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29-07-2006, 20:21
I thought i would start a new topic for this and document the entire building and painting process for my new Revenant Titan. I just received the Revenant in the mail this afternoon (Saturday). He took 11 days to arrive from actual order date; not too bad! I took a look at the directions and packing list; all of the parts seem to be here and in good shape. No miscasts or weirdness to be found, so far. Here's a picture of the component pieces, as well as a close up of the two head choices you get with the model.



Ok, first choice...... which head to choose? Guardian Head (the one on the left) or Helmet Head (the one on the right)?

I'm excited to start the project and will keep you all updated as it develops!

29-07-2006, 20:26
I would go for the Guardian head, cant get much more eldar than that.
Interessting thread. I will defenetly be following this one.
Good luck mate whit the Titan.

/ Cheers

29-07-2006, 20:29
I have to agree ,go with the Guardian head ,Looking forward to see this built good luck :0

Rich 123
29-07-2006, 20:32
Good luck with this one, it thankfully looks like a bit less of a mammoth undertaking compared to the more industrial Imperial titans.

Funny though, I would say go for the helmet head as the design is clearly Eldar while making perfectly clear it isnt a very big guardian (possibly just at a different scale for instance) but is a big warmachine in 28mm scale.

But hey, its your mini go with what you like the most! Maybe even build the titan legs up (as is apparently best to do anyway) and leave choosing the head until you can just try out both on the nearly complete titan, maybe.

Good luck with this. Im sure it will come in handy! :)

29-07-2006, 20:36
I second the helmet head vote! Good luck with the build

29-07-2006, 20:38
yeah i'd go for the helmet head over the guardian one, like rich said making it clear it isn't just a big guardian.


29-07-2006, 20:46
2th helmet all the way.

30-07-2006, 00:52
depends on the colors you're planning on using, for my vote. with a quick example.. i could give ya good reasons for either :)

Quin 242
30-07-2006, 01:05
How cool is it that they toss in a big chunk of terrain making material!! :)

Which ever you don't use will be an Excellent bit of terrain with some basing and sawing.

But I'm gonna vote for the helmet head. The guardina one looks cool as could be but the other looks more like a giant engine of death.

30-07-2006, 01:06
Helmet Head from this Troupe Leader.:D

30-07-2006, 03:13
Ok, I've worked a little more on the project....

I've decided to go with the "helmet" darth vader style head. It just seems tougher, and the Revenant really shouldn't be a large guardian; he's a Titan, after all! So far, the trickiest part has been figuring out the pose I want. The leg and foot parts can be fiddly, and you can't really assemble them unless you know the direction you want the legs to go. My brother had suggested a leaning back position, as if the titan had just landed from a jump and was firing as it landed, on foot extended. The only problem was, that every time I mocked it up, it just looked a little funny. It kind of looked like the titan was getting knocked back, and it didn't seem tough enough!

Instead, I am going with a classic running/forward pose. Here's a picture of the right leg assembled:

Here is a picture of both legs next to each other. I still haven't assembled the left foot. I think it will be facing downward:

Everything on this model is getting pinned. There is a pin running through the entire foot and about an inch of the right leg. To support the angle of the foot/ankle/leg, I inserted another pin, allowing the foot to lean forward and support. So that's actually two pins in there, one from the foot to ankle, then another from foot through the ankle and the leg. Same thing goes for the left leg!

The hip area is a little flimsy, so there will be a pin that runs from each leg's ball joint through the hips to each other. More to come.........

30-07-2006, 03:34
Good decision on the head, you really don't want a supersize guardian running around.

Looking good structurally so far, have you cleaned all the peices, or are you preparing them as you go?


30-07-2006, 03:41
hey, I don't think there is anything wrong with the guardian style head.. personally I see it as a rather nice head.. and I'd say use that if your going to have alot of guardians in your army, as then it would blend in better.

