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11-08-2006, 09:59
Ok so once apon a time; roughly 4 years ago. I was working at a resturant my mom had work for for serval years. And at this point in time we had a new kitchen manager. After one christmas party my mom ended up this guy for afew months. Me and him were good friends (he was only about 8 years older then me) at work and had gone out for beers quite often.

He used to play DnD when we was younger and still played lots of rpgs and CCGs. I got him in to 40k at which he had boughten 2 boxes of assault marines, I was just starteding salamanders. Things happened at work and he skipped town and left me his marines (unpainted:D), which i never finished painting of them.
Fast Forward to 1 year later or soo.....
I moved to be with a now then GF, and left all my GW stuff at my brother's and dad's houses.
Skip ahead another years......

I got all of my GW stuff, save for the assuaslt maines at which point i forgot i had. Got kicked out of my apartment with my then roommate and he kept watch of my GW again.
Skip to about 3 or 4 months ago I got most of my stuff back from my old roomie. Which was all so my salamanders but I then remembered my lost assault marines which i "thought" where at his place. After much mopeing around and mourning the lost of 10 battle brothers. Things happened in my life and I moved on. My brother and his soon to be wife had a kid and i Moved out with my gf.

Fast forward to last night, Ausgust 10 2006
While Visiting my brother, my sister in law and the baby i look at his dwarves that hes becollecting since I got him in to many years ago. And what do I see on the shelf next to his raven gaurd....Yeah...my assault marines, still green and gold. The ones I never finished done up as raven gaurd.

20 years of growing up and the little wreasel is still taking my stuff.
In the morning Im stripping my model to my new chapter colours. I desided to start with the long lost assault marines.

Im so telling mom on him. LMAO

11-08-2006, 17:34
Ok so Ive been up now about 2 hours organizing my new and old models and what not. So heres the line up Boys and Girls.

1 Commander (metal; in raven gaurd colours) 1 chaplin (salamander)

11 (plastic raven gaurd, 2 Sarges, 1ML, 1 "gimp" missing a hand/bolter,test)
15 (plastic salamanders, 2 Sarges, 1 ML, 1 Flamer) 1 Metal (test) 2 Metal HW (HB,Multi)

10 Assault Marines (plastic; in salamander/unpainted)

10 (metal; in raven gaurd colours)
10 (metal; in salamander colours
3 (metal; in "test colours)

I'll leave my marines that are in the "current colours alone for now."

Ok one point I should get to is that I will be taking pics but its all on film, not digital. I will be posting later but for now I will be doing the steps.

The list I gave you all is what I will be stripping. I will be working with generic "walmart" brake fluid; not to the canadian veiwers, its actually "crappy tire" brake fluid :P. I was told once apon a time to use a 1:3 fluid/water mix. My first two models are:

The gimp, a Marine painted in Raven Guard colours who is missing his left hand. And an old Chaplin in Salamander colours with pack, bolt pistol arm and Arcanium lost somewhere (:confused:)

I will be soaking the 2 models in 1:3 mix in a "mason" like jar with a "flippy-lach" lid.......even im confused, I will be leaving them in for about 15 min, I have to clean the models an electric tooth brush....damn Im lazy.

While models are having a bath I will be making some coffee and watching "House of a 1000 Corpses" time is now about 9:37 AM pacific time.
See ya soon

Edit: damnit, out of film.

11-08-2006, 18:48
Ok so this isnt going as planed. Out of film, out of cream, nearly out of sugar. WLAN is Up and Down. And 15 mintues in the bath both tests arent doing so well. Paint isnt coming off, paint off the metal chaplin is coming off but to the extant to being chipped off by finger nails.
Time lapse is now 50 min in, models have been in for about 30 min since first brushing. Will check on then in 10. I have hopes for the Chap but the plastic may take longer. If im right I will place it in a new jar with stright brake fuild for 5 min.
Note this stuff smells like hell, do it out side. Im using a pair of "dishwashing" gloves.
If the WLAN goes down again, I'll see you when I see you.

11-08-2006, 19:11
Great story :) nice to see them once your cams up and running.

11-08-2006, 19:14
brake fluid is hygroscopic so will eat up water out the atmosphere so don't go ading more, just use it straight from the bottle. The dot 4 i used neat did absolutely no damage to the plastic models.

11-08-2006, 21:34
Ok so the WLAN keeps crashing on me, i need my own internet and not be using the hot spots in my apartment.
1:32 the 1:3 mix isnt doing ***** all. The chap is be done by 5 at this rate.
Moved the "gimp" to a stright up batch of fluid in there for about an hour and a half, with a bit of elbow grease its coming along. Done with House of a 1000corpses moving now on shuan of the dead.
The fluid i useing is DOT 3, so if you were using 4 mine make take awhile.
I'll most likely getting the film develped which has pics of my current colours on it so i'll more then likely be postings, have it moved to CD at the photo shop. :D

11-08-2006, 22:39
As the brits say and my gutter punk little brother; Dog's ballocks :D.
Its now 2:35 here the chap is clean sae for the deepest spaces. And the gimp is now back to it's natureal "gery" againt for the deepest spaces and in some areas like the back, little bits of black and white.

Ive now tossed in all the brake fliud in the jar as well as the 10 man squad of assault squad.

So recap, Gimp and Chap where in the bath for straight fluid for about an hour. And are pretty damn clean, the gimp went back in for testing, I'll leave him in so sometime so i know how long i can leave them in for. I'll take the assault squad out in about an hour or so.

Pics are being sent in get them transfered to CD they go up most likely later this eveining or in the morning.

12-08-2006, 07:39
Ok so most of today was a bust, i forgot the camara so o pics till about sunday. Good news is that Ive been gone for over 8 hours and when we last left the gimp and the commander they were soaking in a brake fliud bath.
News update:
The gimp is near flawless, save for but the deepest spaces in the armour like under the chest plate and the pack back. Durring the last brush up at 3 I pulled off his arms and pack to see how the glue held, it held a fair bit not not too much. The torso part remains soild as ever. Once again 8 hours in brake fluid and the plastic is good.
The commander didnt clean up as nicly as I had hoped he would in the 1:2 mix but it is easier to clean paint off to the primer level.

I have some snuggling to do with the gf and some late night laundry and movies to watch maybe I see if I can find the time to put the assault squad in and have them primed in the morning.

Peace out:chrome:

EDIT: So I got nothing done last night and so Ive got to do it all today before work. So no work on the models.

Maybe when I get off work I wont be too tired.

29-08-2006, 20:01
Well after the poop hit the fan here my little poject is on hold. Cant seem to find the film anywhere, along with the amount of marines i need to strip an repaint seems to be more then my free time an handle.