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31-07-2006, 00:28
right this is my first attempt at writing a short story for pleasure (school dosent count), its a multipart warhammer 40,000 story that i hope to update daily

Landing drama -- Part 1

As the ship juddered around him Losk wondered what it would be like to fight a war, to kill another man in blessed battle. Looking around him Losk saw his kinsmen; each and every one of them looked as he felt, nervous, apprehensive, gunning for a fight.
These where the last living remnants of his planet, during the warp journey they had all had nightmares of the enemy attacking their planet, of the destruction of all of their family and everything they had ever know, when they returned to real space they found out the truth, the regiments commander had told them all their home planet Hartive was dead, destroyed by the enemy as an act of vengeance against crimes that had be long forgotten.
Jastok had started a cry and Losk as his brother had added his voice along with every other trooper in the hold “ We the last sons of Hartive, pledge our souls to the lord on his throne, may he live forever, may we as his sons look upon him at the end times with awe.”

When they had all marched back to there barrack-holds with the cry still ringing in their ears, Platoon Leader Gerjil, formed us into ranks and started the warm-up exercises of what was going to be an eventful day.

“But why do we have to do it”
“Because Gerjil says so that’s why”
“But Joskin. we always do it, those fools from third squad always get the cushy jobs”
“I know, I know now step to it”.
As Jaskin hurried of to do his task, Squad Leader Joskin Hakes again asked the lord on his throne, why he had been given the responsibility of leading what where in fact useless men, troopers who couldn’t hit a grox point blank and who where the most unfit troopers he had ever know, if he could have just been born five years earlier.
As the third son of a wealthy merchant he had no prospects in the family, his oldest brother Jhannen would inherit the business, Gorlik was married, all Joskin had to offer was a body in the regiments and the possibility of bringing his family, fame and fortune as a slayer of the enemy. Looking out over the hold, the rest of the squad could be seen taking their positions, Losk and Jastok manning the ‘heavy-weapon’, a broomstick resting on a upturned ration crate, Hert, Klone, Jaju and Dertis covering them, Mlki and Ghern deployed as a ‘flamer team’ and Jaskin, trying to hug cover, carrying the ‘demolitions’.
The squads role was simple, try and stop third squad from advancing past the ‘cross-roads’, marked out on the floor of the hold in red. Third squad as always got to drive a chimera, his squad where outgunned and out matched but still they had to undertake this stupid exercise.
“Hakes I’ve got visual”, rattled Hert’s voice over the micro bead.
“Ok you know the drill, Losk, Jastok hit the transport, Hert, Klone, Jaju, Dertis cover them, when it stops Miki, Ghern flame it. Then it’s all up to you Jaskin”
As the affirmatives rattled over the comm. Hakes know that they would fail, but the question was how bad would they fail.

To be continued…..

28-08-2006, 05:49
You've had month, write more :]

08-09-2006, 22:42
well i know its been over a month since i posted the first part :eek: , but i totally forgot about this topic and the story anyways here is the second part, and hopefully the third part wont take me as long to post :D


Squad leader Mikson, enjoyed his role as the leader of third squad, he was an aristocrat, well as aristocratic as a family could get on a back water world as Hartive, his family owned the largest farm on the planet which covered a whole continent. Being the first son he could have stayed at home and lived the life of a rich man, indulged his 'pleasures', as his father would call them, but in the regiments he could fullfil his lust for death and blood and get rewarded for it, while all the people of Hartive had a lust for blood, to avenge the killers of their father, Jasker Mikson's pleasues where greater than most.

As he looked out of the cupola of the chimera, Jasker felt like an avenging war hero come to turn the tide against the great enemy, while he was meant to be traversing through a jungle and should be acting like he could see nothing, he would not play the games of his commanders he was a more intelligent man then them, he would crush first squad and all the little welps under Joskin Hakes, they where common scum and did not deserve to be in this great platoon. He could see them now trying to 'hug' cover and act like real fighting men but they where not, "Faster you fool, we will show this scum what we are made off"

As he heard the commands of his squad leader, Jonas Landerson, the driver of third squads chimera, did all he could to stop himself from stopping the chimera, getting out and beating his commander to death, 'Iron' Mikson commanded with an iron fist, every command was to be carried out immediately if it wasent, Mikson would beat them to within an inch of their lives, to make sure that a command would be carried out, "Yes sir, right away sir" shouted Jonas through his gritted teeth.

As the chimera got closer, Losk could see that something was wrong, hunddled behind the 'heavy-stubber' with his brother, he could see the chimera gaining on them, it wasent meant to go like this. As he mentioned this too his brother he felt the swish of air, meaning that the holds door had opened, looking out of the corner of his eye, he caught a sight of his regiments commander, stood at the door as if he was a hero of old, he looked like a giant to Losk, stood there with his shaven head, in his glistening armour carry a gun that Losk knew as a normal human he could not carry.

His commander could not be a normal human though, he was the chosen of the lord on his throne to command them in the field of battle, he would hold through where none of them could, he would see the tide of battle and bring them all thorugh it, he would commune with the lord and bring angels down to help them in their most needed time. He must be here to see how well they fought in the name of their lord. Losk could feel the lord on his throne commanding him, he would not disonor their commander by not following his lords commands.

"Follow me sons of Hartive, men of first squad, we will show the men of third squad that we are the chosen of our lord and that his will guides us and that we will always be victorious" screamed Losk at the top of his voice, as he stood up to charge at the chimera he saw that it was close, to close. As it was bearing down on him Losk knew that he had made a mistake, he was not going to live though this. He clossed his eyes and as he knew that he was about to be crushed he heard a loud bang, a screech of metal and he knew he was still alive.

To be continued…..