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08-08-2006, 20:46
Right, I need motivation, i need to get an army actually finished. I did marines, got half way through and decided... i need a change, the blue was getting to me, don't get me wrong i will finish them, it's just a case of when.

SO the problem was what to collect next, and i came down on the side of IG. Now i know there are hundreds of figures to each army, but i get to have mahoosive tanks care of forgeworld (funds and my good lady permitting), and there is just something cool aboutthem, and hopefully with a supportive log i will actually get stuff done.

Anyway to start here are a couple of pics of some guys i have started. The colour scheme is catachan green cloth with black armour, it's fairly simple and quick to paint.

Let me know what you think.....




and as a bonus my WIP Inquisitor:


08-08-2006, 20:50
Very nice scheme, will keep an eye on this thread.

I like the armour colour on that Inquistitor, its awesome, and very well done. Keep us posted.

08-08-2006, 21:12
It's looking really nice, do you have an army list yet btw so we know what you're going to be painting exactly?

08-08-2006, 23:47
Lookin' nice, my cadians have the exact same colour scheme :)
(These are my first four guardsmen i painted around a year and a half ago.. and i'm not finished with it... too lazyhttp://www.coolminiornot.com/92819)

The only thing i'm not that fond of is the highlighting on the black.. it's too sharp, it should be toned down just a bit, but it makes the armour look black and not grey.

10-08-2006, 20:09
thanks for the comment guys, much appreciated.

With regard to what kind of force i'm planning, tbh i'm not sure yet. I've got my command squad, and a box of troops to paint, and i will probably go from there, still reading the codex.

I'm tempted by an armoured force, and getting my hands on an airbrush, but we shall see.

Re the comment on the black highlighting, what is hard to see is the first codex grey highlight under the white, i think the background lighting leeches it out slightly making the highlight look sharper. My main intention though is to keep the scheme as simple as poss, especially when i get to rank and file, so highlights i will try to keep straight from the pot.

I'm just trying to guage what figure of my command squad to start next.. is it comms guy, medic, standard or HW dude? first reply gets to choose.


Inquisitor lorr
10-08-2006, 23:17
thanks for the comment guys, much appreciated.

I'm just trying to guage what figure of my command squad to start next.. is it comms guy, medic, standard or HW dude? first reply gets to choose.




Yours guy look really cool,although i think simto has a point about the sharp highlights -if you still want it to be quick just give it a watered down wash of black to take the edge off of it.

11-08-2006, 19:53
Ok Lorr the medic it is.

I will try the black wash, but might wait til i hit the regular troops first.

Right, update... i have a half built squad of cadians as an addition to the command squad. all i need t odo is base them and undercoat, hopefully i will get to do this this weekend.

Buying plans include erm.... i don't know actually. I'm tempted to get some HW guys. TBH i don't have a plan of action or army list to work too. I'm at a point where i could go either way, armoured company or troop company... any suggestions?


11-08-2006, 20:53
The colour on the =][= is brilliant, it looks amazing - I've never noticed his worrying power-nipples before, though :)

12-08-2006, 14:53
Lol that's fantastic, power nipples, dead right though. I suppose in darker colours it's less of an issue, but lighter colours with dark shadow make it more obvious, hehe.

12-08-2006, 15:01
Power nipples - designed to poke somebody's eyes out! ;)

Anyhoo, good colour scheme and great detail, I'll be watching this. :)

- LoW

12-08-2006, 20:12
I would recomend buying a Leman Russ, they are awesome. My army is infantry based, so i only have 2 tanks, 1 leman russ and a basilisk (but i'm planning on buying a Hellhound because they are flippin' awesome!) So they take a lot of fire so youre troops can get down and dirty.

13-08-2006, 03:19
Wow the models look great, especially the inq armor. Somebody has to explain to me how to subscribe to a thread...

13-08-2006, 03:42
UnRiggable, there's a clickable bit at the top of the thread marked 'Thread Tools' (use your browser's 'search/find' function if you can't see it) - click on this, then on 'Subscribe to this thread'. Job done.

