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15-08-2006, 21:16
Having had a lot of fun with a borrowed Druchii army the previous tournament, I decided to give them another go ... without puting my General on a Chariot pulled by stupid Cold Ones this time (watch out for that wall! ... *ouch*)

I changed my previous list a bit and came up with this:

Noble, mounted on dark steed
- Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Great Weapon
- Seal of Ghrond

Noble BSB , mounted on dark steed
- Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak
- Warbanner

2x 12 Dark Elf Warriors
- Musician, Shields

2x 5 Dark Riders
- Musician

2x 5 Shades

2 Reapers

I was especially curious how the General-BSB combat team would work. Together they can deliver 3 str6 and 3 str4 attack and have +2CR due to the BSB with Warbanner ... should be quite effective.

... and let the hunt begin!


15-08-2006, 21:18
Battle 1: Druchii v. Skaven

Hmmm … I must admit that I wasn’t looking forward to facing the dreaded Skaven on the battlefield. They have the numbers to soak up my firepower, I can’t shoot the things that hurt me most and every successful blast of Warplightning or strafe of a Ratling Gun will whipe out entire units of my poor frail Druchii. Ah well, I like a good challenge!

The dirty Rats:

Chieftain, (Bands of Power)
Engineer, (StormDaemon)

2 units Clanrats, 1 Ratling Gun :eek:
1 unit Plague Monks
1 unit Giant Rats
1 unit Slaves
2 units Gutter Runners (tunnelers)

I deployed my units in a wide formation with the shooting concentrated in the centre, both Shade units screening the warriors and keeping an eye out for tunnel-teams and the Dark Riders with both Characters on flank duty. The Skaven seemed to be going for a large column-like advance through the centre with the Slaves and Giant Rats being herded up front as cannon fodder … and both tunnel-teams heading straight for the Reapers of course.

Hiding in the ranks of his Slaves, one of the Engineers blasted a unit of Shades … killing them all. The second Engineer failed to cast anything … thank Khaine for that! I directed my units to make it as hard as possible for the tunnel-teams to emerge safely and open fire at the advancing Skaven at the same time. A massive volley of small and large bolt killed a lot of Slaves, but not enough to cause a panic-test.

The Engineer hiding among the Slaves did obviously not like being shot at and he ran for cover between the Plague Monks … together with his colleague. One of the tunnelteams emerged and charged a Reaper, but the crew ran and left the Skaven stranded in range of some Shades.

My BSB did a surprise-charge from his Dark Rider unit into the Plague Monks, aiming for the very surprised Engineer. The Rat died after a few well-placed attacks and due to his Warbanner he even defeated the Plague Monks who were deployed in a wide one-rank formation! Both Dark Riders units moved along the flanks to take advantage of the surprised enemy. Both Spearmen units moved to intercept the Giant Rats and Slaves.

The Skaven tried to get their remaining regiments into some sort of battle-line. The surviving Engineer decided that the Plague Monk unit was not such a safe place to be after all and hopped over to a Clanrat unit. WHAT!!??!! Can they leave a unit in combat? Yes they can, they’re Skaven remember? They follow a different rules-system. Oh, almost forgot, he zapped and destroyed a Dark Rider unit as well. :(

Cursing at their damned special rules and damned magic and damned shooting … I pressed the assault. The General leading the remaining Dark Riders charged into the flank of the Plague Monks, defeated them and overran together with the BSB into the rear of the Clanrat unit with the Skaven General. Both Spearmen units engaged the Giant Rats and Slaves and chased them back … ready to add more ranks to the deciding combats.

The Skaven charged more rats into the large combat … and started firing Warplighting and Ratling Gun salvos into it as well. Another one of those great Skaven rules … hmpf. Well, after the smoke had cleared only my General remained … he broke and got caught. So much for that perfect attack. :cries:

One of the Spearmen units got a good dose of magic and shooting the next turn … and got whipped out. Last Shade unit got killed as well. Final Spearmen unit chased after the Slaves.

*sigh* … the game was exciting, great opponent, played a good game … but in the end nothing of it mattered, because it was a done deal before the game even began.

Results: Massacred

Medals: The BSB, for his heroic (and successful) charge to kill the Engineer and opening the way for the desperate (and failed) Druchii assault.

Next up: Lizardmen


15-08-2006, 21:20
Battle 2: Druchii v. Lizardmen

Still slightly depressed about the previous defeat, I was hoping a better result this time … which shouldn’t be that hard because almost every result would be better than being massacred. The Lizardmen army turned out to be limited in numbers, but very hard in combat … but best of all, it followed the same rules for WarHammer as my army did!

The Green and Scaly Fighting Machine:

Saurus Scar Veteran (Jaguar Charm, Mark of Sotek), great weapon
Flying Skink of Doom (Cloak of Feathers, Mark of Sotek), extra hand weapon

1 unit Saurus Warriors
2 units Skink Scouts (blowpipes)
1 unit Kroxigors
1 unit Saurus Cavalry

During deployment I already noticed a few excellent opportunities to deal with the enemy units. The Lizardmen deployed their forces very spread-out … while my firepower was concentrated in the centre with my Dark Riders on the flanks to delay the enemy coming their way. This gave me a very good chance to deal with his attacking unit one by one.

The Saurus Cavalry with a Skink screen advanced top-speed on the left flank with some Dark Riders waiting for them. The Kroxigors stormed through the middle, again screened by a unit of Skinks. The Saurus Warriors and the Scar Veteran marched on the right flank.

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice … :)

On the right flank the Dark Riders slipped by the Saurus Warriors, in the centre a concentrated volley killed most of the Skinks and the rest fled while the General – BSB combat-team marched behind the Kroxigors and on the left Flank the Dark Riders waited for things to come to them.

The Saurus Warriors re-positioned themselves and the Scar Veteran moved out to try and catch the sneaky Dark Riders … who just kept moving out of sight. The Kroxigors advanced … and died in a hail of bolts. The left flank advance however became dangerous when both the Skink screen and the Saurus Cavalry got very close to my lines. A desperate charge of the Dark Riders chased away the fleeing Skinks and managed to kill two of the enemy cavalry before they died heroically, drawing the enemy in sight of a waiting Spearmen unit and the Reapers.

… so the Saurus Cavalry died as well :D

The Flying Skink of Doom did a flying charge on the Dark Elf command-team … and killed the BSB due to some unlucky failed saves. The General chopped the annoying Skink to tiny bits though. Since that damned Dark Riders on the left flank kept dancing around them, the Saurus Warriors continued their advance to the enemy lines while the Scar Veteran tried to catch the nimble Elf cavalry … without success, moving circles around a building.

… so the Saurus Warriors died in a hail of bolts :D

The remaining Lizardmen forces … one rallied Skink unit and the Scar Veteran … got ready for a final desperate charge on the enemy lines. Both Spearmen moved into position to receive the charges … with success.

One of those rare battles where every plan works, everything goes perfect and every dice seemed to love me … I felt all warm and fuzzy inside!

Results: Massacre

Medals: The Reapers, for dealing pure carnage to the enemy!

Next up: Tomb Kings


16-08-2006, 09:26
A good read Latro especially since you were playing with armies I use on a regular basis - TK, Skaven Dark Elves!
Looks like 1000 pts?
On paper DE against Skaven - the Skaven list is too superior but I've lost to DE who had 2X10 Xbows and 2 Bolt throwers - Skryre outshot!

16-08-2006, 09:54
A good read Latro especially since you were playing with armies I use on a regular basis - TK, Skaven Dark Elves!
Looks like 1000 pts?
On paper DE against Skaven - the Skaven list is too superior but I've lost to DE who had 2X10 Xbows and 2 Bolt throwers - Skryre outshot!

It's 1K pts indeed.

IMHO the Skaven player would need to have a lot of bad luck to lose from a Druchii army in a 1K battle for the simple reason that the Skaven can and will hurt my shooting ... and each blast or salvo destroys about an entire unit ... while my shooting can't reach his firepower (the Engineers and Ratling Guns).

Things should be different in a 2K battle though, and 7th edition will change the ballance as well.

... right, time to write some more reports!


16-08-2006, 10:05
Nice battles... i hate all those skaven rules as well.

Tomb Kings eh? Good luck... you're gonna need it.

16-08-2006, 10:32
Battle 3: Druchii v. Tomb King

This should be an interesting battle. Previous testing against this opponent (Hi Ardude!) with his Tomb King list had shown that my Druchii could handle them. However, history had also shown that in battles against this particular opponent, weird things happen …

- Skinks defeating my Chosen Knights of Khorne in combat :confused:
- The Curse of a Tomb Prince killing my General and his unit of Knights of Khorne, making a 500ish point shift in a 1K battle … from massacre to draw :eek:

I better be careful. He only had two characters this time and if the Tomb Prince should wander out of range of his Liche Priest I might be able to lock down his magic and trap that unit.

Tomb Prince (chariot)
Liche Priest (Hieratic Jar)

1 unit Skeleton Warriors
1 unit Ushabtis
1 unit Chariots (Banner of the Undying Legion)
1 Tomb Swarm (tunnelling)
1 Skull Catapult

There was a lot of terrain blocking line of sight on the battlefield, which was kind of a mixed blessing. It enabled me to protect my Reapers from his Catapult, but also gave my opponent a lot of cover to use for his advance.

The battle started fairly predictable … and all according to plan. The Undead advanced through the centre while the Prince leading his Chariots made a fast move over the left flank, taking cover behind a building. The Catapult fired at a Spearmen unit … killed some Elfs, but that’s what they’re being paid for. Meanwhile a unit of Shades moved from cover and started to advance deep in the right flank to the Catapult. The Reapers fired a volley into the Ushabtis and the General/BSB combat-team hid on the other side of the building, waiting for the Chariots to show themselves.

… a lucky break, the Swarm got lost or something, freeing a Dark Rider and Shades unit from garrison duty. The Catapult missed, the Infantry advanced, some wounds were healed and the Prince lead his Chariots around the building … and I dispelled his extra move! … Gotcha !!! :evilgrin:

… but my combat-team failed their fear-test. Stranding them in front of a Chariot unit. Not good, not good at all. I quickly moved a Dark Rider into position for a flank or rear charge on the Chariots, ready to assist where needed next turn. The Reapers did a very good job shooting down Ushabtis: only one wounded construct remained. The Shades moved into range of the Catapult and shot down one of the crew.

A bit of luck here would have helped, but no such thing for my poor Druchii. The General/BSB combat-team was defeated and caught during the pursuit, the Chariots slammed into a Spearmen unit and defeated them as well … my dark Riders were to afraid to charge the Chariots from behind … and the last Spearmen suffered the same fate as those before them. Crushed beneath the wheels of the victorious Prince and his Chariots.

… an entire battle-line gone because of a failed fear-test.

My Reapers did a very good job of close range anti-chariot fire and when the dust settled, only the Prince was left standing … without his Chariot. Taking the pressure off the Ushabtis however gave the Liche Priest a chance to bring them up to strength. Yep, they were all back again. The Shades got a glancing hit from the Catapult and one of them died … the killed all the crew next turn, but were now with too low US to claim the table quarter.

*sigh* … the Dark Riders tried a last minute flank-charge on the Ushabtis in a desperate attempt to bring them below half-strength, but they of course also failed their fear-test.

… a crushing defeat. I couldn’t make a single fear-test all game … and it cost me dearly. I was surprised how easy my Reapers dealt with the Chariots though. Something to keep in mind for future battles.

Results: Crushing defeat

Medals: The Reapers, for almost killing the Ushabtis (damned raising) and almost saving a lost cause

Next up: Skaven (NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo ……….. !!!!!!! )


16-08-2006, 11:10
Battle 4: Druchii v. Skaven

Even more shooting than the first Skaven army I faced … this could be painful. :(

2 Engineers (StormDaemon)

2 units Clanrats + 2 Ratling Guns
2 units Globadiers
1 unit Rat swarms
1 Warplightning Cannon
1 unit Gutter Runners (Tunnelers)

Since this battle was basically a replay of my previous battle against the Skaven, I’ll just stick to the highlights:

- I discovered that Warplightning Cannons really needed to have some special rules as well, so they got them. Apparently they have no crew to shoot at, they can march, they don’t really need to see what they shoot and are so ******* tough that even if they misfire the blast isn’t strong enough to overcome the high toughness and ward save. They are of course dommed when charged, but for that I would have to move in range of some Ratling Guns and Engineers … see the problem there?

- I did manage to nail a Ratling Gun with a Reaper volley after some Shades and the other Reaper had killed it’s cover of Globadiers!

- Once again my units got zapped and shot right out of the combat they were in … but they were also zapped and shot while not in combat so that didn’t really matter.

… one Spearman and the BSB survived. :cries:

Results: Massacred

Medals: all medals were shot before they could be awarded (while in combat)

Next up: Chaos


16-08-2006, 14:06
Battle 5: Druchii v. Chaos

A nice Chaos army, just what I needed! Not so much risk of being zapped and shot to pieces this time … but a very serious risk of not controlling the movement of my troops all the time. Hmmm, I better be very careful how I use my dispel dice.