30-07-2006, 04:12
I've been cleaning each of the sub-assembly parts as they come up. For example, there's 4 pieces to each foot. I'll clean up each piece, play with the pose, then pin and glue them in place. So far, there hasn't been need for a lot of cleaning, mostly just trimming off the flash from where each piece has been poured. The legs had some mold lines; I used an X-acto razor to scrape the lines away.

As for my army composition, this is the 1st piece in my new Eldar army! I actually have most of the models (leaving out the newest and coolest stuff for the fall). I have howling banshees, striking scorpions, dark reapers, warp spiders, a seer council and a bunch of warlocks, an avatar, and several falcon frames. I also have 3 heavy weapon platforms and some older heavy weapon platforms for guardian squads. I plan on adding wraithguard and the new wraithlord also in the future. That's what I have so far.......

30-07-2006, 20:14
Ok, I did a lot of work last night! I stayed up to midnight working on the bugger, then woke up early for some more!

I took the pelvis section and ran one long pin through it and both legs. I also placed some green stuff in with the glue, as the pelvis was a little loose for the actual leg connections.

With the pelvis in place, I decided to start working on the torso. After looking the kit over, I have realized that much of the titan's pieces need to be painted seperately. I thought about it for awhile and tried to assemble as much as possible. I also decided to drill pins into each subassembly, so it will connect to the rest of the model well once painted. The overall goal was to reduce the number of sub-assemblies, but still have the project manageable.

Onto the torso.....
The torso actually consists of an upper torso and a spinal column-like piece, which then connect to the pelvis. The titan has a secondary set of thruster engines that connect to the torso. Here is the spinal column and the thrusters:

Here are the thrusters attached in their respective ball sockets:

I decided not to glue the thrusters into place yet, as I want to see how they interact with the entire torso and anything else. They can be popped on and off easily enough.

Next, the torso is one main piece and required some minor cleaning up on it's side to remove flash and some overcasting. I used a razor blade and trimmed the excess away. The torso comes with a small abdomen guard, which I proceeded to glue into place:


I then drilled a pinning hole into spinal column, as well as a corresponding hole into the torso. I placed a pin in the spinal column and test fit it with the torso.

30-07-2006, 20:15
here is a view with the spinal column in place:

And another view with the thrusters on (but not glued):

30-07-2006, 20:22
Next, I decided to deal with the wings/holofield projectors. Looking at them, it's clear that they need to be painted separately, but I wanted to make it as easy as possible to attach them when finished. One pin wasn't enough, so I drilled two pins into the wings.

I dipped the ends of the pins into red paint, then set them against the body. I used the paint marks on the torso as a guide for the corresponding holes, then drilled them out. I then test fit the wings:

Looking good! Now for the other side:

Everything is in order for the wings and they fit nice and tight.

30-07-2006, 20:26
I started posing the model to get a sense of the interaction between the torso and the legs. I've decided to pose him so he's leaning into his turn/sprint. But again, it's clear that it will be MUCH easier if the torso and legs are separate pieces for painting purposes. I drilled a hole into the top of the pelvis and the bottom of the spinal column. I then glued a pin (paper clip, actually) into the bottom of the torso assembly. Now I can place the entire torso on the legs, pose it, and still remove it when I paint. Here's a picture with the pieces together:


30-07-2006, 20:28
Ok, onto the arms! The torso comes with two shoulder-like pieces. I had to trim them up and sand them a bit first. I then test fit them on the torso.

Before Pic:

With the shoudlers glued on:

30-07-2006, 20:29
not to be stupid.. but why does everyone pose the titan as if its running? why not give it a more standing pose?

30-07-2006, 20:33
Next, I looked at the actual pulsar weapon arms. They come in three pieces; the main gun barrell, the weapon mount, and a small tube piece that feeds ammo/energy/whatever between the two.

The ends of the pulsars don't actually fit into the weapon mounts right away. I had to trim down the back end of the pulsars and shave them a bit. I then pinned them and test fit both pieces:

I did the same for both arms, then glued them. Then I glued the little power cable, as well. Here is a pic of both completed pulsars:

30-07-2006, 20:42
not to be stupid.. but why does everyone pose the titan as if its running? why not give it a more standing pose?

