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Robot 2000
11-08-2006, 13:15

I need to get an army sorted out before I head up to uni in october. I'm planning on doing an IG mech infantry force up to 1500 points. I haven't yet come up with an army list but I'm going to get some basic units done then sort it (that's always been my philosophy in building lists to models rather than building an army to a list).

So far, I have a few ideas for theming the army.

Firstly, wheeled vehicles.

I have created an 8 wheeled chimera that I'm rather pleased with. Unfortunately it cost an extra 12 for 8 of the ork truck wheels I needed, so doing this on all the Chimeras could get expensive.


I will probably be able to fund the army by selling one of my more expensive airsoft guns though so I should be ok for a few expensive items like flashy vehicles.

Secondly, I wanted to alter the lasguns and give them a different look. I am a big fan of the AK-100 series which have updated the AK to compete with the rifles of the 21st century. One of my favourites is the slightly shortened AK-104. I've altered my test model's lasgun to resemble the AK-104 in a few key areas, like the slanted magazine, shortened barrel, and muzzle on the bottom rather than the top of the weapon.


Finally, I'm hoping to imitate the russian Kamysh camouflage scheme, albeit in a slightly simplified form (less shades of colour). I haven't decided between the woodland version (Kamysh/Tigr) or the urban version (Gorod/Shadow) yet, and I would appreciate some input there (I do already have some heavy bolter teams built and undercoated on ruined bases so I'm leaning towards urban). In either case I'd paint the armour a flat colour like black (either scheme) or grey (urban), scorched brown or snot green (woodland for those two).

Any comments or help on deciding whether to go all wheeled and which colour scheme to choose would be much appreciated!

Unfortunately I'm leaving for new york on holiday for two weeks on sunday, so this isn't going to be updated for a little while. . . hopefully I'll get that chimera undercoated after it's had all its gaps filled and get a 10 man squad put together before I head out.

11-08-2006, 13:59
That chimera looks good, a few things i would change though. Where the lasguns are, i would shave that area flat and put a flat piece of plasticard along it. That would add to the square feel of the model. I don't like the turret, you have a square vehicle and a round turret.

Apart from that just looks like filing to neaten it all up.

Robot 2000
11-08-2006, 14:57
Yeah, I was thinking about doing a different turret lower and flatter. I'll attack it this evening. Might switch the main gun for an autocannon too.

11-08-2006, 15:35
I really like your plans your army should look like once finished. My idea for your BTR-90 aka Chimera is using the SpaceMarine Predator turret on it (the new kit). i guess combined with the wheeled design of the body this might come out real cool. I use to play BF2 FPS a lot and your army really reminds me on the MiddleEastCoalition forces :)

Robot 2000
11-08-2006, 16:59
Nah, the real BTR-90 has a looks like this:


EDIT: looking at that picture reminds me, suggestions for a vehicle colour scheme to go with either of the infantry schemes above are very welcome. I was actually thinking about something like the picture (just simple green and brown camo).

Robot 2000
11-08-2006, 19:58
OK, well I've sorted the hull on the chimera and given it a quick slap of watered down chaos black. I'll do an infantry squad with a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher over the rest of the evening to go with it.

This may actually end up being my command tank as I'm not sure if the wheeled look is worth spending the extra cash for every single chimera. Then again I may go out in 3 weeks and impulse buy 32 wheels so watch this space ;)

unfortunately I don't have any plastic rod so no rivets for the moment. If someone could tell me what I need from this page (http://www.yellowcatshop.co.uk/shop/default.asp?clientid=14&gid=4dmod&txtsearch=brass%20rod&viewstate=32769&tabcatid=3500126&subcatid=3500137) (is it the "ASA Rod"?) I can get some ordered and get riveting before I paint the thing.

Aside from rivets I'm quite satisfied with how this looks at this stage, and I think it should look quite impressive when it's all camo'd up :)

Robot 2000
12-08-2006, 11:30
OK folks, here's today's update.

I got 10 or so guys I had lying around from my old army and never painted done up with my lasguns. Also gave them a quick coat of really watered down black since paint always seems to give you a better feel of how they'll eventually look.
The lasguns probably need a bit of tidying up with green stuff and a file but other than that these guys look good to go.


