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15-08-2006, 11:36
Picked up some juicy Gamezone chaos figures the other day and have decided to try a Khorne army. However I'm really not sure how to make a competitive list using mainly mortals. While I know they're a bit of a liability, I would like to include a unit or two of Khorne warriors as well as knights, and for support I'm also keen on having lots of fleshounds. For characters I'm tempted to try a champion on a juggernaut, although I'm not sure if this is a good idea. So with those thoughts in mind, any advice can people can give in terms of other support elements, unit numbers, characters etc would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

15-08-2006, 13:47
when you want to play with warriors i would use 2 units of 10 with gw and mark of khorne, this gives you 10 S6 attacks at ws 5 each turn.

2x4/5 knights of khorne for some strong fast hitting power.

I woulnd't play with flash hounds, simple warhouds are way cheaper and almost as good.

a character on a jugganouth is fun when you give him the berserker sword.
giving him 7 attacks (9 vs cafalry)

for the support units: marouder horseman are good,and I would use some furrys 2.

maby a lord on dragon or a big deamon.

( jsut the way I would pay with khorn most players would probably disaggree)

15-08-2006, 14:18
That's actually a pretty good way to do it. Khorne lacks a lot of control, so the last thing you want is a 20 man chosen unit that gets led around the board by fast cav and doesn't do anything(seen it happen).

thus, your units should be smaller. you're not relying on ranks and numbers, but sure strong hits with smashy things(or axes). 4 units of 10 w/ gws is great. This also further protects you from magic, which is the bane of MSU armies.

Juggs are fantastic. gotta love those models.

I'd suggest beastmen as a good support unit. They can provide you with some combat resolution if it becomes necessary(dwarves) along with giving you some combat units that you can control in order to break up the fast cav dancing with your troops situation.

16-08-2006, 01:36
Thanks for the comments. I've had a go at a few lists, mainly consisting of champ on jugger, 4 x 10 Khorne warriors, 2 x 5 chaos knights, 2 x 5 fleshounds, 2 undivided chariots, 4 x 5 warhounds, 1 x 3 minotaurs. List looks ok, but still seems to be lacking something. Substituting the warriors for knights would certainly make things easier but will stick with the warriors for now.