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30-07-2006, 20:33
Ok so I´m up to a new try to complete a army. This time it is a space wolves army and I´ll start like this.


I´m not going to do any army list but I will instead let the army build it self :wtf: . I´ll start with a 10 man strong grey hunter pack, I´ll count the points and add them to the army list and then I´m going to build whatever I want to and add that to the list and so on. (I really hope you understand my english isn´t the best....)

Painting and conversion

I´m going to do industrial bases with snow to get fitting theme with the new COD rules. Here´s a test base without snow so far


I´ll go with a dark scheme starting with shadow grey then layerd to space wolves grey and a final crisp highlight in 50/50 sw grey ,skull white. the shoulder pads will be dark flesh with highlights in darkflesh/bleached bone. Trim on shoulder pads is a tricky one I´m not sure on black or bronze or grey :confused: so any ideas would be good.


The poses will be converted so they are more "on the attack" as I like the SW to be. They will weild axes and more of viking weaponary (if I´m able to do any) lots of bare heads with hair/beards. Fur and neckleses will be added as well. Any ideas are very welcome.

Well I got about
20 marines ( well I´m not sure yet)
3 bikes
1 land speeder
3 terminators
1 land raider
4 servitors
and alot of more junk so I´ll try and make something of it

Test mini

so here´s my first mini only converted and right now undercoated to
His name is Edin (I´ll propably name everyone of em)

++ Well C&C very appriciated over and out ++

30-07-2006, 20:55
Its about time you started on your wolves! Good luck.

El Diablo

30-07-2006, 22:09
SOunds good, will keep an eye on this thread. What Great Company are you going, a current codez one, or your own?

30-07-2006, 22:25
Well a started to paint the test mini and rushed it so it will be stripped tomorrow and repainted....

the colour scheme did not look that good so I´m looking for alterternatives for the shoulder pads..

31-07-2006, 02:13
I find it best to keep the shoulder guard rims in the same colours as the rest of the armour, ie shadow grey to SW grey, and use a dark colour for the pad itself - good contrast. The only problem then is having difficulty in using black transfers if that is your intention.

I like the nose guard on your test mini! Not sure about the feet though - difficult to tell but have they got all shaggy?


31-07-2006, 10:07
Selecus: Hmm the feet got destroyed in a accident and I tried (and failed) to do another type of feet they will be redone.

I painted a marine in SW colours to TT standard and I´m not so happy with the colours so I´ll try and figure out another scheme maybe black and bone?! anyone have ideas?

static grass
31-07-2006, 11:11
Paint them in preheresy colours instead. I think you will get a much cleaner result.

The space wolves have always been barking mad and covered furs and things so I would not worry about trying to make them look more codex.

31-07-2006, 13:47

So Iīve been painting now and hereīs the result


They both still need tuch ups and details but you get the scheme idea. Iīm pretty happy with it so far, any ideas are welcome.

So I got some pics on my wip stuff
Grey hunters:
and the standard bearer

So a long fang pack leader

And a termie

and at least a wolf preist in termie armor

Thatīs all for now hope you enjoy. C&C welcome

31-07-2006, 14:03
I love the Pack Leader and the Rune Priest. The Grey Hunters look a little too bland for SWs in my opinion. Of course, I know next to nothing about them, so, ignore my small piece of criticism if there's a reason. They just don't look tha, space wolfie. Maybe some more furs or pelts? Or make any that are there a little more obvious? The first models helmet colour looks a little uneven, but it's probably just the pics, and you did say it needed touching up, so it's not really a problem. All in all though, there's some awesome models there. I'll be following this intently to see how you do. ;) Good luck, and well done! :)

31-07-2006, 18:40
I love the Pack Leader and the Rune Priest

Agreed. The conversion works great, savage and feral, just like they should be.

