming from the rear they are useful: nobody will dare pursuing your units because they will trigger fanatics if they go behind your lines!

The only thing that I dislike a bit about your list is that you only have 2 real combat units (savage orcs rule though!). Personally, I would maybe try and find the points for another unit of savage orcs (about 16 or 20 would be enough). I would take out a unit of night goblins and some savage orcs from your big units to find the points.

I also find that, for a fighty list, you just have one big fighty character. What I would do is maybe taking an orc warboss instead of the black orc warboss (keeping his equipment as it is) and taking a savage orc big boss for the other big unit. Therefore, if your concerned about animosity, you could take a small unit of black orcs instead of my suggestion of 16-20 savage orcs. To satisfy the special units limitation, you would have to change the lobba for a doom diver though.

I hope this helps,


warlord hack'a
28-07-2006, 07:57
thanks for the tips, I'll think about the swap of the general, but I love his S7, he can take on almost any other general out there on his own..

Actually I have 3 fighting units: my wolfboyz have US 26, 18" charge range, +3 statifc CR (most likely +4 due to outnumber) and pack 6 Ws4 S5, 4 Ws2 S4 and 4 Ws 3 S3 attacks against a ranked up enemy force.
And do not forget my spear armed nightgobbo's! They are not your top notch fighting force but they can hold their own against a lot of enemies out there, especially combined with one of the chariots.

And my giant is another one man army, sometimes... ;-).

But I'll see if I can squeeze in another orc block..

28-07-2006, 18:46
Of course the giant can be a real killer on his days! So don't take it out of the list!

About your big wolfboyz unit, be careful how you use them. I played with a similar unit a couple of time and I realized that they aren't tough at all! (They're just goobos after all) In fact, they are as easily killed as 'ard grots: WS 2, T 3, 4+ as. So, only send them when you're sure that they will kill the front rank of the enemy unit (or with a chariot of course). Overall I like this unit too.

For the lord thing, I realized through playing that, against other lords, a black orc warboss does 1 of 2 things. Either he slaughters them (humies, elves, beastmen, skaven) or he is getting a serious beating (stunties, vampires, chaos, ogres). The fact that I want to point out is that, IMO, an Orc Warboss is enough, and an extra Hero slot could allow you to get a savage ors big boss to get a second very killy unit.

And for the night goblin unit, I was talking about taking out the "fanatics transporter" one because, as you said, the other one can go head to head with some enemy units.

I hope this helped,


warlord hack'a
30-07-2006, 07:04
certainly does! I like the idea of the savage orc big boss, bugger, back to the drawing board..

31-07-2006, 18:55
Could you please post your list when it'll be finished? i would really like to see the result.