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11-08-2006, 23:07
Had my first game of against Craftworld eldar playing my Dark Eldar.

mind you it was a 500pt game, but man it was bloody.

he had one cruiser/carrier and 8 escorts.

I had one Torturer/carrier and 5 escorts with firepower5 batteries.

we where playing long-ways with the sun on the side( so he had the sun to his favor and outnumbered me). Not that I didn't have a few advantages myself. one, I know his tactics so I know how to disrupt him. And two, he didn't know my playing style(straight for the jugular!).

anyhoo, he underestimated my speed and mobility and split him self up. That and he didn't expect my to get within 15cm to negate the holofields.
anyhoo, locked-on strength 15 shots close in are nothing to snuff at.

so after I destroyed all of his escorts, he tried to go guerilla and hit and run like crazy with his cruiser. so I made him chase me instead of going after him. having a potential 180' degree turn can really throw people through a loop.

so for the coup de gras, I assualted him with a full squadren of bombers as close range to finish off the game.

so at the end of the game I had 300 of my 500pts and i wiped him out.

so i promised him a rematch at a 1000pts. just in case of a fluke.

12-08-2006, 11:32
Aye, I've started the Dark Eldar. They have potentially a huge amount of firepower. Shame they're so expensive and fragile when facing other fleets.

13-08-2006, 13:00
I don't doubt your tactical ability, but beating eldar with a fleet maxed out on batteries isn't the best type of game to use as evidence of it.

If he's really that clueless, surely you can beat him with a more well-rounded fleet?

13-08-2006, 22:32
not really.. he did the same thing too

14-08-2006, 04:38
Good we need more pointy eared players Dark, Craftworld or Corsair! ME myself play a Corsair and a Craftworld fleet, and never have i been disappointed!

14-08-2006, 04:52
yeah...my more balanced fleet looks a bit like this.

archon- Torture class-launch bays

Torture class- Lance or torpedoes(I have a separate ship for either)

corsairsX4- two with lances the others with extra gun batteries

corsairsX4- torpedoes or impalers(once i figure out how to use them)

comes to about 980.

I'll be picking up six hellion Skyboards to use as corsairs so I'll soon be able to make a 2000pt fleet.

so that will eventually make that:

4 cruisers
14 escorts.

14-08-2006, 10:52
I'm facing the prospect of having to go up against AA's Dark Eldar soon, i'm more than a little worried.

They are a pretty hard-hitting fleet, and although they drop to bits nice and easy, they still don't suffer from some of the setbacks that Eldar Corsairs face (criticals on 6 instead of the Eldar 4+) ...

I'll have to formulate some cunnin'.

14-08-2006, 11:20
I personally do not think they're as good as the eldar, they are very short ranged and do not benefit from a second move in their turn. However, they have sturdier ships and can put out a world of hurt.

They can also annoy the hell out of the opposing fleet with their lech torps and impalers.

And Jedi answer your darn PMs :p

14-08-2006, 12:11
Answered. :D

15-01-2010, 02:41
I'm new to battlefleet gothic and as usual my favorite dark eldar dont seem to have alot of support or fellow players. Do you by chance have some advice on building a dark eldar fleet? possibly one geared to killing orks?

15-01-2010, 04:12
Stop it.

I dislike & hate tailoring fleets towards specific fleets. I really do.

Build a fleet that is allround and can take on a maximum range of foes. Much more fun.
Not knowing your opponent before is also good to achieve this. Mind you it is quite funky if you could expect either Orks, Chaos, Eldar or Imperial Navy.

whenever he may see it:
From the topic starter I see he used the Eldar MMS rules. Right?

Dark Eldar are pretty good at alpha strike and should be played like that. Attack and disengage really.

Craftworld Eldar benefit from higher point games. Dark Eldar from lower point games.

15-01-2010, 11:13
Asking questions in a 4-year-old thread is not recommended.

Building a Dark Eldar fleet in general I recommend as many Tortures as you can get with launch bays, and outfitting the escorts however you like.

15-01-2010, 12:34
oops... lol...

24-01-2010, 01:34
Yea I didn't figure I'd get a ton of responses but there arent alot of people playing Dark Eldar for either 40k or BFG. I appreciate yalls help I'm just now building my fleet so I'll build it to face a little of everything. i appreciate it fellas

Kal Taron
24-01-2010, 20:08
Asking questions in a 4-year-old thread is not recommended.

Building a Dark Eldar fleet in general I recommend as many Tortures as you can get with launch bays, and outfitting the escorts however you like.

Opening new threads when a fitting thread exists is also not recommended.:p

I'm with Horizon on the tailoring bit though. Just get what fits your play style. And with DE the range isn't too big anyway. I mean you have 2 ships and get to choose the weapons and that's it.

25-01-2010, 23:31
i have a pointy ear fleet myself and i find that corsairs with wb and tortures with launch bays work well. the escorts go for the killing blow up close and then disengage, while the cruisers hang back, stay out of danger and wear the enemy down slowly if the escorts attack went badly.
but, as ever, try out a few different combinations and see what works for you. happy raiding.

