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28-07-2006, 21:41
Well i decided to write up a mock Greek Style DoW list, as i have a tester game tomorrow, to see if they suit my style, and this is what i have came up with so far

Mercenary Captain w/ Add. Hand Weapon and Heavy Armour

Paymaster w/ Heavy Armour and a Shield

20 Pikemen w/ Full Command

20 Pikemen w/ Full Command and Heavy Armour

x2 8 Duallists w/ Bucklers and Throwing Knives/Pilums

5 Light Cavalry w/ Spears

5 Light Cavalry w/ Bows

20 Marauders w/ Shields and Full Command

10 Halfings w/ Bows

The idea behind this army is its a small greek style army, you have a unit of Armoured Hoplites, some levy Hoplites, a few skirmishers protecting flanks, some light cavalry like they would have done, some with boths to harass some units with arrow fire, no heavy since they probably didnt have access to much in that time, 20 marauders are "recruited" from other tribes etc to help out, and the halfings are like young boys not ready to join in the hoplites, so take up the bow (so they are weak, hense low S and T :D) what you all think? this only comes to 900ish, and i have a 1000point game tomorrow, so C&C welcome!

28-07-2006, 21:46
List looks soild, but maybe spend the 100 points on a sorcer (priest of appolo maybe? or athena?).

I'd suggest Lore of Beasts, as the oxen stands is a fantastic spell.

28-07-2006, 21:52
good idea with priests of appolo and athena! it would have to be someone geared to antimagic though (basically a level 1 scroll caddy) as i dont think the ancient greeks commonly used magic... :D one bad thing about this army is that it lacks alot of firepower unfortunatly, as the crossbow wasnt readily avaliable to greece at the era i am trying to base this army around (200-500bc ish) and you can only get 1 unit of halfing archers, so hopefully the massed infantry will make up for it

28-07-2006, 22:00
Just make sure you engage the enemy in the front, your pikes must not be flanked. Dosn't matter if the pikemen get in.

Although, Flank charges with pikemen then make the whole force so much more efffective, removing static combat res with the light cavalry is pretty much vital to ensure victory, even pikemen can be beaten by murphy.

Cpt. Drill
28-07-2006, 22:05
You could take one of the Names pike units with WS4 and have them as sacred band or veterans...

28-07-2006, 22:57
well the list is pretty much the same as above but with a priest, the tactic is but the pikes in the centre, duelists on a flank and light cav on the other, draw him into my pikes and smash into his flank with the dualists of cav, the archers on a hill or something and marauders probably running all over the place due to frenzy... oh well, it add charecter! using named pikes is tempting but for my intro i will avoid it i think

28-07-2006, 23:17
If you have points spare an enchanted shield on the paymaster/captain wouldn't hurt and you could give the captain a sword of might or +1 attack (whatever it's called these days).