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07-08-2006, 12:12
Having recently sold off everything i had had up until now to wipe the slate clean with my gaming, im starting afresh and new, and plan to (try to) dedicate myself to one massive army with plenty of options; i have two ideas i would like to run by people and see what people think would be a cooler idea.

the 1st: Grand Cadian/Inquisitorial Force

Cadian-Based Guard force using a large amount of forgeworld upgrades and vehicles, lots of extra kit and hi-tech. Lots of stormtroopers/guard. Expansions for this would be to add inquisitorial parts to the army; various ordos and fun retinues, death cultists and possibly even SOBs and GKs; Deathwatch kill teams and possibly even some =][= SMs (red hunters?) would allow for healthy army expansion.

the 2nd: Grand Heretic Army

LaTD based army with a large CSM ally (Alpha Legion? Word Bearers? Death Guard? any ideas on this would be muchly appreciated) Lots of traitors, lots of muties; based heavily on the sort of stuff you see in Resident Evil/Silent Hill; can expand with the LaTD and the CSMs, plus some adversary stuff from the =][= codexes; rogue psykers, apostate cardinals, all sorts of fun.

so what do people think?


07-08-2006, 12:24
Go for the Heretics, sounds more unique.

07-08-2006, 13:20
do the cadians it seems more interesting

bob syko
07-08-2006, 13:25
Go for Orks!!!!

If that's out the question I'd go for chaos, more room to convert and personalise.

07-08-2006, 13:53
Run with the Grand Heretic Army. Nothing like a horde of the dark god's followers to strike fear. Plus, it's far better when it comes to conversions. And finally, even as a LATD force, you could add some high-tech elements, say, from a traitor armoured brigade.

07-08-2006, 14:15
I think the cadians sound much more unique and interesting. Everyone on earth plays a MEQ- don't be another chaos space marine player.

07-08-2006, 14:19
Hes not playing Chaos Marines.
Hes Playing Lost and The Damned.

07-08-2006, 14:43
The world could always use more LatD armies, with or without CSM allies.

The Guard sounds fun but expensive, but I'm sure you could work a lot of that FW stuff back into the LatD traitor forces. Chalk my vote up for LatD.

07-08-2006, 14:43
Im currently torn between the two because on the one hand i have some pretty nifty ideas for conversions for the heretic army, but then on the other i think the cadian upgrades and various other bits and bobs from forgeworld are sooooooo good!

On the heretic army, what legion would people like to see used for the CSM contingent?


07-08-2006, 15:02
I'd suggest LatD simply because there is more variety involved. I've only seen 1 LatD and a lot more Cadians.(no offense to Cadian players it's a good army, but IMHO the variety of LatD is much more interesting)

07-08-2006, 15:08
If you do LATD, go for a word beaers force. Meaning fill your elites and FA with nothing but daemons!!! Give all your units icons, and BAM! Let those babies loose!

07-08-2006, 15:09
i d suggest option no1,cause thats actualy what i am doing now and i tell you , a forgeworld converted imperial army is cooler than everything...
also consider elysians and an ordo xenos inquisitor,given time maybe we will be able to legaly use an ordo xenos army with both sm and ig(dreamer)

07-08-2006, 15:20
Yes but hes not made of money.
Go for the Heretics, people will respect you more, and you will get more games, as everyone will want to see your army.

07-08-2006, 15:42
you are not wrong , money is a spine on my back!LOL

07-08-2006, 15:46
I'd suggest that you go with the LatD... For all the reasons listed before :)

07-08-2006, 15:52
Well, money isnt really an issue as this is a long term plan/investment, so its whatever it takes; i consider LaTD just as expensive when you factor having to buy various different sprues etc for one unit of mutants anyway!

Any more thoughts on the Legion for the LaTD?


Daemon Spawn
07-08-2006, 15:59
I would go will pure CSM. LaTD is ok, but marines are better.

07-08-2006, 16:09
I would go will pure CSM. LaTD is ok, but marines are better.

Well thats constructive. Actually the plan is if i did the grand heretic army that i could ALSO play a pure CSM list when i wanted to, as well as the LaTD.


