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28-07-2006, 15:23
Hi all,

For gaming and fluff reasons, I would like to have a Farseer on a jetbike.

Given limited greenstuff skills when it comes to billowing cloaks, I decided that it would be easier to convert a jetbike than a farseer. I have plenty of farseers and warlocks of assorted ages, a few plastic jetbikes and loads of the old metals ones, including Harlequin versions.

OK - so the basic idea is to keep the front cowling, weaponry and some of the bike body, then build a chariot-like back half, big enough to take a 25mm slottabase, with the controls at the right height for the model's hands. Alternatively, give the bike a rider, and have the 'character platform' on the back in addition.

Concept sketches to come soon, but ideas or links to existing conversions welcome in the meantime...


28-07-2006, 19:29
I like the idea of the chariot with a separate rider. Would look ok if done properly. Maybe high elf chariot's and vyper jetbike's bastard-child would be nice, or just some kitbashing with a normal jetbike. I will look forward to see your product :cool:

28-07-2006, 21:23
I've gathered together a pile of bits as a starting point, and have decided (for now) to do a bike without a separate driver.

Current plan is to cut off the back end of a metal jetbike just behind the handlebars, have a flat bit level with the bottom of the bike for the character to stand on, with a grab rail across the front and the wings from an old Eldar Titan as the sides of the platform. Probably with neo-dymium magnets just under the surface of the platform so that the Farseer can be taken off and put on a regular base.

Then add the engines & stubby wings from a plastic jetbike to the sides of the platform.

Only thing is to work out the shape and material for the platform.

More tomorrow...

Rich 123
28-07-2006, 21:32
What about if you attatched those great titan wing to the jetbike engine in place of the stub wings of the jetbike that way it mirrors the jetbike design but makes it more imposing and ornate without having multiple wings that might clutter the look slightly.

I think the best source of injspiration with how to do the platform is found in the vyper. As it too is an Eldar mini it has the same design aesthetic and similar lines to those of the jetbike because it the platform is done inelegantly then I fear Iit might just make it look bodged and not like somethign an Eldar would look at, let alone use.

The platform would need to fit underneath the canopy snugly and (I think) if it tapered out towards the rear with those huge wings mounted underneath it at either side, it would just look like a more imposing jetbike more than anything (which I presume is exactly what you want). Look tot he way the BFG Eldar ship have their wings laid out, having both poisitoned underneath dropping down and out towards the ground would probably look good.

Youve got a good heap of Eldar bits to draw on from plenty of eras of their evolution so this could look really good. Good luck with this project !

29-07-2006, 18:35
Rough cut, using blu-tack and cardboard:



I quite liked the idea of having the wings swooping out towards the ground, but the platform gets low already to have the handlebars in the right place - this would make the model extremely low at the back and look unbalanced, as good as it looks on the Vyper. With them going up they form the sides of the platform. A later and bigger version may well start with a Vyper, this one is supposed to be as close in size to a jetbike as possible.

The platform is a bit wider than would look good, but I'd like a Farseer with a singing spear, and all the existing models are standing face-on - too little time to convert a farseer model as well. :(

To do 1 - the platform itself is currently an upside down 25mm square slottabase plus mountboard, this needs to be rebuilt in plasticard and in a more interesting shape - probably rounded off at the back. As mentioned, I'll be including magnets in the platform, I've got some 1mm thick 5mm diameter ones which can make up a layer between the plasticard and some grill making up the surface of the platform. Should be just enough to keep the model on during games.
To do 2 - find something that looks good as the grab rail going from underneath the steering out to the front of the wings. I was planning to cut off the missile launchers at the front of the wings, but they look OK as it is. As part of this, I may also fill in the arc underneath each wing.


29-07-2006, 23:42
looking ok, but IMO its far too wide..

looks fat and slow, not gracefull like eldar stuff shuld be!

Velkyn Kyil
30-07-2006, 00:40
Just buy a Vyper, remove the gun platform and build a railing for the farseer to hold on to.

Metal Fingered Villain
30-07-2006, 01:08
I second the vyper notion. But if your inclined to use what you have started I would just shorten the width of the cardboard so its a little skinnier and instead of keeping the farseer on his base magnatize him or pin him to the jetbike platform so he fits snugly into position without the added width that is needed to keep him on the base.

30-07-2006, 18:37
2nd cut, taking the idea of laying the wings roughly flat and using the area where they touch as the platform:

Side View. Front of bike needs to be a bit higher compared to rear. Black bar under front would be replaced with something shorter and more fitting.

Front View. Note dipping wings, as per suggestions.

Plan View. The area of blu-tack in the middle is where a round platform would be built.

Looking more promising than the previous version. It would need something fairly hefty linking the wings to the front of the bike, probably brass rod and plenty of pins. Then build up a flat circular platform over the bit between the wings.

@ Velkyn Kyil - it's supposed to be the size of a jetbike, not something the size of a Vyper. And I'm stingy...

@ Metal Fingered Villain - for the third time, I'm already planning to build thin magnets into the platform so that I can use the Farseer on foot, or put other figures on the jetbike, such as an Autarch...


Rich 123
30-07-2006, 18:42
That looks so much better now Ian!

The first version looked a bit like a bumper car or one of those swan boats you see on boatin glakes sometimes. This version, once gaps are filled and appropriate parts found should have the look of speed and elegance suitable for the Eldar. Especially a farseer.


31-07-2006, 17:42
Where did you get those side "wings" from ? :)

31-07-2006, 18:34
The wings are from the Epic Phantom Titan (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99110304027&orignav=300808). Something like 18 years old now!

31-07-2006, 19:57
Looks good. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

31-07-2006, 20:37
:) It'll be awhile, though, I'm away from tomorrow until Sunday...

the dark angel
01-08-2006, 15:31
WOW,that looks awsome so far,thats all i can say really lol:p well keep it up!ill be watching this progress