26-01-2010, 00:34
Wow. The second oldest thread necromancy I've seen. LOL

27-01-2010, 02:10
That's because the BFG thread is not closely watched. Nothing much wrong with Threadomancy on a small area of Warseer like this.

I play Dark Eldar, and I've found it necessary to take plenty of cruisers, if only because the escorts get destroyed if they kill a ship and make it explode.

30-01-2010, 21:25
Impalers are the absolute hotness. a 5 in 6 chance of scoring a full 2d6 critical? Yessir!!

(And they can be used for the Free Victory Point hit-and-run attack, after you cripple a ship)

01-02-2010, 00:59
I've found Impalers to be useless at low points levels. They just can't do enough damage to be useful. However, as long as you already have, say, 16 other escorts, then Impalers become great as a support weapon.

10-02-2010, 00:31
Played against them, yes.

I play marines and it's actually a fleet we aren't immediately disadvantaged against. Unles, of course they max out on lances, which is list tailoring and the surest-fire way to defeat a marine player.

Problem for them: we can take the initial attacks, and then the weapon batteries and bombardment cannons come into play.
They're not paper, like eldar, more like cardboard :)

Nice Necro, by the way :p

22-03-2010, 17:43
I fancy myself as a good BFG player. Won the LA battle bunker tourny 3 years running (granted that was about 4+ years ago).

I play Dark Eldar, and my lists consists of:

Cruiser - Launch Bays, Archon
Cruiser - Launch Bays
Cruiser - Launch Bays

3x Corsair - Impaler
3x Corsair - Impaler
3x Corsair - Dark Lance
3x Corsair - Dark Lance
2x Reroll (this might be 3, its been a while, but its 25/50/100 points for rerolls, so its probably only 2).
1500 even.

Play 'battle of midway' style. Use all your carriers to kill escorts. Assault boats auto-kill all escorts if not destroyed by turrets. Depending on their turret value, send 1-2 boats at every escort possible - they should honestly die before they even get to shoot at you. Remember, dark eldar *NEVER* fail a hit and run. Remember, you're only hit by turrets on a roll of 6, so even if they have 2 turrets, they have a 66% chance of dying... x12 =)
This also helps you negate shields.

Once escorts are severely diminished in numbers, then you hit with *everything*. But a delayed everything. Pop out 12 bombers, move em within range of striking on their turn (so you can be between 40-75cm away with movement 20+20+35). Hit them in their ordnance phase... on your turn, reload, move within 20, fire everything you have, and launch more bombers. I don't know very many fleets that can stand up to 24 'eldar' bombers, 54 batteries and 6 dark lances, especially if all their escorts are already taken care of.

Also a key to remember, if hit by a lance, you have a 1/6 + 1/6 chance of taking damage, because you'll have to move through a blast marker. The odds drop back to 'normal' after the first blast marker is down because you never have to test twice for them.

Key positions due to high leadership - sit in astroid fields with escorts, you get to reroll your save (don't go in if you only have an LD8 [check he math on difference of LD 7-10])

Things to always remember with dark eldar:
Impaler/fighter stay in play on a 4+
Bombers/boats hit on 6's
Targets are *always* closing
being shot at, moves an additional shift to the right (because we're just that badass)
You're not an 6+/5+, you're 5+ or 4+, you're not designed to go toe to toe with some of the slower brute fleets. Remember, battle of midway - if your cruisers so much as never get shot at, you did something right.
Always brace for impact. It's better to tun away and turn around than it is to lose a ship. If its only 2-3 hits coming your way on a cruiser, you may not want to so you can reload, however they may get 3 5+ and cripple you, which would suck.

Orks - Bombers, 4+ armor in back is laughable, they're so slow that they shouldn't really get much off on you. The hulk may be a PITA though, I'm not 100% sure how i'll deal with that as it has 6 turrets. possibly just ignore it and deal with the rest of the fleet.
Tyranid - familiarize yourself with the rules, they have to do 'instinctive' things, so sometimes its fun just to spread them out with your faster movement and turning.
Space Marines - assault boat the marines, thunderhawks are annoying but use your fighters to deal with them. impaler the cruisers - ignore the battlebarge as much as possible, stay out of bombardment cannon range
Necron - Be weary of the starpulse, hit that guy with all of your impalers, every time, and a round of bombers if you can. take out all their boomerangs quickly as they are faster than you.
Eldar - Play your 5+ and batteries to your advantage, void stalker has dorsal batteries, so be wary of that. Bombers can still jack up eldar as they have no turrents, so you'll get enough dice rolls to cause damage.
Imperial/Chaos - these are so similar in my book. Careful of the long long range batteries, hide yourself behind planets/asteroids as needed and pelt them with your ordnance
Tau - they have some long range stuff, but their strong point (to me) are the cheap orcas and the torpedos, both which are extremely easily dealt with.

To cheese it up toward the end of an obvious win (tournaments only), start taking slaves with those assault boats.

Just my $0.02 on most of this, hope it makes sense! Look for me at Adepticon =P

23-03-2010, 16:45
Thats an awesome strategy, I've been thinking of starting playing DE and searched around and i haven't realy found any strategies.

