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07-08-2006, 10:07
Hi guys, i've been playing 40k for abour 6 months and thought i'd give fantasy a go for 7th ed coming out.

So to start off i thought i'd make a small 1000pt army list.
I've not bought any models yet so feel free to suggest anything.

Exalted Champion - 193
-MoN, Filth Mace, Shield, Barded Steed

15 Warriors - 305
-MoN, Shields, Full Command

6 Knights - 298
-MoN, Full Command

6 Horsemen - 84

5 Warhounds - 60

5 Warhounds - 60


My main opponents will be Dark Elves and Ogre Kingdoms.

07-08-2006, 11:14
Seems good, lots of flanking potential.

What you otherwise might want to do would be to drop the Warriors and wait with including them untill you reach 1.5k, that way, you can afford adding in two units of twenty or even twentyfive Marauders with Lightarmour, Shields and Full Command in order to provide you with a more stabile center.

You will also still have twenty or so points left, couple tha with the 60 points too many you've spent on the Warhounds (the units are only worth 30 pts a piece) and you'll be able to add in another unit of five Marauder Horsemn with Musician and Flails (you should also drop one of the six Marauder Horsemen and have five with Flails and Musician rather than six with only a Musician).

Now, I'll see if I can find me book so I can make a list for you with the suggested changes

07-08-2006, 15:32
Unfortunatly, most Chaos get destroyed vs. Ogres at 1000 points, due to the fact that they're better than you at h2h (for the most part) and those Butchers with skull mantle/the item that give -3 ld to Skaven + Chaos are just nasty (ok, it's my magic phase... You you and you run away) But it does seem like a solid list, I would drop the command (exept maybe the standard) on the knights, and like Nenkoth said you paid too many points for the Hounds. ;)

07-08-2006, 15:36
Nenkoth? Now, my name is getting more and more complicated, first it was Nekoth, now Nenkoth, it'll end up sounding like something from a japanese animé, perhaps Nenokoth or something :p

Ogres eh? I seem to have missed that.

Even more important then, get more screens!

07-08-2006, 16:39
I agree with most of the changes suggested by Neknoh. Marauders with shields and light armour instead of the warriors, 2x 5 Marauder Horsemen (for the flanks).

When facing Dark Elves you might gonna miss a sorcerer. Even if it's just for the dispells.

And a chariot would be nice. The Beast Chariot (converted to Marauder Chariot) is my favorite.

08-08-2006, 08:30
Thanks alot for the suggestions guys, i think i will drop the warriors to get in some Marauders.

Hmm, dunno what i was thinking with the hounds :p

Is there any chance at winning vs Ogres at 1000pts?

08-08-2006, 08:33
One simple word, Rendingsword.
You will want to use it on your Exalted Champion when fighting the Ogres.

Also, make sure you lure him into positions where your Marauder Horsemen and Knights can get to the flanks of the Ogres, the less ogres that gets to attack, the better.

Warhounds should also be used in fleeing manouvers to ensure that those Ogres end up in front of your Marauders so that you can tie them down for at least one round.

15-08-2006, 21:39
50 pts to make a small unit have fear isn't a good return in pts. I'd take more models.

15-08-2006, 21:50
Fear can have the following effects:

result in failed charges of enemy units even if the enemy unit starts one inch in front of you
Result in enemy unit only hitting on 6s
You NOT being autobroken by zombies because you had the rubber-sword syndrome
You autobreaking enemy units thanks to combined charges from smaller and more manouverable units of Chaos Knights, Ogre-sized creatures and Nurglings.

15-08-2006, 22:05
Thanks alot for the suggestions guys, i think i will drop the warriors to get in some Marauders.

Hmm, dunno what i was thinking with the hounds :p

Is there any chance at winning vs Ogres at 1000pts?
I have been playing Nurgle since 2002. Don't drop the warriors. Marauders suck. I would take a great weapon and the helm of many eyes for my champion.
Warhounds are good screens, you could have 20 of them for the price you listed in your army list, so I say go for it. Remember that marauders don't cause fear, but you can get more warriors if you cut back on the hounds and the horsemen.

16-08-2006, 00:37
While warriors are indeed useful at some points, they are too expensive and slow for these small games. Marauders are great because they are cheap, hence you can build bigger units. I would only recommend warriors of nurgle when you have between 18 and 20, that way you can really utilize their fear and send your opponenet running.