With the addition of a stock and a vertical foregrip, the sergeant's laspistol turns into a rather mean little submachine gun. I also reposed him so he's standing on a jerry can.


Finally, the obligatory "workstation" pic. This will get tidied up sometime, just not in the foreseeable future!


That's all for a while folks since I'm off on holiday, will update in a couple of weeks with painted pics of the squad and chimera.

Robot 2000
31-05-2007, 20:54
Now this has been dead a long time but I've managed to get some work done, I found that I had absolutely no time to paint while at uni so it's the same old stuff that's been in the log before just getting updated for now.

First up the infantry squad, these guys are now all painted up now. They are 1st squad of 2nd platoon of the (hopefully) eventual army so get 21 on their shoulder pad, numbers ending in "0" are reserved for command sections.



Colour scheme is snot green fatigues with scorched brown + black stripes, scorched brown armour. Dwarf flesh, flesh wash, elf flesh. Details are pretty obvious. I'm not that interested in complicating it much further since it's going to be a tabletop army (if I can find somewhere to play . . . )

Next up some heavy bolters, basecoated, not much to say here except I decided to paint the buildings as if they were sandstone construction rather than the usual grey so that my opponent doesn't think I've just nicked a cityfight guy's heavy bolters :D


(continued . . . )

Robot 2000
31-05-2007, 20:54
continued due to image limit.

Thirdly a command section I knocked together last night, I'm particularly fond of the lieutenant's bionic arm (from the marine commander sprue) and the reloading grenade launcher fella on the left.



Lastly the Chimera, the accessories are just blutacked on while I try and get a good location for them, comments about the camo would be welcome.


Lord Cook
31-05-2007, 23:43
I love those heavy bolter teams, and kudos on the use of wheels for the chimera. I just got a chimera on ebay with really badly put together tracks, so it looks like I'll be making a halftrack out of it, with wheels in front and tracks behind them. You said these were the wheels off an ork truck? I might just raid the crates of lego up in the loft. God knows how many dozens of sets of wheels are up there, and they look very similar to these. I'd also never considered using the tank commander head to make an infantry officer, so thanks for that.

For the camoflouge on the chimera, you could add another layer of colour, such as a darker green in smaller patches (still using a zigzaggy style) over the top of that. Or (and this is what I would do) you could remove the large brown patches and go for a woodland pattern all in greens and (possibly) browns, done with curving, flowing lines instead of straight zigzags.

01-06-2007, 03:23
Your tank looks like something that you would see on the Gameboy Advance game "Advanced wars" LOL but its good looking anyways. Keep it up man.

01-06-2007, 03:34
For the reloading grenadier, you could put the used cartridge on the floor. extra base scenery. =P.

Robot 2000
01-06-2007, 13:01
unfortunately getting the grenade launcher to look like that involved cutting it into 3 pieces and hacking the drum away as best I could with a stanley knife. I'm considering trying to cut one up to get another drum but I'm not sure what to do about the bit where it attaches to the grenade launcher itself - it would look a bit weird just to have a plain circle with no feeding mechanism or anything =/

Robot 2000
01-06-2007, 17:19
Finished the heavy weapons squad, damn writing numbers with a paintbrush is annoying! I'm hoping they look woodland-y enough even with the ruins, I added a couple of bushes made from bits of GW trees shoved into lumps of green stuff to try and break up the profile a bit more.




Lord Cook
01-06-2007, 19:05
Splendid heavy bolter teams. Curses! Now I will have to spruce mine up a bit to make them less boring. Good inspiration Robot 2000, if you don't mind?