Most people think dynamic = better.:D

30-07-2006, 20:44
Next, I had to play with the position of the arms, pulsars and torso. each of the arms are actually small. After playing around with the pose, I drilled yet another pin, this time into the shoudler end of the arm. I used the paint trick again and then drilled a hole into the torso and test fit it:


Here's a suggestion for anyone that ever builds this kit:The torso is actually quite thin where the arm needs to pinned. When drilling the arm pin hole, I drilled clear into the neck section of the titan. Now, it's not that big of a deal because the titan has a thick neck section, so the hole will never be seen. That said, you have to be sure that the pin does not extend into the neck space, or else it will obstruct the neck piece and it won't seat well AT ALL! I found out the hard way, so I ended up pulling out my dremel and buffing down the extra pin length. (because I had glued it already!) The lesson here: Measure Twice, Cut Once, and Test fit, test fit, then test fit again!

The arm and pulsar have a ball and joint connection. They may not need an actual pin, but I wanted the extra support, just in case.After gluing the arms into place, I drilled a pin into the end of the arm, and drilled a corresponding hole into the pulsar weapon mount. Another suggestion/warning: The socket joint in the pulsar weapon mount is actually pretty deep. As a result, the distance from the inside of the ball joint to the outside of the mount is snarrow, so DO NOT drill your pin too deep into the pulsar arm. otherwise, it will come out the other side!

With both arms and pulsars drilled and pinned, I played around with some poses for the arms. Again, I am not gluing the pulsars onto the arms until they have been painted.

30-07-2006, 20:46
As for running versus a standing pose:
I even took a look at the model with a standing pose. Trust me, it looks LAME. Nobody wants to spend $300 and have the model look boring at best; at worst, totally stiff and stupid looking!

30-07-2006, 20:52
Next up, shoulder pads!

Ok, the shoulder pads are supposed to glue onto the torso shoulder pieces via a half ball & socket setup. Looking it over and playing with the pieces, it's clear that this would be hard to glue on correctly. I also have to paint the shoulder pads separately. Solution: you got it, more pins!

Here's the shoulder pad:

Luckily, there's a thick section in the middle of the pad that leads right up to the ball socket (almost as if they knew the bugger needs pinning!). I drilled the pin here:

I then drilled a hole into the round ball joint on the torso's shoulders.
Test fit, then test fit again, everything looked good. I then did the same for the opposite shoulder. Here's a pic of both shoulder pads in place (but not glued!):

30-07-2006, 21:01
Ok, you'll notice the last pic had the jetpacks on. Here's that part of the story....

Each jetpack has two thrusters that need to be glued in. I cut them from their sprue, cleaned them up, then glued them in place. Here's the back of the jetpack with the thrusters in place:

I glued both sets of thrusters in on both jet packs. Then I played around with the position of the jetpacks on the torso. Another socket joint for the jetpacks, i placed small pins to help secure them:

I quickly found out, however, that the jetpacks are not thick enough at this location to pin them- the pins go right through the entire piece. The dumbest part, though, is that the jetpacks have spirit stone/jem decorations on them. If these decorations were 2mm away from their location, then you'd be able to pin this sucker. Oh well.:rolleyes:

I decided on a teeny, tiny pin, some greenstuff, and super glue.

30-07-2006, 21:09
Ok, in the home stretch (at least for assembly)! Next up was the head. I decided on the helmet head. The head comes in four parts, a neck, the head cockpit, the mask, and the top crest. Here are the parts:

You actually get two heads with the kit, but only one neck. This isn't such a big deal, since you could easily swap the cockpit head onto the neck collar.

Here is the pilot:

Even though you get two head masks and crests, the pilot itself is the same for each. (while functional, this is also fluffy, as Revenant are usually fielded in pairs, and usually piloted by twins)

The cockpit can be glued to the neck collar, but you don't want to glue the face mask and crest until they are painted. If you do, the mask can never be lifted on it's hinge, and you'll never see the pilot. Here's a assembled picture (but, as always, not glued!):

30-07-2006, 21:16
So with two heads, would RE magnets work to give you swap options?