As for those models, they're rather spiffing, plus I approve of your main reasoning for IG - mahoosive tanks. Great word.

The =][= in particular is absolutely gorgeous, power nipples notwithstanding. fantastic colour on that armour. Keep up the good work.

13-08-2006, 04:38
how did you do that inquisitor? I love it! I love how it appears to be glowing.. If you can tell me how you did it I'm sure i'll do a few figures like it, if not an entire army!

13-08-2006, 19:54
thanks for all the great comments guys.

Ok the blue for the =][= was pretty simple. Obviously start with a black undercoat, then give a base coat of ultramarine blue. Once you have done this thin down some blue ink and apply to all the recesses and curves in the armour, this gives a nice deep shadow. I used very thin ink so had to apply several layers but it gives more control and just adds depth.

Then it's simply a case of mixing skull white into the blue and progressively highlighting up, but be really really careful not to fill in the ink shadow, as this is what makes the scheme pop out. It's then a case of highlighting up until you reach a blue that you like. The only other tips i'd add is thinned down paint is must, and take your time.

Hope that helps commanderxenos.

On the IG fron i'm currently working on the medic, i'm not very happy with the way it's working out at the mo, but i always feel like that until i finish. I have a job interview to prep for this week so updates may be a bit slow, as i try to learn SQL for thursday :)


18-08-2006, 20:55
Ok, i've had my interviewnow, and fingers crossed i will get a new job (and stupidly close to GW Swindon :) ).

I'm still not happy with my medic, the cloth sucks. however i will perservere with him, and hopefully it will come out ok. i will try to get pics by sunday of the finished article.

In terms of plans i have seen the Forgeworld Cadian command squad and i think it is a must have, so i might pick one up at GD.



20-08-2006, 19:39
Ok the medic is finished and the pics are below.

I really couldn't get into painting this guy. i'm really not happy with the way the cloth came out, or his skin, in fact i think he is really quite crappy overall. it may be because i've tried to rush him a bit.

Anyway let me know what you think.





As always first reply gets to choose what i paint next, so is it the HW dude, comms guy, or the Standard bearer?

20-08-2006, 20:19
I think it looks great, matchs the other well, but why do you paint the leggens infront of the boots brown and not blck to match the rest of the armour?
I thin kthe standard bearer next by the way!

20-08-2006, 20:23
The main reason i paint the legging part brown rather than black is too ensure there isn't too much black on the model, i also did it on the wounded guy as well. It may well get to the point when i'm painting the rank and file that i leave it black, and make it purely a command squad thing.

Ok and standard bearer it is (now i've got to think of a theme for that erk)

Thanks for the reply.

21-08-2006, 20:05
Your blending is great, and I think the medic looks just fine. I agree with some of the others that your highlighting may be a bit too extreme, but maybe it's just your camera. If not, try watering down your paint a bit more when doing the highlights, this will give it a slightly more milky appearance like actual light reflections. keep up the good work, always nice to a good looking guard army! Few enough people have the cajones to even attempt it :)

21-08-2006, 20:11
Thanks for the reply.

With the highlighting, should i continue to use codex grey follwoed by skull white highlights, or just use more watered down skull white? Black is such a ****** to highlight, i'm kinda wishing i'd picked another colour :)

22-08-2006, 20:03
Ok well, some good news, I got the job i had the interview for last week :) so as a special treat my gorgeous fiance got me a Leman Russ battle tank :D so now i have to figure out a colour scheme for that, which will fit in the the rest of the 422 doomers.

Also i've never built one of these so any tips and comments are greatfully received.


22-08-2006, 21:32
Also i've never built one of these so any tips and comments are greatfully received.Keep hold of that woman. :)

The main problem with the Russ is getting the tracks on level-look at the pictures on the assembly instructions and use the right length piece in the right position. Be prepared to slide them along to make them fit snugly.

22-08-2006, 21:41
looks good. strangely my guard army the 412th Vectis Rangers have the same color scheme but with a darker shade of green.

keep up the good work.