Just a few things I'd like to clear out before i get them.

Allthough this questions answer is rather obvious. Do DE have to move half their speed each turn? I've seen sugestions that they don't elsewhere.

And if you go inside an asdroid field, do you have to roll leadership once when you go in and a second time when you go out or just when you go in?

24-03-2010, 02:17
I fancy myself as a good BFG player. Won the LA battle bunker tourny 3 years running (granted that was about 4+ years ago).


Ye Olde Admiral's club eh?
I play Marines and have some games under my belt, enough to walk the walk, so to say.
Marines are funnily enough a very annoying foe for both Eldar fleets (assuming you don't tailor and max your lances, which is a cheap and unsportsmanshiplike way to defeat one of the weakest lists in game).

The biggest problem is they have the armor to tank your batteries/ordnance and they can match you in boarding/hit & run. The biggest problem is that they can catch up with you. Also, their escorts are among the best in the game, Gladius and Nova frigates are fast enough to get on your tail as well. Don't get into a slugging match, you can't really swarm him, considering you, like him pay through your nose for each of your nifty 'elite ships' and those bombardement cannons hurt.

Sredni Vashtar
24-03-2010, 13:57
Allthough this questions answer is rather obvious. Do DE have to move half their speed each turn?
Well, unless they're on Burn Retros, yes: they have the same minimum cruise speed rules as for 'normal' fleets. However they don't need to move before turning, and can CtnH freely, which might be where you've gotten confused.

And if you go inside an asdroid field, do you have to roll leadership once when you go in and a second time when you go out or just when you go in?
You test in any turn in which you have to navigate an asteroid field. That includes entering and/or leaving it.

This isn't clear in the new edition of the rulebook, because it hasn't been edited properly--the section on asteroids doesn't mention that you have to take a Ld test to navigate them, it only describes the consequences if you fail. Unfortunately a lot of the updated rules areas have been badly hacked about like this, making some sections of the rules damn near impossible to decipher unless you're already used to playing the game...

24-03-2010, 20:47
Eh, from my head I recall that they have no minimum move distance. Not sure...will check.

Sredni Vashtar
24-03-2010, 21:12
Eh, from my head I recall that they have no minimum move distance. Not sure...will check.
it's no minimum turning distance, unless I've finally entered the terminal stages of senility...

edit: on the other hand, my Burn Retros caveat was a CRAFT moment; Dark Eldar can't use Burn Retros at all (Armada, 53).

24-03-2010, 21:19
Ah, indeed:

Dark Eldar Movement
Dark Eldar vessels are incredibly sleek and agile,
bearing arrays of delicate fins and operating
sophisticated manoeuvring systems which allow
them to turn with an ease horrifying to the
crews of Imperial vessels, leaden by
comparison. Because of this, Dark Eldar ships
do not need to pass a Command check in order
to use Come to New Heading special orders and
count as automatically passing any Command
check to do so. In addition, Dark Eldar cruisers
have no minimum required movement before
turning but are unable to use the Burn Retros
special order.

But from the FAQ 2007:

Dark Eldar vessels have no minimum movement before turning and are not required to use Burn Retros special orders to end their movement or remain in place.

Here is where it comes: they do not need Burn Retros to remain in place.

Noodles and odness.

24-03-2010, 21:30
That could be very useful.

24-03-2010, 21:35
To maaksel...
on Tau: They have so many ordnance available they hunt you down in the ordnance phase with Manta's and turning 40cm speed missiles. Plus enough batteries at 45cm. And indeed cheap escorts to create masses.

Both the Tau ECF & CPF fleet have enough options to take down the Dark Eldar.

Note that in raid scenarios the Dark Eldar can make a decisive first attack run, then disengage in turn two to win on victory points.
That is fluffy and in character.

But fun gaming? Well, to shock parties it is.

24-03-2010, 21:52
I don't mean to drag this off topic, but it's a necro-post anyway right?

To the point: When are you planning to have the next painting competition, Horizon? I am just starting a fleet but have been painting for years, so I would like to throw my hat in if at all possible this year.

Though I imagine your DE would look spectacular, got any pictures? (there, back on topic!)

Sredni Vashtar
25-03-2010, 10:31
Here is where it comes: they do not need Burn Retros to remain in place.

Noodles and odness.
:rolleyes: Oh, the FAQ. So, DE ships can hold position or cruise at 50-100%... just never cruise at 1-49%?? :wtf: I can't see how that makes any sense at all, rules- or background-wise. Come to that, I can't see any ambiguity in the printed rules (Armada) which would need qualifying in the first place.

Does Ray still post here? Maybe he could shed some light on this...

30-03-2010, 20:10
I hate to change the subject here for just a moment, but since it was originally posted in this thread. What is this about being within 15cm to ignore the holofields stuff?

30-03-2010, 20:17
I dunno, two options:

a) house rules (like mms for Corsair/Craftworld Eldar

b) tactic wise: holofields give a right shift on the gunnery table. Under 15cm you have a left shift on the table so you negate the holofield effect.