30-07-2006, 21:18
After all the sub-assemblies had been, well, assembled, I test fit the entire titan. Here's a picture:

And here is a picture of all of the sub-assemblies that need to be painted separately:

The list is as follows:

Legs and Pelvis
Upper torso with jetpacks
Head Cockpit
Mask and crest
Holofield Wings
Left and Right Shoulderpads
Left and right legs shields
Front Crotch/Pelvis Shield
Rear Pelvis Shield
Left and right torso thruster engines

I also have a great hardwood base being made for this guy; a 6" diameter hard wood base made for the titan. It will be stained a dark chocolate brown. Once I have it, I am going to work on a nice scene for the titan, as well as pin (and probably Liquid Nails) his legs into the base.

Jeff Wilhelm of Dragon Forge Minis is making it. He makes great display bases. You can see his work here:

To do:Build the base scene, pin the legs into the base, paint this sucker!

Now, here's the question for all of you out there: What color scheme?
Bone and Reds?
Bone and greens?
Bone and blue-turquoise?

Place your votes and opinions, because whatever scheme I use will have to be the scheme for the entire Eldar army I'm going to build!

30-07-2006, 21:22
You could magnet the heads to the neck collar. It wouldn't be too hard a task.

static grass
30-07-2006, 22:51
bone and red would look pretty striking. What colour would you paint the gems in the army? hmm... green?

30-07-2006, 23:08
That looks like quite an exciting model. I would have to agree, though, that the helmet head would be best.

Rich 123
30-07-2006, 23:55
Bone and red I too think would be good. Although green gems are high contrast to the red they dont actually look that nice together in such close proximity (as the gems tend to be on armour sections with the Eldar dont they?)

Could I just point you at this (pretty long winded) post I wrote in another thread on colour theory (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=835348&postcount=27) if you want to really make the colour scheme hang together beuatifully as I spend quite a while thinking about this alot of the time as a designer.

With the red and bone could I recommend you try using quite a rust red colour and try mixing a bit of blue into the green for gems which will help both the red and green clashing as much as they normally do as both colours will be darkened slightly.

Either that or mix a bit of yellow into both colours so the red armour is closer to being an orange (while not so much it is orange of course) and a bit of yellow into the green for gems too which would tie both these colours together more making them appear more like complimentary colours rather than contrasting colours (red and green are a viable pair of contrasting colours using the colour wheeltheory but they just dont look that nice against one and other).

If that doesnt ring your bell then why not try a combination of warm and cool colours. A red armour, for instance, with blues or violets as the gems.

Actually, thinking about it if you painted the gems in a purple colour and mixed a bit fo purple into the red base colour (not good practice to mix base colours but just make a big pot if you like it after a test mini works) which would make the red a deeper richer tone (closer to blood almost - rather appropriate for the death obsessed Eldar) which would compliment the cool colours of purple gems as the red has purple in it too.

Some food for thought maybe. Applying colour theory to your paint scheem can help tie things together so much better. My marines have gold armour with green shoulder pad interiors. A warm gold colour and the cool green but I mix a little yellow into the green highlights instead of white so they appear warmer and more complimentary to the gold.

Hope this ramble helps even a little - good luck with this bad boy!

31-07-2006, 01:04
I'd personally go for a sort of blue/torquoise colour with bone.

I think it would look cool and crisp, arty, powerful, yet subdued, exactly the way the eldar are.

IMO that is.


static grass
31-07-2006, 12:05
I have a blood angel successor army painted Gore red with purity seal's wax painted Dark Angel green and this worked out nicely. I understand what Rich 123 is saying and I agree because I used the black undercoat and the dark colour of both the paints to draw them together rather than contrasting too much. I think this pretty much falls in line with what rich is saying i.e. adding yellow too both colours. Jakob Nielsen's web site has some excellent discussions on colout theory and monochrome(?) type effects i.e. adding a small amount of one colour to all of the others to produce this effect.