Sorcerer of Slaanesh (lvl 2), mounted (general)
Sorcerer of Slaanesh (lvl 2), in chariot, Berserker Sword

4 Chosen Knights of Slaanesh, Rapturous Standard
2 units Warhounds
1 unit Marauders, great weapons
1 unit Furies

My Chaotic opponent deployed both his Characters and the Knights on the right flank and the rest of his (much weaker) troops in the centre. I deployed my fire-base in the centre, making sure nothing could get close without receiving some serious firepower. The General/BSB combat-team were in hiding on the right flank, Shades hid in various forests and the Dark Riders kept an eye on both flanks.

The Druchii started the fight by some long range shooting into the Warhounds and Furies, no serious casualties though. Chaos reacted by advancing all of his troops forward as fast as possible … but at the same time offering me some interesting possibilities:

- He places his Knights in range and sight of my General/BSB combat-team while not being able to charge them back … which was fortunate because an irresistible spell made sure my unit was frozen for a turn.

- The Furies landed in full view of both Reapers, forcing me to aim for the Furies … but he didn’t place any other unit forward enough to take advantage of this.

My forces reacted quickly to the new situation. Concentrated Reaper and crossbow-fire killed all the Furies, giving me much more control over targeting priorities for my Reapers. Dark Riders on the left moved to flank-charge anything getting close to my lines and on the right flank the Dark Riders slipped by the Knights and threatened the flank of the Chariot following behind.

The Chaos units advanced once more towards my lines … bringing the Warhounds and Marauders in range of my flanking Dark Riders. That should turn out to be an easy kill! The Chariot turned towards the Dark Riders and the Knights advanced towards my still frozen General/BSB team. This time my opponent fired off some magic missiles (which I didn’t stop) … and then failed to cast the important “freeze” spell! :evilgrin:


- The left flank Dark Riders flanked the Warhounds, defeated and caught them, and pursued straight into the flank of the Marauders

- The General/BSB team charged the Chosen Knights of Slaanesh. My General wounded his Sorcerer once for no wounds in return and the BSB didn’t get wounded either by the opposing Knight … with help from the Warbanner that meant victory for me and the enemy broke away from combat! …off the table! … stranding the pursuing heroes behind my Dark Riders fighting the chariot! … uhm :(

- The Dark Riders on the right flank charged bravely into the Chariot … and discovered the Sorcerer was wielding the Berserker Sword … giving him 4 extra attacks! The few survivors ran for it and the pursuing Chariot slammed into my General and the BSB.

To make matters worse, the surviving Sorcerer also cast the freeze spell on the Dark Riders that had flanked his Marauders, preventing them from fighting and being auto-hit themselves … so they lost, but outran the Marauders.

My BSB challenged the Sorcerer into battle, while my General got crushed by the impact hits from the Chariot. That way I saved the +2 CR from my BSB from certain death and a lot of attacks … only the Sorcerer with his two attacks could attack him now. Avoiding getting wounded proved to be enough and the +2 CR did it’s job again … the Sorcerer lost combat by one and ran for it, getting caught by the BSB (adding another slave to his personal collection).

The Marauders received the full attention of both Reapers and Shade units and ceased to exist.

… no survivors left! :D

Results: Massacre

Medals: The General/BSB combat team for defeating the larger part of the Chaos army all by themselves!

Next up: nothing …


16-08-2006, 15:01
Wait, you have a Great Weapon on AN ELF?! I don't care if it's on a pony or not! Take it off! Take it off right now! If you ever failed to break an enemy he'd be striking last, with a Halberd, he'd be striking in Initiative Order (Read; Striking First almost all the time).

Good work against Slaanesh: it's one of the harder armies for Dark Elves to beat due to their vastly superior Magic (some people like calling it the best Magic Lore around), and also against the Lizardmen. Too bad about the rest of your battles.

DeathlessDraich - You can't compair armies. In 1000 Points, 10000 Points, or even 100 Points, you compair the Players, not the armies.

16-08-2006, 15:29
Wait, you have a Great Weapon on AN ELF?! I don't care if it's on a pony or not! Take it off! Take it off right now! If you ever failed to break an enemy he'd be striking last, with a Halberd, he'd be striking in Initiative Order (Read; Striking First almost all the time).

In larger battles the first thing I would add would be a fitting magic weapon for the noble, but since I haven't got the points to spare in 1000 pts battles I'm stuck with a great weapon.

A halberd would be useless because his job is to crack armour ... strength 5 doesn't crack armour, even if it does strike first.

Blade of Rhuin
Crimson Death
Draich of Dark Power

... those are things I'm looking for :evilgrin:


16-08-2006, 18:48
DeathlessDraich - You can't compair armies. In 1000 Points, 10000 Points, or even 100 Points, you compair the Players, not the armies.

1) True, the player's skill accounts for how the army fares in battle.

2) There is a difference in how specific armies perform at 500, 1000 or 2000 pts. Skaven is especially strong at 500 pts while Tomb Kings is very weak at 500pts.

3) Latro is a very good tactical player but looking at his DE list and the Skaven list in Battle 1, I can't see DE salvaging more than a draw.

Magic Phase - Dispel Storm Daemon with 1 Dice leaves him a dice roll of 5 needed, with one dice to dispel 2 Warp Lightning spells! D6 S5 hits every round or possibly 2D6.

Shooting - He has 1 definite round with the bolt throwers before at least 1 tunnelling team will emerge and charge and destroy 1 warmachine - which is what happened. If he deployed them a fair distance apart, there is a good chance of him losing both by turn 3.
The Dark Riders and the Shades are his only hope but they have to stay away from the Ratling gun. He has to either a)get rid of the Ratling gun = wasted shots b) shoot the monks - T4 = 1 round from bolt throwers + 54 shots from the archers to destroy 12 Monks on average.

and that will leave (assuming tunnelers are slain after destroying the warmachines)

2 units of Clan Rats plus 1 Unit of Slaves plus 1 unit of Giant Rats to face

2X 12 Spearmen who can only win if they hold and allow Dark Riders to flank or manage a combined charge with Spearmen and Dark Riders.

Let us assume that magic got rid of only 5 shades although it's more likely that the Skaven player will target the Dark Riders. It is possible that the DR can manoeuvre out of LOS.

The best turn 4 scenario that the DE player can hope for is:

4 Skaven units to face 4 DE units of which only 2 are fully ranked up.

If I were the DE player, I'll be happy with a draw!

16-08-2006, 20:39
think I'm going to paly skaven aswell :p :p

just kiddin but it where nice reports

and players indeed make the difference in battles, how ever there are some armys who simple can't win from the other.
if you have a slayer army and let it play against lizardmen who has salamanders and like 40-50 skinks the slayer army almsot can't win no matter how great a player he is. while the lizardmen player will win when he simple sticks to a basic plan ( move away and shoot)

16-08-2006, 21:12
I forgot to put it in the report of the second battle against the Skaven (cursed be their name), but I did use a ... uhm ... unusual ... tactic against them.

My opponent had marked the target for his tunnelteam with a red dice ... exactly the same red dice as mine. Being the evil Druchii that I was that day (and already being blasted left and right), I placed my stack of dice ... totally by accident of course ... very close to his marker-dice ... sorta masking and hiding it a bit. :angel:

He forgot to roll for them until the 4th turn.


16-08-2006, 21:17
Fallacy. We must declare the battle void and thus make you teh uber DE general of DOoooUM!

Intrepid Adventurer
17-08-2006, 16:55
I forgot to put it in the report of the second battle against the Skaven (cursed be their name), but I did use a ... uhm ... unusual ... tactic against them.

My opponent had marked the target for his tunnelteam with a red dice ... exactly the same red dice as mine. Being the evil Druchii that I was that day (and already being blasted left and right), I placed my stack of dice ... totally by accident of course ... very close to his marker-dice ... sorta masking and hiding it a bit. :angel:

He forgot to roll for them until the 4th turn.



So uncool, but still cool since you are a Dark Elf. ;)

Dude, great reports. Easy to read, funny and interesting. I bet I could learn a lot from you. Thanks for writing this up!

17-08-2006, 18:27
:D ... thanks for the nice compliments!

In my defence, I never at any moment touched, removed or hid his dice from view ... I merely redecorated the surrounding area into a more suitable and matching colour-scheme. :angel:


17-08-2006, 21:38
it's all psycolegy.
I have a friend who plays chaos. after he has to charge with frenzy or simple charge I alwais take a couple of dice and suffle them in my hand.
and becouse of that somtimes he forgets the rest of his movement and goes to combat imediately ( a real khore player ) and when he plays with slaanesh or tzeench he sometimes forgets magic at all.
ofcourse becouse it's a friendly battle I still let him move but it's very funny:evilgrin: .

or when I play with dark elves just put an assassin model on the table just so players think I have one.

there are hondreds of ways to do these things, sometimes I use it when it slips in my mind but just for fun ofcourse:evilgrin: )