View Full Version : Need to now if i should use slayer's as normal dwarf's

maze ironheart
07-08-2006, 15:31
Hi ive been playing dwarfs at a 1000 point's and i am starting on a 2000 point army iam adding the following to my 1000 point list.

1)Dwarf lord with shield bearers with great weapon with master rune kragg the grimm and two rune's of fury and a rune of stone.
1)Thane with great weapon and master rune of gromril and an oath stone.
1)Runesmith with hand weapon and shield and great weapon and 2 rune's of spell breaking.
19)Dwarf worrior's with great weapons and heavey armour and fullcommand.
18)Dwarf worriors with hand weapon and shields and fullcommand.
10)Thunderers with hand weapon's and shield's and dwarf hand gun's.
10)Dwarf crossbowmen with crossbow and hand weapon's and shield's.
19)Ironbreaker's with fullcommand with gromril armour and shield's and hand weapon's.
20)troll slayer's with standard.
1)Bolt thrower with engineer and master rune of skewering.
1)bolt thrower with engineer and rune of penatraiting.
1)organ gun.
So i was woundering if i should keep the slayer's with the other dwarf's or let them find their doom on the battel field and hope they can beat what ever come's their way.

Cpt. Drill
07-08-2006, 20:40
Keep the army together but I think you should go for a unit 2 ranks deep and 6 wide... it will be able to hold people up and then you can get flank charges!