View Full Version : Would GW gain or lose from this?

Bingo the Fun Monkey
12-08-2006, 21:16
It has been stated over and over again by GW that the hobby is all about the models. I came across my kossars today (under the bed, obviously) and realized that a lot more probably would have sold if they were armed in a similar way to a mainstream army's troops. What I'm asking is does GW actually stand to lose money by releasing "alternative" metal figs? Instead of handgunners maybe you could have miragliano skaven hunters. Instead of ghouls you could have strigany. This would allow for the empire or bretonnian or even chaos list to be used to represent a lot of forces that are mentioned but not present on the tabletop. For non-humans they could release core DOW units of that race type. Elven or goblin pikemen (using alcatani's rules), skaven or skink duelists, etc. Maybe it's just that as a horde player I can't stand to buy another plastic set and I want to lavish attention and love on some awesome metal alternative figures. Back in 5th ed there were both plastics (monopose, albeit) and metals in the core blocks of troops. The "bad" races need more representation with the Dogs of War line period. They can still charge their outrageous prices for metal, and unless their casting process has been updated, it's still helluvalot cheaper than making plastics for them.

12-08-2006, 21:45
Has worked for Imperial Guard, can't see why not

12-08-2006, 21:46
I think it would be mighty cool for us, but GW might well end up losing money. Perhaps if they just did the odd splash release...