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11-08-2006, 23:12
I just wondered how acceptable are proxies...I am asking this for things like Terminators. I am new to 40k and will probably have to proxy 1 assault cannon on a terminator due to the fact that the terminator box only comes with one of each Terminator special weapon. I will probably also have to proxy my Master's wargear. I want a master in terminator armor w/pair of lightning claws. Uh oh that's not any model (that I can find) I am not a modeling expert so conversions are probably out. As long as they are reasonable ie with the terminator I'll just put the CML on one and call it my other AC. I could understand people being annoyed at it with a Tac squad w/lascannon and someone defining the proxy as "the one in this pose" but if it is easily pointed out then I don't see what the big problem is.
...puts on flame retardent suit...

11-08-2006, 23:37
First off: It's considered acceptable during a trial period, for experimentation, and in some gaming groups.

People are less irritated if it's a fairly accuracte proxy size-wise (game performance issue) and if it's clearly marked/delineated/what have you.

Secondly: What the heck, man? You can order another assault cannon for just a couple of bucks from Battlewagon Bitz (one of the justifications for its existence), and "I want a Master in terminator armor with lightning claws but can't convert it and it doesn't exist"- wtf? Put lightning claws on a fancied-up terminator body (lots of extra bits, no helmet). That's not even not hard- that's just using existing bits.

12-08-2006, 00:50
BrainFireBob mentioned getting parts fro Battlewagon Bits, here are the pages you need:


http://battlewagon-bits.com/category/warhammer_40k_bits.space_marines.terminator_w__ass ault_wpn_bits/

The first will allow you to buy an assault cannon, and the second will give you a choice of Lightening Claws for Termies.

Alternatively, you can direct order metal LCs for Termies from GW, if that is what you want - ask at your local store.

Proxying is usually fine whilst you are working out what you actually want, or while the bits are on order, but only for a few weeks, and the proxy should, if possible have some resemblance to what it is meant to be, or, at least, not look like another weapon - no way you should use the Cyclone Missile Launcher, as you will confuse your opponents.

For the assault cannon, just tack on a piece of sprue roughly cut/whittled to look a bit like the real thing for now. but remove the stormbolter first.

Not sure how to do the LCs - you can proxy one arm (the left) by sticking bits of cocktail sticks onto a powerfist for now, and maybe use another to make up a righthand by cutting it off the left and sticking to the right. Not very good looking, but will do for a short period.


Cpt. Drill
12-08-2006, 01:08
Proxies are okay.... for one or two off games... but it really starts to grate after a while.

Because after a while why even bother with an army.. why not use different coloured pices of paper with marine written on them?

12-08-2006, 01:33
theres a simple way to make a second donkey cannon for termies but it does take converting so If I were you I'd spend the twelve bucks to get a second assault cannon its worth it in the long run
and honestly making a terminator captain is so easy just add lots of extra bits and give him a really good paint job

12-08-2006, 04:37
I'm using an entire army as a proxy at the moment (admittedly it's one Regiment pretending to be another) it's ok as long as no confusion occurs, try to keep it as uncomplicated as possible, if the halfling in a top hat on a bicycle is standing in for the zoanthrope, make sure that is the only model that bicycle riding, top hat wearing halflings represent, none of the "AHA! the Halfling with the red tunic is actually a Carnifex of ultimate destruction!!" shenanigans I've been a victim of an accidental version of this (A Heavy with a Heavy Bolter disguised as a Juve, the gang never quite recovered from that incident....) and it's not nice, even less so if it's deliberate.
Sometimes as a stop gap, just a base with a bit of paper blu-tacked on can be the best solution, just scribble the details down on the paper that way your opponant doesn't have to try and remember which coloured boots the Daemonprince's understudy is wearing.

12-08-2006, 06:15
Hey, Mike-

Just caught your tactics thread. Didn't realize you were so new.

Warseer's a great place to start. Battlewagon bitz is an excellent place to get the odd bit you need. I can also recommend, for large orders of kits, Neal Catapano at www.thewarstore.net

Also, in general, you can probably find more gaming groups in your area.

What chapter in specific are you looking to do? Any conversions you aspire to?

12-08-2006, 06:48
Yeah, I am pretty new to 40k. I've been interested in it since about 98, sorta got my feet wet then with the old necrons, collected about 750 pts of them and got stomped by my IG playing friend repeatedly...joined the army in 99 and drifted away from the game till recently. As far as a chapter in specific...I like the Space wolves somewhat, though I will probably just play a 'vanilla' codex chapter that is pure infantry (for now, maybe they will get a transport or two later on lol) Some conversions that I can think of right now that I would like to do are the aformentioned master, not really any other space marine stuff that I can think of that I'd like to convert. Thanks for the info on battlewagon bitz and the warstore, they both look like resources that I will use.

12-08-2006, 07:01
Check out fortress unforgiven for some nice quick'n'dirty modelling ideas- tabards and posing-wise. There might be other sources, but I got some nice ideas from there.

12-08-2006, 07:09
Proxies are fine in my books as long as you use them to test an army (or unit) before you spend $500 to $800. I do it often to try out ideas or to see if a unit is really worth taking or not.

What I do is buy a bag of bases and write on them with a silver sharpie saying what they are. If Im happy with it I will slowly build that army.

Terminator assault cannons can be bought with the rest of the special weapon frame for $30 not sure how my the lightning claw frame is but its a simple stupid conversion to the terminator captain.

12-08-2006, 10:22

When used to test new units or as stand ins until the proper models arrive: acceptable

When used as an alternative to getting the correct unit: unacceptable.

glowing in the dark
12-08-2006, 10:46
I'dont really mind proxies as long it is clear what it represents.

12-08-2006, 10:56
as long as the proxying is consistant everything is fine.
and your opponent knows before deployment.

12-08-2006, 12:00
Some tips on converting, as your new to it. If it's the Master with Lightning Claws, I guess some bits'nbobs are all you need. You could get a box of Assault Terminators, or just order the bits you need from the links mentioned above. Deck him out with some extras you wouldn't have used on 'regular' troopers and he already stands out.

For converting, here are some tips. First off get a sharp hobby knife, preferably an X-acto knife so you can break off the old and dull blade (sharp is best). Next some miniature pin vice are ideal. The GW set will do fine. Then some superglue/ plastic cement to put your bits together. So far for tools.
Now the converting is basically a matter of being absolutely sure which bit you need to cut off before you start cutting. You can always cut off some more if you cut off too little. It's a devil to put stuff back on once you've cut too much.
Try to cut straight lines. It's a bit difficult to explain, so I've worked up something in paint which I hope might makes things more clear.

*breathes in* here goes.
Cutting stuff needs to be done at a 90 degree angle (see #1) Make sure of this angle, because if you cut like #2, well, the red line indicates the result.
Now, cutting at a 90 degree angle like at #1 might result in a #3, but that's purely because of the shape of the blade. This is why you should have a flat pin vice, so you can sand it down and get it smooth like #4 again.

The point in all this is, if you have two 'flat' ends (like #4) you can easily glue them together with the end result looking nice and you won't need (barely) and Greenstuff to get a good result. It's how I did this Chaplain's Crozius. All it took was a little cutting and some superglue.