View Full Version : 2k dark elf list

03-08-2006, 02:00
High Born - SDC. heavy arm, draich of dark power, 4+ ward

beastmaster - manticore, light armour, sdc, lance, web of shadows

sorc - 2x dispell scrolls

5 dark riders - rxb, mus (i know most view these as too many points)

5 dark riders - rxb, mus

5 dark riders - mus

19 warriors - full cmd, spears, sheilds

15 corsairs - full cmd, warbanner

15 warriors - xbows, full cmd, shields

14 exec's, full cmd, banner of murder (HB rides with them)

2x rbt

could always pull out the rbt for 8 shades and 6 harpies... not sure what would suit the army better.

03-08-2006, 03:46
I'd drop that 15 RBX warrior unit to 10. Really not much sense in having the extra 5. Saves you about 50 points for other areas.

My one issue is the lack of overall mobility save for dark riders and the manticore. I'd consider only using 2 units of dark riders and maybe taking either harpies or cold one knights/chariot if points allow.

03-08-2006, 03:56
The rxb unit is so big so it can reform to 5x3 and use shield/hw when it needs to, I failed 3 stupidity tests on my coldone unit last game, never again will i take coks in a fragil de army....