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Your Mum Rang
29-07-2006, 13:43
Okay I learned lessons from my last game with borrowed models and have come up with a final army. I have tried to take advantage of the new changes to the rules as much as I can!

Improvements to fast cavalry: I have takes two units of Glade Riders so they make use of being able to fire after they have rallied from a charge flee. With Skirmishers being march blocked these are now the fastest things in the game which makes my Wild Riders happy too!

Fleeing through enemies rule: I now have 3/4 units which can easily get behind the enemy and set up these types of traps. The Warhawk Riders are particularly adept at this and can stay hidden until needed.

Being able to target enemy characters easier: Waywatchers are now master assasins as they can position themselves perfectly to take out lone characters and with HoDA there even heavily armoured characters should be afraid!

Hand Weapon and Shield bonus only to the front: Makes my Wild Riders have even more chance of winning through a flank charge!

Overrunning and continuing combat: Again my Wild Riders can now munch through more than one unit! But must be careful where they end up! Cascading with Wild Riders and Wardancers may be fun!

Anyways.... the list!

Spellweaver: Lvl 4 - Calingor's Stave - 2 Dispel Scrolls @ 325pts
Waywatcher Noble: Hail of Doom Arrow @ 140pts
Branchwraith: Lvl 1 - Cluster of Radiants @ 140pts

5 Glade Riders: Musician @ 129pts
5 Glade Riders: Musician @ 129pts
10 Glade Guard @ 120pts
10 Glade Guard @ 120pts
8 Dryads @ 96pts
8 Dryads @ 96pts

3 Warhawk Riders @ 120pts
8 Wardancers @ 144pts
6 Wild Riders @ 156pts
6 Wild Riders @ 156pts

6 Waywatchers @ 144pts

29-07-2006, 15:09
I don't think waywatchers as assassins will cut it - I just think that people will start hiding their characters in units.

Also remember that units flee directly away from the enemy with the highest US - most likely your Wild Riders. They'll probably leapfrog one of their comrades on the way, so you'll need to make sure that you engage two units that are set up this way with fast cav on both sides. Otherwise, your Wild Riders will overrun into an enemy, and the first gets a clean getaway.

I think Wood Elves gained a lot with the new rules, but also lost a lot with Skirmishers now being march blockable.

Your Mum Rang
29-07-2006, 15:21
True. But to force the enemy to put his units into a unit is fine by me. Also taking out Knights/Warmachines and also being able to set up those traps is good too.

29-07-2006, 15:50
I'm actually worried about the waywatcher's ability to deal with knights ... since they won't be able to march unconditionally anymore, a canny opponent might be able to trap them. Waywatchers aren't cheap skirmishers either ... if I was on the other side of the table, I'd happily trade a small unit of knights for 2-3 turns to kill a unit of 6-7 waywatchers.

To trap the waywatchers, all an opponent has to do is trap the waywatchers within 5"-11". Preferably 6" as you'll be just inside half your charge range, so no stand and shoot.

Your Mum Rang
29-07-2006, 16:06
Good point. I don expect them to be able to hurt Knights but every little helps. And if they themselves are march-blocked the enemy is march blocked too.

Hmm. How about trading them for Scouts?

29-07-2006, 16:35
The enemy's march-blocked .. but they have M8, and it's the 16" charge that waywatchers will struggle to get away from.

I think scouts would be good for early-game march blocking, and they're not so expensive so it wouldn't be worth the enemy trying to kill them with cav. If you can cut another 8 points from somewhere (one of the Glade Rider musicians?), that would be a great eagle - another cheap, effective march blocker for the other flank. With such a maneuvrable list, I don't think war machines will be a huge problem unless they're of the auto-hit variety *curses Organ guns, Helblasters and anything else that decimates fast cav*.

I'd hate to say it, because I've always loved waywatchers, but ... I think they're sort of pointless now. Except against a gunline, where 2 attacks in melee each model from a unit of super-scouts could really devastate artillery and light missile units.

29-07-2006, 21:29
I really like your list, theres only a couple of recommendations I have.

I like your hero's quite a bit, but I would add rageth's blades to the waywatcher just for fun. :) I would add annoyance somehow to the branchy. With Calaingor's Stave maybe you only need a level 3... it would free up some points if you need them.

One unit of Wild Riders with Full Command and War Banner will be much more effective at killing the enemy, and the +2 static CR over your units would really, really help cascade tactics. I know you're going for redundancy, but I think one unit of 6 will cut it. In the same vein I like my wardancers to have champ/mus to help tip the scales that extra bit.

@Highborn: I really dont think the skirmishers-can-be-march-blocked rule will nerf waywatchers. You can always flee, especially if that would drag the enemy into the woods. Fleeing through the woods is almost a surefire way to get away from the enemy, even Cav, as they will be slowed but you will not. And if you have Calaingors Stave waiting for them.... :evilgrin:

The best part about waywatchers, IMHO, is first turn marchblocking the enemy. Scouts are much more difficult to employ to the same degree of effectiveness. Is 35 points for a unit of 5 really not worth it?

Personally, I use both scouts and waywatchers, but I seriously doubt waywatchers will be hurt much at all with the new rule. Im glad in fact, the rule makes sense.

31-07-2006, 13:10
Can the flyers be march blocked in any way? Or are they still going to be allowed to fly their full 20"?

31-07-2006, 23:56
Flyers don't march anyway. I'm not sure about a flyer using their ground movement, they could be march blocked but I'm not sure if they could march in the first place.

... please don't use dark red on black. Please?

If the enemy gets you in position like I described, you'll need to flee a staggering 10" to get away, on 2D6. If you're fleeing through woods, that's sort of ok but you're still probably looking at fleeing 7" or so, which means one bad roll and you're gone. Waywatchers are expensive models, but massacre things like war machines and will definitely make their points back there. If you pit them against heavy cavalry though, each waywatcher will need to kill one cavalry to make its points back. That's a lot of 6s to be rolling in the two turn's grace you'll get before the cavalry slaughter you.

Your Mum Rang
01-08-2006, 22:23
I don't mind the red. There are worse colours like bright pink!

03-08-2006, 05:15
... please don't use dark red on black. Please?

I think its easier and warmer to read. It is for me, anyway. I find white on black overly harsh... There are a lot of obnoxious color combinations on black but I hardly think "Dark Red" is difficult to read. My two cents. :)

03-08-2006, 11:22
eh .. not too bad now, but on the computer I was reading it on first time around I had to highlight it to read it :rolleyes: