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07-08-2006, 18:12
Hi there!

Oh, how the terrible Games Workshop bug has bitten : (

I started playing 6 or so years ago, but I was too young at the time to get a lot out of the hobby. Lots of fights with my friends over rules, 1,000 point Vampire Counts armies with 2 vampires and 20 skeletons (held together with hot glue) and various other things Iíd simply rather not admit.

But, after falling hard for a Sisters of Battle 40K list and collecting all that I wanted for my first 1,000 point foray back into the hobby, Iím finding my eye increasingly turning to Fantasy.

Itís been a long time since Iíve played Ė my last game was probably a month or two after the release of 6th edition! So Iíd appreciate any insight at all into the armies Iím considering or just Ďwhatís changedí Ė in tournaments, friendly games, etc.

Here are the armies Iím considering collecting, probably one regiment at a time painted slowly while Iím up at college:

(not in any particular order)

Dwarfs: I love the idea of solid infantry units that can shrug of a calvalry charge. War machines and ranged units are a big plus, as are hard-as-nails characters. The models leave a lot to be desired, however, and Iím looking for an army that can play in all phases Ė meaning thereís a lot dwarfs couldnít do. How does the Anvil of Doom work?

Vampire Counts: Itís where I started and still holds a warm place in my heart. What made me drop them in the end was the lack of diversity in the list, but I loved the big, strong regiments and the (for lack of a better word) characterful characters. The range is getting a bid old though if Iím not mistaken Ė and I donít want to buy into an army just before it gets new minis/rules.

Tomb Kings: A strong magic phase, strong but unique movement, a chance to shoot, the chance for great combats, a relatively plastic-heavy and new range, close to my heart as undead. A very strong contender, but their characters strike me as lacking in variety.

Wood Elves: New models! Plastic everywhere! Very mobile, very interesting support magic, and all kinds of units. Looks like an army that would work very well collected one unit at a time, always able to add a new dimension to their game. An appealing battle forceÖ but almost no good ranked infantry. I know I kind of Ďwant it allí Ė but with only one decent ranked infantry unit (and being metal) I donít know that Iíd enjoy the way the army plays.

Lizardmen: A good plastic range, the chance to own the magic phase or all but ignore it, arguably the best core rank and file and some great skirmishers too. Relatively few downsides, but I donít know if they excite me and light up my imagination the same way a guerilla wood elf or vampire-crazed undead horde would.

Bretonnians: I might have a chance to snag on of their army deals that the FLGS has lying around. Cavalry isnít really my Ďthingí, but the list looks solid with some great models and a largely plastic range. Iíd say I know the least about this list.

Tzeentch Chaos Mortals: I already have the book from planning to start them up a while ago. The idea would be a lord w/staff of change in a unit w/ a Tzeentch BSB and chosen warriors to form the hardest anvil ever backed up by marauders w/ more Tzeentch characters. Then take hounds and horsemen and screamers for mobility. I think it would be fairly unique Ė a strong infantry horde with light and quick units and a devastating magic phase. The models kind of suck though (All seem either great but costly (warriors) or so-so and decently priced (marauders) or nothing to write home about and expensive (marauder horsemen).

So those are my thoughts! Iím looking for a balanced list that can start small and scale up, and nothing seems quite perfect. What I would LOVE is to hear from advocates for each army Ė particularly about the models in terms of cost and detail/look/bits availability and the ability of the army to really be a player in as many phases as possible.

That got to be quite longwinded Ė but thanks for any help and tips! :)

07-08-2006, 19:11
Vampire Counts: I loved the big, strong regiments.

Tomb Kings: A strong magic phase, strong but unique movement, a chance to shoot, the chance for great combats, a relatively plastic-heavy and new range, close to my heart as undead. A very strong contender, but their characters strike me as lacking in variety.

Lizardmen: The chance to own the magic phase or all but ignore it, arguably the best core rank and file and some great skirmishers too.

Tzeentch Chaos Mortals: The hardest anvil ever backed up by marauders w/ more Tzeentch characters.

A lot of your points seem to be based around 'owning'...I know this is going to sound like a soppy cliché but here goes: The game is based around having fun, not having ' Zomg teh 1337 :cheese: army of doom!!!!11one!!2'.

