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14-08-2006, 21:38

I thought It was time that I post up my Ork Speed Freaks army. Alot of it is still very much work in progress. But some of it is painted up.

If you want to know whats in the army then heres the list. If not then scroll down for the photos.

Ork warboss on bike 105
Power claw 25
Eavy armour 8
Bionic Bonce 10

4 ork bikers. (not his bodyguard) 120

Trukk Boys 120
10 boys 90
Nob 11
Power claw 25
Burna (boy) 6

Trukk 40
Grot Rigger 2
Big shoota 8

3 waatrakks 30
rokkit 10
grot riggers 2

20 stormboys 300
nob 11
power claw 25

guntrukk X 2 30
lobba 15
Grot riggers 2

Thats the 1000 points so far. I will be taking the army up to 1500 points by adding A looted leman russ, Another guntrukk and some more trukk boys.

Heres a WIP shot of my Ork warboss on bike. Im using the New Ork kommando nob. He needs a lot of sculpting which Im not to good at. But I plan to spend alot of time on him. So I am hoping that he comes out the way I want him to.


He wont actually have the power claw in the picture. When I get one I will replace it with the three bladed ork nobs power claw. I just think it looks alot harder.


Sorry about the rubbish photo, But heres the four bikers.


And heres a close up of one of them. I still need to sculpt somthing around the ammo feed and fill in a cap.


14-08-2006, 21:45
Some shots of my second Guntrukk.


I thougth I would show you this one as its clearer without the black under coat.


I put some barbed wire all around the Sandbags to protect the Grots a bit.


In the back I put in a uge ork engine. And Im going to have a grot in there working away. Your be able to see him throught the big hole in the rear ramp.


I cant take full credit for the idea for this trukk as It was heavily influenced by another trukk I saw somewhere else on the Internet.

14-08-2006, 21:59
Some pics of my 1st completed Guntrukk.


The Grot Bomd and all the riggers are removable.


Im going to add the snotling models thats pooing under the Grot bomb launcher. I just gotta paint him up and pin him into place.


The slaver thats not in my army. I just use him for Gorkamorka. He was made using a ork boy with a few fantasy ork bits. The grabba claw is from A Second Edition slaver. And the Wire was made from a guitar string.


Heres my mek who is also not in my army at the moment. He was made using a normal ork boy and given a dwarfs hammer and his force field generator was made using a old second edition shokk attack gun.

Comments and critism welcome.

14-08-2006, 22:06
these are very nice, i love the red on the guntrukk and how the skin looks on the orks(recipe please), i'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses.


14-08-2006, 22:13
You sir, are a Jeenyus.

bob syko
14-08-2006, 22:24
Always great seeing your models on who loves orks, having a place just for them is great.

Insane Psychopath
14-08-2006, 22:28
Really nice Ork Speed Freak there. Shame you are not using the Mek or even useing the Slaver as a Mek, I take it from both these models you already done a Ork force????

Really look forward to see this army grow, seem very promising & inspering (sp).


14-08-2006, 22:34
Lovely modells!
Though I've already seen most of them....
Lovely models....
Did I already say this?
Lovely models.

14-08-2006, 22:55
Wow, Thanks guys. I will get some more pictures up tommorow.

The slaver and the grots and the mek I made when me and a few mates was going to play Gorkamorka. We never got round to it. I painted them up and then loved them so I thought I would start a speed freaks army.

Heres a little tutorial for the skin...

Black undercoat
Dark Angels green
Black Wash
Dark angels green again.
Dark angels green mixed with some snot green.
Snot green
Then Snot green and bad moon yellow.

I do a few more stages in between. And perhaps add a final highlight at the end. But thats about it.

Make sure you water the paints down so there to thick. Its always best to mix up to much paint than to little.

If you find that your not a very neat painter. And keep going into the crevices of the muscle lines and whatnot. That just do a black wash in the the places you've mest up.

14-08-2006, 23:48
They look really great!

But since they look so great, i just think the finished guntruck needs more detail...like stripes or something.. more different colours.. right now it's just red and metal.. which is ok... but.. i just don't think it looks finished.

14-08-2006, 23:54
Great models, especially loving the first guntruk. btw where do you get that piping from thats on it?

Good Luck


15-08-2006, 00:10
Is that Lego I spy on the painted guntruk? Nice idea! :D

15-08-2006, 00:34
Thanks for all your comments guys.