Robot 2000
01-06-2007, 19:07
No problem, what the hell is the point of putting all these fancy pictures up on the intertron otherwise :D

Robot 2000
02-06-2007, 00:52
I thought I'd put up a projected army list and see if anyone had any ideas, in the end I decided against mechanised as I really can't be bothered painting all those chimeras . . . :


Command Squad
Senior Officer (55), power weapon (5), Frag grenades (1)
Commissar (40), power weapon (5)
2 plasma guns (20)
2 Veterans (12), banner (5), medic (5)
Chimera (70), multilaser (10), heavy bolter (5), heavy stubber (12)
Fire Support Squad (35), 3 heavy bolters (45)
Anti-Tank Squad (35), 3 lascannons (75)


x6 (60), 2 meltaguns (20), Infiltrate (6)


Infantry Platoon
Junior officer (40), bolt pistol (1), 2 grenade launchers (16)
Infantry Squad (60), rocket launcher (15), grenade launcher (8)
Infantry Squad (60), rocket launcher (15), grenade launcher (8)
Infantry Squad (60), meltagun (10)
Remnants x5 (30), flamer (6)

Infantry Platoon
Junior officer (40), 2 grenade launchers (16)
Infantry Squad (60), heavy bolter (10), grenade launcher (8)
Infantry Squad (60), heavy bolter (10), grenade launcher (8)
Infantry Squad (60), meltagun (10)
Remnants x5 (30), flamer (6)

Heavy Support

Leman Russ
(140), 3 heavy bolters (15), heavy stubber (12)

(150), 3 heavy bolters (15)

Army Total: 1500pts

02-06-2007, 01:28
Those are flippin awsome. LOVIN the apc and the LAS-47, or whatever.

Lord Cook
02-06-2007, 02:11
I thought I'd put up a projected army list and see if anyone had any ideas, in the end I decided against mechanised as I really can't be bothered painting all those chimeras . . .

I know what you mean, I have 7 leman russ + some support vehicles sitting in front of me. Daunting to say the least.

It looks like a solid list. Very much so in fact. The only change I would make is swapping the grenade launchers in the 10-man infantry squads for plasma guns. You lack AP2 at present, and the main benefit of grenade launchers (being able to move and fire) is wasted in a squad that carries a stationary heavy weapon.

To do this you would need 8 points, so you could drop the heavy stubber on the Russ and hand out some more bolt pistols. Or whatever.

Oh yes, and smoke launchers are incredibly useful, so if you can scrounge up the points for those that would help a lot. They stop you from shooting, but if your tank gets stunned, being able to pop smoke makes sure you survive to fire again later on.

Robot 2000
02-06-2007, 10:01
I always tend to lean away from plasma guns because I'm hesitant to make the kind of IG army that looks like it's just another one in the queue shuffling past the plasma gun and grav chute racks as seems to be the trend at the moment. I'll think about it and have a play with the list.

Robot 2000
03-06-2007, 21:46
Righto, time for today's update. I finally finished that accursed Chimera, added the vehicle accessories and some areas of Dark Angels Green lined with black to break up the camo a bit more.



I began painting 2 platoon's command section as well, but there's not a great deal to see there yet. More interesting are some models I put together while various stuff was drying. I decided to have a bit of a play around with green stuff and my bits box and make the Remnants units I'm going to be fielding look a bit more like hardcore assault units (or tooled up suicide squads . . . )


That's the first 5 figures from left to right, grenadier with GS bandolier and lasgun sling and a LOT of frag grenades, lasgun-fellow with GS sling, flamer chap with GS bandolier and chain-knife, hard as nails NCO fellow with GS bandolier and lasgun sling, lasgun-guy with GS sling. The last guy on the right has a sniper rifle I put together (unfortunately the barrel is out of shot =/ ) out of a normal lasgun with the Cadian flamer barrel unit added between the furniture of the gun and the flash-hider, with the lascannon sight as a scope. He also has a GS backpack (my first ever sculpting attempt!) and sling. More pics of him later, I thought I might put a sniper/marksman into every squad in the style of the Red Army - they used to have units armed with AK-47's except for the best shot who would get an SVD Dragunov:


Obviously you can't have this without taking Light Infantry in game terms so I'll just be fielding them as another lasgun guy but it never hurts to add a bit of flavour =) Kudos to General Steiner for jogging my memory by having a marksman in a squad in his log (can't find the link at the moment).

Incidentally I thought that if anyone else was interested in real-life small arms they might like to have a peruse of world.guns.ru (http://world.guns.ru/main-e.htm) which is a pretty comprehensive index of small arms since WWII and has lots of detailed historical and technical info =)

Lord Cook
03-06-2007, 22:05
I love the grenadier, nicely done. And that camo actually works out quite well. The green really fits.