If you like undead then either wait for the new releases (but your gona have to wait a while) or collect some of the minatures you like, skeletons are skeletons afterall. Build up a 1k point army, play some friendly games, if you like the way the army is going then continue. You could be realy cheap and just get the book, find a friend etc with lots of minatures and use subs for a 1k army...not the greatest introduction to a hobby but if your undecided it could be better than shelling out cash.

07-08-2006, 19:41
Hey, I appreciate the comment. I think the reason for that is that I like magic, and as far as I can tell magic is nearly all or nothing - too easy to shut down unless you 'own the phase'. I'm definitely in it to have fun this time, not go to tournaments or crush my opponents (leaving the dragons at home, thank you very much!). That being said, I am competitive and love running numbers, so would want something that had at least some bite to it...

But thanks for the comment, it made me do a double-take and re-think my position :D

07-08-2006, 20:09
You seem to want everything. I say Lizardmen. You can do just about everything with them. The only exception is ranged long ranged artillary... but if push really came to shove, you can always use DoW. Strong magic, strong combat characters, strong rank and file infantry, and strong guerilla warriors. Oh, and Kroxigors are really good too. Argueably the best ogre-sized monster especially when used with skinks.

07-08-2006, 20:30
IMO play the list that appeals to you aesthetically. If you'd enjoy painting up skeletons then do so. If chaos warriors are more your thing then go with that.

I think most of the lists you've talked about can be quite competitive, and in fact competitive in a variety of ways.

You could always do VC using a different bloodline approach than you had previously done.

07-08-2006, 21:02
I agree with Gorenut, however, Lizardment lack in model range. If you want an army that can cover every aspect but has limited model types go with teh lizards, if being good at everything isn't such a big thing then go with Undead or chaos. Chaos have lots of troops but from what you said you seem to like undead (with good reason too :p) and an army you like is usualy more fun to build.

07-08-2006, 21:30
Well, of all your choices listed and the way it sounds to me, I'd suggest that you go with the Tomb Kings of Khemri! They're my 2nd Fav Army, Chaos being my first of course!:evilgrin:

The Tomb Kings have a great range of Models, and some great modeling aspects that you can later delve into. The Magic isn't over powering per se, but reliable! It will always be cast, and thus need to be Dispelled by your foe. The Characters may seem a bit limited, I guess in selection wise, but you can totally have different types of Tomb Kings/Princes and Liche Priests/High Liche Priests...

If you do go with Chaos, the "Anvil" that you speak of is good, but not that good...

07-08-2006, 23:34
Anvils get eaten when you charge them in both flanks :P

07-08-2006, 23:42
A few comments =).

Wood Elves: They don't need ranked infantry seeing as their skirmishers are able to take out blocks of infantry by a frontal charge. But if you like ranked infantry they are probably not for you.

Tzeentch: About your idea being unique I must sadly tell you that is one of the lists I have seen the most when facing chaos ;).

08-08-2006, 02:21
That Tzeentch chosen unit just begs for cannonballs. You'd better pray you score yellow fire or the unit will be the biggest target on the board.

Beastmen are a GREAT addition to mortal armies(sadly not so much vice versa).

May I ask, how old are you? I'm guessing around 16? The reason I ask is cause I see young players REALLY struggle with Khemri after they rush out and buy them. They're a wonderful army, but they do have a higher learning curve than a lot of other armies.

08-08-2006, 02:39
Heh... I'm pretty inexperienced at the game, but I'm 19 years old. I don't think learning curve will be much of an issue - if it's there I've grown a thick enough skin to take it, and if I can handle them as well as I can sisters in 40K [who even coming fresh into 40K 4th ediditon I've done very well with] it would probably work out. Also - why do you say beasts are great w/ mortals but not the vice versa?

And thanks for the rest of the comments! I think I might hold of 'til '07 for new VCs and dable in Dwarfs or WE or just resist the impulses right now...

08-08-2006, 03:26
mortals alone are relatively slow OR fast(M4 or M7-8). The M5 skirmish provides very a good way to get good units w/ number up to the enemy while the slower warriors and marauders get there.

Generally, taking chaos warriors alongside lots of beasts is a huge point sink as they'll replace 2 full beast herds with their points and generally won't be as useful. Small 10 man Tzeentch units with great weapons can be used well for the power dice as well as added punch if your S3 beastmen can't provide the UMPH you need to break certain stuff.

I've got an extensively converted unit of chaos warriors I love using, but I rarely do in my beast army because they're so far behind by the time my beastmen are cleaning up.