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Spamus Eatus
06-08-2006, 08:04
I've started building a hivefleet from bitz and such, and I was wondering if anyone could provide any gaming tips?

How much should I tool up my hiveships and cruisers? I figure I need my hiveships to survive as much as possible. Also, I probabally should give them as many lauch bays as I can. What is your opinion on the escorts? What of Kraken? I really dig the idea of them armed with claws or tentacles. For escort drones, how many should I take and what is a good armament for them?

Thanks for any tips you can offer!

06-08-2006, 09:29
There's a lot of good 'nid advice and rule clarifications on the Specialist Games forums.

But here are my opinions for what they're worth:

Hive Ships
I have two hive ships. The larger one is the standard super-carrier that almost every nid player seems to like using. 8 launch bays, 6 spores, 14 wounds, Ld9. In the past I've given it torpedoes up front, though lately I'm thinking about swapping them for something that can still fire after it's crippled.

My backup hive ship has a 16-strength forward battery, but is otherwise open to experimentation. I try to make it as inexpensive as possible.

One warning on hive ships: The Tyranid list is not one that you can min/max with a clean conscience. If you take multiple super-hives (the 6-spore 14-wound ones), you will be virtually unbeatable by most enemy fleets. This makes for very boring and un-fun games. Take a balanced list instead. I'd say no more than 1 super-hive per 2500 points.

Oh, and you may have noticed that the GW hive ship model looks like a giant flying **** with legs. You might find it more satisfying to make your own hive ships from 40k tyranid bits.

Unlike their hive ships & escorts, tyranid cruisers really have no amazingly effective setups. A fleet can do perfectly well with no cruisers at all. But they can still be good-looking and fun to use, so you see them fairly often in nid lists.
The most popular setup seems to be the Claw Cruiser. 4 massive claws, maxed spores & hits, and nothing else. Have him AAF straight into enemy lines in order to divert fire from your more valuable ships. He can be quite a good distraction, especially if you model him with scary-looking claws. In the rare case that he does manage to survive, he's capable of doing some good damage to an enemy ship or two.
I'm also partial to my 8-torpedo cruiser. He's not amazing (boarding torpedoes kinda suck), but he's the only ship in the game that can fire two waves of torps at once.

It's almost impossible to go wrong with these guys.

Kraken & Vanguards w/ Feeder Tentacles Great versatile escorts. These provide mobility to a fleet that otherwise is very slow, and they're great at engaging both escorts & big ships. Move them into contact with an enemy (non-marine) escort, and that escort has to instantly Brace For Impact or die, no dice rolls necessary on your part. Move a group into contact with a large enemy ship, and watch them turn it into a big floating log with no functional weapons or even the ability to turn.
(Be careful of the big logs though - they can still ram you perfectly well if you get in their way!)

Kraken with torpedoes: These guys are fine torpedo-escorts in their own right, meaning they can put together a good-size salvo when necessary, or make lots of tiny salvoes for clearing out enemy fighters. Alternatively, you can stick one of them in a squadron of other types of escorts. That way, if the squadron loses synapse control, the worst thing they'll do is reload. (instead of flying off the table).

Kraken or Escort Drones with Pyro-Acid: Four Kraken can put together a battery so strong that it falls right off the gunnery table. Escort drones pack more punch per point, but are very slow.

Kraken with Massive Claws: Not amazingly good, but still effective & fun to use if you like the idea of eating enemy ships.

Escort Drones with Bio-Plasma: 15 points! 15 points!! And they have lances that ignore shields to boot! Don't go overboard on them though - take some fast ships too, or your games will be boring.

That leaves you with just two escort configurations that suck: Escort Drones with feeder tentacles don't have the speed or maneuverability to use them well, and Vanguards with pyro-acid are pretty weak compared to Kraken.

06-08-2006, 15:31

Here's a nid tactica from the specialist games website, in case you havn't found it :p

24-08-2006, 20:51
"Kraken or Escort Drones with Pyro-Acid: Four Kraken can put together a battery so strong that it falls right off the gunnery table."

What do you do when your Pyro-Acid strength goes off the chart (higher then strength 20)?

25-08-2006, 08:33
I just add up the shots for a strength 20 battery plus the shots allowed for the remainder as if it were a separate battery.

So a strength 30 battery would be 20+10, a strength 36 battery would be 20+16, etc.

25-08-2006, 16:18
Thanks, that beats trying to extrapolate what the rest of the chart would be. I have a "Dreadnought" Hive Ship that is all Pyro-Acid Batteries, Strength 40 forward blast.

25-08-2006, 20:29
Sorry to disappoint, but the Port/Starboard pyro-acid batteries for Hive Ships have just an L/R fire arc - the "F" arc printed in Armada is a typo.

It's in the errata here, buried in the entry about the port/starboard bio-plasma (which also has an L/R arc):http://www.specialist-games.com/battlefleetgothic/assets/faq/BFG154a.pdf

So the maximum forward battery for a hive ship is 16.