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11-08-2006, 03:36
anyway, now that my feral orks are finished modelwise...almost at least, im delving into either fantasy or 40k. here are my choices. i either looked for models that i liked or complete opposite of my orkies.

If i play 40k:
REALLY WANT TO DO: Pure Grey Knight Strikeforce, almighty 3+ save, models to drool over, totally opposite from orky mindset, i absolutely love the fluff, but theyre hella expensive.
PROBABLY BETTER OFF DOING: Catachan Deathworld Veterans, 5+ is better than 6, lots of variety if i take doctrines, i love the models too, the fluff is awesome, but the mindset isnt much different from orks, BUT theyre very very customizable bitwise and jungley wise, and a very rare army to play against/see
REALLY DONT WANT TO DO: Tyranids, i like the models, im not too keen on the fluff, its another swarmer army, highly customizable, i can paint badly and its ok lol, but theyre really at the bottom of the list and tons of people play them
WOULD LIKE TO TRY: Thousand Sons, i like the models and fluff, i like the whole anti-chaos+pure magic thing, i love the color scheme (LOVE IT), but theyre marines...and probably hella expensive bitwise.

If i play fantasy:
(cant say too much as im a bit clueless here...but here we go anyway)
Ogres: totally fits me 100%, lots of elite units, not swarmy, dumb but brutal
Orcs: heard they were expensive, but pretty much the same army as my ferals :(
Empire: never could get into the whole devoted to someone fluff, the models are really tiny, but other than that i like them
Tomb kings:love magic, um...very odd rules i think, love the models...cant say too much but...yeah

or could someone reccomend me something if i type out what id like in an army?
what i want is something unlike my current 40k army, feral orks, swarms of orks and stuff that i dont feel too bad about losing. in 40k, i want an compilation of maybe some vehicles, as im used to having none, and maybe 2/3 squads of hard hitting but small units of uber units. this sounds like daemonhunters to me, but bear with me a bit. i dont want to have no army for a while, id rather have the upstarts of a 500pt army within a couple weeks, built at least. now when i say elite units of hard hitters, i mean less than 20 models in a squad, which is basically all other armies but orks. i do not want basic marines. the only reason i put 1ksons up there is because i like everything about them but the marine parts, and i put the daemonhunters up there because i love them, and can disregard the MEQness, as i hear theyre much harder to play.

edit: failed to mention, i own the ogre codex, have access to the daemonhunters codex, the tyranid codex, the fantasy orc codex and the imperial guard codex.

11-08-2006, 04:09
I say catachans for you since I have never seen them in person or heard of them in use. Plus the "roids" looks is in this year ;)

11-08-2006, 06:35
If i play 40k:
WOULD LIKE TO TRY: Thousand Sons
When it came time for me to decide what my second 40K army was going to be these two were at the top of my list. My first army was Dark Angels, and being inclined to get away from Marines I decided to start a Tyranid force. You may have already decided against them, but I think they're a lot more versatile than you take them for. By many players' accounts Tyranids can be very successful with an army composed of large, tough creatures supported by a small number of sizable swarms. The catchword for this style of army is the "Godzilla" army. You might want to look into it if the Tyranid models really appeal to you.

or could someone reccomend me something if i type out what id like in an army?

Have you considered the Dark Angels Deathwing or Ravenwing?

11-08-2006, 07:24
told you, trying to move away from marines besides 1ksons and DH
tyranids...well the godzilla list appeals to me a lot, but there are like 10 bug players in my little city i know of...and im one to strive for uniqueness

i like the big bugs too, not the small ones as much.
and ive heard catachans blow horrible chunks of blood and sewage without jungle stuff

11-08-2006, 07:49
After painting a horde army like Orks, I'd recommend you get a Deathwing army for a stark contrast.

11-08-2006, 07:50
see above post please :P

11-08-2006, 09:18

trying to move away from marines besides 1ksons and DH

A 'modular' army you can build up sounds like a good plan.

I'd recommend you have a look at Witch Hunters before deciding:


IG, Sisters, Inquisitors, Walkers, Tanks (you're welcome).

They field everything . . . except Marines. ;- )

Plus, they have some nice Special Characters in the range.



11-08-2006, 20:54
hm well, im not comfortable in the fact that theyre all wimmens. no offense to anytone, but...i dont think i could cheer them on or feel like theyre my army and such. plus, im not too keen on the models.

also...it seems like theyre like marines a little too much for me...but then i dont own and have never looked at their codex. plus one oof my friends plays them so...thats already a strike against them.

it actually seems like i really want to play daemonhunters...but the only problem for me is cost...can anyone help me out here? ebay?

and any fantasy help would help a TON

13-08-2006, 02:16
ok guys, ive decided. no new 40k. i playtested a grey knight army and i lost horribly...it was definetly odd hitting on 3s, 3+ saves, an actual invulnerable save...deep striking...was sort of fun...minus the losing part.

ive decided to play fantasy, but unsure of the models yet. if its ok with yall, im just going to make a sort of thread like this in the fantasy forum later.

thx for the help