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30-07-2006, 22:21
Hello and good evening.

I wouldn't normally ask something like this. But I just started a Wood Elf army about a week ago and I've been trying to write an army list ever since. I always get stuck when it comes down to gearing up my Lord, because there seems like so many nice little items I could give him, and I don't really know where to start.

I would really like to take the Bow of Loren, as this will give him 4 shots a turn, but I'll then be unable to gain the Lethal Shot rule. :cries:

Hagbane Arrows don't look to bad, and Hail of Doom Arrow seems very good too.

I'd also like to give him some combat ability, so Perhaps Helm of the Hunt and The Spear of Twilight.
Perhaps the A Murder of Spites would be better apropriate.

I ideally want my Lord to have good shooting and combat abilities, but it's hard to get a good mix. I'm only taking a 2,000 point list, and I'm unsure yet, but it may be all elves and no Tree spirit types.



30-07-2006, 22:28
It really depends what type of lord you want, shooting or combat, mounted or on foot, with or without a unit.

At the moment I tend to use a wardancer lord, with the blades of loec, annoyance of nettlings and the amaranthine broch (3+ ward thing) but in the same list I have an alter with hail of doom and the helm of the hunt.

But theres so many other combinations, depending what you want him to do. I have been toying around with a wild rider on a stag for a while or an alter lord.

30-07-2006, 22:58
Sorry, I probably should have been a bit more clear. I want my character to be on foot, and chances are he'll be in a Waywatcher unit for most of the game until he can charge for combat. If I do have him in a unit of Waywatchers, would you say it's a waste of time giving him a magic bow or arrows, as I can pay points to give him Lethal Shot instead (using the Kindreds rules)?

I'm ideally looking for a Lord who can be good at both ranged and close quarter combat. If need be, I'll take a Hero to compliment the Lord and bolster his weakness in eaither shooting or combat.

It's just that with such superb stats for the Lord, I feel I'm throwing half of it away if I'm not using him for shooting and for combat.

31-07-2006, 00:12
exaclt it is all dependent. I go with my lord as someone to take on beefy characters, to stop those characters from hitting my unit. so annoyance, a great weopon and a ward save.

I don't use ranged lords so no advce really there. Maby give him the starfire arrows to make the enemy stupid. I find that the waywatcher kindred is not worth it on lord level characters.

31-07-2006, 09:31
The waywatcher kindred is a waste for Lord... his 100 points of items is just wasted because if you take any bows or arrows you lose the only thing you went with the waywatcher kindred for, the lethal shot rule.

One of my favourite things to do is amber pendant, helm of the hunt, enchanted shield, annoyance of netlings, great weapon and light armour. He can take on a hell of alot of things and come out on top. Mine has a nice kill count of numerous Tomb Kings, Empire Lords, Bone Giants etc.

31-07-2006, 09:37
For a waywatcher lord, you could try somthing like, blight of terrors, hail of doom and some random 20 point item... (dont have book handy) or hail of doom, paegant of shrikes and 45 points of items... (again no book...)

Your Mum Rang
31-07-2006, 09:48
Yeah thats a good combo. He can become a very useful sniper then. He has his lethal shots, then his shrike shots and if there is a unit of fast cav around that needs destroying then HoDA will take em out.

With a blight of terrors he is also perfectly positioned to make an army run from turn one if they are a low LD army.

god octo
31-07-2006, 10:11
you could make him a scout kindred instead. You dont have lethal shot, but you can pick whatever items you want.

the dark angel
31-07-2006, 10:24
well lets see what works well on my lord i always give him a shield,light armour and make him part of a wild rider kindred with a great stag but as the lord you want is on foot i would suggest this:

wood elf lord with:light armour,shield,arcane bodkins,the sword of a thousand winters,stone of the crystal mere
right then! light armour and shield is a must,i use arcane bodkins on my lord and it helps take out 2+ save characters such as mounted empire general with barbed warhorse and heavy arm +shield etc. the sword of a thousand winters can help against characters who get to close as well as units, stone of the crystal mere is also a must as it provides valuble protection.

i hope i helped a budding wood elf lord out :D !

Your Mum Rang
31-07-2006, 11:12
Thing about Asrai Lords is that they have to specify. Heros and Lords must have a clear goal in mind.

