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04-08-2006, 23:33
I've got what I believe to be the 4th Edition O&G book (yellow/tan background, charging boar boyz) and the 6th Edition book (grim looking chap in profile).
Was an army book released for 5th edition? If so, what did it look like and what were the major differences between 4th and 5th?


04-08-2006, 23:58
The only difference between the 4th and 5th edition army book was that the mail order pages at the back of the 4th edition book were replaced by a weedy article about building an army (which went a bit like "OMFG buy a Giant!!!!!1!!" but with the Giant replaced by monopose plastic Goblins and a sprinkling of special characters - the good old days ;)).

Most 5th edition army books follow that principle - take the 4th edition book and replace its mail order pages by army building 'advice'. IIRC only High Elves, Undead/Vampire Counts and Chaos got 'real' new army books during 5th. And Lizardmen/Bretonnia didn't have a 4th edition book, off course. :)

05-08-2006, 11:04
That's just what I wanted to hear.. thank you.

07-08-2006, 08:55
Yep the 'charging boarboys' was a 4th and 5th version.

I've still got my copy signed by all the developers. :angel: