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The Venerable Archmage
14-08-2006, 23:45
I wonder if anyone wants to share their ideas for interesting Chaos cults: what do they believe, what do they do, etc.? I can't claim to have any particularly inspired ideas myself. However, it's only fair I attempt to get the ball rolling, if I suggest something.

The Salon
The Salon is a very cliquish group in the intellectual circles of Jotunheim, an Imperial planet where most of the human population is freed from menial tasks by the labour of the majority ogryn population. All the humans have a decent standard of living, but some are so well off as to be able to spend almost all their time in discourse, enjoying the arts or philisophising. It is generally the latter which gets them into trouble.

The Salon meet once a week. The venues vary, but are always places of artistic or intellectual merit. Art is generally on show, in whatever form, and members of the Salon are refined in their appreciation of such things. However, it is not for this alone that they meet. Members always bring the most salacious gossip they can with them to share with their fellows before bringing their rapier wits to bear on their subjects. Members also enjoy swapping notes on the latest literary or speculative works, and either demonstrating their own intellectual appreciation (if they approve) or demolishing them (if they do not).

Some Salon-goers, more experienced and jaded, however, find these petty intellectual pleasures pale after a while. As they take their studies further and further, they move through literature and philosophy into regions one is not meant to conteplate too closely, ever searching for the buzz of intellectual pride and the self gratification afforded by the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. They do not seek power, as other cultist do, except as a secondary aim. They seek the perfection of the intellect, and the reassuring feeling of superiority.

At the end of their path of discovery, when all speculation has become barren and cynical, they are permitted one last secret - the truth of Slaanesh, which the Imperium has attempted to keep from them, and who justifies their attitude and their way of life.

Right, okay, hopefully that's not too bad. So, what ideas for cults have you come up with?

When Black Roses Bloom
15-08-2006, 06:53
I tend to think that only two armies use Cults in an extended grade: Alpha Legion and Word Bearers. The first having an extended network of cultist working the Chaos ways on unsuspecting planets and, eventually, turning the whole planet on a rampart. Thus, they make the Imperium move its **** and bombard the planet killing everyone on it and stuff like that. But to do this, the Imperium has to consume a lot of founds, being organic (marines, I.G., etc.) or inorganic (arms and armor, equipment, fuel, ammunition, etc.). That was an example.

Now, references have shown that individuals use also an extensive Cultist network (see. Ygethmor) to fullfil their own purposes. But do they use an already existing Cultist network?

Question: This thread is about our Chaos Cults and ideas that we have on them, isn't it?

If this is the case, then I tend to think (although I never used cultists in my Black Legion army) that they usually do the works of a Standard servitor or Legion Stuff, like Pilots for Battle Barges, Medics/Cultists to keep Dreadnoughts in dormant conditioning until the eve of the battle, bringing ammo and ammunition to the front, refueling armor, driving Titans (Traitor Guards) and stuff like that. The normal life of an I.G. trooper, actually, but doing the wrong stuff (always according to the Imperium and the False Emperor).

The Venerable Archmage
15-08-2006, 19:12
Given the relative rarity of Chaos Space Marines, I'd have thought few Chaos cults were actually lead or directly instigated by them, but rather were made up of human heretics and mutants who may not even be particularly aware of the Chaos Space Marines. I was under the impression that cultists far, far outnumbered fallen astartes in a way not represented by the standard Chaos army list, being more along the lines of the Lost and the Damned.

And yes, if anyone is interested in ideas for Chaos cults, then I thought we might share, although posting my own hastily thought up example may not have been a good idea, seeing as it's pretty lame.

15-08-2006, 19:44
the salon seems more in the veins of a tzench cult to me. no midnight orgies dosent sound like something slaanesh could condone.

The Venerable Archmage
15-08-2006, 20:03
Well I know it does sound rather Tzeentchian, and that was intentional. It was an attempt to make some distinction between learning and speculation for some greater purpose (Tzeentch, after all, persues his learning as a means to an end - to facilitate his scheming) and learning and speculation as a sort of mental... how to put it... masturbation. It's just learning for the pleasure of learning, so you can demonstrate your own intelligence and feel superior. This I think is a valid distinction, the latter being more Slaanesh's domain.

Easy E
16-08-2006, 04:52
Sounded Slaaneshi to me.

Let me think for a bit. I just wanted to support your vision of the Salon now, and I will have a cult later. I love cults.

The Venerable Archmage
16-08-2006, 17:22
Also, Dais, with regard to Slaaneshi orgies, I think they're all very well and good for newly initiated members of a cult who are easily pleased and have yet to exhaust thearray of pleasures the orgy offers, but I imagine that once you've been to a few hundred orgies and have been a Slaaneshi cultist for decades, you'd want to try other things. We think of Slaanesh too much as an embodiment of sexual pleasure, which is okay to an extent, because it's a pretty good source of a wide variety of pleasures, and certainly enough to keep the aspiring cultist busy for a very long time. However, the nature of Slaanesh is such that all experiences pall eventually, and so you have to move on to more and more refined sources of entertainment. If you're all about the orgies, you'll get very bored fairly quickly.

16-08-2006, 18:08
Yep. Slaanesh is about pleasure in general, not just sexual

Easy E
16-08-2006, 20:33
And perfection.