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14-08-2006, 12:15
Hey guys, I'm busy building a chaos warband.

Now I'm doing a Black Legion list without demons, possed or any mutations for that matter. Now my warband is called Abaddons Fist, and basically is led by a Chaos Luitenant (not lord yet but will be in a few games time), that was in the same squad as abaddon after it was reformed, after attacking the ork system and killing the leader.

The force fights as a Highly versatile, force with most troops skilled in atleast 3 areas, be it close combat, infiltration, or tank hunting. None of the other troops have been alive since the heresy and all have been trained and spawned in the Eye itself. They allso practice vampirism, meaning they ritually will drink some of each other blood, they allso drink their dead's blood before removing the armor and burning the corpse, the only way they can remove their armor is when they die since it bonds to their bodies apon their final initiation. This combined with their long life spans and high training has resulted in a warband that is intensely loyal to the leader and each other while still not looking to supplement him.

Now what I want to do is a kind of duality for my luitenant Griffin Dedweth. On the one hand I want him to look out for the marines under his command, since he essentially "raised" them, on the other hand I allso want him to be able to execute them without a moments hesitation if they screw up, are impertinant enc. I don't want this force to be all lovey dovey but I want to get away from the mutated, corrupted spikey feel of chaos.

These guys may not love each other but they share a sense of brotherhood that normal people will never be able to understand, they may hate the imperium with a passion thats allmost un(Holy).I mean after 1000's of years of training and constant warfare these guys are tough like you wouldn't believe. So what do you think ? Could this be feasible ?

Your thought here and tell me where my fluff is not gonna work.

14-08-2006, 13:06
It will be hard to make people think your fluff is good unless the army will suc* big time in game. Just do the army as you feel it.

On the Lt./Lord, the Termi lord will serve well if you can change his head to a vampire one in the Khorne Berk./Chaos warrior box.

14-08-2006, 13:19
Forgive the use of capitals, I'm putting names to concepts as I see em.

Khorne, God of Blood, also God of Warfare and Martial Honour.
Nurgle, God of Disease, also God of Depression and Hopeless Joy.
Slaneesh, God of Pleasure, also God of Excess and Morality (or lack thereof).
Tzeentch, God of Change, also God of Control and Ambition.

All of them having feelings. Chaos Marines are not non-humans in all cases. If you want a band of martial brothers, then fine by me :)

14-08-2006, 13:57
yeah there really isnt anything wrong with doing it; its very similar sounding to the warrior lodges that infiltrated the luna wolves infrastructure anyway.


14-08-2006, 14:48
Thats what I was thinking, aswell as combined with the fact that becuase of sharing blood they have some memories they share.

14-08-2006, 15:59
Being in that army during Christmas would be awesome, "A new Demonblade?! How did you know?!" :p

I'm just kiddin', but anyway, it sounds reasonable.