Terror Waywatcher Noble:
Waywatcher Noble - Blight of Terrors - Additional Hand Weapon
- Can set up in perfect position to use his Terror and against certain armies this can result in half their army running away turn one.

Standard Atler Noble:
Atler Noble - Light Armour - Shield - Great Weapon - Helm of the Hunt - Hail of Doom Arrow
- Ultimate support/warmachine hunter. He has amazing movement allowing him to get into position to support charge your units, take out enemy warmachines and deal with skirmishers or fast cav.

Armour-Busting Atler Lord:
Atler Highborn - Light Armour - Shield - Great Weapon - Bow of Loren - Arcane Bodkins - Amarinthine Brooch
- Pumps out 4 shots a turn which will mostly hit on 2+, wound on 4+ and disallow saves! Then he can charge Knight units in the flank and will more than likely kill one knight meaning he faces no attacks in return.

Character-Eating Wardancer Lord:
Wardancer Lord - Blades of Loec - Annoyance of Netlings - Any other items
- Simply challenges and dispatches the enemy character.

And there are lots lots more like the Highborn with Annoyance of Netlings an Rhymers Harp in a unit of Eternal Guard making them stubborn and giving them all a 5+ ward save! Annoyance means he can challenge and tie up nasty enemy generals. Add in a BSB and they are re-rolling LD tests and also next edition will be able to rack up 6+ static CR.

31-07-2006, 17:38
well lets see what works well on my lord i always give him a shield,light armour and make him part of a wild rider kindred with a great stag but as the lord you want is on foot i would suggest this:

He cant be a wild rider and have a shield...

31-07-2006, 22:45
If you're going to take an Alter, I think Briarsheath will be a must in seventh.

I think it's a waste to take a Lord for shooting. It's just not worth it, when a Noble can do just as good a job. If you split him half shooting/half combat, then he's not going to be performing at his peak. Take a Waywatcher Noble and kit him out with the Hail of Doom arrow for march blocking and removing light troops. Leave your Highborn for somewhere else.

The armour-busting Lord is one of my preferred setups, and the exception to the rule - his role is heavily armoured targets, and he'll come into the battle with a target enemy unit in mind. In 7th I'll be using:

Alter Kindred - Bow of Loren - Arcane Bodkins - Briarsheath - 25 point item - Great Weapon

For taking out units of Knights, this guy has it. 18" charge, 5 S3 shots a turn with no save, and 5 S6 hits on the charge. The enemy shooting at him will normally be at -2 to hit (-1 briarsheath, -1 single character) and more than likely -3 with briarsheath if you get him into the edge of a wood. His sole responsibility is to destroy heavily armoured targets, and he will make his points back against any non-horde army. Against horde armies, he'll usually charge in with 5 attacks that hit on 2s, wound on 2s. Paired with WE fast cav to negate rank bonus, that's enough to break most horde forces.

Alter Kindred has the added bonus of ensuring a combat-oriented character doesn't get stuck being the general. This guy's going to be in the thick of it. Take a Noble as well, geared up to survive the battle, and use him as your general.

Love to help you out with the Waywatcher Lord, but .... that's just a bad idea. The only worthwhile shooting Lord is equipped with the Bow of Loren for multiple shots, and then the best Kindred for him is the Alter Kindred to make it 5 shots.

01-08-2006, 15:04
I'm sorry too, because I have to agree with what others have said. Waywatcher lords are not as viable as other kindreds. I love waywatchers and if you want a hero I would go for a Noble with Blight of terrors and additional hand weapon. Stick him right in the enemy's battle line, march block, cause terror tests and if you're in a wood, speed your mage towards your waywatchers to support them with tree singing/deepwood sphere.


01-08-2006, 17:45
Thanks for the help so far people. I can see your point on the Waywatcher Lord...It does seem like a waste of points.

Just as a side note - while I'm still working out how to gear out my lord - A Wardancer Lord or Noble can't be given any magical weapons that are not classed as Wardancer weapons. Does this mean, I can take Wardancer only weapons from the magic list (I think it's one weapon), or can I take swords and glaives as well? :confused:

01-08-2006, 20:08
He comes with wardancer weapons as standard (+1 attack and +1 strength on the charge) This is what he is always equiped with and you cant change this.

Blades of Loec are the only magic weapon he can buy.