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05-08-2006, 12:03
Hey there,

I seem to remember a space monster article written by Ty Finafociabread at the US GW WD a few years ago (read:about 10). I'm just having a look for it, wondering if anyone knows where I could find it again?

06-08-2006, 21:47
ok, since no one knows, I'm just gonna throw my own creation out there. The creature has a proper name and stuff, but I don't wanna use it just yet :p:

Creature of the warp

cruiser/ 4hits, armour 5+
For use in multiple player battles.

Each turn, after everyones movement phase, the last player to move (using the random turn order system) gets to control the creature.

The player must put the creature in base to base contact with one ship. The creature attacks that ship it the same manner as a ramming attack using its current number of wounds/hit points.

If the opposing ship is destroyed, or the creature scores hits with all it's attacks, the creature counts as pulling the ship into the warp and devouring it. Each time the creature does this, it gains one wound/hit point.

The creature may never be fired upon (the side recieving the creatures attack dare not shoot incase they hit their own vessel, the opposing forces are too busy or enjoy watching the suffering of their opponant). The only way the creature can be hurt is by hits caused by the opposing ship when it conducts a ramming attack.

The creature disapears back into the warp at the end of the movement phase, and is taken off the table until the end of the final players movement phase in the next round. It may never be put in contact with ordnance markers. If the ship it attacks has ordnance markers in base to base, they remain in play, even if the ship they're protecting is consumed.