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12-08-2006, 23:47
Hi everyone. Longtime lurker first at portent and then here at warseer, posted once in a while in most parts of the forum.
Once upon a time I played Blood Angels, and I loved them dearly, I then decided that I didn't like the colourscheme that I had used and started over with a new SM-army, or at least a new colourscheme.
BUT, now I've found a box of old guardians and wraithguards in a cupboard and couldn't resist the new ranger box, so here I am, sitting with them in front of me and considering how I should paint them, done up a pretty simple paintjob on a guardian and a wraithguard and I'm working on two different schemes for my rangers.

The reason I'm posting here is two-fold, first of all I'm hoping that someone can tell me which scheme is best for the rangers and secondly I hope that by throwing myself out here I'll keep my speed up and acctually do some work on the army, hopefully so that I can buy some new eldarminis once they are released.
Pics will be up tomorrow as I've left my cam in my flat which I'm in the proccess of painting before school starts again.

BTW. Am I the first one to start an eldar army in anticipation of the new release?

12-08-2006, 23:55
I dont know about an army, but Dat wildboy has converted an autarch here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45275&highlight=autarch)
Concerning colourscheme, i personally like this one (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99110104091&orignav=10), i know its the studio colourscheme but i genuinly like the armour colour and camo patterns.

Good Luck


13-08-2006, 03:44
With the ranger's I'd recommend a darkend pastel version of your Guardian scheme, with terrain-specific camo on the cloaks. ie If you're doing City bases, Shadow Grey, grassland/jungle would be Catachan Green, deserts could use Kommando Khaki etc.

Looking forward to seeing some pics, anyways.

13-08-2006, 15:29
Here's my first guardian, he still lacks part of his backpack, his extra ammo and a base, haven't decided yet how to base the army.
I would love to do some camo like GW did on the rangers but i seriously doubt my ability to do so, that's why I'm not sure how to paint them yet, but I'm working on it and should have a pic up later this evening.

Hideous Loon
13-08-2006, 16:19
He looks really, really nice. Ulthwé, right? Or some DIY Craftworld? The bone is top-notch, while the black (especially on the feets) could use some more work. Loving the gems, too.

When Black Roses Bloom
13-08-2006, 16:35
Nice colour sceem there mate. Have you thought of making the black areas something brighter in tone (for example with a drop of skull white) and dip the models as to achieve the above wraitbone effect?

Rabid Bunny 666
13-08-2006, 17:17
Black Ubdersuit, Purple Plates with Bleached Bone Helmets and weaopns sounds cool, thats what i'd do.

13-08-2006, 18:32
@ Hideous Loon: Thanks alot, don't know which craftworld it will be yet, I agree that it looks like Ulthwe but I hadn't thought of that before you said it. Yeah, the feet aren't great, but I'll touch that up once I go on to basing him.

@When Black Roses Bloom: Thank you. No, I don't think so, I like the simple black that I get here, but thanks for the suggestion.

@Rabid Bunny 666: I did a model with purple undersuit and wraithbone armour, helmet and weapon, it turned out pretty nice but it took too much work compared to the results in my opinion.

Here are two possible rangercolours, the models are heavily WIP as I don't want to spend more energy than necessary on them, I think I'll strip them both and redo no matter which colours I choose. What do you think?

When Black Roses Bloom
13-08-2006, 18:42
WOOOOW. The first model (the one standing up) is definatelly great. My humble opinion: Use that colour sceeme. I don't know why, but it makes me feel like "WEOOOOOOW!" And like "WOAAAAA!" And then like "woaowww". Like Crush, the sea turtle from "Finding Nemo" :chrome:

13-08-2006, 19:09
WOOOOW. The first model (the one standing up) is definatelly great. My humble opinion: Use that colour sceeme. I don't know why, but it makes me feel like "WEOOOOOOW!" And like "WOAAAAA!" And then like "woaowww". Like Crush, the sea turtle from "Finding Nemo" :chrome:

yeah, it's the one that I prefer too, it's cleaner and more sinister, perfect for the silent killers..
I'm also considering changing all gold to tinbits on all models in the army for two reasons;
one) tinbits is easier to paint
two) I think tinbits will give a little more of the gritty, used feeling that I'm after

Hideous Loon
13-08-2006, 22:38
Yeah, I agree with WBRB, the standing one looks really sweet, and it matches the Guardians well.