View Full Version : Vortex grenades were great, back in the day

05-08-2006, 23:16
A smile is gracing my lips as I think back to the golden days of my childhood. I can still see the fear on my opponents face at the mention of "vortex grenades".

Basic ork troops simply never got into close combat with other troops back in the day. Tooled up characters could also slaughter huge mobs of orks without any trouble, So my mobs of Goff orks would simply get slaughtered by characters.... well they would have if I did not give them a taste of vortex death.

05-08-2006, 23:22
I hated the days of Hero Hammer, it was almost always down to 2 sergeatns running forawrds to toss their vortex grenade on each others character. Squads were just along as pretty much cheerleaders.

I do miss the variety in the weapons, but the game is more streamlined and better. Just my 2 cents.

Inq. Veltane
05-08-2006, 23:26
There are things I miss and things I don't miss. Vortex grenades could be interesting, as long as you were sensible with them. I miss the detail. I miss the fact that saves weren't all or nothing. I'm glad characters are a little less hard now, the new assault system is good. Actually what I miss most is the Movement characteristic! And the ability to run. So much better. Overwatch would be nice too...

05-08-2006, 23:30
Us marines need those vortex grenades back! We are underpowered without them!

Go troll in your own thread and keep your trolling confined to there. Thank you.