07-08-2006, 16:25
Yes, but I Am sick of playing Marines.

07-08-2006, 16:36
LatD for the win!

also consider the new rumours from German GD that FW might do some Traitor Guard next Year.
And release a Traitor Guard List in IA5 as antagonist for the Death Korps.

So if money is not of concern... I recommend either Death Korps or Traitor Guard... and use the wait to save some money ;)

Cadians are just too much SST ripoffs for me... they don't look what a proppa imperial soldier should look like in my eyes (now the vostroyans, they are proppa! But even though the insane price doesn't matter, to few heavy and special weapon options for my taste)

07-08-2006, 16:59
Just to nitpick, I really hate the idea of splitting the 40K races into 'Forces of Order' and 'Forces of Disorder', as per this thread title. Its one small step away from "Goodies and Baddies". Chaos and Orks and elements of the Imperium expend as much effort fighting themselves as they do each other, and the idea of all the 40K races forming into two grand alliances is nothing more than GW laziness for whenever a big campaign comes around and they feel the need to keep things simple. The Imperial Guard is not part of a 'Forces Of Order', they're part of the Imperium of Mankind and they'd shoot Eldar and Tau in the head without any hesitation.

That aside.... I'd probably go for LatD, although I'd keep the CSM stuff to a minimum (too much power armour in the game as it is).


07-08-2006, 17:09
Good point. The question should be: To join the imperial defenders or take up the chaotic icon.

as there is nothing like the good old "order <-> chaos" duality from morcock in 40k fluff, and chaos is only named chaos nowadays.... because is sounds cool! And because its hard to come up with good names without stealing from elsewhere ;)

07-08-2006, 17:12
LatD! Especially with a cool Apostate Cardinal HQ...
Endless conversion options.

07-08-2006, 17:29
If it was me, i would do the loyalists because of all those ordos. The amount of personalisation you can do with just one DW squad due to all the different chapters is unbelievable.

I would have to say though that LatD is the most unique choice. btw, look for the Hoff's traitor guards on the painting forum. They're just cadians but with a face lift and a few pointy bits but they're still the best traitor guard i've ever seen.

Of course if you were really clever you could do both.

It would take some thinking but you could make an interchangeable force (the fluff would work in favour of this).

Could be a radical inquisitor dabbling a little too much into the chaotic powers. Paint normal cadians in dark ambiguous colours with the visors down (there's some fluff in fact from the EoT campaign about a whole company turning traitor and there's a bit about having their visors down. Anyone remember the name of the regiment?). Anyway, to make them traitors, maybe swap a couple of guardsmen for ones with that extra bit of chaos bling and place one with a chaos standard.

As for ordo forces, SoB could have some models in the squad with daemonette body swaps and maybe some possessed GK?

This is all off the top of my head but basically all you need to do is to swap only a few members of a squad to show it as chaos followers. imo it's fluffy to show just a few with the chaos taint as if the fluff is that they're slowly being corrupted.

Work along these lines and you could create an even more unique list.

Cap'n Umgrotz
07-08-2006, 18:24
I'd say LATD because they're the ones I'd like to play against.
I'd say Alpha Legion are the most likely to ally with traitor guard.
Good luck!

07-08-2006, 18:47
Bad guys have more fun!

07-08-2006, 18:59
LaTD I would use Violators as the CSM as they have legions of men and sound pretty twisted. They're in demon world if you want to know about them and there colour scheme is in the back of the CSM book blue and silver.

P.S I play violators

P.P.S 200th post yay:D

07-08-2006, 19:19
the sort of stuff you see in Resident Evil/Silent Hill;

Resident Evil? Make a Nurgle-themed Latd army (with zombies, zombies, some huge zombie monster mutant thingies and some more zombies just for laughs). Use Cadian plastics to make a horde of traitor Guardsmen to get the Cadian flavour in your army as well. :)

07-08-2006, 21:30
chaos = anarchy = disorder

Do chaos, IG can get very repetitivs very easily and theres more for chas on FW.
EDIT as for a chapter, do not do IW, instead do alpha legion. Cultists are fun to make

07-08-2006, 21:32
Go with Black Legion. Nice, simple and you can tailor it towards whatever you want, fluffwise. I really like the idea of giant, faceless marines overlooking hordes of wildly mutated... mutants.

