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03-08-2006, 17:59
Here's a list I wrote out the other day. Let me know what you think.

I'm hoping it will still be viable in 7th Ed, so if you know something won't work in 7th, let me know and I'll change it.

Here it goes:

2,000 points.

Lords and Heroes

Wood Elf High Born - 246
The Bow of Loren
Arcane Bodkins
Amber Pendant
Great Weapon

Wood Elf Noble - 140
Blades of Loec

Spellsinger - 125
Level 2 Wizard

Spellsinger - 125
Level 2 Wizard

Core units

Eternal Guard x 14 - 198
Full Command

Glade Guard x 14 - 189
Full Comman
Aech - The Banner of Springtide

Glade Guard x 10 - 144
Full Command

Glade Riders x 10 - 276
Full Command

Special units

Wardancer Troupe x 14 - 273

Rare units

Waywatchers x 10 - 248
Shadow Sentinel

I intend for the Lord to go in the Eternal unit, and obviously the Wardancer hero to go in the Wardancer unit.

I know some might think the Lord kitted out strangely, but I plan to shoot many times at the enemy and when I can no longer do this, charge in and get +2 Strength for the great weapon, and I'll always be going first because of the Pendant. :D

Personally though, I feel the list is awfully low on Glade Guard and could even do with a few more Glade Riders. Would you think it wise to drop the Eternal Guard unit and put in some more Glade Guard?

And, of course, any other comments you have are welcome.


03-08-2006, 18:06
I agree glade guard are good. Eternal Guard have never done well for me so yes I'd say drop them. Put your Lord with the waywatchers and the kin even tho others say not to. This way you will be able to get off shots from the very beginning both going for the same group. Also drop the Guard commands, they arn't worth it. They will die in combat with no armor. Thats my advice =).

03-08-2006, 18:37
why 10 glade riders? they cannot benifit from rank bonus since they are fast cavalry, so you should split them in 2 unit of . the champion is a waste of point. the +1 WS wont do much diffirence.

i like eternal guard, i've once field 2 units of 20 with full comand, one had the BSB with war banner, the other the banner that gives unbreakable for one turn. and WOW they did great. with some fire suppport from glade guards and a timely charge with some glade riders they did great. the only thing that they struggle against is T4 infantry with good saves.

04-08-2006, 07:07
split the Wardancer into two things of 7. Split the glade riders into 5 and 2 dispel scrolls, just some tweeks good list.

04-08-2006, 08:20
Drop the guard commands; split the units as suggested. The Eternal Guard are going to really dictate the way you play - if you want a tarpit, keep them. If you want maneuvrability, they're too slow a target.

Using the points saved with your Guard commands, kit your mages out with some scrolls.

Think about how you want to deal with enemy mages, especially without the Hunter's Talon, the Pageant of Shrikes or any unit really capable of getting multiple attacks on a 20x20 base.

The unit of 14 Glade Guard is a little too big.

I would drop those 4 elves and use the points to give one mage the Pageant and the other the Hunter's Talon. Athel Loren isn't the strongest lore, especially early game. Use the early game to snipe enemy mages, and then fire away with late game magic.

Alex Under
04-08-2006, 11:59
Nice list, but I'd change the units' numbers. I'd divide the wardancers in 2 units of seven and use them to backup each other. I'd use two units of 5 plain glade riders, no command, and with those points you'll have left I'd try and fit a dispell scroll on each spellsinger for some magical defence. As for the glade guard, if you are just going to use them as shooty units, 10 and 10 is just fine, no command for them either.

As for the eternal guard, I don't like them that much as I find them handy in large battles and in units of 20. 14 will fall pretty soon IMO.

Whatever, good luck and enjoy!

07-08-2006, 04:10
K so obviously going for no FS which is,.. a challenge since they are uber and rule.

I would drop the Amber Pendant and run that lord as an alter. Especially as 14 EG isn't much, I'd commit to 6 wide 4 deep,... which I'm doing.

14 Glade Guard w/ command is never a good idea. two units of 10 w/ musicians all the way. Command on archers is always a waste of pts.

Don't take 10 Glade Riders, take 2 units of 5 w/ musicians.

Wardancer troupes never need to be larger than 8 (inc. noble) so just take 7

10 Waywatchers is 4 too many. You're likely NOT going to get a 1 when rolling to hit (thus you're going to nerf one 2+ save T3 knight a turn. Plus they Shadow Sentinel is a waste of pts.

I wouldn't do that lord and the Waywatchers, they are the same unit essentially.

Anyway best of luck.