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Slann mage Tokes
04-08-2006, 00:29

Slann Mage Toax-
second gen, Divine plaque of protection, plaque of Tepok, BSB, Dispel
scroll, war banner.

El Snai Poe-
Skink Chief, scouting, staff of the lost sun, shield.


10 Saurus with spear used detachment style off of the Slann block

10 Saurus with spear used detachment style off of the Slann block

10 Skink with Javelin

12 Skink with Blowdarts, scouting, El Snai Poe's body guards


20 Saurus with hand weapon, BS of Quetzl,command ,Slann Mage Toax's bodyguards

7 Chameleon Skink

3 Kroxigor

3 Terradon

2 Salamander Hunting Packs.

Equals 1998 points.

I think this force Is quite tough all around.
2nd Gen Slann owns magic phases IMO.
I also have El Snai Poe! My lizardmen scouting sniper,
If there is a building or tower he will be in the best window for sure, with his skink guards leaking through the building and out the door.

Comments, suggestions?

Ivan the Terrible
04-08-2006, 03:37
Just a warning-many people would not consider the use of the second gen slann "friendly". However, not going with the skink priest to raise your power dice total, helps with the friendly claim. I would give Snai-poe the cloak of wings instead of the staff. I also suggest the spawning of Tlazcotl for the bodyguard saurus.

Slann mage Tokes
05-08-2006, 02:31
I thought friendly just meant playing with some friends casually, not anything to actually do with the list.

If I took away his staff he would not be El Snai Poe anymore! Snai poe= Sniper

I know at long range he will be hitting on fives,
but thats is averagely 1 shot a round, which is good enough for me.
He is more of a distraction/cool project I am working on.
I am painting him right now, and will post his pic in the gallery asap.

thanks for the input though, it helps.

06-08-2006, 08:52
Just personal preference but i think you'd be better served with 1 unit of 20 saurus rather than 2 units of 10, that way they have less chance of running early due to shooting or nasty surprises.

2nd generation slann....you monster

06-08-2006, 11:12
you might want to consider making the big unit of saurus temple guard, ld 9 on 3 dice with a re-roll and being stubborn might not be strictly friendly but it rocks

Ivan the Terrible
07-08-2006, 17:16
A lot of people react negativly to the second gen slann-even in friendly games. You know your friends though. I still think that your skink chief would be better with the cloak. You can still give him a blow gun. On the other hand, I've often thought about using the staff, it is pretty cool, just a little over-priced. The most important thing is to have fun. I've used units of 10 saurus as flank protecters a few times. They work pretty well.

07-08-2006, 18:01
Staff only has 3 shots doesn't it? Or is it 3 per turn? I'm working off memory here, books at home and I've never used the staff personaly.

Consolidate your de- Saurus into one block of 20.

Ivan the Terrible
07-08-2006, 20:59
Staff has three per turn. (I hope that doesn't voilate copyright!) Compare its stats with the blowpipe, and then look at the points costs of each. The way I see it the staff is an expensive piece of fluff. I like the idea though.

Slann mage Tokes
08-08-2006, 02:02
I took the staff because of fluff/modeling. I am working on him right now.

Also 16 inch range is awesome for lizardmen, It will hit on an average of once per turn. One scouting, S5 hit per turn is sweet in my books.

I can place him in a tower or other building and shoot up whatever, gaining a crazy save bonus. With his skink crew lurking through the door he should last a little bit, and if people bother coming after him then he is an awesome distraction, as I still have 40 saurus, Krox and terradon lurking, also chameleons

08-08-2006, 04:04
Thanks for taking the risk Ivan sorry if you get in trouble over it, didn't think it was enough to violate copyright. Try losing 13 points and getting bane head for the sniper skink, worth its points IMO as it makes it that little bit easier to get a character onto half wounds or worse ;)

Ivan the Terrible
08-08-2006, 20:59
Well I tried to be a vague as possible on the stats. Enjoy the fluff!! One reason to play Warhammer instead of other wargames is for all of the lovely fluff. One a different topic, I strongly recommend 3 salamanders. They are the best units in the lizzard army. Also, 9 skinks are better than 6, and when they have all been eaten, the salamanders are rather unmanagable. I suggest losing the spears from the saurus and a few of the chameleon skinks.

10-08-2006, 11:16
I would not have units of only ten saurus. They will acheive nothing but death.

Slann mage Tokes
10-08-2006, 23:36
Do you have a reason?

Empire take detachment squads 10 strong, with T3,
so I think T4 would make a huge difference
When I have fielded 2 blocks of 20 saurus,
they are usually unscathed by the basttle's end.
So that is why I split them up more manouverability.

spell check not working....

Ivan the Terrible
11-08-2006, 03:22
I've used one unit of ten before. They worked out pretty well. I didn't expect them to take out huge blocks of infantry or anything. They work well as a sort of tarpit kind of unit. They are awsome flank protecters, and great as flank attackers also.