08-08-2006, 07:23
Thanks for all the replies; sounds like LaTD are in the majority for this.

Legion-wise i am considering:

Black Legion: plenty of scope, very open to do what i like with, but possibly too open without a clearly defined theme.

Death Guard: Definitely Zombie Horror, and i really like the death guard, but i need to be sure thats the way i want to go before i dedicate an entire army to it.

Word Bearers: Love the dark cult thing, combined with loads of cult traitors and that gets a thumbs up from me; But a bit like death guard, want to think before committing

Alpha Legion: The other side of the cult traitor coin to the Word Bearers; not so sure on these and how far i can take the mutation thing, but i do like the stealth and subterfuge thing with them.

opinions? any others people think i should consider?


08-08-2006, 10:48
I would definately go with LaTD over Guard. Personally I play AL LaTD so my opinion might be biased, but their options for mutations are just as varied as anyone else, they just hide them behind their back:p . Also, AL cultists make a great allied choice to LaTD.

Also, AL have the biggest scope for being able to go both ways. I have occasionally fielded my force as a Witch Hunter one. AL become inducted Marines, Cultists become Zealots, Mutants become Zealots, etc. AL also don't have to necessarily look extremely Chaotic, so this helps.

I wish you luck in your decision.


08-08-2006, 11:01
Word Bearers FTW!
I just love the idea of Some Dark Apostle Ranting and raving, foamin g at the mouth while the cultists just run forward praising the Dark Gods,

Sergeant Tanthius
08-08-2006, 11:06
Another vote to Word Bearers! They are way cool.

Just an idea, but you could prolly model the traitor guards and CSM so that when it comes down you can always use imperium rules when LatD is banned (EoT is removed from the shelves)

08-08-2006, 11:26
Word Bearers

08-08-2006, 12:30
Im not willing to make an army that 'could be a bit of both'; the idea is to throw myself all in to one idea or the other.

I would quite like to really go chaosy on this project if im going that way, its sort of an 'all or nothing' approach. Alphas and Word Bearers seem to be the top choices, so more suggestions are welcome.

Just checked out The Hoff's Traitor Guard; now THATS what im looking at doing.


Some guy (UK)
08-08-2006, 13:05
I suppose LATD has more variety, but I would say go guard. If you have oppertunity to buy lots of FW upgrades, then already your army will start to appear very different to others. Plus, if you buy enough boxes of men, you will be bound to have many spares to use as a start to traitor guard squads.
On top of that, why use all Cadians if you don't want a clone army? Try a few squads of Steel Legion, or another guard variant alongside your cadians?

Also, keep all your bits- the little things 'make' the conversions for an LATD army.

Later, Some Guy

Edit: Woo 500 posts!

08-08-2006, 13:37
well i want to use the Cadians because i really like the plastics, and as much as i like some of the metal ranges (steel legion, vostroyans) the new forgeworld cadian upgrade packs have really tipped the vote for me.


08-08-2006, 13:51
I'm a longtime Guard player. Even so, I'd say, go for LatD. They're tremendous fun if you enjoy conversions and painting up a unique force.

The possible only problem with LatD armies is that the very fun and characterful EoT LatD army is going to become (if it hasn't already in many areas) non-tourney legal. While this won't matter in friendly games, some people will give you grief if you try and play at stores and such with a non-tourney legal army. If you organize your LatD as a Guard army that just looks different, it's just less fun - you lose out on the mutants, the big mutants, and the fun of having CSMs lead the army and such. You also lose out on very characteristic moments like Leman Russ tanks and Defilers deployed together.

As for Legion, for maximum flexibility and "typicalness" I think 1k sons and Word Bearers is best. Personally, I always thought it'd be fun to try a 1k Sons sorcerous cult with hordes of mind-controlled and posessed thrall troops. Lots of possibilities converting Adeptus Arbites with glowing eyes, Cadians with glowing eyes, housewives with glowing eyes...