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The Silver Crosses
01-08-2006, 19:19
Okay this is the last time I will go through and come up with a new chapter. I make so many up and they last for around....mmm..maybe 3 days at best. This will help me stay motivated and get ideas from you guys on how to come up with some things.

Okay here is what I want in my army.

Tactical squads
Tech marine
Bikes or speeders.

Those are the main models I want in my army, others may come but thats the main part of it.

A somewhat hly chapter. librarians take the position of chaplain and librarian. They fight tyranids and chaos so fighting both the hive mind and chaos sorcery requires good psychers. Any suggestions on a specific chaos cult would be cool.

Some names I have come up with: Black angels, obsidian Angels, Obsidian paladins, black hawks, dire wolves, black hearts, blackfire, Ragefire. (the jade panthers is a cool color scheme I came up with once just as another option)

Colors that I like and would like to use in this color scheme:

Bone, orange, black(recently found I like the way it looks when you highlight it with codex grey and fortress grey) I am open to other colors though.
Just to get a reference on some of the things I like in a chapter I will name some of the chapters I specifically like.
Crimson fists, Space Sharks, Blood Ravens, Black Templars.

Well thats what I have to work with so far. I have enough to put in around 3 tactical squads and a librarian (which I think I will mess around with some more...he could look much more important than he does).

I will paint these guys and convert and everything but I need to stay motivated.

So please please PLEASE give Comments and Criticisms.

01-08-2006, 20:05
Start to build a few models, then use them as test pieces for the colour scheme, unless you have some older figs to use. The name can probably wait until you start to get a reasonable size force to play with, though I do like a couple of the ideas. As for the theme, nice core force of troops with fast attack options to flank an enemy, maybe have a unit of veterans to help hold the line (keeps the infantry/tac squad theme, whilst being veterans)

The Silver Crosses
08-08-2006, 03:57
Well I got the color scheme down I came up with the name "The Jade Wolves"
Or Viridis Lupus.

The Silver Crosses
08-08-2006, 05:58
Also I was thinking of some chapter traits. See but don't be seen seems like a good fluffy one, but do you think I should do take the fight to them and give them bolt pistols and chainswords or stick with bolters.

For putting models together this is what I plan to do.
I plan on buying from either Battlewagon bits or someone who plays black templars, helmet that looks like the one in my picture but has lines on the front of it and a couple wires on the side, then converting it to the helmet in the pic above. then getting the wolf backpack, and space wolf bolter and chest piece. What I am going to try to do is make molds for these pieces and simply make the pieces over and over again for my basic marines, now I'm a total noob at this and I got to go to my hobby store and ask about prices and such but I think this way I could get a good converted army withought having to make the converted pieces a billion times. Of course for characters I might just buy the pieces since I only need to make them once.

what do you think?