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01-08-2006, 20:47
I have all of these old high elf miniatures sitting around.
In particular I have:
17x Spearmen
17x Spearmen
16x Spearmen
16x Swordmasters
16x Lion Guard
2x Bolt Throwers
1x Eagle
1x Mage
3x Hero Characters or one could also become a mage

Can you help me make this? I don't want to add any more actual things like more spearmen or silverhelms, but would like to keep, or diminish in size, the units I made. I think I mostly need help with the magic items on the characters and units, and polishing the list all in all


01-08-2006, 23:19
What points value are you aiming for?

01-08-2006, 23:20
Do you have the current High Elves army book? Silly question I know, but worth asking.

01-08-2006, 23:26
I was hoping for 2000 pts.
No I don't have the book but will borrow it.

01-08-2006, 23:37
I advise you buy it.

You will be reliant on your infantry core. It would be best to use two larger blocks of Spearmen, each 25 strong. These would be the core of your army and you can use the 'Intrigue at Court' rule to equip one with a magical Banner (I think). These would probably flank your central infantry blocks which would inturn flank your eagle in a battle line.

For your heroes, I would recommend one of them each in the Lion Gard & Swordmasters and use the third as a mage near your Eagles Claw Bolt Thrower.

The Eagle would flank or war machine/mage hunt.

You would be advancing into the enemy slowly but surely. Ideally you would keep a tight net and charge units in tandem and make sure you can bring your Spearmans numbers to bear on the enemy if they charged your Lion Guard/swordmasters.

This army will be slow but the support from the Eagles Claws, the Eagle itself and the MAges mean it will be anything but mediocre if used correctly.

01-08-2006, 23:44
don't I need 3 core choices? Right now I have the three spar units for fullfilling that.

01-08-2006, 23:50
You're dead right!

Hmm, maybe you'd be best getting some fast cavalry or a box of bowmen! 16 & 17 warrior units just aren't going to be effective.

I'm also pretty sure you have 3 rare choices when only two are allowed.

02-08-2006, 00:00
well I had really hoped to not buy anything as this was just gonna be a quick fun (if not a poor) army. I have really old miniatures, so buying new stuff would look weird.
well, the lions are special because one of the commanders will have the lion ability that makes them special and stubborn.
I was also thinking: should i have an archmage with a mage and two commanders?
just thinkins outloud...

02-08-2006, 00:05
You could use 3 units of spears, with the White Lions and Swordmasters holding the flanks (They're better at fighting while flanked than the spears are). Put your command group in the centre, with champions for the White Lions and Swordmasters and two commanders or a commander and a prince on the outside edges. I'd use up your other two slots for two level 2 mages, as spells like Flames of the Phoenix can be quite devastating, while Drain Magic and Fortune is Fickle can effectively shut down enemy mages.

Are White Lions a rare or special choice? I thought they were rare as well, but I wouldn't trust my memory.

One thing is for sure - you're going to have a buttload of magic items in this list to bring it up to 2,000 points. Which is good, because that's how High Elves should play in my opinion ;)

02-08-2006, 00:10
Off the top of my head, doesn't the Lion Guard honour make any unit Stubborn? Stick him with the Swordmasters then, and hope to god you roll your hero with the White Lions as general with IAC.

The only other issue is what to do with your mages. A level 4 with Seer would be a brilliant commander, but wouldn't be able to march and cast. An elf steed will both give him an armour save, and the speed to keep up with your forces but stay behind and ensuring that the elves block line of sight so he can't get shot up.

02-08-2006, 02:46
here we go, see how you like this:

Commander 1 Lion Guard; Sword of Might; Sacred Incense 160

Mage 1 Level 2 Wizard; Ring of Fury 160

Mage 1 Level 2 Wizard; Dispel Scroll (x1); Jewel of Dusk 165

Prince 1 Great Weapon; Pure of Heart; Sword Master; Armour of the Gods 206

Repeater Bolt Thrower 1 2 Crew with hand weapons and light armour; 100

Repeater Bolt Thrower 1 2 Crew with hand weapons and light armour; 100

Spearmen 17 Light Armour; Spears; Shields; ; Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician 1C 217

Spearmen 16 Light Armour; Spears; Shields; ; Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician 206

Spearmen 16 Light Armour; Spears; Shields; ; Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician 206

Swordmasters 16 Two Handed Sword; Heavy Armour; ; Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician 238

White Lions (Lion Guard Only) 16 Great Axes; Light Armour; Lion Cloak; ; Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician 243

Total 2001

02-08-2006, 02:50
www.thegreatuncleanone.com to make an army w/out necessarily having the book.

p.s. Eric, BOOOO for playing cheese elves. Need I remind you of "The Daniel"?

02-08-2006, 03:28
Haha, no this is just because I got some very old miniatures that have just been sitting around and I thought I'd rather have an army than them sitting there. Plus he played a lot of cav and 4 more levels of magic than this, so this is ahrdly cheese.

17-08-2006, 14:01
You need a unit or two of Silver Helms. 5 strong each as flankers. As for the rare choices, if u give a commander Lion Guard, the White Lions become a special choice, so you can still take the bolt throwers and the eagle as rare. As for magic items it all depens on how you want your heroes to play part. Magic heavy, medium or light?