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the dark angel
31-07-2006, 11:22
well iv been playing fantasy for 7 years know i played chaos,O&G,VC,empire,breonnians and wood elves the elves iv been playing for 4 years on and of:D so i have a dilema between 2 armys:

tomb kings:strong magic, can have chariots as core choices,can be fast,can bring units back much like VC but are sumwhat better at it,can be slow,skeles arent that strong must take 2 characters at minimum

pure night gobbo:horde army,get new minis later this year,versitile,low toughness, v.cheap even for a horde,magic is poor to standard,fast for there size:D

high elves:fragile,fast,good magic,standard troops are avrage but are fragile armour is v good! (i played wood elves for 4 years any save is good as glade gaurd dont have any and lords can have a max of a 4+ save :cries:

the reason for changeing my army is because im a bit tierd of wood elves (i know to much!)i know all there tactics which can get boring if you keep repeating it. i dont really what kind of army i make as long as troops get saves!:p

thanks for the help in advance

31-07-2006, 14:27
The most important question is......

Which models do you like best?

I have started armies and not liked the models, never got anywhere!

Personally HATE the Tomb-kings (but I do keep getting beaten by them), Love H'elves (50/50 victories).

So-So on current gobbos.

31-07-2006, 16:42
I have around 2500 points of khemri and I really do like them. so let me say: tomb king magic is NOT strong. yes, they can cast a lot, but the list is primarly supporting - egalizing the weaknesses. the advantage in comparison to the vampire counts are the chariots as well as the catapults and the tunnelers.

let the elfies be elfies... used to play them a while ago. forget the saves of your infantry. when playing against chaos, bretonians, orcs and what ever comes along with a lot of s4+ attacks, you're bound to pay 2-4 points per model for 5+ armour save that is worth nothing. if you're not interested in playing a weaker version of your bretonians (i.e. an all cavallry elven army) every second game, then forget about the elfies.

i'd go for the khemri... or the night goblins! :)

31-07-2006, 16:46
Plus, the gobbo's are going to be dirt cheap to start as soon as 7th ed. comes around with the Skull Pass set. ;)

31-07-2006, 21:56
Go gobbos. Such crazy options for sillyness.

01-08-2006, 14:23
Goblins - their war machines are fun and you get loads of models for your points value.

the dark angel
01-08-2006, 14:34
well the evidence sais:GOBBOS,NIGHT GOBBOS! yep thas right night gobbos,iv always wanted to make an army of night gobbos but i dont like the current models so ill wait for the boxed set to start them,i may make a thread on them :p so thanks guys