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06-08-2006, 04:02
The heat is intense. Stinging sweat drips into my eyes as I peer between the hastily nailed boards that cover what used to be windows. I can see them out there. I can hear their mutters. I can smell their stench.

One of the hostages moans quietly through her bindings. I turn to look at her, silent tears dripping down her angelic face, pleading eyes begging me to release her from this hell. I will, I promise it. I promise, this will all be over soon. Do not suffer, young one. Do not weep, my angel, for you play a part in something far grander than you may realize. Do not regret, for though your life ends here today, it ends with purpose and meaning.

“Shhhh,” I breathe, one finger held daintily to my lips. “Shhh, quiet, and weep no more.” I turn back to the crack in the window, my stub-pistol held high at my side, ready for anything.

The Arbiters are out there, their beetle-black carapace armor glinting in the fading sunlight. They’re gathering, they will try to force my hand again soon. They did once before, and two of their number were added to the sacrifices.

The sacrifices! My eyes go wide with terror, as I look at my chrono. It’s past time. The whispers are building again, telling me things. Dark things. If I don’t obey them, the Emperor will die.

The Galaxy will die.

“Surrender now, Heretic!” comes the repeated demand.

“You don’t understand! They have to die!” I feel myself scream back at them, but distantly as if I were but a puppet having my strings pulled.

If I don’t do this holy work, everything the Imperium of Man has striven for will be for naught! I move towards the child, and raise my pistol. The whispers tell me blood things I can’t desecration entirely hatred understand defilement. The noise of the weeping kill drowns out kill their kill message KILL I can’t KILL! entirely KILL DAMN YOU BURN THEM ALL understand oh Emperor it hurts!

I faintly hear myself screaming these words as I pull the trigger. The detonation of the pistol coincides with the explosion of the door as shaped charges make mockery of plasteel. I whip around as the first Arbiter sprints through the doorway.

Time slows, as he breaks my carefully arranged seals written with the blood of Virgins. I feel the universe shift, and my rage knows no bounds. Something within me, something I never felt before, twists, and I watch the Arbiter explode neatly across his midsection, legs falling one way as the torso sprays another.

“Psyker!” comes the cry.

“Psyker!” “Psyker!” the air is filled with their judgemental yells.

I….I’m not a Psyker! I’m not! Damn their eyes, I do the Emperor’s work! My hands, covered in the blood of the Innocents to keep supreme darkness away! More men, now. Flooding in. Rushing me. I feel their bullets tear into my skin, but that strange distant feeling is back. Etherial light glows from within me, as a sign of my pure purpose.

I can’t make out their words anymore. It does not matter. I lean lazily over, as a bolt-round tears into my skull. My last stub-round finds its mark square between the eyes of the final sacrifice needed to bind Reality, to protect it from Chaos’s insidious corruptions.

The sky goes black, as the floor falls out from under me.

The last thing I see on this earth are the horrified looks of the Arbiters. They have stopped firing. My body floats off the ground, my will seeping away. I feel something else waiting. Craving. Needing.

I let it have my destroyed body as my mind slips away.

Hello, Mortals.

10-08-2006, 02:37
Wow, that really is fantastic 'Nid. Amazing in more ways than I can find adjectives to describe. It's everything that chaos taint should be and more, the tricks of Gods, the hopeless society... and very, very well written. Hats off to you, I wish I could write anywhere near as good as this.

Is the tied into your Nurgle story or stand alone? If it's the latter, you really ought to do more.

10-08-2006, 03:57
Nid, you've been added to my list of people who are gods.

You're right under Johnny Depp, but above Mr. T.

10-08-2006, 08:20
Hello, Mortals.
Hello. :):D

Great stuff as ever.

11-08-2006, 08:05
This is a standalone piece. I like to try to create different moods and writing styles for my standalones.

I have noticed I don't seem to like happy endings though....


All my stories. I just get a scene, or a fragment in my brain, and it just keeps working itself around until I type out a pearl. However, like all pearls, some come out better than others.

Flame of Udun
11-08-2006, 13:22
Superb as ever, Nid! You really should get this stuff submitted top the Black Library.