31-07-2006, 16:55
This is certainly one of FW's best. I'm glad to see you are treating it well :p As for what colour scheme, I take it you don't want to do a standard craftworld at all? In that case I would recommend dark subdued colours rather than bright and sharp, simply because not only does it appear more brooding it also captures the feel of the eldar imo. In the end though make sure it's a scheme you love!

Sorry to derail abit from the topic, but Static Grass have you got a link to Jakob Nielsen's web site?


static grass
31-07-2006, 20:24

Here it is! Excellent site all in all. Go to tutorials and "setting the mood".

Just to derail myself how do people post a link but...like... change the link so that it says another word like link?

Oh and can you post some pics of that armourcast knight?

03-08-2006, 22:02
I started painting some of the components. I first did a wash of Vallejo Model Color English Uniform with Glaze Medium over the areas that will be bone. After that dried, I started painting the head. Here's the Head/Cockpit, although it's still a little WIP. (note: the pics of the driver came out blurry- I'll try to get some more)





I have decided on a bone and blue/turquoise color scheme. All of the gems and spirit stones will be green/emerald.

03-08-2006, 22:27
...Oh my.Carry on like that, and you'll have one hell of a centrepiece.

03-08-2006, 22:32
...Oh my.Carry on like that, and you'll have one hell of a centrepiece.
Oh God. I second that!......:eek:
( Though it would be nice whit a better pic of the pilot)

04-08-2006, 07:26
Thats a very smooth bone colour, kudos.

Also love the emerald spirit stones, Dark angels green blended to jade green?

Keep up the great work



static grass
04-08-2006, 08:42
That looks cool Yankeeboy. Did you use vallejo colours for the bone colour too or is that the english uniform bit?

Are you going to use extreme highlights to pull out the detail or will you be shading the whole thing?

Do you think you will add some battle damage? or weathering?

04-08-2006, 16:13
Thanks for the comments! I'll have more pictures up soon. As for colors, my recipe for bone tends to be this (workes over white or black primer, although with white, the 1st step is a glaze wash. Over black, it's just normal basecoat)

1. VMC English Uniform
2. GW Snakebite Leather
3. GW Bubonic Brown
4. GW Bleached Bone
5. VMC Pale Sand
6. VMC Ivory (hueso)
7. VMC White

The gems and spirit stones are:
1. Black Basecoat
2. GW Dark Angels Green
3. VMC Deep green
4. VMC Emerald
5. VMC Light Green
6. Blend in white for additional highlights

As for battle damage, I think I may add some scuffs here and there, but only on the legs and feets. I imagine that the main scrapes would occur from take off and landing. I will probably add scorch marks near the leg jump jets, as well. As for the torso, and especially the head, not so much. I figure the holofield protects it most of the time, and if it doesn't the Revenant would probably be destroyed, anyhow. This is especially true in the case of the head!

As for the rest of the torso and the protective shields, I plan on adding monochromatic murals, all bluish-turquoise. They'll feature faces, eldar runes, etc.

04-08-2006, 19:54
Just to derail myself how do people post a link but...like... change the link so that it says another word like link?

Like this (but put it in square brackets):


If you do this 'for real' you get:

LINKY! (http://www.warseer.com)

Back on topic, that's a great paintjob on the titan head. I'll be watching this with interest! Keep up the good work.

static grass
05-08-2006, 13:34
thanks! (http://www.warseer.com)

Meanwhile back on topic. The bone looks pretty. I have found a store in the UK that will deliver Vallejo stuff to norway. I am sick of painting coat after coat to get the effect I want. So I think I will possibly cut and paste that colour scheme for my Ulthwe.

Monochromatic murals! Holy converted landraider shrine of Calgar! There are some eldar waveserpents on CMoN with that effect on the gems. It is unbelievably good. I hope to see some piccies soon.

