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12-08-2006, 09:08
I thought I understood this but I'm not sure.:(

Chronicles 4: "Q: Do destroyed Warmachines cause Panic
A: Yes"

Pg118: Shooting at Warmachines:"Once all crew are slain, if they flee, or once the machine is destroyed, further hits do not need to be randomised but will strike a crewman or the machine as appropriate"

This implies that the Warmachine without a crew is still a viable unit AND

Therefore if all the crew (only) are slain by shooting, there is No Panic test on surrounding units within 4" because the Machine itself exists and the Whole unit has not been destroyed.

I've always assumed that Panic tests are necessary if all the crew is shot and slain or if the machine only is destroyed by a cannonball (for e.g.) but not both.

Any comments?

13-08-2006, 17:45
I would agree that the loss of the crew should suffice to trigger the panic test. Even unskilled soldiers should be aware of the fact that the crew are required to operate the artillery piece.

However, certain complex warmachines (the Stegadon, the Hell Cannon) constitute elements far more impressive than the crew (skinks, chaos dwarfs), whose loss does not greatly hinder the remainder of the unit (a dull-witted herbivore, an angry daemon engine).


14-08-2006, 12:37
Thanks for the reply.

It does seem to make sense that total loss of crew is sufficient.
Maybe 7th ed might clarify hopefully

14-08-2006, 13:09

The total loss of either the crew or the machine itself means that the Warmachine is destroyed.

This is reflected in its VPs.

The Q&A was just *necessary* to clarify thingsIMO, as WM Crew will not test for panic if it suffers 25% casualties itself.


14-08-2006, 14:07
And when the machine blow itself up? A Cannon/Hellblaster that exploded as a result of a misfire cause a panic test in nearby units?

16-08-2006, 09:10
A Stone Thrower, Hellblaster or Cannon that misfires:
If it rolls (1) on the misfire chart the machine is destroyed And its crew are slain - so no problems there.

It will cause units within 4" to panic.

I can't think of other warmachines that are not destroyed by misfiring in the same way.

16-08-2006, 09:19
The rules do not actually make the distinction that the enemy must be the cause of the damage, but rather cites the cause as being shooting/magic, meaning that mishaps like this simply fall outside those categories.

As a house rule we disregard panic tests caused by friendlies (e.g. misfires, Fanatics), considering them to be unfortunate, yet expected.

It may be that the intent, however, is for all such events (regardless of source) should trigger Panic tests. For 7th edition it appears to be the blanket rule.


26-08-2006, 08:14
Just re-read this and realised you're right T10.
Pg 81: "If a unit is completely wiped out by missile fire, freindly units within 4" take a Panic test"

A misfired Warmachine will Not cause Panic since it is not destroyed by missiles.

I think the only change to this rule in 7th is the blanket 6" range.

26-08-2006, 08:32
In 7th edition very few (if any) war machines will cause Panic in friendly units if they are destroyed, since only US5+ units do this and most war machines are US2 or 3.