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14-08-2006, 10:41
Greetings one and all, as part of my ongoing project to have an army for each God, I have designed an army of Nurgle Beastmen. Please give comments on how you think it would do on the field of battles.

Lord Gorger
Filth Mace, Horn of the Great Hunt, Pelt of the Young Dark
Heavy Armour, Shield
Mark of Nurgle
[Points: 243]

Bray Shaman Kraltath
Level 2, Mark of Nurgle
Staff of Darkoth, Dispel Scroll
[Points: 200]

Bray Shaman Gauger
Level 2
Goretooth, Dispel Scroll
[Points: 160]

Wargor Rurkhar
Battle Standard Bearer, Mark of Nurgle
The Beast Banner, Chaos Armour
[Points: 195]

Beast Herd
15 Gors w/ Hand Weapon & Shield
12 Ungors
Full Command
[Points: 196]
(Lead by Gorger)

Beast Herd
12 Gors w/ 2 Hand Weapons
8 Ungors
Full Command
[Points: 151]

Beast Herd
12 Gors w/2 Hand Weapons
8 Ungors
Full Command
[Points: 151]

20 Pestigors
Full Command, Mark of Nurgle
Vitriolic Totem
[Points: 345]

Tuskgor Chariot
[Points: 85]

Tuskgor Chariot
[Points: 85]

3 Trolls
[Points: 165]

Monstrous Monstrosity
[Points: 225]

[Points: 2000]

The nature of this army is that it hits the enemy in 3 waves. The first wave consists of Gorger hitting the enemy with his large beast herd and tuskgor chariots. These then hold the enemy up long enough for the most hitty trolls, Pestigors & Giant to reach the enemy. This should (should!) break the enemy, so I can summon my 2 smaller beast herds and non nurgle Shaman to appear behind the enemy and catch them in a vice - something quite deadly under the new rules!

This is, of course, all theory work and I expect it will take some work for it to actually occur on the battlefield. In the meantime, criticism and comments are very welcome.

14-08-2006, 12:32

Looks alright to me, give it a go and report back :D

BUT I personally would replace the tolls with more chariots but there is nothing wrong with having them in there.

AND find some space for hounds which are very very useful. Some people dont like them, they very rarely see turn 3.

14-08-2006, 13:45
Is it wise to have half of your magic off the table?

Also the giant is your fastest unit but maybe you have some reason for having him in the 2nd wave.

14-08-2006, 13:57
The Giants speed was something I overlooked slightly. I will be including in the first wave as a flanker I think.

I do believe it is wise to have my bray shaman in reserve initially. This means I can use his spells in such a way that if I will be able to use 'The Wild Call' and whatever I roll on either the Lore of Beasts or Shadows to completely ensnare my enemy in a vice. The pelt of the Dark Young also helps here by giving my Beastlord Magic Resistance (1).

15-08-2006, 11:48
Would certainly struggle against a manouverable VC army - your beastherds seem too small they'd be running at the first sign of trouble.

15-08-2006, 12:46
My beastherds are 20 and 27 strong (respectively) - quite big units - and the majority of the army causes fear. I also have the ability to outmanouver most VC's by the simple fact I can ambush and the pure staying power of the Pestigors and the fact they are Pestigors in heavy armour negates the main effect of VC - Fear.

A VC army would have a hard time navigating round this army and would have quite a difficult time in the magic phase IMO. The only place I might fall down is against a Black Knight & Grave Guard heavy army, which is why I have the Giant and Trolls. I would certainly be able to take down units such as Dire Wolves and Fell Bats simply by being able to outfight them with my fear causing majority.