31-07-2006, 19:01
Like them. Good dynamic poses, but as a sword fighter, I have to point out that most of them are overextending themselves or exposing themselves a lot in their stances. This works if you are playing with the popular imagery of vikings that the space wolves draw upon of course, but it will bug history buffs like me.

meh. I like them! :D

31-07-2006, 19:20
Really like the converting, excellent standard. The paint scheme looks ok, though I dont think that the brass goes with the rest of the scheme. Are you aiming for mainline SW or 13th company, I see these being more like the 13th, marines gone more savage and with much more mixed armour and bits

01-08-2006, 13:22
Thanks for the comments they motivate me to work better and faster :)

So here´s todays ++Update++

I started on the iron priest today, I started with the torso from a old "blood angels honour guard with jump packs, techmarine" then assult marine legs with a converted posé and some bionics(they are my first but looks pretty bad I know...) The claw on his backpack is made of a old techarm with a new "head" and some gubbins. Will add some more stuff to the backpack later. The bolter is converted to look like a bullpop and it´s inspired from "Rich" great conversions. well enought talking and on with the pics
I gave him hammer made from a ogre standard +stormbolter and a head from a SW backpack. it still needs some detaling and stuff..
So minor gapfilling and some sculpting needed then i got one more in the bag

I started with the pack leader of the blood claws

that´s all for now folks, C&C welcome

04-08-2006, 10:51
Ok I´m back from a friends house now and I´m converting again so pics will follow later today.

Mortare:They will use the SW rules not the 13th C. They are a bit 13th C fluffwise but they do not take armor from traitors.

Messiah:Yes they are overextending themselfs and I did it to give a lot of dynamic poses and I know they are really bad "fighting wise" but they look better like this IMO. but thanks for the info ;)

Arcane_blade:The grey hunters are a bit bland you´re right I´m going to add more stuff to them today such as talismans, fur and other things.

any C&C on the priest?

04-08-2006, 12:03

So I´ve been to a friends house and we painted some things here´s what I did

Landspeeder tornado (multi melta + heavy flamer)
The conversion on this is minimal and the paint is still needing some touch ups. and the crew still need alot of work
Front: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/animerik/Wolftime/060804/IMGP3072.jpg
left: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/animerik/Wolftime/060804/IMGP3074.jpg
right: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/animerik/Wolftime/060804/IMGP3075.jpg
crew: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/animerik/Wolftime/060804/IMGP3065.jpg

also almost 2 GHs done :)
and the snow on the bases looks a bit bad but I think it does the trick for the time being
c&c welcome and more pics to come

04-08-2006, 12:40
The speeder looks good but the Grey Hunters need to be done in front of a lighter background-they're very hard to see in those pictures.

06-08-2006, 14:32
Well let´s start with the long fangs. I started with a HB and his still wip some cleaning to do and some addition of details
Also started on the second this one with a RL

also started to work on the thralls still they are very basic bbut I´m out of ideas to wolfyfy them so any ideas welcome

Did a assult termie
and started on a second

The pack leader coming along nicley but still heavy wip

and at last the base for the Land speeder

hope you enjoy

07-08-2006, 09:18
found an old stach of marines so about 16 more can be built :D also started on a second assult termie and abit more work on the Gh´s. updates will follow when the camera can be borrowed again

07-08-2006, 14:36
loving it all except the pack leader - the powerfist doesn't look right what with his running pose and all.

07-08-2006, 15:06
I agree HiredSword in what posé would it look better?

08-08-2006, 12:14
++ UPDATE ++
So I´ve been working with that damn speeder and it´s almost done some tuch ups and a bit of work on the gunner, more snow (and better) on the base then I think I´m done with it.

Did work more on the assult termie and here he is

The long fangs got a ML marine done

The standard bearer of the GHs is done (I think)

And yesterday I was browsing forgeworlds marine stuff and I found the "Prometheus" class land raider. I decided that it was what I would have so I stated to convert. have in mind that it´s VERY heavy wip right now

any ideas for a symbol for my army I´m out of ideas now :(

so C&C welcome and more stuff to come

08-08-2006, 22:38
Can't wait to see this army finished, its going to look fantastic!