05-08-2006, 14:13
If you're talking about YallowOne's eldar, that's my biggest inspiration on starting an Eldar army. Here's his work on CMON:

Yellow One Gallery (http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/Yellow%20one)

His Revenant titan is absolutely SICK.

05-08-2006, 14:21
Sick is a slight understatement. I believe he may have sold his soul to forgeworld* to get it looking that good, and even then he must have had some help from god and moses and all those fellas.

To be honest, I dont look there often because as a professional painter I find it intimidating. I call myself a professional, and this guy churns out pieces which anyone would call art quite steadily.

*They need souls to power the engines, all all crafters of fine objects.

static grass
05-08-2006, 22:53
The yellow Ones stuff is excellent. I could not believe the Revenant got third. I thought that was the hardesting thing about it.

06-08-2006, 00:08
Ok, a few more pics of the WIP:

Here's the Holofield Wings and the Head:

And here's a better pic of the pilot, who is still WIP:

06-08-2006, 00:37
looking good so far, the colour scheme so far is gerat, the gems look good, keep up the good work!

06-08-2006, 01:07
That looks incredible:eek:
I love titans in general(who doesnt love giant warmachines of death?;) ) But that thing ROCKS!


06-08-2006, 05:03
Hey, looking good. I can't wait until my Demon Prince smashes into wrecks that thing. But honestly it looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow. I can tell already your painting is better than the last army.


06-08-2006, 08:58
I'm getting one in two weeks. You bet I'm going to use this tutorial :) Thanks in advance.

06-08-2006, 09:38
Still loving it, and the smoothness of the bone is giving me one :wtf: :angel: ummm.

anyway, keep it up, look forward to seeing more soon



22-08-2006, 15:39
Ok, took a little break to get some other stuff painted, plus I had to wait for the base.

I worked a little on the base last night. I used Aves Apoxie Sculpt to make the rock formations on the base, and made sure to leave the right shape for the foot to make contact. here are two pics:


I will then add some sand for texture, as well as some skeletons, bones, etc.

Inquisitor lorr
22-08-2006, 16:30
ooh-awesome base.Nice sculpting.

22-08-2006, 18:25
Lookin great!


22-08-2006, 22:18
Alright, I got some more work done! First of all, I really should have planned out the leg/foot pinning to the base from the very start. It was trickier than I thought and I nearly broke the foot and leg. That would have totally sucked. I ended up putting 4 pins through it. Front part of the foot has two, one in the rear foot, and one through the center of the leg.

I also realized the model was far too forward, so i ended up drilling a dozen or so pin holes for potential mounts. Finally found one that worked and kept the leg stable. Unfortunately, though, the rocks didn't fit!

So...... I ended up making more rocks to fit the are of the foot better. I also had to sacrifice some forward momentum of the model to keep it on the base- it just kept wanting to fall over and it seemed like the leg was much less stable. So the titan's a little more vertical than I originally envisioned. Oh well....

I also added some skeletons to the base for character.

Size Comparison Pics:


Here's a view of the base itself:

Slightly different angle:

22-08-2006, 22:21
And here's a view of him paritally assembled on his pins (but not glued):

After some thought on the color scheme, I changed my mind and went with bone and red. I painted up a unit of Wraithguard first to see if I liked it. I'll show them a bit later. On this picture the bone is done on the head, holofield wings and pulsars. The legs need some more work, including the feet. For the red, all I have done is a Vallejo Hull Red base coat so far.


22-08-2006, 22:55
Im liking it a lot, especially the crispness of the bone and the gems. It's going to look great when finished.

*Must resist urge to buy Revenant...*

23-08-2006, 00:00
Well, a couple of things...

I don't like the red, but that's just my opinion, that doesn't matter :p. the second thing is the pose, it looks like it's falling backwards, any chance of it changing?


23-08-2006, 00:07
I have to agree with TG on this, the pose does look like its falling backwards , maybe tilt the head forwards to regain any dynamic of moving forward. Also the legs look a little too "cowboy" with the toes pointing outwards, it may be the angle of the shot, but id imagine an eldar titan to be fairly straight up and down with most of the weight being transfered by the jets(or whatever term they have) and the feet mearly to keep it stable.

