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15-08-2006, 08:05
Well, I seem to have won another Forest Dragon off eBay bringing my total up to 2, including the Sisters of Twilight.

Can anyone give some recommendations for equipment/tactics involving two dragons? I was thinking, Sisters of Twilight, and a Highborn with a nice shooting kit to fly in, around, and behind the enemy to tear them to bits. Alternatively, I could get two close combat fitted Highborns and wreck some havok.

Any suggestions?

15-08-2006, 10:08
when I play with dark elves ( who are almost the same exapt the forest spirits)
then I will alwais have a nice shooting line, some cafalry and ofcourse a dragon.
the dragons are so great if you don't fight against mutch warmachines ( and with wood elves you cans imple hide him in a forest!)
cous when the enemy comes close you simple fly your dragon behind his lines.
he can choose. or he loses 1 unit, or he turns his entire army and gets another shooting turn against him.
if you play with wood elves in 3000 pts I think you can do something like it.
bring like 4 units of archers, some scouts so you are sure to have mroe shooting then him.
then use 2 dragons, dryds, wild riders and maby a tree man and hide those in a forest. and keep the dragons behind his lines.
he will be flanked from each side when he comes close to your shooting line.
and when he turn all his units in such a way you almsot can't flank him just move away and shoot another turn.

( and when you have 2 dragons just put one on each flank, he can't turn his units to 2 sides and becouse your a large target you can simple charge 2 units who have their rain against you).


16-08-2006, 10:11
A rather entertaining wood elf dragon equipment set up is to give him the wraithstone... so the the terror tests taken are at -1 to leadership.. then give the highborn the Callach's claw... and as soon as he causes a wound with it, its another -1 to their leadership... so cause a single wound against a goblin unit and they are down to leadership 3.

Only problem with this one is that it doesnt offer that much protection in terms of ward saves.

16-08-2006, 13:43
Another *entertaining* item combo would to give the HB the wraithstone and the horn of the asrai. You wouldn't have the ward saves either, but with some support you could take out heavier units. However that's probably relying on the dice too much.

16-08-2006, 15:04
Don't use the sisters, they ain't worth it.

Most important thing to do with any forest dragon is give the guy on top some protection, otherwise you are left with a guy with T=3 with pratically no armour.
Give one of them the armantine broach (+3 ward save against none magical attacks) and the other the stone of the crystal mere (+3 ward save that runs out as soon as it fails). The stone is the better of the 2 of its protection to the dragon.

After that I would go for more protection. Give which ever highborn is your general the oaken armour (regeneration) and the other the wraithstone (-1 LD to enemy in 6 inch).
You have got a couple of points left to play with, but there really isn't anything worth giving either of them.
On offence just give them both great weapons. Really there isn't else from the magic weapons worth giving them.

And please, please don't give either highborn a magic longbow or arrows, you don't want to spend 500+ points on a s=2 breath attack and some over priced magic bow shots. You want the guy in combat, breaking and killing the bad guys. (The one magic arrow that could be used is the hail of doom arrow. One shot, great value in points, the highborn can use it whilst he's moving into charge position).

mad dog
16-08-2006, 22:37
Well with two dragons in the army you won't have to worry too much about tactics for the rest of the army - it will only amount to a handful of figures.

Still two dragons ............... should be a fun game for your opponent !!

18-08-2006, 21:15
The 3+ ward on the dragon is clutch, saved me from many cannonballs.

Gorbad Ironclaw
19-08-2006, 07:48
The 3+ ward on the dragon is clutch, saved me from many cannonballs.

A ward save isn't needed if your just a little clever with moving the dragon.

Honestly, unless you like parking in front of cannon batteries(and I wouldn't do that, even with a 30 ward), there isn't much need to have a ward save to protect you against shooting. Clever manouvering, terrain and a little patience gets you there just fine.

And it doesn't upset people nearly as much :p

19-08-2006, 17:19
that will only work if you camp him in a forest or behind a rock becouse he's a large target and the moment he commes in action he is in line of sight;)

19-08-2006, 17:34
this reminded me of a high elf list this guy i know wrote, 2 princes on dragons(imrik as 1), an emperor fire dragon, the dogs of war dragon rider guy and silver helms.

don't know if it would work but quite a fun list none the less.