18-08-2006, 23:09

Ok I´ve been working alot with other things (including fixing new lights at my painting table) but I´ve been fixing some stuff

The land raider prometus is almost done (80%)
I added crew onto it since I always loved the WWII style on tanks :)
I wanted a banner on the tank as well (remember OTT is okay for command tanks :D)
so here it is I need lots of ideas on whats to add..
the standard bearer willl be sitting on the left right sponsor with the banner over his shoulder (hard to explain..)
alot of convertion left to do on this one (new posé new right arm and such stuff)

started to paint som but remember it´s heavy PIP and the pics are bad...
I realized when painting the standard bearer that my company have no icon of their own, any suggestions for that would be great

that´s it for now sorry for the lack of updates.. C&C very welcome

19-08-2006, 18:52
I love the marines on the landraider, very original. Make sure they don't get lost when you apply the paint though, that's my only worry.

20-08-2006, 17:18

So it´s time again to get rolin, I´ve been trying to fix better pics so here´s my attempt.
marines (still need some tuches but they will do as TT standard)
Land speeder: now battel worn
Finished the standard bearer -backpack and banner and pelts....
here´s the servitor on top of the standard. It needs some tuch ups I know
also a PIP on he LF leader
The standard bearer on the tank was not looking good so I made a new one.. This one is to be seated and he´ll be holding the banner over his shoulder.
The angel of him will be changed later (he´s not glued on yet) so should he be wearing a helmet or not? also the banner design is in works

I wanted the plow to look more thought so I added pistongs on the sides.http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/animerik/Wolftime/06%2008%2020/IMGP3202.jpg
I will also add chains/wires atop of the plow, those will be going to the hull so it looks like they could change the angel of the plow if so wanted.

wolfified a termie more
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/animerik/Wolftime/06%2008%2020/IMGP3201.jpg so I think he´s done for painting now or what do you think?

´more updates in some days. C&C welcome

20-08-2006, 18:37
very nice work Animerik, very impressive, how about having one of the crew attacking an enemy that's trying to climb up the back/side of the LR?

22-08-2006, 09:21

Ok I´v been working with some tutorials.

First tutorial: Let´s get hairy!
This tutorial will try and explain how I´m doing my pelts
1. Take ye old trusty empty beer can or your dad´s (if you are under 18)
2. Use a pair of scisors and cut bit of the can that is the sice the pelt should be when done.
Make som fodl in the bit by bending it carfully (remmber those are sharp)
Mix some gs and add a thin layer of gs on the bit (should be about 1-2mm thick)
3.Super glue the bit to the mini and wait for it to dry dor 10 min. Next take your knife and start to cut
small lines in the gs, push the knife in deeper in the begining of line to get more definition. make the lines
in different length.
4. Continoue this all over the pelt and be sure to rag the edges to give a more flowing result.
And it´s done no more frezing groins in the 40k universe ;)

next tutorial will be called: Time to get beardy
This tutorial is about hair beards and braids.
1. Take a mini where you want to add beard and/or hair.
2.Add a blob of gs on the cheek, smeer the gs out with the modeling tool to get rid of the boarder betwen gs and the face
3. Take your modeling tool and make small cuts in the gs to make several "rows" of gs
4.Now let´s get stabby, taky your knife and make small cuts in the beard (same technique as in tutorial 1 step 3&4 but try to
get more "flowing" lines not only straight ones)
5. At this point the beard is almost done so let+s get the hair fixed, I added two small bits of guitar wire to represent
two braids. super glue them in place and add a blob of gs where the hair should be and smeer it out a bit.
6. Use the same tehnique as step 3 to give the hair definition, also add small blobs at the ends of the braids and cut those as well.
Add a sausage of gs for mustach
7.Cut the sausage but be carfull to much definiton will make the mustache disapper in the beard
8. Next I inted to add a third braid in the beard, so rool a sasuage of gs and put it where you want the braid to be.
Next smeer out the top of the sausage with your tool
9.Now cut the end of the braid and make small XXXXX with your knife over the braid.

