View Full Version : Any tips on a chaos power gamer force?

14-08-2006, 12:54
I have half way made painted an ork force but it occured to me today I will have an army ready for gaming quicker if I make a tooled chaos force. I have plasma, meltaguns, powerfists and parts to make possesed coming out of my but , so does anyone have any tips.

14-08-2006, 13:25
Finish Orks or you will never finish them.

Its hard to help someone who wants to become a power gamer. You see, for most people its just a hobby so treat is as such.

If you really wanna make a power gamer army do one of this:
- Iron Warriors with min maxed squads, lotsa Oblits, 4 pie plates.
- Deamon assault army with bikes and such. Turn 2 and your entire army should be in charge range.

14-08-2006, 13:54
Baneboss is about right, the old shooty iron warrior list o' doom and anything daemonbombing (usually siren slaaneshii daemonbomb or look-at-my-9-troops-daemons wordbearer flavour.)

What you have by the sounds of it will not make a 'powergamer' chaos list; you would just end up with squads and models with far too much wargear and kill yourself by doing so.