View Full Version : How do you guys arm Norse Marauders?

02-08-2006, 22:05
I'm contemplating converting some Middenheimers and Kislev into Norse Marauders to be used for my DoW and Empire lists. How do you guys usually arm them? I'm thinking of just maybe a squad of 12 armed with great weapons.

02-08-2006, 22:56
I use 12 in 2x5 (+2 in the back rank) formation with a Berzerker, armed with flails and shields as a flanker for one of my pikemen regiments. I´d use them in 2x6, but mine are still based on 25mm bases (my mates don´t object to it, as it´s actually a disadvantage for me and I don´t play DoW in tournaments).
The combination of shields and flails has a reason: in many battles I found out that norse a) tend to get shot at very much, obviously some people fear 11 S5 attacks from a single rank ;), so I want at least that first rank to be left when the fighting begins. b) Norse Marauders either win big or lose big on the first round, so either they break the enemy or lose their frenzy and break themselves. Either way I´ve never missed great weapons on them.

Parka boy
03-08-2006, 02:26
I have 2 units of Norse Marauders one of 12 with GW best choice in my book and another of unit of 20 bearman which I use in friendly 3k games cause I love beorg's stats and the chance to use a ward save in my DoW list.

03-08-2006, 09:31
Against T3 opponents an additional handweapon makes them a real buzzsaw unit although I find flails have more utility across the board. I have a DoW army where the norse marauders are my main battle line - in that I give them hw+sh for the staying power.

03-08-2006, 10:32
Having looked at the Norse Marauders, I would probably take a unit of 25 with additional handweapons. They aren't going to be killing much anyway, and I want to maximise the advantages of frenzy, so they can break a unit on the charge. with sheer volume of attacks.