I see what you mean about the gun trukk. A couple of people have said that to me. I think I may add a few chequers here and there. And perhaps some glyph plates. May have to order some from forgeworld.

The only problem Is that its been varnished So I wont be able to do any more painting on it until the varnish wears off a bit first.

Incase you was wondering...

The Guntrukks are made from a rhino kit and alot of plastic card. The rivets are made using a leather punch and plasti card.

I havnt used any lego. All the piping on the vehicles and the engine at the back of the trukk was made using this set...


Scroll down to the bio toxin plant.

Heres a few pictures of my Ork trakks. Im just starting to work on two of them at the moment.


All the buggys are armed with rokkit launchers. The launchers are from an ork dreadnought. Theres still alot of work to go into these vehicles. But the pics give you a rough Idea of whats going on.


I added some extra armour to this one and a little side rail for the grot rigger to stand on.


I completed this one a while ago now. Around the same time as the 1st guntrukk. I decided to give the driver a chainsaw much like the orignal rogue trader model. And gave the trakk some Wheels!

Hope you like them. Comments More than welcome.

15-08-2006, 00:37
The Guntrukks are made from a rhino kit and alot of plastic card. The rivets are made using a leather punch and plasti card.

Ah, so not Lego then. Damn! Bronka's powers of deduction fail again!

15-08-2006, 23:57
Heres some more photos. This time of my trukk boys. I now have the new kommando burna boy, So I will be adding him to the mob.

Here they all are...




Not sure if you can see it to well in the photo below. But the middle orks shootas been converted so Its drum feed.


I still got to make a trukk for this mob yet. I may start work on it tomorrow. I plan to make it from a rhino kit. And extend it using lots of plasticard. And I think Im also going to add the forgeworld death roller to it.

16-08-2006, 00:01
Heres a close up of the big meks back pack made from the shokk attack gun. I really like how the Coppery metal turned out. As well as the illuminated glowy bits.


A close up of the Grot bomb. Removed from the trukk.


I've done a little bit more work on the trukk boys. And All the other orks in the army. I've drilled out every gun barrel on every model In the army. But I took these photos before I did that. But your see it all in later pics.

And all of these models are on Coolminiornot.com If you into the whole voting thing. Heres the link..



16-08-2006, 00:03
No drilling?

The silver looks very shiny.

16-08-2006, 00:10
Justed edited the posts to explain the drill bits.

I wanted the models pretty vibrant. So the red and greens are bright. The models appear alot brighter though because of the camera flash. The picture of the Ork big mek is about right.

28-08-2006, 14:18

Here some photos of my Ork War trukk Im converting at the moment for my Trukk boys.

All I have so far is the basic shape and the trukk floor is the only completed thing. Ive added magnets to it as well as the ork boys. It fits 8 of the ten which isnt bad going at all.

I have to add some armour plates tones of rivets, The piping and then attach the death roller properly.

Im also going to add a gun on the side. Like a leman russ side sponson but with an ork gunner on a platform. If you get my drift.

But My question is does it look right. I aint too sure. Any Ideas would be appreciated.





Im thinking about moving the viewing slit thingy (not finished yet) Up to the top section of the front.


28-08-2006, 14:19

And heres a shot for scale. The other models are basicicaly rhinos with armour plates and stuff.

Thanks in advance for your help.

28-08-2006, 14:26
It's a really early WIP shot, correct? I can see where you're going with this and I would agree with you. The driver view slit needs to be moved further up. Currently, it's blocked by the death-roller-wheel thing. I would add some diamond plating to the bed decking. Also, some hand rails for does boyz to grab onto for when the driver hits the big red buttom.

Good luck with the vehicle. You have some really good stuff going on.

28-08-2006, 16:03

Yeah thats right its in really early stages. I was just wondering if the size was right. Or if it looked cool or not.

i'l move the view slit up to the next bit.

Heres a real rought sketch of the gun sponson thing.


What do you all think.


03-09-2006, 00:08
I wouldn't put the sponsons on the side like that. I would suggest a nice big rotating gun platform on top of the driver box, in front of the boyz space. I think that would make it look good. I think that the sponsons on the side would make it too wide.

03-09-2006, 00:56
no, that would make it look as if all the weaponry was on the front, which it wouldnt be.

i think about halfway down the chasis would look good, with maybe a rokkit launcher on top of the driver box, and detailed panellling on the rest of the chasis.