11-09-2006, 22:08
ok i have hit a stumbling block. I'm just building my leman russ, and have a forgeworld command squad reserved for games day. However i'm not liking my current paint scheme, i will finsh off my current squad in the current colours but i need inspiration, can you help the Stygian doom get their colours? All suggestions greatfullt received.


12-09-2006, 00:01
Damn I though those colours were awsome, but its your army.

What kind of uniform do you want, camo or just plain?

26-11-2006, 23:09
ok it's been a while, and i have finally come back to the "422nd stygian doom", but there has been a change. Gone is the green and in is the blue. I've attached a couple of photos of the new colour scheme, which you will hopefully like. I feel its just a bit brighter and a nicer paint scheme. Anyway here are some pics:





please bare in mind these are extreme close ups taken with a canon 400d dslr so make every tiny mistake a bajillion times worse

Easy E
27-11-2006, 07:55
This color scheme differentiates them from 85% of Guard armies out there. You did a real nice job keeping it crisp.

27-11-2006, 20:18
thanks for the comments. The main thing was finding a paint scheme that was 1 different and 2 not liable to drive me too insane painting over the course of an army. I've got a partially complete Leman Russ to finish making then paint, and an Arvus Lighter in the very beginings of prep and building, although i'm trying to work out how to build it and undercoat it without losing access to certain parts.

Ive also got a cadian command hq to paint up see below:



and for kicks a WIP orc warboss.

27-11-2006, 20:21
Sry, I like the green better, but the paint job is nice, the oce skin is done very nicley too.

27-11-2006, 20:27
Let me know what you think.....


For your wounded Guardsman, try dabbing darker shades of red mixed with scorched brown to get a more realistic look, and then apply 'ardcoat or any other gloss varnish.

Hope that helps.

P.S. Your mini's are really vibrant, and I can see that you put more time into them than most people.. Nice work! :D :)

27-11-2006, 20:41
Cheers AinuLainour, i have a feeling that i might be still painting the IG when i'm a very old man as i do put far too much time in on each one, although once i get the hang of a new paint scheme i speed up a bit. What would really motivate me to paint is having someone to play against but sadly there are no groups nearby, and none of my firends partake of the hobby :(

27-11-2006, 20:47
Damn you! Thats seriously evil looking! Very simple but very effective.. the inquisitor is stunning!

10-12-2006, 21:41
Ok update time...

Well i've had a cold which put paid to painting for a good week, however i have now finished the commander from my Forgeworld Cadian command squad (pics attached). I'm pretty please with the way he came out, these figures are sooo detailed as to be pretty daunting any comments and criticism are always welcome. (still neds to be based, and the boots done though). The other figure is Mr Grumpy so named 'cos he looks grumpy. I'm also going for a semi winter theme on the basis, as i think it ties the colour scheme into the base better. Enjoy.






10-12-2006, 21:41
And Mr Grumpy


10-12-2006, 21:45
Some realy nice minis there, i like the new scheme but it would probably look beter on a full snow or ice base. I like basing it with snow then putting on varnish to give it an icy look. You can build up several layers this way to make it look like a snow drift :)

10-12-2006, 21:52
cool idea (might have to use that). On the smaller pieces i didn't want to swamp the base (it was kinda an afterthought) so i'm going for a thawing look :), I've got some bigger pieces such as my heavy weapons squad that i might apply and make use of a heavier snow base.

Thanks for the comments.


18-03-2007, 20:26
Blimey it's been 3 months since i posted, well to be fair not alot has happened. I bought a kasrkin squad with my xmas vouchers, and i have nearly finished my leman russ (see attached). My current plans are to just get some damn painting done, i have an aruvs lighter to do as well! oh well.





19-03-2007, 00:10
Hey, not trying to be negative but I thought the green black was way better. I was kinda dissapointed but then as I paged down, I saw your HQ and then I liked it? I went back and looked at your troops again and liked the hole thing, as another poster said nice, crisp and different. Great Job.