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06-08-2006, 00:24
Hello painting and terrain people. Some of you may remember my jungle Tyranid project log, and that I kinda stopped posting. I lost intrest in the project a little, and I'm putting it on hold for a while.

So, let's switch it up and see how much of my Tau I can get done.

Here's a pic of the whole army.

I've had most of it since the Tau were first released, but I drifted away from the hobby for a little while. I have since returned, and have re-evaluated my Tau army. I painted the Firewarriors in Imperial Storm Trooper white armour and black undersuit. Originally I had them on dirt and grass bases, but I have decided to re-base my models with snowy tundra terrain. The ones that were painted weren't painted to the highest standards at first, but I'm touching up the old painted models. Toning down the white of the armour (which was almost solid white before) so that there is highlighting on the edges, painted the lenses, and highlighted the black better.



The white washed out a bit in the pictures, but you get the idea.

Progress:Unpainted,WiP, Finished
Shas'O and gun drones
3 XV 8 Battlesuits and gun drones
5 XV 15 Battlesuits, one with fusion blaster, Shas'vre with markerlight shield drones
12 Assault Fire Warriors with Devilfish
12 Fire Warriors with two gun drones
12 Fire Warriors with two gun drones
12 Kroot, Shaper
10 Gue'Vesa, 2 pulse carbines
6 Pathfinders, 1 shield drone, Devilfish
2 Piranhas
8 Gun drones
Railgun Hammerhead

06-08-2006, 00:31
My XV15 test scheme Stealth Suit.


I personally love how it turned out. Not planning on replacing these suits with the XV 25, I like the old design too much.

And here is my test Vespid mini. I hate the Vespid mouthparts, so I just sculpted a rebreather/translator/comms mask. Pain in the butt, but I'm also pretty happy with how this turned out.

06-08-2006, 01:16
Those are very nice. I particularly like the colours youve used on the Vespid - very original, and a million times better-looking than GW's interpretation. Are you planning on doing any Kroot? I'd be interested to see what you can make of them.

06-08-2006, 01:54
I like them, clean and crisp. The new scheme looks alot better than the old and the bases it great (mind telling me how you did the snow?) the vespid is the best I´ve seen so far (I hate the sculpt) keep them pics coming

06-08-2006, 02:04
ive always liked white Tau, and these are the best ive seen since Tin Weasle on the Rlci forums (or was it someone else... hmmm)