View Full Version : Wonderdog's 40k GT Heat 1 army - From plastic to fantastic in 8 weeks!

15-08-2006, 16:32
Oh dear... it happens every year - I buy my ticket nice and early, in fact I decide to go even earlier (so should have no excuses), and yet I always, ALWAYS end up painting like a loony at the last minute, and falling short of the standard I would like to dedicate to my GT army.

"Well not this year!" I said to myself. Again. Three months ago. **Sigh**....

Anyhow, I nearly cacked my pants when IP mentioned I only have 8 (count em' folks!) weeks till the GT... and in those I have several seriously busy weekends, a girlfriend to distract me, another MAME cabinet to build, a new WHF release, 2 weddings (none of them mine thankfully!), a 3 day LAN party, Gamesday, AND the horrible distraction of regular employment! AAAAAAARGH!!!!

So, I have decided to go out on a limb here and do a wee Project log. The plan is to lay out the army on a shelf, and get a squad painted at a time. Everything is pretty much cleaned uo and built, and its only 23 models after all - surely it wont be that hard?

Anyway - The hitlist stands as thus. All models MUST be at least to stage four (basecoat) to be tourney legal, but I'd like to get everything extra nice! I expect nothing less than your un-ending and merciless abuse should I appear to be lax in my duties!

So without further ado - the army as it stands at the moment - (in all its naked plastic and metal glory!)

(built) (undercoated) (basecoat) (detailed)

Space Marine Librarian #1
Space Marine Librarian #2
Bike Squad 1
Bike Squad 2
Bike Squad 3
Attack Bikes 1
Attack Bikes 2
Attack Bikes 3

pics to follow when I get home!


15-08-2006, 18:29
have you basecoated yourself?

Nemesis Inferno
15-08-2006, 18:56
Obviously been to the tanning saloon then...:D

Coat please...

Metal Fingered Villain
15-08-2006, 18:56
I got 4 days counting today to paint up the second platoon of my my vancouver conflict, 9 heavy weapons 2 russ's and my command squad and the 12 vets. I am going to be up for quite a while. But you my friend, have a lot more time then I do so I hope you fare well and look forward to seeing your progress. Now, off to find those amphetamines...

15-08-2006, 18:59
I love projects with deadlines like these :D :p ! Good luck, you've got plenty of time..... You're behind schedule *cracks whip* get on with it!!! :p

15-08-2006, 22:16
Obviously been to the tanning saloon then...

They sell hard liquor in those places now?! Finally, a real reason why males might venture in!:P

Now, off to find those amphetamines...

"Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit amphetamines..." (gotta love airplane!)

Good luck on getting them done, 8 weeks can seem like ages to paint a few squads but once you begin the realisation suddenly sets in that its not, especially when you factor in real life distractions!

Good luck!

dave is the best
17-08-2006, 20:37
any updates wonder dog

17-08-2006, 21:24
What Chapter?
And let us see pics!!! PLEASE!

27-10-2006, 16:08
Ultramarines i think...

27-10-2006, 16:24
8 weeks up... are they fantastic?

27-10-2006, 18:18
Something tells me that Wonderdog is one of these things:

1)Proud to have finished the army to an excellent standard within the deadline
2)A failure

I'm guessing number 2. Maybe 3.