I like your paint scheme etc and im sure when its finished it would look ace. IM also very intrested in the techniques you used to skulpt the rocks they look really nice.

(w00t 600th post)

23-08-2006, 01:24
He's not falling backwards. That's just the angle of the picture. Here's a shot of him from the side. He's straight up, like he's landing or taking off with the jetpack:


As for the red, I said it's only a dark basecoat. Here's some WIP shots of the Wraithguard in the same color scheme. Note, the Wraithguard need a few more highlights on some of the armor edges and the guns haven't been painted:


As for the Apoxie Sculpt, it's really easy. Mix a small batch of the stuff and make a lump. Use a sculpting tool to make out the height and general shape of your rocks. Then use the sharp edge to make idnentations, occasionally pulling the mass back towards you for cliff like pieces. That's pretty much it; very easy.

23-08-2006, 08:16
yes the torso is straight up but in terms of balance for people its shoulders over knees over toes. looks like it could do with bendinding a little forward at the waist to bring the shoulders over the knees.

Nemesis Inferno
23-08-2006, 13:41
Yep, it needs the torso to be inched forward a teeny bit...

Apart from that, I'm loving it...
Why must everyone do Eldar towards their release? Makes me want them...;)

static grass
23-08-2006, 15:36
Nice bases by the way. I too think the chest needs to lean forward just a little bit. Almost (or actually) parallel with one of the lower legs.

23-08-2006, 15:37
It looks like he's doing the little cartoon sleuth tiptoe.

23-08-2006, 16:49
*hums the Pink Panther theme.. for some reason*

seriously though.. looks like it's commin along pretty good sofar :)

23-08-2006, 19:00
I got mine too!
Washed it and put it together in one day! Sounds like a ***** on the job, right? :) It was lot easier then I imagined. Just guessed the pose and everything, though I have to say I forgot the hip-jumppacks and had to force it a little...

Anyway, won't hi-jack your thread or anything, just wanted to mention it.

O, and it's going to be pinkish purple and white! Muahaha! Madness!

Inquisitor lorr
23-08-2006, 19:06
I like your colour scheme(But then again its the same as mine so i'd be stupid not to)Your wraithguard look cool and even they have cool bases-:D

23-08-2006, 19:16
I like where this is going.
I find myself wanting to buy one of these beasts more and more.

29-08-2006, 19:25
Ok, some more progress. I have this whole week off! I'm going to crank away at his sucker as much as possible. Here's the base with a black basecoat:


And here is an interior view of the armor shields for the legs and groin. These will be bone inlay. First, a basecoat of Vallejo Model Color English Uniform:

29-08-2006, 20:04
Next, a coat of GW Vermin Brown:

Then a coat of GW Bubonic Brown:

29-08-2006, 20:10
Kinda big pictures for something that doesn't have that much detail :)
How long are the pulsars? I need to make them so I can weaponswap mine :D
I'm curious to the end result.

29-08-2006, 20:13
Why is the far left piece of armour completely coloured in?

Otherwise, looking forward to more progress :D.


the 1 they call mike
29-08-2006, 20:24
awsome i might get one

29-08-2006, 21:11
Now followed by GW Bleached Bone and touchups with VMC Hull Red:

As for the size, I don't know why Warseer is displaying them so large. They are only 400x300 pixels.

Update: Now the pics are updated correctly, sizewise.. odd.

Anyhow, here's a line highlight of Vallejo Model Color Pale Sand:

Final Line highlight of White:

30-08-2006, 16:12
The base is finished!

Here is a picture of the completed base:

And another:

Next step: finish the legs!

31-08-2006, 02:55
Love titans. I just never get over that. The base looks great man!


22-09-2006, 15:25
So, hows the progress? Get any more painting done?

29-09-2006, 19:52
Seconded. What's been happening with this project?

28-01-2007, 21:27
that base is very slick[dice0]