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16-08-2006, 04:03
i am playing a friend tomorrow with my HE vs his DE.

i will show you what ive come up with, and list what he is most likely to use. lemme know what you think.
keep in mind i cant add any additional units, as i bought the batallion boxed set. more models in the future, but this is what i have to work with right now

12 archers - 186pts
light armor/command

20 spearmen - 250pts
La, Sh, Spear

7 silverhelms - 280pts
command, banner of protection (magic resist 2),
amulet of purifying flame onblade lord( -3 to spells cast at unit)

6 shadow warriors - 90pts
regular gear

tiranoc chariot - 85pts
Bolt Thrower - 100pts

General (dont use intrigue at court rules) - 141 (designed for silverhelms)
pure if heart (immune to panic)
blade of sea gold (no armor saves)
enchanted shield
heavy armor
barded steed ( overall a 1+as, allows no armor saves, immune to panic)

Fire Mage (lore of fire) - 180pts
lvl 2
Reaver bow (3 shots at str 5)
silver wand (+1 spell)

i figured i have some magic, and also can pick off flanking units and lone characters with his bow. not all magic, not all combat.

i wanted to stay away from heavy magic in this battle, i enjoy a combat oriented HE army. anyways, let me know if this is a balanced list, and if it has some potential!

suggestions are more than welcomed!

**** , he will probably bring 2 mages, 20 spearmen, 25 witch elves, executioners, xbowmen, 10 dark riders (2 units of 5), and some bolt throwers.. as far as i can remember

16-08-2006, 04:51
first of all, the list you have right there is about 1300 pts.

secondly, the silver helms unit is illegal. first among equals allows a banner to be up to 25 pts, and the champion can't have any special equipment.

Thirdly, if I were you I'd stick to 1000 pt games until you got more stuff so you don't over extend yourself. Looking at what you have, I'd suggest something like this:

10 archers bare
20 spears, command, war banner
5 helms, champion, shield and heavy armor
6 shadow warriors
bolt thrower
Commander on barded steed, sword of might, dragonscale shield, heavy armor, amulet of purifying flame
Mage, lvl 2, jewel of the dusk, silver wand, dispel scroll

The archers, who are overcosted to begin with, do NOT need another point and do not need any of the command.

5-6 in one rank is the best for silver helms. THe more attacks the better.

Your commander needs to be able to wound or else no armor save isn't going to do any good, so I suggest sword of might or a great sword every time.

The bow on the mage isn't helping him cast or defend any, and you already have a bolt thrower and 10 archers. if he's bringing 2 mages I'd much rather have that scroll, since you'll only have 3 dispel dice. Also, I'd take High magic instead. Drain magic and fortune is fickle will maul his mages, fury of khaine is a fine offensive spell, and curse of arrow attraction will help your archers and rbt get those big hits.

16-08-2006, 05:48
i made a few mistakes writing that in .. the bladelord thing is supposed to go with a unit of swordmasters i forgot to add in.

i basically had to beef this list up with unnessesary stuff like command groups and whatnot to make this list for tomorrow. i know that i shouldnt be doing that if its not needed, but in this case i just wanted to make the points to play a game.

16-08-2006, 06:35
Drop the blade of sea gold for a sword of might. With no cold one knights, the highest armour save you'll face is 5+ and S5 is enough to negate that anyway. With the spare 25 points, you can pull the amulet of purifying flame onto your general.

Unless you meant you forgot to write in a unit of swordmasters ... in which case how big are they?

16-08-2006, 08:29
Also remember that you don't suffer panic against the DE. Also, be sure to try and use the enemys compulsory hatred to your advantage and manouver him around you.

16-08-2006, 14:07
If you have the extra points, you can give your mage the Seer honour. Choosing your own spells is not to be underestimated, especially with a level 2 mage.