Next up a tutorial for all da players: Bling Bling
What´s a Space wolf without his bling? nothing so let´s make some

1.Add a string of gs where the bling should be.
2.roll out small blobs of gs. Small pointy ones for theeth and round ones for stones
3.start by adding the bling bits to the string by gently ressing them in place (warning this stage may be a bit fiddly but take
your time and you might have to readjust the bling bits a bit for a better result)
4.Continue and add bling bits, the stones are added by placing the blob where it should be and then press gently to
give them a flat look.
5.now roll out a very thin sasuge of gs and cut it in as many bits as you have bling bits.
6.Take a needel and make small holes in the bling bits and start to add the sasuage bits into the hole and wrap it around
tha string.
7.clean up your mistakes (if you did any) and you´re done

OK now back to the updates:
I completed a blood claw pack leader
the pics are dark and I´ll try to get a better one later.

I almost completed my tutorial mini that will be called Malte (after a friend)
he will recive som more pelts and such bling.

also started a blood claw that´s jumping over some rubbel
is the helm to chaosy?

and the standard bearer for the tank recived alot of love
now his almost done
and the banner consept

also started some consept for the wolf lords retinue.

C&C very welcome and I´m sorry for the bad english and the dark photos..

animerik over and out

22-08-2006, 12:31
thanks for the tutorials, i never thought of using a beer can for anything other than holding beer. coolio

Loving the standard bearer, and the rest of the models in fact. I don't know if its just the camera, but your colour scheme seems to be so dark that it obscures all that lovely greenstuffing.

22-08-2006, 13:00
I gotta say I really like the modelling you have done. I'm not too sure about the colorscheme though, it doesn't quite say SW for me. Overall though, kudos on this great effort!

15-09-2006, 10:28
+semi update+
Ok I´m not dead but my cam is... it´s totaly broken and that´s why there haven´t been any updates :( I´m not sure when I can fix a cam maybe until next week.

But I´ve been working alot with the army things are getting painted and more stuff are converted now (scouts, wolf gurad terminator and more).

So why have I necromaced this old dead thread?! well basicly I have some ideas and some things I need feedback on:

*I´m making a tank with the VDR rules and it´s armed like a Russ but will be build from a SM tank. Basicly I want to make a "real" tank for the SM I don´t like the idea that only IG have tanks wich have a battel cannon turret. So I´m currently figuring out how much more armor and stuff it will have but it will be alot different from the preadtor look. I´m adding armor like the "PREDATOR EXTRA ARMOUR (REINFORCED)" from FW and a dozer blade like the "MKIIc RHINO DOZER BLADE" also from FW. Mainly I´m going to buld a new turret and sponsors will be redesinged but I´m not how yet...any ideas anyone? The rear part of the tank will be rebuild since I want to lose the "rhino" feel on the tank (I really dislike the design that makes all SM tanks built from the same chasi ,welle exept the LR)

*A friend of mine donated 4 bikes to me so I have to come up with a slight change on them since the usual bike looks a bit to boring IMO. I´m not going to do any chopers,trikes, such bikes since they look awfully misplaced in the 40k to me. I´m looking for a design that make´s em a bit more gothic 40k. Any ideas are welcome!

* Also I got a jugg of khorne so I´m convertin it to couts as a bike for a character. Only problem is that I don´t know what character I should use on bike to make it look cool and to be good in game(not the wolf lord anyways..)

Ok that´s it for now I´ll put up pics asap wich could be within 1-2 weeks :(
over and out

Wolflord Havoc
15-09-2006, 12:45
May Russ Honor you with a Hero's Death Animerik so that you may sit at his side in his great hall quaffing Ale till the Wolf Time. :D

These conversions are magnificent

Worthy of a saga during the long night If you ask me

16-09-2006, 12:23
May Russ Honor you with a Hero's Death Animerik so that you may sit at his side in his great hall quaffing Ale till the Wolf Time. :D

well Iīll be quaffing Ale all day today but Iīll also sconvert and whatīs that?! I got my hands on a cam so


Iīm so happy about the cam so Iīm trying to learn it now itīs abit tricky so please excuse the first bad pics ok?