Robot 2000
04-06-2007, 16:34
Just some better daylight pictures of the remnants and sniper and finished pics of the command section:





04-06-2007, 19:47
I'm glad you went with the woodlands camo scheme- urban has been done to death and otherwise you wouldn't have been able to use that striking colour combo for the chimera.

Robot 2000
05-07-2007, 15:21
Right, it's been a bit of a while without updates which has been due to my being hospitalised. Still, home and active again now, although I've had a week or so of being too lazy to trot upstairs with the camera. This just means that you guys get a mega-update!

First up, completed pictures of:

Remnants Squad


Squad 22 - I'm particularly happy with the sergeant and the vox trooper's poses, they took a while to get right but I think they add a lot of character!


Squad 23 - The sergeant of this squad has a bionic eye which is just the side bit of a vox trooper's helmet chopped off and trimmed to fit with a little GS.


These 3 units complete the first full infantry platoon of the army, and used up all my remaining models! I therefore splurged on a battleforce. A few WIP pics to follow in the next post.

Robot 2000
05-07-2007, 15:25
First up are some WIP lascannons:


Not much to see there other than the poses, I really don't like the normal gunner pose as it seems to fit the "machine gun" style weapons like the autocannon and heavy bolter a lot better than the lascannon. I therefore decided to have mine fired by one of the buttons on the side of the weapon.

Next up is the big news for today, a converted Leman Russ. It's still a normal MBT but I made a larger turret out of plasticard. It's always bugged me that the turret you get in the Russ kit looks like one of those horrible inter-war tanks that had a main weapon in the hull and a secondary in the turret. The battle cannon is this tank's main weapon and it should damn well look like it!

Left Side


Right Side


Turret Top


Robot 2000
05-07-2007, 15:29
Last up, a couple of WIP infantry chaps who will be the beginning of the next platoon's remnant squad. I decided to have my second remnants squad be a few tank crew who had managed to scavenge some weapons and equipment and get back in the fight! Only got a couple of guys together so far but it's fun to have a break from standard infantry now and then. The torsos are from the tank accessory sprue, one set of tank crew legs and one cadian, and the arms are trimmed down and GS'd normal cadian ones. I'm particularly happy with the all-in-one flamer:


Lastly, what log is complete without group shots?



Lord Cook
05-07-2007, 15:49
Excellent infantry! The remnants squad have some great conversions, and I love the all-in-one flamer. I've seen your lasgun conversions before of course, but I like them. They're different while still being subtle and not OTT. Great work. Neat colour scheme too.

Robot 2000
10-07-2007, 19:00
Right, finished painting the Leman Russ and superglued on all the stowage type bits I could get my hands on. It's not in exactly the same colours as the Chimera since I thought that coming from a different regiment, background-wise, it would probably have different camo, but it still uses the same palette as the rest of the army (I think it fits better with the infantry than the Chimera's scheme does, personally).









continued below . . .

Robot 2000
10-07-2007, 19:01
Lastly, would like some comment on this prototype infantry heavy bolter, still quite a lot of GS and gapfilling to do on these guys:


That's it for today!

Robot 2000
15-07-2007, 13:56
Well I had a quick painting blitz last night and this morning and managed to get the anti-tank squad finished, I'm rather pleased with their bases in particular, and I think I'm really getting the fine detail like the unit numbers and eyes down rather nicely =D





05-08-2007, 13:40
Nice idea with the BTR and I really likethe lasgun conversion. Keep it up brother!

05-08-2007, 14:04
Nice work with the IG mate, really coming along.
Have to be honest and say that Chimera came out alot better than it started - well done.

05-08-2007, 14:33
well done on every thing keep it up:-)

05-08-2007, 16:13
here you go


now that u are busy eating yr cookie i can steal i mean loot yr las 47s

i never could get mine to look right
fantastic keep it up

05-08-2007, 17:27
Really neat looking army, I especially like the conversions (nice Transports!), and the painting is very effective. :)

Mechanised Guard FTW! :cool:

Lord Commander Eidolon
06-09-2007, 15:05
bloody nice guardsmen