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13-08-2006, 18:32
There are many armies out there that are varients of existing armies, they have featured in special codexes like Armeggeddon and Eye of Terror and in chapter approved articles. SoI was wondering if the following armies are tournament legal;

Kroot Mercenary list
Speed Freeks
Lost and the Damned
Imperial Armoured Companies

13-08-2006, 18:36
Unfortuantly its according to what tourney and what part of the world your in.

All those lists are legal. And "most" everywhere any chapter approved "offical" list and all codex lists are legal. It just seems the people at GW UK lost their minds and outlawed entire codex's worth of armies... go figure

13-08-2006, 19:05
It's worth noting that armies posted in codexes are for the most part legal. Often armies in white dwarfs don't end up making tournament cuts.

Speed freak(lega, armageddon codex)
lost and the damned(legal, eye of terror)
kroot mercenary(probably not legal, would have been in tau codex if it was legal)
Armoured companies(not legal, white dwarf article i think? maybe

13-08-2006, 19:45
i have seen armored company used in a grand tourni before, was even acceptable on the list of armies allowed.....do you guys think its fair to use them since they are not even official and fully tested yet?

13-08-2006, 19:52
AC Fair? Only in tourneys. Lets face it the only time an armored company is effective is in a tourney environment. If you go to a game store regularly and people know you play armored company then almost everytime you play if you dont go first you lose. People "hate" armored company with a passion (unless they actually use one) so when a player wants to use the list people typically bring as much lascannon pain as humanly possible agasint the list.

The old armored company was a pure cheese fest. But with all the new doctrens and what not they have to take; its no longer a 3 x triple bassilisk encampment and 12 leman russ army of doom. They're lucky if they get 6 or 7 tanks on the board

i've always thought steel legion was more powerful than AC anyways but thats just me

13-08-2006, 20:31
Apparently none of the EoT lists are tournament legal anymore

13-08-2006, 20:34
This does depend strongly on which tournament, I'm not a fan of tournament play but a tournament organiser would have to have a damn good reason for disallowing an army that's detailed in a GW produced Codex, it would be like playing snooker but banning the black ball because you don't like the colour.

13-08-2006, 21:23
That's just as bad as banning the Storm of chaos army lists from fantasy(they had 10 lists, all banned now).

13-08-2006, 21:57
That's just as bad as banning the Storm of chaos army lists from fantasy(they had 10 lists, all banned now).

That is incredibly stupid IMHO.

I have a faint memory of seeing an armoured company in a tournament, (UK GT I think) but I'm not sure.

13-08-2006, 22:56
i read somewhere that codex lists would be tourney legal but campain lists would not be (SoC EoT etc)