Iīve been painting the prometus a bit
Itīs only one side on it thatīs started but I think itīs pretty ok for table top but any ideas what could be improved in the side?

Started to work one more long fang here he is so far
nothing much but he has the "gothic patten armored legs á la Doghouse" and Iīll do my best to make him look like a snarrly old wolf ;)

And now onto what Iīv been working on the latest weeks
Itīs based apon one of the old termies and I added plastic cart and greenstuff to make it. Itīs a bit different from the consept art Iīv done but Iīm quite happy with it, it still needs some sanding and cleaning,
hereīs the Pw arm
and the so far undetailed backside wich need alot of attention today

Ok thatīs it for now more updates later today will work on the WG and the scouts

C&C very welcome.

16-09-2006, 15:06
Ok second update today
one bottel of anchors steam later Iīve fixed the scouts to their bases here they are.
Group shot:
old wolf with shotgun *snarl snarl*
taking cover and aiming
Bada** pose "Wtf is up with the scanner?!

Ok started some work on my VDR tank hereīs the servitor docking bay (will be located on the inside of the tank.
one servoskull will be on the tank, reparing it.

so wip group

pip group

my workplace

and at last a almost painted dude (ver ydark photo beware!)

thatīs it for now Iīll get back later


17-09-2006, 17:41
hmm am I the only one in this thread? well well here´s the new stuff.

The scouts needed hair/beards and lots of wolfey stuff (some needed hands) so I gave them some attention
undercut and braid beard
side burns and 4 braids
goate and backslick

also a pic on the WG with the arm

and a scale shot of him and a "normal" termie

now I´m going back to work with these two :P


17-09-2006, 18:22
nice conversions... I am scared of the HUGE termie :p

now get it painted :D

19-09-2006, 19:00
Iīve been working on lots of small things but nothing special to show Iīm afraid. Anyways the tank will be a vindicator so here is a very early wip pic

And today I acctualy painted something :D the bad thing is that itīs pretty crap and I might have to commit harakiri for showing it here

And hereīs something different, they will be used as bloodclaw jumpack troopers (6 of em) and they will be converted to Valkyes (how do you spell it? the viking mythologi girls that come to pick up the soul of a fallen warrior and bringin him to Valhalla)

thatīs all for now...

19-09-2006, 20:00
Excellent work! The termies are massive, and impossing. How much time do you spend on one model, conversion time, that is? A terminator, for example?

19-09-2006, 20:33
Bleys: Well that´s depending on the mini the huge termie was about 6-8 h. and maybe 1 or 2 left. One of the assult termies takes about 1-1½ h I tend to work pretty fast but time flyes when you have fun so I´m not sure about the time for a mini...

19-09-2006, 20:34
Awesome conversion works there! The only thing is I don't like the colourscheme, its well painted an looks good, but its just not a Space Wolf scheme, they have always been grey as far as I know. Even before the Heresy. But hey each to their own, mine are painted grey lol.

19-09-2006, 21:03
Well I´ve had a hard time with the paint scheme I´ve chosen, nobody likes it more than me that is :P so well it´s not fluff correct they should be grey but I wanted to try something different and I´m pretty happy how they look. anyways I understand your ideas KavaanShrike ;)

04-10-2006, 12:22
Nice too see you up and running mate. glad our stuff pushed you into a creative frenzy.....wish I could produce stuff so fast :cries:

04-10-2006, 12:28
Hehhe my project is on hold now btw :P bit I have some things I keep fiddeling with , Project wolfguard has been a real inspiration to me and I´m happy to see you updated your blog ;)

this thread will be revived when you lest expect it..., now back to the grave